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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Breeders - Female Dominant

Contrary to popular perceptions, Breeders are not just male. Females can be the dominant force in a breeding, taking pleasure from the man and using him to get a belly full of cum. Female Dominant breedings are quite apparent when viewed in terms of dominance and submissiveness - the woman is in a position of control, often above and riding the man, and shows her dominance by her demands, posture, aggression, looking down upon the man, or subtle cues that show she is in control and will take what she wants from him.

In the end, there is an undeniable force that arises in a woman looking to fuck, and even more so when the urge to breed strikes her.


  1. This is a really hot set of gifs. I really find the female breeder concept to be really sexy and would love to see more like these.