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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Captioned Pictures #5

Well, thanks to everyone who gave me feedback! I counted 6 total comments in the thread and elsewhere, and since I am feeling generous, I'll post two pictures for every one! Aren't I generous? Keep the feedback and comments coming, and enjoy!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Impregnation Videos | Pregnancy Videos #4

A brief post before I post the Captioned Pictures for the Feedback thread - thanks everyone who has posted so far, and keep it coming viewers! I've got a few movies here that might interest my viewers, so here we go.

Not Pregnant So Fuck My Brains Out!

This scene is one of my classic favorites. It begins with the girl taking a pregnancy test - apparently she an her boyfriend had a bit too much fun without protection. She takes the test and lo and behold, she is not pregnant! Relieved she hurriedly tells her friend on the phone of her great luck!

Soon the boyfriend comes over, looking to have some fun. Reluctantly, she lets him into the house, and one thing leads to another and they start fucking. Obviously they don't use protection, the assurance that he will pull out is enough to satisfy her. The humping is great, she keeps reminding him not to cum inside her, but in the end it is too much. Even while grunting that he isn't, he pumps her unprotected pussy full of cum for a second time, joking that she'll need another test soon...

As far as porn goes, I very much enjoy this! A nice simply storyline, a great looking girl (in my eyes), and heavy impregnation/risky sex themes. Perfect for Impregnation Erotica!

Rebecca Renold Interracial Pregnancy

My viewers may remember a previous movie I posted in Hot Videos #3 entitled "Teen Breeding". Well, this is the follow-up to that, taking place a few months after the event. As the observant viewer can see, her belly is nicely swollen with her advancing pregnancy. Whether or not she was truly 'black bred' as the movie claims, it is still an extremely rare find to see a 'before' and 'after' in video form. Feel free to enjoy this alongside the previous video that can easily be found by looking at the 'Movies' tag.

Changes During Pregnancy

This is a short educational film about how pregnancy changes the body of a woman. Though it doesn't end with the three women getting down and dirty together, it does offer a few interesting facts and, most importantly, offers an interesting side-by-side comparison of pregnant and not pregnant. My mind instantly jumped to the idea of 'before and after', and in a way I suppose it is a show of before and after. Once the other girl gets bred (and with a body like that, it shouldn't be long...) she'll get to have her pregnancy mask and +2 cup sizes too!

Sorry for the lack of embedding or pseudo-embedding for this one. Many of you may know about 'Ruth Blackwell', the self proclaimed 'Black Cock Queen' and so forth. Many of her videos began to hit on the black breeding theme after awhile, and far more once she became pregnant herself. This is a compilation of some of the hotter moments of her video series, and follows a nice progression from introduction, pregnancy talk, fucking (with more dirty talk), and creampies. Good to check out!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Feedback Thread!

Hello readers, browsers, and wankers - I felt it was a good time after finishing my time-consuming writing project to ask for feedback before planning what kinds of things to post next. As always, I am looking for ways to improve the site content and explore new or old themes that my viewers would like to see.

As extra incentive for people to give feedback on Impregnation Erotica, for every user-unique feedback comment I receive in this post, I will post 1 never-before-seen Captioned Picture in my next update! That's right ladies and gentlemen, I am that eager to see constructive comments for the improvement of this site. 

An example of my preferred feedback format:
1) What you already like about the site (favorite posting, etc...)
2) What you would like to see (different content, new themes, media types, etc...)
3) Any technical/view related improvements (text visibility, polls, other format deals if any)
4) Something else you might think is helpful

I'm waiting on you...
Other kinds of comments/suggestions are welcome, so long as they are constructive and useful - so posts like "ur sight sukz" or "i luv cake and the site" or "I agree with what everyone else said" won't count towards the Caption Pictures. Nor will one person spamming comments - only one comment per person (unique user) will count.

This deal runs till I make my next post, and however many user-unique constructive comments there are will be how many  pictures everyone will get! So get to commentating about Impregnation Erotica!

Remember - It's for the children

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Story - Tara's Breeding

After two weeks of intense editing, Tara's Breeding has been completed! The new draft took well over ten hours to completely edit and over 7 months of production (most spent not working on it, but still...).

Tara's Breeding is about Tara Bridges, a single woman moving into her new apartment. Boyfriendless and dissatisfied with her non-existent sex life, she receives more than she bargained for from the men moving her in...

Contains themes of Non-Consent, MMMF, and of course Risky Sex.  This will be the first posting of Tara's Breeding anywhere, and exclusively to Impregnation Erotica.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Breeder GIFS - Male Dominant #3

More GIFs showcasing breeders at work. Whole movies can show a breeding from allure to passion, from ravishing to insemination. But these GIFs can give a glimpse into some of the more impressive moments a breeding. One can just imagine the impregnation successes from these...

Remember to click on them for their full-sizes - and I assure you, they all move when clicked!


Saturday, June 4, 2011

Artstic Photos - Breedees

I speak a great deal about Breeders on this blog, but the Breedees deserve perhaps even more credit in Impregnation Erotica. Breedees are women whose bodies are ripe for insemination and look it. A true Breedee draws men to her rather than claims them herself, entices them with her charms and her body, seduces him with her strong genes and supply body, and bringing him to her with the promise of her fertility. A Breedee is one who inspires one to lustful fury, and the urge to breed her is nigh undeniable.

So enjoy these examples of what I consider prime Breedees. I am sure more will be coming later on...

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Project Announcement: Tara's Breeding

Hello again fellow impregnation enthusiasts! It has been awhile since my last post - internet troubles prevented me from posting as freely as I would have wanted. Hopefully posting will be a more frequent from now on.

In other news, I wanted to announce that my most recent writing project, Tara's Breeding, is well underway. Tara Bridges is an aspiring author and current waitress moving into a new apartment all by herself. Boyfriendless for quite some time and itching for some action, Tara gets more than she bargained for when the moving men lend her a hand...

Non-Consensual, MMMF, and with plenty of Unprotected Sex, this story may very well appeal to those who enjoy this blog. Inspiration for this story is wholly due to Kitty who runs Breeder's Erotica (look on the sidebar for a link). 

As of this writing, Tara's Breeding is close to completion. It is currently in the Editing phase, which will take a week or two to complete. The actual writing of the story has taken place over the course of a few months, starting on August 18th, 2010 and ending a little after the turn of the new year. With college obligations and overall laziness in the meantime, I haven't been working on it as much as I would have wanted. But I have time now to work more fully on it, and so it will be my mission to do so, for my own satisfaction and that of my Readers'.

And don't worry, more posts will be coming soon!