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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Impregnation Erotica Now Online!

Unprotected Creampie
Unexpected and Unprotected
      Welcome to Impregnation Erotica, a site dedicated to the erotic nature of risky sex, impregnation, and pregnancy. This blog is my attempt to create a place online that I have always desired for myself, a hub for others who share this sexy interest to find more resources on this elusive and tantalizing topic. Here ideas from romantic loving-making to raw breeding will be explored in all forms of media, from pictures to movies to stories, all for your viewing and carnal pleasures.

Black Breeding
One Night Stand
      This blog is a reincarnation of the old Yahoo group (Impregnation_Erotica) and will be much more efficient, organized, and updated with content than ever before. In addition to works found around the Internet, my personal captioning and storytelling will accompany my porn scavenging and erotica posting.

       I also love viewer participation, and so I highly encourage my audience to look around the blog, comment on the posts, give suggestions, share your fantasies, vote in the polls, and send some mail my way. Your pleasure is my gain after all.

Hot Pregnancy
Eight Months Later...
      Enjoy yourselves here, my fecund and fertile viewers. You will find a rich archive of postings filled to the brim with creamy pussies, rounding bellies, and fertile adventures, alongside regular updates and new postings from this virile webmaster.

      So let me formally welcome you to Impregnation Erotica: The Nation of Impregnation! Enjoy your naughty stay.


Erotic Author and Artist
Webmaster of Impregnation Erotica


  1. Hey, great blog. Very erotic.

  2. Great Blog! I like FemDom stuff where I'm "forced" to cum against my will. hehe.

  3. Keep up your good work. I check by this site to see what's new regularly. Love the internal creampies.

  4. Hi, how do we contact you to find these vids to download?

  5. I love impregnation stories and pictures. I am however disappointed when it comes to black/white breeding because most of it is black male on white female. I am a white male and for me this does nothing for me, a black female with white male does however because i imagine me in his place. Would love more stories and pics like that.

  6. I am always looking for new things and ideas especially in erotic science fiction. something about the mechanical, sterile aspects make it interesting. but don't get me wrong, I do enjoy warm loving romantic relationships, and the joy that is obtained as a result of such relationships. but unsettling subjects do make a better story.

    I have always enjoyed science fiction films and stories that deals with the subject of impregnation. some films that touch on this subject are, Devil Girl From Mars, Mars Needs women, Frankenstein Meets The Space Monster, Demon Seed, or Norman Warren's Inseminoid, and his sci fi Comedy, Spaced Out, AKA Outer Reach.

    I have always enjoyed imaging scene that we never got to see, or alternative scenes for these films.

    anoter subject is the Lebensraum camps in Nazi Germany. Where young German girls were carefully selected and screened to be used as breeding stock. only perfect female Germanic specimens were used in the Lebensraum breeding camps to produce babies for the Fura.

  7. Let me say that this blog is nothing short of a breeding sex masterpiece. Everything here has been a great inspiration to my fiction for a long time. Keep up the outstanding work.

    Uh-Oh, if you see this, I'd love to get in touch to see about sending you some free copies of my impregnation tales to review.

    1. Hi Arthur, i have a love of risk sex stories, but finding them is difficult, are you interested in this genre?

  8. Hey, I'm new to blogs so I'm not sure if I'm doing this right or not.
    I tried to get in touch with EAD personally but couldn't find a way to do it.
    I love this site and am saddened when I see a site out here that does not deliver.
    I am speaking of "Warm Kiss". DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO THIS SITE! If you want details (especially EAD) contact me at

  9. Thanks for all the comments ladies and gentlemen here and elsewhere on my blog - I greatly appreciate knowing my work is enjoyed by others. And you're doing it right, bbreed, so don't worry!

    If anyone wishes to contact me, my email is for future reference, but simply commenting on the site works well too.

    As for WarmKiss however, I must disagree about it not delivering. Already it has a great library of videos and many different girls therein, all with an extremely rare and delightful genuine style to it that erotica enthusiasts will undoubtedly find supremely refreshing amidst bad acting and insincere productions that unfortunately define most of the genre.

    But I am willing to bet that you mean deliver as in update-wise delivery. It is true that new videos have not been uploaded for a few months - this is publicly shown on the bottom of their page for viewers to factor into their decision of subscription, which is far more than can be said about most porn sites.

    However, as I will go into details more in my review of WarmKiss in the next "Sites to Check Out" post, I have been in contact with them and have been assured that production has commenced and will be continuing throughout the summer, now with a greater emphasis on impregnation as a theme and more of the same high quality great bareback breeding in High Definition the site is well known for already.

    If my viewers are apprehensive about whether or not WarmKiss is still updating with new content, feel free to check it out through the fancy link I made for it (custom-made photo, I might add...) throughout the course of the summer and see for yourselves the new videos that are forthcoming before you decide to subscribe and support their stupendous work.

    And thank you bbreed for your concern - we need good viewers like you to sound the warning against true rip-off sites which plague the internet and dupe far too many people with stale content. But rest assured that WarmKiss is a high quality site and not such a scam to fear. The only sites I will go so far to advertise with permanent banners are those that I truly believe are doing great work and that my viewers will absolutely adore supporting and enjoying any way they can.

  10. Otaku Babymaking Breeder Boy in Bib OverallsJune 29, 2012 at 7:02 PM

    I want More Anime Boys n' girls getting there little developing bodies into vigorous babymaking breeding trouble!!!!! Lot's of little unplanned Manga babies need to be popping out of girls after their equally cute little boy buddies naively cum or are talked into cumming in them!! The more babymaking creampies the better!!

    Oh Naruto-Kun, please impregnate me with your child, Hinata requests!!

  11. I wish there was a better way of contacting the blog host easier then commenting. I wanted to share a few web sites with you that I don't think you are aware of that I have come across over the years surfing the web. please keep up the good work your self. this first site has a extra hardcore adult section you have to earn to get access its worth it totally and its free. plenty of preg content full comics. this site is on the blog channels quite good author if you like family guy another great contributor is stein heres a older site here's a great old torrent site and check out a fav haunt of mine become a forum member look around :P

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  13. I'd love to see Naruto in a pair of Black Carhartts drop them around his ankles and penetrate Hinata with his long katana and not pull ou. Thus impregnating her!

  14. Hi my first visit, found the site quite by accident and have to say this is the best site I've ever seen. I love the breeding topic, i remember when we were making our to babies how exciting it was, and now our older girl has started seeing a black guy i just cant wait to hear she is pregnant. this is such a wonderful find.

  15. I'm a black female looking to be bred..

  16. sounfs intresting lady would u consider being breeded by a white middleaged goodlooking guy im avalible if ur interested I just love good looking black women if ur closse by in the del area

  17. I was just reading about your idea that is only touched on, in your black diaries blog. the idea that, black males are saying that young healthy, white males, need to be donating their sperm, so that superior black women could be artificially inseminated. healthy young black women would be able to have healthy white babies. I like to imagine that these perfect female specimens, would have no interest in having a relationship with a young white boy, their only desire is to have a healthy white baby.

    yesterday I ran across a web site that dealt with prostate milking. at this web site, there was a video clip of a black woman, that talked about her qualifications as a medical technician, and how she preformed prostate milking procedures on men. I pictured, a black woman's OB/ GYN clinic, where young healthy white boys were thoroughly examined by a team of no-nonsense, black female doctors. after checking every organ and hole on these young boy, the young male would under go some kind of mechanical, or electro ejaculation process. it's not about the white boy, its all about taking a healthy sperm specimen.

  18. owner of this site...
    I would like to submit some impreg captions...if I may
    please email me


  19. if you dont know about this site yet your balls might break.. i thought you might want to post link in the main blog