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Friday, March 25, 2011

Breeders - Male Dominant

The term Breeder is, to me, a word for an act of mating meant to inseminate and impregnate. Often Breeder is interchanged with Male, as it is the man who is the supposed active agent in the whole affair. Yet I have seen instances of the Female being the true Breeder in the sense that she is the one using the man to get herself pregnant.

So my definitions of the subject of Breeder sex fall under two major categories: Male-Dominant and Female-Dominant. Male-Dominant breeding is what most often associate with the term Breeder - The man takes his woman, he strips her, fucks her, and inseminates her. The act of possessiveness originates with the man in these - He is the one who owns her, who takes her as he pleases, and marks her as he wills.

Therefore, enjoy these Male-Dominant Breeder pictures!

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