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Monday, June 27, 2011

Impregnation Videos | Pregnancy Videos #4

A brief post before I post the Captioned Pictures for the Feedback thread - thanks everyone who has posted so far, and keep it coming viewers! I've got a few movies here that might interest my viewers, so here we go.

Not Pregnant So Fuck My Brains Out!

This scene is one of my classic favorites. It begins with the girl taking a pregnancy test - apparently she an her boyfriend had a bit too much fun without protection. She takes the test and lo and behold, she is not pregnant! Relieved she hurriedly tells her friend on the phone of her great luck!

Soon the boyfriend comes over, looking to have some fun. Reluctantly, she lets him into the house, and one thing leads to another and they start fucking. Obviously they don't use protection, the assurance that he will pull out is enough to satisfy her. The humping is great, she keeps reminding him not to cum inside her, but in the end it is too much. Even while grunting that he isn't, he pumps her unprotected pussy full of cum for a second time, joking that she'll need another test soon...

As far as porn goes, I very much enjoy this! A nice simply storyline, a great looking girl (in my eyes), and heavy impregnation/risky sex themes. Perfect for Impregnation Erotica!

Rebecca Renold Interracial Pregnancy

My viewers may remember a previous movie I posted in Hot Videos #3 entitled "Teen Breeding". Well, this is the follow-up to that, taking place a few months after the event. As the observant viewer can see, her belly is nicely swollen with her advancing pregnancy. Whether or not she was truly 'black bred' as the movie claims, it is still an extremely rare find to see a 'before' and 'after' in video form. Feel free to enjoy this alongside the previous video that can easily be found by looking at the 'Movies' tag.

Changes During Pregnancy

This is a short educational film about how pregnancy changes the body of a woman. Though it doesn't end with the three women getting down and dirty together, it does offer a few interesting facts and, most importantly, offers an interesting side-by-side comparison of pregnant and not pregnant. My mind instantly jumped to the idea of 'before and after', and in a way I suppose it is a show of before and after. Once the other girl gets bred (and with a body like that, it shouldn't be long...) she'll get to have her pregnancy mask and +2 cup sizes too!

Sorry for the lack of embedding or pseudo-embedding for this one. Many of you may know about 'Ruth Blackwell', the self proclaimed 'Black Cock Queen' and so forth. Many of her videos began to hit on the black breeding theme after awhile, and far more once she became pregnant herself. This is a compilation of some of the hotter moments of her video series, and follows a nice progression from introduction, pregnancy talk, fucking (with more dirty talk), and creampies. Good to check out!


  1. Oh my god! You probably wont believe this but that Ruth blackwell complination video. I MADE THAT! I have all of her impregnation videos and would love join you, I was about to start my own impregnation themed porn site so when I do I will link it too you.

  2. Nice Spike! Good job on the movie, and I'll be sure to check out your site when it gets up and running.

  3. what excellent specimens. I have alway fancied idea of a woman preparing her body for impregnation. where she is given a complete physical examination, by a "woman doctor". the woman doctor would be present to monitor the nude young woman's ovulation by taking the young woman's rectal temperature.

    the young girl would also have her body prepared by having her body shaved smooth, hair cut short, and enema.

    I like to think that this joyful event, would be a kind of small festive gathering of her closests female frirend. this would all take place in a kind of an open air, enclosed garden padieo.

    the nude male sperm donor would be medically examined thoroughly by the "woman doctor". then the male sperm donor would then be mechanically milked for his sperm as the guests spectate his ejaculation.

    I also like to think that mother to be would have her eleven year old sister present, for this would be an ideal learning experience for a young girl. this group of women would applaud the young girl, when she announces that is is going to be artificial inseminated.

  4. I love stuff like this. it's food for thought, that can be used to fuel erotic fantasy, and creative thought.

    an example would be the eleven year old sister wanting to be artifically inseminated, in my last post. the idea came from watching, Oprah Winfrey one afternoon.

    sometimes it's those little article make a blog more interesting.