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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Impregnation Videos | Pregnancy Videos #8

Quite a long time since my last posting - a bad combination of college stress and lazy inhibition... So let's see if I can get this impregnation posting rolling once again!

Here is an interesting one. From what I can gather in this short amateur clip, hubby has his lovely wife blindfolded and spread after a nice bit of fucking. When he gets close he tells her to get ready for her insemination, so as a dutiful wife she opens her pussy and waits to feel his fertile load. However, hubby steps back and lets another man take first dibs, and he paints and fills her bare pussy with his cum. Hubby adds to the mix with his own, making a very creamy fertile mess for the wife. I'd like to see what they were doing before this, but even more so see how her tummy would be swelling after letting herself get inseminated by a strange man...

Trickster movies do have a certain charm to them. They are fairly simple - give the girl a false pretense, she fucks, she gets (insert situation here), and she's upset. This particular series of 'Casting-Room Couch' skips the last part of raging female against exploiting male as far as I've seen, but the rest is fairly convincing as far as porn plots go... Which is to say it is as transparent as glass, but still masturbatable.

Anyway, the deal is the girl is trying to get a job in the porn industry, and this casting agency fronts itself as being able to bring them there - but they just get fucked instead. In this case the girl is very much not accustom to the 'ins and outs' of porn, so she doesn't take any birth control. He fucks her, cums in her, and she is a bit concerned about the load settling in her pussy. She says she'll get the pill, but considering how she applied for porn without any protection to begin with, it leads to you wonder if she'll just be an airhead and end up with a round belly instead.

Lately I've been on the hunt for finding some nice pregnancy-related black girl porn. Usually when there is 'black breeding' mentioned, it's implied black guy on white woman. And that is fine and dandy (as I know about half my viewers love it, and I enjoy it myself), however what about the reverse? Where is the White Breeding, hmmm?

Well, one can imagine how this lovely ebony girl got the way she was. She's very pregnant, and on her slim petite form it is a beautiful contrast - not to mention the interracial element of it. She rides and is fucked by him with some stereotypical 'jungle fever' music in the background, but hell is it hot seeing her riding with her big belly! She seems to enjoy it so much it leads me to wonder if she got a bit of white fever herself and just had to have a white man breed her dark womb right. I'd like to think so, and besides you know how the saying goes, "Once you go White, you know it's Right!"


  1. These videos are really strange but I like it!

  2. Nice to see black girls getting it from white guys for a change.

  3. i've bred a number of black women, and have enjoyed it much,

  4. Black women don't go white. White men go black, and stay there.