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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Project Announcement | Colony Training Day

Hello from college once again my loyal blog-follower people! It has taken awhile, but I've been acclimating back into college life - though at the moment there is not too much of a life aspect to it, so I'll get back onto the ball here on this blog I suppose.

I want to make an announcement upon another story project of mine. This newest story is Colony Training Day, part of The Colony series begun by Kitty at Breeder's Erotica. This story follows a day in the life of Connor, an early Initiate in the Colony's Breeder program. As a young Breeder-in-Training, Connor has to undergo testing to determine whether or not he is made of the right stuff to truly become a full-fledged Breeder. Under the scrutiny of his newest Instructor, can Connor prove himself ready and able to take on the responsibilities - and pleasures - of breeding the next generation of humanity?

This story will be a completion of the form I wished it to be when I began writing it. Kitty published a rough-draft of my original plan onto her site before I could complete it (so eager was she for new stories), and now I have felt it has gone too long unfinished. It is more than half complete, and I have felt it necessary to finish this particular work, as I have a terrible tendency to leave such stories incomplete otherwise. It should take me within a week to create a viable tale for your viewing pleasures, so stay tuned in the coming week for that plus new posts from me, your webmaster Uh-Oh.

Update: Sorry, there is going to be a delay of about a week for the story publishing due to an unexpected bout of unforseen laziness and homework. It's a bad combo...

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  1. awesome looking forward to future updates