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Friday, January 21, 2011

Sexy Belly Bumps | Pregnant Photos #1

Pregnant Wife      Ah, the ultimate result of breeding - pregnancy. There are few things as alluring and cock-hardening to a breeder than the sight of his girl's once flat tummy now swollen up with the child he planted inside her just months before...

      By merely looking at a pregnant girl you know she was fertile, that she had a night of unprotected fun, and now she is bearing its mark for all to see. Perhaps she wanted to get knocked up, to fill out her tummy with his baby - or maybe she tried to resist and he decided she was going to be a mother anyway.

      In any case, her body knew what it wanted as he mounted her that time ago. It knew as he sunk his manhood into her moist folds. It knew as he grunted and filled her pussy with his hot steamy cum...

Bare Belly PregnancyTeen Pregnancy
Selfshot PregnantPregnant Art
Teen PregnantPregnant Slut
Sexy Pregnancy

       Their bodies knew what they wanted - to breed.

1 comment:

  1. I might be the father of all their babies. My name is Juan. I just can't seem to say NO to all horny young girls who want sex.