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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Impregnation Videos | Pregnancy Videos #6

The title really explains it best, however in short it is a compilation of scenes from Creampie Surprise mostly depicting the fairly entertaining 'unwanted creampies' the site is known for. This video compiles the most interesting portions of the otherwise non-distinguishing films, namely the pre-bang interview where the girl admits she isn't on birth control, and the final moments when the guy cums inside her. Usually they have an adverse reaction ranging from 'Oh no!' to 'YOU FUCKING BASTARD!'. It is a fun concept, though sadly the only theme being presented towards the impregnation-minded audience in porn it seems.

This particular installment includes my two favorite girls in the series - the first and the second. The first because her reaction is perhaps the most authentic I've seen, and the second because she is just so adorable! And here's an added hint: This is Volume 1, and the latest I have seen is Volume 9 on TNAFlix. Happy searching!

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Though it could be more accurately described as a Face-Sucker from the Alien series, this is a rare find even in the world of CG movies. Not the greatest quality or length, it does depict a woman getting fucked by one of these Face-Sucker (more like a Pussy-Fucker now) in a few different positions before it implants its seed into her. Within moments her belly expands, but instead of having a chest-burst reaction, she instinctively squats down and gives birth to its egg. The scene ends on an adorable note as the camera pans out on the happy family of fucked mother, kinky spider-thing, and baby kinky-spider-thing. I found it enjoyable, and it surely is breeding of a kind!

This little gem I found thanks to some cool posters on the forum in the Impregnorium. A seemingly difficult find regarding the lack of description to the short storyline within it, a step-dad seduces his daughter to having sex with him, the reason being that her brother was fucking his mom. But he's not only fucking her, but fucking her unprotected. So what is the logical response? To fuck and knock up his own step-daughter, of course!

She mildly protests against his talk about knocking her up, putting his baby into her belly, and making her pregnant with her step-daddy's child while fucking her very bare little pussy. With only a whimpering 'Nooo...' as her answer, she nonetheless obediently spreads her legs and lets her step-dad inseminate her fertile pussy.

There are some other movies related to this one, though so far I haven't seen any with this emphasis on impregnation. A shame really - I'd love to see more impregnation talk like this!


  1. Really liking that third video there. I especially like that she asked, at the end, for 'daddy' to cum inside her. If you could find videos where the girl asks for it from the beginning, that'd be even better, but this is a good one.

  2. I love when the mother sister or daughter tell there incest partner to knock them up and then shoe the creampie at the end.