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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sites To Check Out! #2

Be sure to refer to other additions of "Sites To Check Out", found in the Tags section.

#7 - The ImpregNation:
The ImpregNation is a brand-new site recently created by two Impregnorium members Alemona and Min. Usernamed MissM and Daddy respectively, they have created this new site in two months from the ground up. 
Dedicated to impregnation/breeding topics and rapidly growing/updating, members can participate on the forums, view user-made galleries, browse contributed stories, and meet some interesting people. The webhosts have great ideas for the development of the site, so do check in often!

#8 - ReddPics:
This is a picture site from Reddit which is basically a conglomeration of pictures other users such as
yourselves have found and posted to share with everyone. Immediately it is very apparent that there are oodles of pictures to look at, many of which are top-notch stuff thanks to the scrutiny of fans like yourselves.

The trick here is to notice at the top of the page the categories in the grayish area - these can be changed by clicking the "Edit >>" button, which allows you to bring up whichever category you most wish to see and puts it into the bar of categories for easy reference. Awesome site, highly recommended!

#9 - is a hentai/erotica manga-storage site. I tend to stick to the pregnancy-related stories, but even then there are literally hundreds of full stories to choose from! It is a wonderful site if you are into manga-style artwork and kinky Japanese imaginations (tentacles, herms, and schoolgirls anyone?). Use the search function to find tags and, better yet, the tag table on the right to narrow down specific stories you want to read!

I warn you to have a nice firewall and virus protection however as there tends to be a few nasty pop-ups and things on it occasionally. Despite this, I still very much recommend this site to check out!
#10 - Gelbooru/Danbooru: 

These are anime/hentai picture-posting sites with a wide variety of picture topics to explore! They use a tagging system to classify pictures such as Long Hair, Monster Girl, and of course Pregnancy. For those here some key-words of interest will be Impregnation, Insemination, Cross-section or crosssection (these are pictures depicting internal action, like a womb getting filled with cum), Birth, Pregnant, and Pregnancy. 

While they do have a wonderful array of sexy pictures to enjoy, they also have those that are less palpable - Guro (gore-porn) and 'Loli' (basically underaged anime characters) and otherwise just plain weird subjects. I ignore the times that they do show up in my explorations, but if you are extremely offended by even the hint of them these sites are not for you. It appears that Danbooru is better than Gelbooru at keeping that stuff to a minimum, but it exists on both sites nonetheless...
I'll recommend them to those who like hentai, but be well aware of those potential un-good pictures contained it them as well.



  1. Is down?
    I'm getting a Forbidden error.

  2. The Impregnorium is currently down for unknown reasons. Unfortunately I do not know when nor if it will be up again. The ImpregNation is a good place to checkout in the meantime. Keep checking back on The Impregnorium though!

  3. Norium died after the nasty divorce of the owner alas its not coming back it seems.

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE the loli