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Monday, August 29, 2011

Impregnation Videos | Pregnancy Videos #7

Sometimes a man just gets too excited over the prospect of breeding his own wife. In this amateur clip, we have a very seductive wife giving her husband (and the audience) one hell of a sultry talk. When it is go time, hubby puts her on the counter and plows away - for a couple of strokes at least. He cums rather quickly into his wife's hot little pussy, and she laughs at how she got him to blow so quickly. Thankfully he's got more spunk than that, and gets to ramming his wife properly afterwords.

This movie is a great show of what a horny dominant woman will do to get some cock. It starts with her riding her man, getting wonderfully sweaty in the process from her efforts. Eventually she goes onto her back and guides his cock in a few times. In the end she takes his load in her mouth as opposed to her very nice pussy, but still a nice show from the hot-bodied college freshman breedee I'd say!

This is just a softcore movie of a rather pretty girl showing off her very pregnant body. She takes a few measurements of herself and talks about how much her body has changed since becoming pregnant (bigger breasts, and obviously a bigger belly). Though she used to be rather petite, now she is well-bred and showing it. Lets hope she gets to work on baby #2 after this one!

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