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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Impregnation Videos | Pregnancy Videos #3

Happy Easter! Here are a few more movies of breedings most entertaining:

This video claims to depict this nubile teen as getting knocked up from this breeding session. Aptly titled "Teen Breeding", this should be of particular interest to those with an interracial fetish and those who very much enjoy the non-consensual breeding (she begs him not to cum in her, but he does it anyway).

This one is titled "Mom and Son Fuck and Creampie" - so obviously it is thematically an incest breeding between a mother and her son, which may appeal to those of you out there that so enjoy that idea. It is another non-consensual breeding, though they surely do not turn down the sex in the least once they get going. Reluctance play on the mother's part, and for amateurs it is fairly well made.

Finally we have a post-breeding fuck - the woman here is already very much pregnant, and her cameraman at the photoshoot simply can't resist! Nonetheless they do their best to breed the sexy girl, ending with a creampie - they were just about seven or eight months too late!