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Monday, October 31, 2011

Authors and Artists of Breeding

Hello again everyone. It's time for another review of great breeding porn that can be found in the very fertile internet. This time I would like to touch upon some particular artists that have done a great job catering to our disseminating interests through literary and artistic works. If you find you like these people's stuff, be sure to compliment them! As a fellow author and attempted artist, I know how much they appreciate it.

Literotica Authors
Literotica is home to many an erotica tale, but a few authors have caught my attention as of late with their sordid tales of  unprotected debauchery, converted housewives, and simple lust for impregnation. The current list of notables all have an interracial bent to them, so if that is your thing be sure to check them out!

The name says just about it all for this author. She is crazy about interracial couplings, and writes her stories namely with the idea of a white woman discovering her innate addiction to black cock. In the process her characters meet up with and get fucked by troops of black men, all unprotected, and all very fertile. It shouldn't be a surprise then that her stories have tons of black baby-making dialog and hot rough breeding.

Her works are not for everyone though.  There is a heavy racist tone (which in the black-babymaking genre is almost a given) in her stuff, so if that offends move along. She also has rather simple plotlines and pretty flat character developments (thuggish men, slutty women). However, in my opinion this simplicity is great for quick-read porn with the idea of black-on-white coupling and breeding. It is simply down-and-dirty porn, with some potent dialogs and hot interracial situations.

She has three major plotlines, my favorite being the now-complete "Seven Year Itch" storyline about a white wife who finds herself on the wrong side of town when she meets Jamal who shows her just how much of a black cock slut she really is. Tons of impregnation talk and some really hot breeding scenes fill this gem, and it is one of the few stories that I continuously visit for my personal enjoyment.

A somewhat silly name for a good black-breeding author. Fuzz's storylines are also in the 'black bred' sub-genre of impregnation fantasies, so their story plotlines are pretty similar to EZ's. Fuzz has opted to write small separate stories that focus more on the conversion idea - unlike EZ's natural-born black cock sluts, Fuzz's characters are converted from prim and proper white wives and girls into near slaves to black men, and all within a very short period of time.

Fuzz's writing is good for the genre, with high focus on the converting factor - one gets to follow very distinctly the 'degradation' (or perhaps 'elevation' depending on your view) of these women into followers of the interracial life, which contrasts nicely with the snapping reversion back and forth that occurs in EZ's works. There is a decided lack of impregnation focus in most of them, however near the ends of the stories there is always an unprotected insemination, and always ends with a converted white women with a black baby growing in her belly.

Fuzz's stories are short and to the point, and currently six exist (perhaps the only ones that will exist, unfortunately...). But if you are into black breeding stories, be sure to check out their work and give Fuzz some positive feedback!

Black-breeding isn't always black guy on white girl. In fact, some of the hottest stories are those that are the opposite, of foxy black girls getting inseminated and impregnated by their lighter counterparts. Chocolate takes her personal fantasies for white men and writes with it in mind, creating some very great stories in the process.

Her writing style is more advanced in plotline and character development than EZ or Fuzz, yet still contains some great interracial loving all the same (perhaps even better for those of you who enjoy connecting with the characters more). Another element is that her plotlines are rather original - one story "Following My Instincts" is about a man who has a serious impregnation fetish and desire to enact it on his girlfriend, and another "Taming the Beast" is about a supernatural being pursuing a soon-to-be noble wife to be his own mate. Many involve impregnation at some point, as well as a lovely dark-skinned lady in the staring female role. The role of breeding doesn't always get played up, but her stories do not have the racial intensity of the previous authors (which many who find those offensive will appreciate here) and her stories are in general much longer than theirs as well.

Chocolate has been active online in various places besides Literotica, but she does check it often enough. She hasn't posted a new story since 2009, so if you like her stuff and want to see more be sure to compliment her - I am sure she'll appreciate it.

ImageFap Artists
ImageFap has some very talented caption-makers on it, that being the most accessible art form to those of us wanting to make erotic pictures. Amongst them are quite a few compilers of pictures, captioneers, and the like, but these few stood out the most to me as prime sources of breeder interest.
This artist definitely has a thing for black breeding. Sweetback has made three complex caption storylines about black breeding, in which the genetic superiority of the black man is touted for the breeding of white women. It is an extreme form of the black breeding genre in which superiority of the black race is really paramount, with heavy tones of emasculation/cuckoldry towards white guys in certain sections (which I find irritating and ignore). So if you are at all offended by that kind of stuff, don't go wandering into SweetBack's profile.

Nevertheless, aside from the irritating bits towards white males, SweetBack's works are some of the best captioning on the topic of breeding I have ever seen. There is a high emphasis on the idea of breeding white women with black seed, along with memorable and charged dialog that can surely get those who are into it going! The complex captions are those that are basically pages in a book with pictures to back up the words, and they are well laid out and of excellent quality. That the actual captioning enhances the pictures more than they are alone is the mark of great skill in captioning.

So if you don't find heavily racist and derogatory porn offensive and find the idea of black breeding at all interesting, do check out their profile. SweetBack also has a video channel (to be found in their profile), supposedly working on video clip captioning as well. A very worthy endeavor as an artist, so if you like their stuff do let him/her know!
ChrisDude24 would probably get along very well with Chocolate given his intense love for white men on black women. Not only just the interracial coupling aspect however - he wants to breed those dark-skinned beauties. To that end he has a small collection of various ebony materials - gifs, pics, and captions, alongside a fair collection of favorited galleries.

Somewhat like the other kind, ChrisDude24 has a high focus on the racial aspect of the breeding. Not to a derogatory level as some of the others I have mentioned, but it definitely plays a huge role in his works. He doesn't have too many galleries yet, but he updates them fairly periodically, so it is definitely worth checking out if you are into white guys on black girls.

Now onto some artists that are not interracially driven! I am sure a few of you will appreciate that. LovingSis is into incest, particularly the brother-on-sister variety (or cousins, which is fairly close). She has made a few collection of highly, highly well-done complex captioned pictures in a truly artistic fashion that I must give (and have given) many kudos to. 

She also has a particular interest in the concept of a sister stealing her brother away from his girlfriend or wife, and taking any risks (including impregnation) whilst with her brother. So you get a double or triple whammy of kinkiness with her works! This interest is, according to her profile, an element from her personal life, and that she creates more of her very well-done works when she isn't occupied with the real-life incestuous goodness. She hasn't made a new work for months now, so though I am sad she hasn't been hard at work with her art, I bet she is one happy camper wherever she is!

I must note that in one of her works is the only instance where I have thought the idea of an STD to be even remotely sexy. That particular caption was a brother coming home with one, and his sister can't help but risk everything and fuck him bareback, risking not only pregnancy but also the disease. So, what I am saying is that something rather unsexy as an STD was made quite hot by her superb work, so definitely check her out!

Roxxy is a photographer who enjoyed taking pictures of her 'breeding slaves'. Yes, she is the dom type, and by her words had collected a few lovely slaves do with as she pleased. And what she pleased was to have them bred. She opened her ImageFap account in order to honor one of her slaves giving birth, which is perhaps the most interesting reason I've heard of joining that site.

As for her pictures, they are of her ladies and are softcore in various positions and places. This is not to say they are not hot as hell - In particular interest are the pictures of Lori, one of her breeding slaves. There are two galleries, one before she is pregnant, and one after she is very nicely rounded. Pregnancy progressions of the sexy kind are difficult to find, but you hardly ever see something like that.
As for contacting her, I would say give her tons of props for her efforts, but she is not longer on ImageFap as far as I can tell. She hasn't been to her account in two years, and so it is unlikely that she will return to it. Unfortunately I do not know where she went to, and though I might try to find some trace of her perhaps continued presence on the internet, for now it remains a mystery. So enjoy her galleries and the idea that yes, female masters that enjoy breeding their slaves do exist out there!

Also, I like her cool pants. Kudos to those as well.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Impregnation Videos | Pregnancy Videos #8

Quite a long time since my last posting - a bad combination of college stress and lazy inhibition... So let's see if I can get this impregnation posting rolling once again!

Here is an interesting one. From what I can gather in this short amateur clip, hubby has his lovely wife blindfolded and spread after a nice bit of fucking. When he gets close he tells her to get ready for her insemination, so as a dutiful wife she opens her pussy and waits to feel his fertile load. However, hubby steps back and lets another man take first dibs, and he paints and fills her bare pussy with his cum. Hubby adds to the mix with his own, making a very creamy fertile mess for the wife. I'd like to see what they were doing before this, but even more so see how her tummy would be swelling after letting herself get inseminated by a strange man...

Trickster movies do have a certain charm to them. They are fairly simple - give the girl a false pretense, she fucks, she gets (insert situation here), and she's upset. This particular series of 'Casting-Room Couch' skips the last part of raging female against exploiting male as far as I've seen, but the rest is fairly convincing as far as porn plots go... Which is to say it is as transparent as glass, but still masturbatable.

Anyway, the deal is the girl is trying to get a job in the porn industry, and this casting agency fronts itself as being able to bring them there - but they just get fucked instead. In this case the girl is very much not accustom to the 'ins and outs' of porn, so she doesn't take any birth control. He fucks her, cums in her, and she is a bit concerned about the load settling in her pussy. She says she'll get the pill, but considering how she applied for porn without any protection to begin with, it leads to you wonder if she'll just be an airhead and end up with a round belly instead.

Lately I've been on the hunt for finding some nice pregnancy-related black girl porn. Usually when there is 'black breeding' mentioned, it's implied black guy on white woman. And that is fine and dandy (as I know about half my viewers love it, and I enjoy it myself), however what about the reverse? Where is the White Breeding, hmmm?

Well, one can imagine how this lovely ebony girl got the way she was. She's very pregnant, and on her slim petite form it is a beautiful contrast - not to mention the interracial element of it. She rides and is fucked by him with some stereotypical 'jungle fever' music in the background, but hell is it hot seeing her riding with her big belly! She seems to enjoy it so much it leads me to wonder if she got a bit of white fever herself and just had to have a white man breed her dark womb right. I'd like to think so, and besides you know how the saying goes, "Once you go White, you know it's Right!"