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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sites To Check Out! #1

Hey everyone. In my ventures over the wide Internet, I have come across some sites which I think those of you with a breeding/impregnation fetish would come to enjoy. So, for your enjoyment and knowledge, I'll tell you a little about each of them in turn and let you explore them for yourselves!

#1 - Breeder's Erotica:

Breeder's Erotica is a blog which has a high-focus on the idea of 'Breeders', dominant men inseminating breedee women. The webmistress Kitty has compiled tons of high-end pictures, videos, articles, and has her story universes "The Farm" and "The Colony" posted for your viewing pleasure. I would highly recommend visiting and checking out her site, especially her stories if you are into futuristic sci-fi themes with a great emphasis on solo and group breedings.
#2 - Impregnation Station:

Impregnation Station has just recently started, but man is it going well so far! Spike has dedicated his blog to providing movies with a breeding emphasis. Currently most of his additions are from Ruth Blackwell for the Black Breeding fans out there, and he promises even more to come in the near future. Spike intends to fill his blog with high-quality pieces of inseminations and impregnations. Best yet, it is updated often, if not every day with new content. Highly recommended!

And for those who are interested in even more free movies to download, Spike also runs Spikespen Translations, which has a collection of Japanese erotic films amongst others.
#3 - AskJolene:

Ask Jolene is a pretty cool porn search engine. You can look up movie clips, pictures, and stories found around the web. When I was first using it I utilized it for clip-finding, but now that I have found the joys of torrenting I use it mainly for story searches. Just another search engine for when you exhaust another one's range of findings.

#4 - Literotica:

Literotica is a huge story site that many of you probably know already. They have all kinds of topics, contests, media, and other narratives which can keep you quite entertained for a long time. I recommend using the search function in order to find stories best suited to your tastes, unless you enjoy browsing through for interesting-sounding stories. They even have audio stories! I recommend it to those who like to have a large story repository at their fingertips.
#5 - The Kristen Archives:

This is another story site, organized around topical things such as interracial, romance, non-consensual, and impregnation. Yep, one of the only sites I have found which has a whole section devoted to Impregnation stories (aside from this one). The bad news is that it does not seem to be updated very frequently any more - but the good news is that just the Impregnation section has hundreds of stories stored in it already, so it will provide entertainment for many nights to come.

#6 - Chyoo:

Chyoo is a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure story site, the best part being users like you or me can make our own multiple-path stories! It is tough work to make such a story but rather rewarding, and exploring some of the better-developed stories can entertain for hours. For you highly-impregnation focused people I would recommend "Knocking up sister" by Torg - it's the best that I have stumbled across so far. Very much recommended for fans of multi-choice adventures.

By the way, my username on there is Uh-Oh as well.

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  1. Thank you for such a great list! Its actually really hard to find information about the impregnation fetish so I'm so glad I came across your blog!

    Thanks, Gina