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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Project Announcement: Tara's Breeding

Hello again fellow impregnation enthusiasts! It has been awhile since my last post - internet troubles prevented me from posting as freely as I would have wanted. Hopefully posting will be a more frequent from now on.

In other news, I wanted to announce that my most recent writing project, Tara's Breeding, is well underway. Tara Bridges is an aspiring author and current waitress moving into a new apartment all by herself. Boyfriendless for quite some time and itching for some action, Tara gets more than she bargained for when the moving men lend her a hand...

Non-Consensual, MMMF, and with plenty of Unprotected Sex, this story may very well appeal to those who enjoy this blog. Inspiration for this story is wholly due to Kitty who runs Breeder's Erotica (look on the sidebar for a link). 

As of this writing, Tara's Breeding is close to completion. It is currently in the Editing phase, which will take a week or two to complete. The actual writing of the story has taken place over the course of a few months, starting on August 18th, 2010 and ending a little after the turn of the new year. With college obligations and overall laziness in the meantime, I haven't been working on it as much as I would have wanted. But I have time now to work more fully on it, and so it will be my mission to do so, for my own satisfaction and that of my Readers'.

And don't worry, more posts will be coming soon!

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