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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Impregnation Videos | Pregnancy Videos #9

Another raid on the internet for breeding/pregnancy themed porn movies has yielded some more gravid pleasures for you, loyal viewers, to enjoy!

The title really says it all - this German couple (I think) is ready for some love making, but not being on any other birth control the girl pulls out a condom just as he is about to plunge bareback into her very sweet pussy. One can feel the disappointment in the air, but the fucking commences. While she is busy staring at the camera or off into space, he semi-stealthily slips off the condom and get her the way she should be - unprotected and raw. They cum, and unfortunately he decides to pull out, painting her fertile pussy with his cum. Nevertheless, her pussy is totally covered, and she discovers the unused condom. I don't know the language, but I am sure she warned him that she could get pregnant like that. Here's hoping she did!

A nice amateur production of a newly wed wife wanting to start a family right away. With her little girlie voice she tells her new husband that since they just got married they should start on making a family, so he should give her his baby! With such an apt proposal, what man can argue? There is a bit of nice baby-making talk and comment from her, and indeed it ends with her getting inseminated, though it doesn't really show. It is an amateur production, so not the best shots or lines, but the effort should count right? Surely we must commend the effort towards the premise of babymaking, if only to encourage more so-themed to be made!

So this one is a softcore interview. Obviously in most porn on any subject you don't often get to hear any thoughts or reflections given about this or that, let alone hardly anything sincere. This however is an interview with a very pregnant woman Leah who is not shy at all about showing it off. It is refreshing to see movies like this where just a candid conversation about something while hot bodies are on display... She talks about her pregnancy and all that it has entailed, while modeling her very pregnant belly on her otherwise petite frame - my favorite! Perhaps some of you will enjoy it too.

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Alright! So this one should be familiar to all of you who looked at the last video update. I was so enamored by the small clip I found of this that I hunted for the full thing, and lo and behold it was found! I was also fairly accurate in my prediction for its plot - It starts with a nice set-up of the girl hiding herself with a pillow as the man, cheating on his wife, wanders in to greet her. They had an affair a few months back 'In Vegas', and she shows him what happened because he didn't pull out. After a small dilemma about giving his pretty ebony mistress a white baby, he decides to run with it and fucks her anyway. The next step is to find out where this scene comes from entirely - I've hunted it from GIF to full clip, so why stop now!? Anyway, enjoy the full-scene of some hot post-interracial breeding goodness.

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  1. i happen to be German (live in US) and i can say your right about "he takes off the condom" she finds the cum, is confused, and says that even though he didn't come in her she's not on birth control.