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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Creamy Breedings | Insemination Pictures

Unwanted Creampie      What is better than the sight of a freshly inseminated pussy? Probably the sight of a freshly inseminated pussy that is just oh so fertile at the time! 

      Sometimes those well-bred girls panic, knowing that cum might stretch out their cute little tummies in the next nine months. Others wrap their legs around their lovers and beg them to fill their pussies and get them pregnant. And still others are so lost in the moment of raw breeding that they take his seed, without question or concern...

Cum Leaking PussyCreampied Pussy
Surprise InseminationSperm Thief
Gangbang BreedingInseminated Cunt

Threesome Creampie EatingInterracial Creampie

Creampie Eating
      Whatever the case may be, the result is always the same, as any breeder knows - these girls are playing with fire, and one day they will get burned!

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