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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Feedback Thread!

Hello readers, browsers, and wankers - I felt it was a good time after finishing my time-consuming writing project to ask for feedback before planning what kinds of things to post next. As always, I am looking for ways to improve the site content and explore new or old themes that my viewers would like to see.

As extra incentive for people to give feedback on Impregnation Erotica, for every user-unique feedback comment I receive in this post, I will post 1 never-before-seen Captioned Picture in my next update! That's right ladies and gentlemen, I am that eager to see constructive comments for the improvement of this site. 

An example of my preferred feedback format:
1) What you already like about the site (favorite posting, etc...)
2) What you would like to see (different content, new themes, media types, etc...)
3) Any technical/view related improvements (text visibility, polls, other format deals if any)
4) Something else you might think is helpful

I'm waiting on you...
Other kinds of comments/suggestions are welcome, so long as they are constructive and useful - so posts like "ur sight sukz" or "i luv cake and the site" or "I agree with what everyone else said" won't count towards the Caption Pictures. Nor will one person spamming comments - only one comment per person (unique user) will count.

This deal runs till I make my next post, and however many user-unique constructive comments there are will be how many  pictures everyone will get! So get to commentating about Impregnation Erotica!

Remember - It's for the children


  1. ok
    1. I like the captioned pics and the pregnancy progressions. the latter is hard to find on the net.

    2. I like what you are doing.

    3. clicking on a pic should open it in another page.

    4. thank you for encouraging feedback.

  2. would love some more incest themed impregnation stuff. mmm 2wice the taboo.

    Also, I can get you a ton of impregnation videos, where could I post some links to them?

  3. I'd like to see a part 2 of Tara's Breeding...hope one was already on the way...

  4. I love the breeder GIFs showing women in their orgasm. It's nice seeing men helping their partner to enjoy the sexual experience.

  5. Love the vocal part of these videos when female tells him that he has to pull out and as video progresses when she gets close she realizes she wants him inside her when he explodes. She pulls him in tighter begging him to cum in her not to pull out even as far as to ask for his baby . That makes me hot now just writing it because I did it every time to my husband but I'd wrap my legs around him and tell him it felt too good to pullout of me that he wanted to feel how much he filled me up . Now were trying for a baby so that risky sex factor isn't there . Can't wait til the lil one is born so we can go back to risky prego sex. But at least we are gonna have another outlet while I'm pregnant lactation fetish sex .

    1. I'd like to see your Amazon only books released on Smashwords.

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