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Friday, August 19, 2011

Story | Observation of a Breeding

It's Friday, and I thought today would be as good as any to unveil my newest story, Observation of a Breeding.

Set in a futuristic world, the Breeders are men genetically and hormonally enhanced to combat the endemic rise of infertility amongst the whole of Humanity. Within the facility known as The Colony the enormous task of continuing the human species is carried out through every means possible, from gentle lovemaking to intense orgies. Alise Licari is a scientist assigned to observe one of the elite Breeders, an Alpha, in the ever constant struggle to improve upon their ability to impregnate as many women as possible.

This is part of a series begun by Kitty, the webmistress of Breeder's Erotica. If you like this story, be sure to check out the rest of The Colony series there. A special thanks goes to her for encouraging me to contribute once again to her series. Enjoy!

Observation of a Breeding

            The metal doors hissed open as the scientists entered the Observation Chamber, data slates cradled under their arms as they took their seats. The only light was dim, emanating from their slates, and before them loomed a dark mirror that replaced the entire wall. A calm feminine voice spoke from the mirror:  

Awaiting Voice Confirmation...

“Initiate Observation Session 38-07-02-87,” said the center-most scientist, as if she had said it a thousand times before.

Voice Confirmed.
Welcome Observer Alise Licari.
Please State Associates.

            “Felix Uldrum,” Alise continued, listing off the other scientists in the room. Felix sat to her right – his first assignment on the Observation team, freshly plucked from the underground labs to be cloistered in the oppressively dark room. He seemed the type fit for it though, being somewhat scrawny with unkempt hair and a pair of glasses that he kept nervously adjusting. At least voyeurism beats twirling vials all day, Alise reasoned.

Identities Confirmed.
Please Stand By...

            The dark mirror hummed to life, file images and statistical data manifesting and flying about before the scientists within the glass. Alise tapped out the file extensions for fecundity measurement programs on her data slate as the other scientists did the same.

            “Hey Alise,” Felix said.

            “Mr. Uldrum,” Alise replied, not looking up.

            “It’s a pleasure to be here in such high-standing company,” he said politely with a small smile.

            “Don’t be – the pleasure is all theirs after all,” Alise continued to prod her data slate. Felix shifted in his high-backed seat, his simple heart rate monitors and brain function programs already uploaded and floating in the mirror.

            “You don’t seem too excited about it – testing the breeder’s abilities and all that. It’s kinda what our jobs are all about, ya know? The culmination of all our efforts and research...”

            “I suppose it is difficult to be excited when it is the 7th Observation I’ve done all day, and the 56th observation in just this month,” Alise drug her eyes up from the soft glow of her slate to glower at Felix’s ghostly reflection in the mirror, “I haven’t had recreational hours in a week, and instead I’ve been assigned to watching the very things I would much rather be doing through this damn glass.”

            “Oh… er, well, try to look on the bright side,” Felix said, “When your rec time does come around, you’ll have the pick of the best Breeders you have seen here! They’ll show you a good time for sure,” he smirked, and Alise knew it was true despite her stony expression at the prospect.

Data Upload Complete.
Initiate Breeder Session?


            A pillar of white light streaked down the center of the black mirror and widened like opening blast doors, illuminating a spacious room beyond where the Session would take place under the watchful eyes of the scientists. A pair of entrances marked either side of the room, and the center of the floor contained the only furniture - a large round bed-like cushion in the center and smaller ottoman-like cushions surrounding it. Everything was white – the standard variations of such Session Rooms went from bright white to a more neutral gray in an attempt to remove all distractions from the subject Breeder and his appointed breedee. Above it all loomed the Observation Chamber, its dark mirror looking no different than the white walls from within the Session Room.

            “That gets me every time,” Felix said, rubbing his eyes, “It’s a lot different from watching it open on a telescreen for sure…”

            Alise hadn’t even blinked, “Many things are different between a telescreen recording and a live demonstration, Mr. Uldrum.”

            “Yeah, really…” Felix readjusted his glasses and peered into the room. “So lets see, the Breeder enters about… Now.”

            The two doors in the room beyond opened and in entered a large man, broad shouldered and looking grim, his head lowered as he prowled into view - The gait of a sex-starved Breeder. Alise knew it well – a whole day without stimulation would drive any Breeder mad, let alone an Alpha like this one. His statistics appeared on the edges of the screen, bright green letters and numbers floating in the transparent mirror.

            “He sure doesn’t look happy to be here right now, does he?” Felix commented as the robed Alpha scowled across the empty room.

            “Surely not,” Alise said, “BA-236 hasn’t been attended to in over three days. Lucky he isn’t destroying the furniture as we speak. Australian Breeders tend to not handle the stresses of testing very well…”

            “Three days? But he’s been undergoing standard testing, hasn’t he?”

            “Pah! You really think a Mount leaves them satisfied, Felix? The best PseudoSkin toys don’t compare to a real flesh and blood woman, especially for an Alpha.” The Mounting procedures were great for trainees – Alise had seen countless boys eagerly take to the machine, gripping onto the false rump as if it were a naughty girlfriend and exhausting themselves within minutes, if not seconds. Veteran Breeders, on the other hand, were hardly pleased to find themselves with it instead of a live attendee. Didn’t stop them from fucking it like wild animals though, Alise noted.

            “Oh, right…” Felix looked at his data slate again, “His stats are pretty good though, considering his recent promotion to Alpha Breeder. Who’s attending him for this session?”

            “Su Xiani, Nurse. And she better get here soon – He’s ready to burst.”

            “And he’s eying those cushions a bit too eagerly…”

            The Breeder was glaring at the plush ottomans as the opposite doors opened. Instantly he straightened up –a gorgeous Asian woman sauntered in, her long black hair cascaded down her back and a sheer white robe clung to her shapely body. Her tanned legs appeared and disappeared into it as she sauntered towards the center of the room.

            Alise could hear Felix suck in some air as he saw her. “Phew! BA-236 is sure paying attention now!”

            “Nurse Xiani is one of our best, as you no doubt can tell… Anyway, get her stats on screen, Felix,” Alise endured the awkward pause before giving him a sidelong glance, seeing he was too busy gawking as the oriental beauty, just like the Breeder was. “Ahem, Felix…”

            “Oh! Yes, yes, and done!” Su’s stats flew onto the screen. They saw her pheromone levels steadily increasing as she approached her Breeder. BA-236’s heart rate spiked as he oogled his attending breedee.

            “Mmm,” Su hummed from within the chamber, “What a fine specimen you are…” Her accent was apparent, and her sultry words were already having an impact on the sex-starved Alpha.

            “Likewise,” he growled, eying her hungrily. He didn’t want small talk – he wanted her.

            “Change setting to Greyscale,” Alise commanded, and the room around the two changed. The white lights dimmed and the bright walls faded to a neutral grey. Soon all the edges of the room were dark, and the only light fell onto the central bed cushion. ‘The Stage’, as the scientists generally called it. Alise had seen some impressive performances there in her career…

            The pair knew what to do. They stepped closer to either edge of the light, eyes fixed to one another. Su opened her thin robe and let it slip down her slender arms. The material slinked down her tanned skin, revealing a body toned and trimmed from so many excursions to the Colony Exercise Room – and the Breeding Facility. Her amble breasts rounded from her chest, her small brown nipples already erect, and a soft bush as dark as her long hair graced her mound. The Alpha wasted no time, throwing off his robe without ceremony or hesitation. Finally free from his inhibition gear, his cock was already lengthening, the veiny python dripping its venom onto the floor before him.

            “Should I activate the aphrodisiac protocol, Alise?”

            “No need, Mr. Uldrum,” she said, taking note of the rising pheromone levels between the pair, “They’re taking care of that already.”

            Indeed they were. Su crawled onto the bed, round hips swaying, and the Alpha joined her. She tossed her long hair to the side and gave him a sidelong look.

            “You like what see?” she said.

            “Yes…” he growled, poised for action.

            “Then take me, Breeder.”

The Alpha wasted no time. He pounced, pinning her to the Stage inescapably. Their kissing and heavy petting was violent, needing, lusting. His heavy hands ran down her smooth front, fondling her tits, pinching her taut nipples, feeling her squirming tummy beneath him. The Australian ground himself into her sex, and she moaned in delight.

That’s it!” she hissed in his ear, “So good!”

Alise watched  as the Breeder prepped Su for her breeding. She watched his powerful hands grip Su’s ass, toned and firm to perfection, and heard the Alpha’s loud groan – the groan of a starved man finding sustenance. Being without a real woman in so long, the Alpha was going mad with lust and need like any other Breeder would. They were wildest now, Alise knew…

            “Female subject’s heart rate up,” Felix reported from his data slate, “Progesterone and Estrogen circulation on the rise. Arousal level approaching Stage Two. BA-236’s Testosterone circulation is near saturation. Arousal level Stage Three… God, they’re really horny right now…” The Alpha kept Su on her back, mauling her breasts with his hungry mouth. She squirmed underneath amid her encouraging moans and stroked the length of his cock with her thigh.

            “That goes without saying, doesn’t it?” Alise leaned back and observed the pair. The Alpha’s foreplay technique was good, no doubt arousing even to watch. Even in his deprived state he was properly refraining from premature insertion. Though judging from Su’s readings, her pussy couldn’t get much wetter than it was after just a few moments of his carnal attentions…

The other scientists were nodding and tabbing notes in their data slates in their respective fields. Alise’s studies focused namely on technique and response in both partners and the optimization therein. Felix’s field was, well… it would be lucky if Felix could keep ahold of his data slate.

            “I, uh, suppose it does go without… saying…” Felix said, not taking his eyes off the Stage. The Breeder was thrusting his hardened member along Su’s slit now, grunting with his effort at self-control as her delicately soft bush teased the underside of his shaft. Su’s moaning and bucking hips taunted his struggle mercilessly. Then, shifting his weight, the Alpha lined himself up with her drooling cunt.

            “He’s Mounting,” Alise said, “Mr. Uldrum, bring up the internal display…” She could see the Breeder’s cock beginning to glisten with all the juices Su’s little Asian pussy was gushing onto his cock.

“Now would be a great time, Mr. Uldrum…”

            Felix hastily tapped on his data slate. Su lifted her hips to meet the Breeder’s, rubbing against his sinewy pelvis with her sensor-bound mound. On either side of her mons pubis and between the flares of her hips adhered two small round white pads. As Felix pressed ‘Initiate’, they added their humming energy to the moans and growls in the room.

            The image appeared like a side-window beside the action taking place behind the glass. At first it was black and white, flickering like an ultrasound – for indeed it was a kind of ultrasound that the Colony had recently employed to observe live internal breeding performance. Felix pressed a few more buttons, and the grainy image focused, and became awash in color.

            “Just in time, Mr. Uldrum,” Alise said. He was – just as the ridges and folds of Su’s vaginal canal bloomed into a bright pink, the thick purple head of the Breeder’s cock pierced into her depths.

“Ohh!” Su wailed and gripped his arms, holding on tight as he plowed into her tight pussy. As his veiny member sank and disappeared into Su on the Stage, the scientists watched it appear in the window, stretching Su’s small Asian pussy to its limits.

            “Amazing technology…” Felix breathed.

            “Leave it to the Californians to make a whole new genre of porn.” Alise had seen it many times before, but it still had its impact on her. To think that when a Breeder fucked a woman, this is what it looked like on the inside… “Do bring up a few more angles on the internal action, Mr. Uldrum.” The windows appeared before she even finished.

            “Yeahhh, so tight…” The Alpha’s voice graveled as he ground himself deeply into Su. He was bottoming-out, grinding his cockhead against her quivering cervix with her pussy gripping along his shaft. He was pulsing, ropes of whitish-goo painting her inner walls with engineered hyper-fertile sperm.

            “Is he already-”

            “No, Mr. Uldrum. Pre-emissions. Still highly fertile, however.”

            “So is Su, er, the female subject Breedee class?”

            “She is ranked Class C.” Third-highest ranked class in fertility. Alise knew it was unlikely Su would have a viable ova for the Alpha’s sperm to find, but it was surely not unheard of. Alise had seen plenty of nurses and assistants bearing a Breeder’s baby under their smocks after attending to them who were in even lower classes than Su. And they weren’t bred by Alphas, either.

            “AHH! YES!!” Su cried out, wrapping her long legs around the Breeder as he nailed her to the Stage. She pressed her breasts into him, thrusting as much as she could against the brute that was hammering into her. Her toes curled, and the pink walls of his pussy pulsed around the Breeder’s member. Alise knew that look and sound – she wanted to get pregnant, and knew this Alpha could possibly do it.

            “Female subject climactic – BA-236 approaching critical point.”

            *Smack smack smack smack!* The sounds of his hips smacking against hers were only eclipsed by his almost inhuman grunts, like a beast enraged. He gripped her shivering legs and forced them to her chest, driving his cock even deeper into his mate. Alise nodded at the almost violent internal view, the cockhead dragging along her upper walls and pounding into her cervix like a battering ram.

            “Good, g-spot stimulation, though changing position mid-orgasm is sub-optimal…” It was hot nonetheless – Su screamed in pleasure as the hard pounding continued with even more vigor than before. Alise watched the Alpha’s cum-heavy sack slap below Su’s pussy lips again and again. She missed that feeling…

            “Oooh, fuck me!” Su cried, “Breed me! Give me a - AHHH!” Su’s pleading was answered by a ravenous growl and even harder fucking. The Breeder’s cock was jerking inside her gripping pussy. His spurts were getting even more viscous, and his furious pace churned it with her juices till it drooled down the crack of her ass…

            “… Uhhh, that’s so hot…”

            “Mr. Uldrum! Pay attention!”

            “Sorry! Female subject approaching second climax!” Alise could see it – Su dug her nails into the Alpha’s thick arms, screaming and shaking her head back and forth as the internal view spasmed. It was all she could do with the beast of a man ravaging her as he was, hitting all the right places and filling her so completely. The Breeder was not far behind. Alise didn’t need Felix to announce that fact - the erratic thrusting he was now exhibiting along with his louder grunts was apparent enough in any view.

            “RAGGGHH!!” The Breeder’s roar was louder than Su’s little squeals, but she screamed nonetheless as he rutted into her as deep as he could one final time. With his thick member against the entrance to her womb, Alise watched as thick, heavy ropes of pure-white cum shot out from his cock and lashed against Su’s pulsing cervix.

            “I-insemination achieved…” Felix managed to utter.

            Alise stared unblinking at the screen. This was no doubt the most important part. A Breeder’s cum is a thick and viscous substance. While the normal man’s cum is cloudy or milky white at best, a Breeder’ semen resembles a heavy cream and contains trillions of sperm in its far greater volume. Each ejaculation was worth a small fortune, and upon it rested the entire fate of the largely infertile world…

The whole of this Alpha’s heavy load was jetting into Su’s small pussy, and by the eighth pulse her pink cervix was submerged in a sea of white. Thick cum began to leak from the Asian’s woman’s pussy around the Breeder’s still-jerking cock – an unavoidable result of the engineering that renders a Breeder to ejaculate ten to twenty times as much semen as a normal man. As Su’s orgasmic cunt squeezed, more dollops of semen oozed down her ass as her cervix drank up the fresh spurts.

“Mr. Uldrum, uterine view.” Without a word the new window appeared, showing the darker-pink of Su’s uterus, pulsing and undulating in waves of orgasmic bliss. Her cervix quavered, and thick white cum slowly filled her tight womb like it was emerging from a spring.

Alise watched the Alpha hold Su tightly, forcing his seed deep inside her. She squirmed and panted hard beneath him, kissing, still quivering from her intense breeding. The Alpha grunted, satisfied for the first time after his hellish three-day restriction, and pulled out.

“MMMmmm…!” Su moaned happily as his hot sperm coated her pussy lips.

“God damn it,” Alise mumbled. Su’s tight Asian pussy closed up almost completely the moment he withdrew, and forced the near-third of a cup of spunk out of her freshly inseminated pussy. The wellspring inside her womb ceased flowing, her tanned inner thighs were whitewashed in sperm, and the Stage collected a puddle of wasted cum beneath her wiggling ass.

“What?” Felix looked around. He saw all the other scientists shaking their heads and making notes in their data slates.

“Pulled out too soon,” Alise explained, “Breeders are supposed to keep inside breedees for longer than that. Ensures proper insemination. BA-236 is just getting sloppy…”

“I’ll say…” Felix noted the mess between Su’s thighs as the Breeder slapped his cum-covered cock against her drenched bush. A few more jets of semen painted her flat tummy up to her navel.

“He’ll be reprimanded,” Alise said as Su got to her knees and faced her Breeder, “If he weren’t an Alpha we’d have him retrained, but he just isn’t taking this test particularly seriously…” Alise was watching Su fingering her still-slopping pussy while wrapping her lips around the Alpha’s dripping tool. The Breeder was just grinning from ear to ear, lost in euphoric bliss as he intoned, “So good, so good…”

“What about Su?” Felix asked.

“Miss Xiani did her job just like she should have. She is due to ovulate soon, so we’ll be monitoring her for the next few days to see if she catches or not.”


“Old slang terminology, Mr. Uldrum,” Alise sighed, “It’s a way of saying if she becomes pregnant.”

“Oooh… I guess it makes sense…”

Alise looked back in on the scene, seeing Su’s long black hair matted with sweat and tossed wildly about her shoulders as she bobbed up and down on the Alpha’s cock. Glancing at the monitor again, she saw the remnants of his semen still coating her inner walls, and saturating her cervix. Maybe today will be your lucky day, Su… she thought, touching her own belly. An empty belly, longing to be filled with a new life…

“Well!” Alise stretched back and took on her authoritative tone again, “Terminate Observation Session.”

Session Terminated.
Recording Saved To File OS-07-02-87
Have A Pleasant Day.

The windows and numbers before them disappeared as darkness filled the mirror once more. The scientists got up and began to proceed through the door in single-file, leaving Felix and Alise the last to leave.

“And that’s how it works,” Alise said, “What did you think of your first Observation Session, Mr. Uldrum?”

“Very, uh, interesting!” he replied. Glancing sidelong at him, Alise saw him holding his data slate firmly in front of his pants. “You have a very interesting job, Ali- I mean, Miss Licari.”

“Yes, I do.” She said flatly. “I trust you remember the command protocols and procedures that I demonstrated for you, so taking over for the rest of my shift won’t be too much of a bother.”

“Er, what?” Felix said, “But I have to-”

“You’d really rather return to the Chem Labs to spin vials instead of watching what all your products actually do in a live specimen?”

            “Uhh, not really... But I wasn’t taking notes or-”

            “Don’t worry,” Alise said over her shoulder as she walked down the hall, “I’m sure it’ll come naturally.”

            “Alise, wait! Where are you going!?”

            “To take a long deserved vacation!” She said as she made her way towards the Breeding Facility. The Initiates needed a group demonstration from some of the Workhorse Breeders, and they needed a female volunteer. Alise’s panties were soaked from her long hours and her blood was boiling, and she’d be damned if she didn’t get a couple of hot fertile loads inside of her pussy today!

To Be Continued…


  1. you are a very talented writer. great stuff.

  2. I tried to get to her blogsite, but says blog not found. How would I be able to read the rest of this series?

  3. She shut down her blog awhile ago due to virus or hacker problems. She said she was going to reinstate it sometime, but I can see with her if she'll do that. I think I have backups of her work as of a year or so ago, but she has been writing a little bit more since then.

  4. Hi, did the stories ever get reposted from her? And did you ever finish the training day story? I really love this story and concept of this story and love to read more about it. Thanks

    1. Honestly, I am not sure. I've last contacted her more than a few years ago, but last I heard she had found a fellow author to write stories with - so perhaps she has more somewhere! I could try to get into contact with her again and see if she's set up shop somewhere. I hope she has, because she has a great imagination!