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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Story RP | Demonic Breeding

Hello fellow impregnation-lovers! Today I have for you all a transcript of a recent RP authored by myself and the lovely and talented DevinSilence.

The plotline follows a young woman who has been chosen as a sacrifice to appease a demon. A creature of lust and sadism, it takes delight in evoking torment and ecstasy within her. She soon discovers the full horrors, and pleasures, of the demon's intentions for her, her village, and the unholy children she will bear him.

Disclaimer: This story focuses on rapid pregnancy and graphic birthing sequences, alongside a rather hefty load of sadism. If you do not like erotic works that deal with pain, suffering, or birthing unholy spawn, you might not wish to look further. Those of you who are into birthing stories (as they are fairly difficult to find) may enjoy this ongoing work.

Part I

The girl was brought before the village, dressed in a simple white dress and nothing else.  Her long black hair was braided back to expose her face, and her wide grey eyes showed just how scared she was of the duty before her.  She had only recently become a young woman, the daughter of the village leader, and was selected as a sacrifice to the demons so the village could go on living safely for another year.

Slowly she walked away from her home, down the path into the woods and to the altar to await her fate.  She had only heard stories of what happened, and the stories alone were enough to make her tremble as she finally reached the altar. 

The woods were dark, even in the day. And at night, as it was as she entered the foreboding place, there was a gloom, heavy and oppressive, that seemed to hang about the blackened trees. The grim alter laid in a small clearing, the dark trees leaning towards it, their gnarled branches almost reaching for the unholy edifice. The platform was etched from living stone at the clearing's center, inscribed with unintelligible runes, sharp and painful even to look upon. The cold altar offered no comfort, no protection from the elements. Twisted figures, carved as if holding up the smooth stone, were grinning devilishly, as if they were the ones to be offering up the sacrifice to their dark Master.

She stood there, trembling, her eyes darting around to try and find the demon she was to be sacrificed to. She felt her fear growing, and she still stood there, trying to stay brave despite herself.   Her arms wrapped around her as she started to feel cold, the changing air adding to the eerie scene.  Should she call out for help?  Could she go home?  Maybe an offering wasn't needed...maybe she was safe...

A cold wind sudden picked up, throwing dead leaves and dust from the long-unused altar. It crept like icy fingers through her thin dress, chilling and biting her everywhere. Despite her efforts, clinging tendrils crept under her arms and over her pert breasts, making her nipples harden painfully against the cold. It crept between her thighs, as if the wind were feeling the warm flesh slowly up, ever towards her warm virginal apex…

And then it stopped. Everything stopped. And in the silence the altar seemed to gleam in the dim moonlight, casting off its own unnatural light. A voice from the dark said, "Offer yourself upon the Altar." Its insidious command came from no body, no source, yet it was as if whispered in her ear as a tongue of cold touched her face.

She looked to the alter and slowly climbed up onto it, lying down on her back as she'd been instructed by the villagers, and bracing herself.  Her braid fell to the side, and her face tried to get herself prepared.  She wasn't even sure if she'd survive tonight...if she'd be lucky enough to return to her village once the ordeal was over.

The stone was far from comforting, her back pressed against what felt like ice. But that isn't what chilled her. After a few moments she heard something, like a soft laughter in the dark void around her. Her limbs felt heavy, as if the altar was holding her down. Or something else was. Her dress moved - not by the wind. But it was cold, the ripple that started around her ankles and was now running up her thighs.

It touched her belly, and a kind of low hum droned in her ear. "A supple bitch they offer this day," the voice said, its cold invisible grasp seizing her breasts at once. "So pure, and so soft..." It spoke as if it were commenting on a meal about to be picked apart slowly. Unintelligible words hummed out around her as the icy feeling began to spread, like the touches were oozing over her body.

She whimpered, afraid of what was happening to her.  She trembled, her eyes shutting and trying not to focus on the ordeal.  As it touched her, she felt as though her skin had frozen to the touch, almost as though it were on fire it was so cold.

"I can taste your fear..." It crooned as what felt almost like a slippery coldness lick her from chin to lips, "Shall I devour you whole? Taste your virgin blood upon my tongue as it ebbs from your pretty body...?"

It laughed again with the pulse of fear through her, no doubt the voice felt it. "Good, fear me little wench. Fear what I may do to you - what I will do to you." What felt like a hand petted her, the cold burning into her as it moved from belly to pussy. "Does it speak? Or is it simply a frightened little girl abandoned by all to my hunger?"

She'd heard of people being devoured, killed, torn to pieces...was that to be her fate?  "I...I don't want to die..."  She forced herself to speak, her voice quiet, timid, fearful. 

A dark laugh, a chuckle seeping into her ear. "I care not for what you wish. You are mine, and games are over." The darkness before her seemed to condense, like the unholy shadows of the woods drew up into the figure before her, a beast with glowing red eyes, a thing of shadow and sharp features. A demon, horns curling from its head, its human-like body twisted with dark wings and tail, and claws upon its cruel hands.

"You see me, mortal, and I shall see you." He tore the fragile dress apart with a careless swipe, the tatters hanging from her arms like broken wings as her innocent body felt the chill of his loom over her.

The demon hummed again, its mass mounting the helpless girl. "I could cut you to ribbons, little girl," A claw scratched from her sternum to her belly button, a red mark left by what wasn't even a fraction of his effort, "But instead I will defile you unlike any of the others." Something ice-cold pressed between her thighs, something unholy forcing them apart. She dared not look down, but she felt compelled to see what the demon had in store for her...

She opened her eyes, a terrified look on her face.  "What are you going to do to me?"  She felt her legs open and had an idea of what was to happen.  But...demons didn't take humans like that, did they?

"I shall fill your belly with shadows, my little bitch," Its demonic cock, harder and colder than any mere human's cock could ever be, made a play thrust against her virgin opening, a sharp pain running through her pussy, "I shall corrupt your innocent womb with the taint of demons." He began to press in, his claws grasping her belly, digging into either side of her spine as he felt her hymen giving.

She whimpered, her face contorting in discomfort and a cold feeling of utter and complete terror taking over her.  Her body felt as though it was being frozen from the inside out. Her breath became shaky, uneven, as he began to have his way with her.

"Uncomfortable?” he asked mockingly, “Good." He drew back for a moment, then plunged himself into the virgin entirely. His demonic cock ripped into her, her little human pussy no match for his strength. Her hymen tore apart as the untouched depths of her were finally invaded not by a virtuous man but by a vile demon. The length of his unholy tool exuded a cold unlike any other, a cold that oozed into her flesh. Like a rough tongue it scrapped along her inner walls again and again, rasping into the poor girl as she felt the painful stretching sinking deeper and deeper into her.

"Ragh! Such a tight cunt. You shall never be chaste again, little bitch!" His hands fell upon her breasts, claws grasping them entirely and squeezing the sensitive mounds, her nipples painfully hard against his dead-cold skin.

She screamed, feeling him tear through her virginity and defiling her.  She whimpered and started to cry as she felt the demon roughly and savagely fucking her, robbing her of any innocence she might have had left.

Evil eyes stared down at her, grinning. "Weep, you dirty slut." His long tongue, thin and rough like a cat's, lapped up her tears before pressing through her lips into her mouth. His kiss was cold and ferocious, his tongue wrapping around hers, raping her even there. He gave her pussy no mercy either - to the very mouth of her womb he pounded into her, stretching her virginal channel to its limit and beyond. Lances of pain seared through her to counter the deathly cold invading her womb. Each time his lower body slammed into her cunt he ground her hips into the Altar, which now glowed red from the virginal blood spilt by his cruel member.

She couldn't breathe, and when she felt him pushing up against her womb, it was all she could do not to die right then and there.  Her breath was caught in her throat, and each thrust from him sending her closer and closer to what felt like death.  She was in agony, and doubted there was any pain worse than this.

"Your death would be a mercy, little girl," His tongue slithered out from her throat again to drool its unholy slime upon her firm breasts, "I'll let you feel something no mortal has before!" He thrust in harder than before, his cock ramming home against the mouth of her womb. The beast growled and howled as the entire length of its member convulsed.

A splash greeted her innards - a hot one, near boiling in her chilled body. The demon shot his burning load into her frozen pussy, forcing open her cervix with the might of his cock, painting her fertile uterus with his demonic seed. He held her convulsing hips down as he pumped her full, relishing the insemination beyond the utter pleasure it gave him at this moment, knowing how a frail human body would fair with his terrible spawn.

She screamed out loudly, feeling his scorching cum filling her womb completely.  Her body writhed, on fire, as he filled her and her hands clutched her womb, the intense searing only adding to her suffering.  This couldn't be happening...she was days away from her monthly blood, and now...she was doomed...

"Revel in you’re my seed, you little whore!" He bellowed, beginning to fuck her anew whilst his burning seed still lashed against her innocent womb, "You were in heat this night, and now you will bear my brood!" His cock seemed to grow, the texture becoming rougher, stimulating every inch of her seed-drenched pussy. It was to make her cum, to force her to draw up every drop deep into her virgin belly.

She writhed and cried as he fucked her, and fought against herself all she could.  The new texture stimulated her in a new way, her body strangely enjoying the sensation even if her mind wanted nothing more than for it to end.

"Cum, and you'll seal your fate as a demon's bitch. You can't resist, no little slut can..." His tongue lashed her taut nipples, sending electric fire down through her entire body as he continued to pump her belly full of his demonic sperm. It oozed down her ass onto the hot-glowing Altar, but most of the beast’s seed stayed trapped inside her, making her flat belly swell just from its hot mass swimming within her fertile depths, unrestrained.

She gasped, and a moan of sheer pleasure – ecstasy - escaped her as she felt herself reaching orgasm, cumming for him and milking his demonic cock for every last drop he had.  She could feel her belly starting to swell, and it only added to her momentary euphoria.

As she arched her back in climax she rubbed it against the demon, and he felt within her innocent belly the seeds taking root. Many seeds. The girl was known to have been from a fertile family, and the demon felt his spawn overtaking her mortal womb easily.

When her euphoria faded he growled in her ear, "You've accepted it then, and you have been bred like the bitch you are!" He howled as he blasted her cunt with more demonic sperm, giving her belly another couple of spawn that immediately conquered her young eggs and latched onto her ripe womb. And they began to grow.

Her moans of pleasure and her heaving breaths slowly returned to normal, but her shaking hands traced over her growing belly.  She could feel the life inside her taking hold, growing far more quickly than she had anticipated.  At first, she only felt minor discomfort as her skin stretched and her uterus grew to accommodate the demonic spawn.

But then...something changed.  Her eyes opened wide and she felt the young inside her moving, clawing at her womb and fighting for more room inside her.  Her body could only obey at its own time though, and she started to whimper again, clutching her belly and trying desperately to calm the young inside her despite her horror.

The demon watched as her youthful belly swelled, the skin stretching so taut and tightly. "Demon spawn need their space, little girl." Her belly squirmed and writhed from their movements, their limbs kicking and clawing within their warm prison. Within moments she looked six months pregnant, and still growing.

"Can you feel their claws? Their horns? Succubi relish the pain my young give them - especially when they are born..." The ravenous babes continued to make her belly grow, stretching her virgin womb in a way beyond what any human experience could. Her belly button popped out as her belly grew rounder and bigger with his dark brood.

She curled into herself on the altar, pulling her knees to her chest and holding her growing belly.  Each movement from the demonic young caused her intense pain, and she whimpered and cried as she felt her womb expanding.  How many were inside her?  How many would she be forced to birth?  And when would she have to go through that ordeal?

The answers came soon enough. With her belly huge now under her hands, stretched to the limit with the skin painfully tight upon her infested womb, a gush of warm fluid burst from her pussy - the oily scum of the demon replacing what would have been the water breaking from a natural birth. "Your children are coming," he laughed as they wildly flailed within her again, her cervix being forced open by the horned-head of one.

She gasped as she felt her waters break, and the first contraction took her over.  It wasn't like the births she'd witnessed back in the village... her entire body felt as though it were being torn to pieces.  Her eyes opened wide and she let out a blood-curdling scream into the dark night.

Her scream was cut short by the thrust of the demon's icy-cock into her mouth. Though he relished her pitiful screams, his lust demanded satisfaction. He stuffed his slimy member down the gurgling girl's throat whilst her belly writhed with her unholy babies. As she was defiled in both body and soul her breasts likewise swelled up, oozing hot thick milk from her little nipples, he body’s anticipation of the demonic children that would no doubt be hungry. It ran down her belly which ached with another huge contraction, the brood dancing and clawing about as her cervix opened a fraction more.

Each contraction made her only want to die more.  Why hadn't he just let her die when she had the chance?  She screamed and groaned in pain, even with his cock in her mouth, the vibrations of her voice only adding to his arousal.  The pain suddenly doubled, transition, and she arched her back in sheer agony. 

"The babes feast upon your pain!" And so they did, writhing and clawing almost delightedly at their mother's womb as she begged for death. Their claws and horns prodded and scratched within her, all the while her contractions only opened her cervix just so. It was as if they prolonged it, wanting her suffering.

The demon withdrew his cock, slapping her face with the thick pillar and gushing another hot load onto her sweating face. The black spunk coated her lips and cheeks, defiling the pristine face of the once-virgin now turned into the demon's breeding whore. The demon laughed as she choked on the hot seed, and mixed it with her tears.

If there was a hell, it was merciful compared to her ordeal.  She had only been in labor for a short while now, and yet she already felt as though she would rather be dead.  With a powerful contraction, she felt the need to push, and propped herself up on her elbows.  "Ooh..."  She forced herself to bear down, the pain intense and of a whole new level as she tried to get the first spawn out of her

The demon dismounted to watch his bitch try to birth upon the unholy altar. The demons within her seemed to compete, clawing and kicking one another for the chance to be the first to deflower the new-mother in birthing. One rammed its horned-head against her cervix, and another contraction pressed it forth. The mouth of her womb stretched painfully, beyond what was pain before, as the squirming demon spawn pressed into her vulnerable pussy.

She cries out and writhes as she pushes, tears and sweat covering her body and her immensely large belly visibly tightening as the first young starts to be born.  Clawmarks can be seen through her belly from each of the demons inside her, not sparing her in any way.  She bears down with all her might, blood covering the altar as her labor progresses.

The blood hardly lubricates the unholy baby's journey. She felt its thin arms escape into her channel, and it clawed forth in her tightness. Nearly born, she feels its head bulging the entrance of her tight pussy. The demon could see its little horns, sharp upon the newborn, perfect for making a new mother suffer.

Her screaming, crying, and complete suffering could be heard all the way back to the village. For miles and miles people would hear her torturous breeding and birthing...and no one would come to save her.  As she felt the first head come free of her, she wanted nothing more than to give in and die upon that cursed altar.  But something wasn't letting her...she was too defiled to die. She was doomed...

She heard her child's cry - a demonic wail, something not at all human. The beast's little hands clawed at her sensitive pussy lips before being expelled from her. Upon touching the altar the demon spawn skittered away, its own cord tethering it to the girl and began to crawl up her leg... The demon's father laughed at he saw its rushing, "Your beautiful child is hungry..."

She feels the child climb up her, but has no time to even look at it as another contraction takes hold and she again bears down, shrieking in extreme pain as the next head began to emerge.  "Just how many are in there?!"  She manages to shriek, her breath uneven and her words short, contractions making it difficult to speak.

"Your fertile cunt has given you five of my spawn. You really were a slut for my seed." The next child thrashes at her cervix, pressing its way through with the heavy contractions assailing the helpless girl. Her belly deflates slightly with the demon's gruesome exit, but still more writhe within her.

The first babe's falls upon her exposed tit, latching on with tiny fangs digging into her as it did. Its piercing suckling compliments the pain of her pussy as sharp horns drag along her virginal channel.

The second child came after endless struggle, and the next few do too over the course of the night...until the final one.  The last of the young seemed to be taking its sweet time, stuck in a very painful, agonizing transition.  The young girl screamed and cried and thrashed anew, her strength of body and will waning, trying desperately to get the last one out of her but finding nothing to help. 

The brood covers her now, their slime and her blood now spread around her body, made in demonic footprints and clawmarks as they fight for her weeping breasts. But with her belly now looking only six months along another demonling struggles within her, thrashing more wildly than any before. The beast that impregnated her watched the sweat drenching the girl and her futile pushes. The demon grinned, watching her struggle.

"I shall assist your birthing, my little bitch." He steps forward, and thrusts his cock deep into her aching cunt. He pounds into her without mercy, laughing whilst her blood coats his cock and his demonic fucking only encourages the child to thrash even harder than all of them combined. He bashes her hips against the altar, pressing on her belly to make it all the more unbearable.

"No!"  She cried out, the pain from his cock mixing with the clawing and thrashing of the young one inside her.  She wasn't sure how much more of this she could take, and forced herself to bear down against his cock and to push out the remaining demon spawn inside her.

Her pussy clenches around the icy cock, only pleasuring her assailant as he whips his offspring into a frenzy inside her. He pushes down on her belly with one hand, claws tapping against the squirming flesh marked with her ordeal. "Oh yes, I think I'll prolong this one just for fun." Her cervix opens wide but to no avail, the babe held at bay by the pounding of its father's cock.

"No, please!!! I just want it out!!"  She begs the demon, but knows her words are in vain. Why would such a creature listen to her request?  A strong contraction took hold on her, her body desperately trying to force the spawn out of her no matter the cost.  She tries to push it out, breathing raggedly and crying in intense pain.

"Mmmm, I love the way a fearful pussy grips me..." He grasped her hips and thrust deep, pulling her up and forcing her baby back further into her womb. "But, then again, my dear daughter wants to be born very badly..." He withdraws and presses onto her belly, causing a huge contraction than racks her entire body.

Daughter?  She didn't have time to process the word as he caused another contraction to take hold.  An intense scream escaped her and she forced herself to bear down, contraction after contraction sending her into deeper agony.  She felt the head finally start to crown, and pushed again, crying out with all her effort.

This child was different than the others. When its cry was heard, it was disturbingly… human. Pushing out its soft body differed from the sharp, hardened bodies of the others. It continued to cry out as it slid out upon the glowing altar, covered in the slime and blood of its parents. The shadowy demon spawn upon the new mother melted away into the darkness, leaving her sore nipples weeping milk for her remaining child - the hauntingly normal one.

"She takes after her mother - and her pathetic village." The demon remarked.

Her eyes opened as she heard the human cry, and she reached down to hold her daughter.  A small smile came to her face...she had a little girl.  "Ah, does she?...That is yet to be seen..."  Her words were different, a strange strength to them, and her eyes somewhat darkened.  The demon had changed her, but she would care for this girl with all she could.

The demon's corruption had seeped deep into her, and the daughter he gave her was the true pleasure he gained from her breeding. The imps before pained her, allowed his influence to run deep into this girl’s veins, but this all-too-human child would ensure his domination over this world.

Her daughter was a beautiful pink baby, yet its eyes were dark, irises nearly black as they stared wildly about, crying for her mother's touch and milk. And the girl's body was changed - her breasts far larger than the girlish tits she had before – The breasts of a mother, firm and swollen with the milk that would feed her demon-borne child. Her once flat belly now bore a small pooch, the mark of her recent pregnancy, one that would only disappear with time. Her blood was mostly dried by now, but she was filthy over her body with it and the black scourge of the demon’s cum. The demon stroked his cock at the sight. "You and your daughter will corrupt your pathetic village on my behalf..."

"Corrupt?” she said slowly, realizing now her role. “No...educate, is the word you are searching for..."  She held the baby girl to her breast and let her feed.  Holding the human child to her breast was the most satisfying sensation she'd ever felt...and for giving her this child, she was indebted to the do its bidding and come when it called.

"Correct..." He stroked a claw down her cheek, caressing her for the first time. With her baby still feeding he thrust into her pussy again, his pent-up arousal at his successful conversion needing a final christening. "This womb bore me a victory this night. It shall bear again, in good time for this one..."

His fucking was slower and far more pleasurable than before, electrifying her clit with every thrust and grind. He stared down at her with his red eyes, witnessing the destruction of his god-fearing enemies and the establishment of his unholy dominion in the ecstatic face of this girl. His demonic influence heightened her pleasure beyond anything else, the swiftness and strength of his power just a taste of the pleasures he would give unto her in the future.

All the fear from before is replaced by intense pleasure, her hips arching to meet him and a soft moan escaping her.  "In good time..."  Her eyes flutter closed and then open again, a silvery glint to them.  She held her daughter to her breast as the demon father fucked her again...

"Will you bear me my true children whenever I desire?" He bore her down into the altar, the pain of being pinned to the stone now adding to the pleasure that grew inside her deflowered belly.

"I will..."  Her hips arch up against his, a basic desire, an uncontrollable lust taking over her.

"I can give you another this night, one you shall carry in your belly as you return to your village... If I am so inclined..." He grinds against her belly, her woefully empty belly... It cried out to be filled again like it once was.

"Can you...will you...?"  Her eyes locked with his, an almost pleading look to them, begging him to impregnate her again. 

"My bitch shall bear all my children," He growls, sinking his unholy spear to the mouth of her womb. "Tell me how much you desire my children..."

"More than words can express.  I want to carry all your young, my Master..."  She has no name to call him by, and addresses him the only way that seems appropriate.

He growls and pulls her hips up to meet his harder-thrusting cock, "More. I shall make your belly swell - your village will see my mark upon your defiled body. My child growing in your belly."

"They might try to harm your child...the one inside me as well as my daughter...surely you can offer some protection..."  She moaned, pressing her body against his, taking him willingly into her womb to inseminate her again.

The demon growls low, his seed gushing into her human womb, and she was filled with his warm blasts of cum. "You and my children shall be safe.” The demon growls, “I shall leave you and they just as the villagers are, none to be the wiser. But you shall be my slave, and I within your house shall give you pleasures untold." He continued fucking her electrified pussy as he planted his second child, one that would join his daughter at her breast in the coming weeks.

"Within my house..."  How was that possible?  She arched her hips with each thrust from him, feeling her body getting closer and closer to orgasm as he continued to fuck her.

"So long as my children exist within your womb, I may take you as I please." Her womb, now filled with his fertile cum, now overflowed with the ichor, pouring out onto the altar. "And with my dark children conceived upon this altar I may manifest fully into this world."

She felt herself cum as he spurted his last into her, and a moan of satisfaction let him know that she and her children would obey him. Forever.

As he felt his seed take root once more within this young girl, he melted away into the darkness. The lingering feeling of his cool touch still upon her, the altar slowly ceases to glow as the horizon begins to lighten from the early morning sun.

"Return to your village with my children and my mark upon you." His final command echoing in the glade before the clearing turned back to what it was once before.

"Yes, Master, I will..."  She slowly stood, holding her daughter to her, and feeling new life growing inside her. With a step, she began to return to the village.

Part II

In the days following the sacrifice, the village was in mourning. Dressed in dark clothes, the people wandered about the small dirt paths, heads bowed in reverence for the high-born sacrifice having been made. Yet secretly they were pleased it was not their own daughters given up to the demon upon that horrid altar. They couldn't imagine that the young maiden they banished into the woods a few days before was still alive, but more than that, bringing back to the village more than just her own natural life... After that fateful night in the woods, clothed in nothing but the tattered remnants of her sacrificial dress upon her naked body, she returned some days later in the early dawn.

She hid her metamorphosis well, her face appearing devastated instead of empowered. She clutched her daughter to her as she walked into the village, her steps short and her body sore from the... ordeal she had gone through. She could hear murmurs from the villagers, and could feel them eyeing her and her daughter.   Her eyes stayed ahead of her, not willing to acknowledge any of them until she was safely in her home. She knew no one had survived the sacrifice in about 500 years, but even then the last survivor had committed suicide within a few weeks.

The shock of her return ran through the village like a bolt of lightning. Hardly ever did a sacrifice return, definitely not within even the elder's memories, but never had they returned with a child. It was evident she had borne the babe upon that night - her belly bore the tell-tale pooch of a new mother, marked with ghastly scratches that seemed to emerge from within her very womb. She was clothed and instantly brought into the church, for a miracle must have occurred. She and the mysterious child were purified before their God, bathed in their holy waters, and banished of whatever taint the demon had wrought upon them.

So they thought, at least.

And the child was more mysterious yet - the popular consensus was that a foul demon could never bring about such a beautiful thing into the world, let alone the angel that suckled so peacefully in her arms, and thus an act of God Himself must have spared the maiden and got her with child. Yet there were a few who warned that God himself did not travel into those woods, and evil could only have been wrought upon that dread altar.

Nonetheless, she was brought to her home and left to rest, not having let a word of her ordeal escape her lips. In fact she was eerily silent, but most passed this off as the shock of surviving unknowable horrors that night. And so a few weeks passed, and the villagers began to notice more changes about the girl in the brief moments they saw her about the village...

A few people would come to her home for dinner and some conversation, daring to break through whatever taboo was now about the young mother. They, too, noticed the changes in her, and some took it as a sign that she was now of some divine life, revering her silently.

"God has touched her twice," some would murmur, noticing that whilst her beautiful begotten daughter suckled gently on her bared breast, her midsection was rounding out with another under her thin nightclothes. Her wounds were healing well, better than expected, and both her and her baby were beginning to glow, a welcome change from the grime and taint they came back with.

Yet even amongst those who thought of her as touched by the divine, she bore about her a haunted aura, the hint of something sinister around her and her innocent daughter. Those who spoke loudly against her within the village would complain of horrid chills at night, some becoming terribly ill, with haunting nightmares of cold fingers of shadow closing in about them. But the maiden, still recovering, continued to flourish, and in the dark of one night while all the village slept, she felt Him again.

She awoke quickly, her eyes wide and peering around for him. Her child asleep in her crib just on the other side of the room, she knew she had nothing immediate to fear. The villagers that spoke ill of her would quickly be silenced, and she would readily frame them as nonbelievers to the one they called God. Slowly she sat up in bed, her back slightly arched from the roundness of her belly.  "I thought you had forgotten about me..." Her voice was light, but carried with it an air of amusement and satisfaction that he had returned for her.

"I do not forget easily," the voice spoke from the reaching shadows, "Least not the bearer of my children..." A cold caress across her little belly, looking after just a handful of weeks that of a pregnancy of four months. "Do you believe now that you shall be protected in my presence? You have brought me into this village, and I shall reward my servants well..." Invisible hands threw off her sheets and took time to tear away the frail bedclothes from her petite body, looking as if it was tearing itself apart upon her as the darkness grew thick around the room.

"I believe you..." She closed her eyes as he tore away her night dress, feeling the darkness press in on her and finding it strangely welcome. Her breath came in slightly deeper, and her hand moved to her pregnant belly, lightly caressing it and feeling the beginnings of movement.

Her unborn child stirred within her, feeling its father's presence nearby. Into the cold night her bare pale skin was exposed, her once maidenly breasts now taut and swollen with milk. Her child fed voraciously, but her breasts still ached for release. She felt the demon's cold claws spreading her legs apart with a power that she could not resisted.

"You've been feeding my daughter well," he said, that daughter still sleeping peacefully in her crib nearby her spread-eagle mother. A chill grasp enclosed around both of her breasts, "So swollen, they ache no?" He squeezed, claws scratching the delicate skin and forcing her hot milk to gush from her darkening nipples.

"They do..." She lightly moaned as he squeezed her breasts, feeling her milk coming forth and the release taking pressure from her chest. Feeding one child while carrying another was enough to leave her exhausted, but she did it willingly. She knew this was her life from now on, and she readily accepted it, wanting nothing more than to please her master.

A chuckle flowed from the dark. "Good... My children have ferocious appetites..." The shadows begin to materialize, taking the forms of cruelly shaped hands grasping her breasts at first before developing into the beast looming above her.

The demon decided to toy once more with his bitch this night, and he began by pressing his cold palms down around her sore nipples. In the time since being back in the village the small pink nubs of a maiden had transformed into those of a suckling mother. Her areolas had grown large and dark thanks to her daughter's near-constant feeding, and oh so sensitive. The demon pressed down so that the nubs felt his frigid skin upon them, hardening them painfully and stopping their flow. "You'll be sorer yet when my next child crawls from your womb." With a cruel massage he squeezes and presses, giving not the relief of release to her.

She groans a little as she feels him pressing against her breasts, hardening her nipples and for the moment stopping her milk flow. "And...when might that be..." She looked to the demon, her gray eyes cold and detached, but that silver glint showing her desire to carry out his will.

A dark laugh above her as the demon's body forms completely, evil red eyes glaring down at the exposed girl. "When I please it, my eager slave..." Another cold caress from a shadow passed over her belly, stirring the tiny child to dance and flutter about inside her small belly. "I may choose to enjoy you slowly swelling over months, knowing you carry tainted life within you..."  But releasing a tortured breast for just a moment he brought his clawed hand down upon her little bump, and a blast a heat radiated into her. The unborn goes wild, and within moments her womb swelled twice its size, the demon within now kicking against the inside of her overly-taut belly. "Or I might make you birth again this very night..."

A gasping moan escapes her as she feels her belly heat up and double in size, the child inside her kicking and squirming with all its energy. Her hands moved quickly to her belly as she tried to catch her breath from what had just happened. Her skin felt so sore from being stretched so quickly, and she gingerly stroked her now large belly to try and ease her discomfort.

He feels her discomfort, and feeds upon it. The marks from the last birthing still sketch along her belly, now sticking generously out from the rest of her petite form. "The villagers think this is a gift from their God," the voice said, bemused. "What they don't know…" a long clawed finger traced down from sternum to belly, leaving a red trail upon her skin.  "Is that their God will never touch this forsaken womb..."

He then growls, looking down upon her belly and how she lies there idly stroking herself. "An indolent bitch, not serving her Master. Shall I punish you, little girl?" He cooed, deepening his long scratch as it rose up over the mound of her belly, "Or will you be a dark god’s slut?"

"I'll be whatever you wish me to be. You are my master, and I am here to serve." Her eyes grew wide, almost as though something possessed her for that moment. She wanted nothing more than to serve him, to please him, and to help him bring his plan into fruition.

"Then rise, little bitch, and service me as the slut you are." His dark body fully materialized as it had in the forest, though now she noticed it has changed. His features were now more imposing, looking as if more spikes had lined his body - upon his broad shoulders, his cruel hands, the tips of his wings and tail, and along his arms the painful armaments had grown. Unable to resist she glanced down to see his cock too has changed, now with what look like small barbs along the shaft.

"If you are a good bitch," he warned, "I shall pleasure you beyond anything before. Otherwise..." He need not say any more, his features speaking for himself as he finished tracing his claw down to the apex of her pussy, just sparing her sensitive clit - for now.

She looked at his cock and a hungry smile came to her face. "And how would you like me to please you, my Master?" Her eyes locked with his, waiting on his every word and wanting him to have whatever he desired. She sat on her knees in bed, looking up at him and waiting for him to give her orders. "I want nothing more than to satisfy you."

"Taste that which marked you as mine..." The cold monolith of his cock stood hard before her lips, dripping with the unnatural black ooze that had given her the demon brood in the forest, as well as her angelic daughter nearby. A drop fell onto her belly, feeling hot despite the coldness emanating from the barbed member mere inches before her eyes.

She inhaled a deep, aroused breath, and started to carefully take his cock into her mouth, letting her hot breath and then her tongue trace over it. She started to suck, her eyes closing and her more primal nature starting to take over.

A pulse of his demonic ichors blasted across her tongue the moment she closed her lips around the icy cock. It made her tongue tingle, as if the demon's sperm sought to impregnate her very flesh in their virility. Like hot syrup it coated her mouth, and she tasted the dark exotic flavor that only a demon may give. The barbs were surprisingly soft and pliable, massaging along her tongue and cheeks like little fingers, their sharp points for the moment only pleasuring.

 "How devoted is my acolyte? Does she value her own breath over her Master's whims?" He waved his claw in the air as he spoke, and summoned up seemingly from the soft bed below her a spike of shadow. The unholy thing reached her and began to penetrate into her pregnant pussy as she knelt before him.

As long as her young didn't suffer, she would be willing to put herself in harm’s way. A moan escaped her, vibrating over his cock while her hips arched to take in the spike. She continued to suck him fervently, her tongue tracing over his cock and locking around the tip, obediently following his every whim.

"Are you a timid bitch?" He asks, a clawed hand grasping the back of her head, "Afraid to be my slut?" He forces his large cock into her mouth, the cold flesh sliding past her tongue and down her throat in a single motion. At the same time his barbs harden to prevent her escape, or breath. Hot gushes of his oily cum blasted down her gulping throat, the demon growling in feral delight above.  At the same time the shadowy spike launches into her pussy. Smooth as ice, it penetrates deep, the shocking cold making her pussy grasp the invading thing in a vice. It held her in place, kneeling there, as the demon had his way with her.

“Timid?” she thought. Of course not. She'd just heard that what she was doing would please most men. But he was more than a man. She swallows his cum as it shoots down her throat, feeling it practically set her throat on fire. The contrasting sensation of the cold spike inside her only added to her extreme mix of both pain and pleasure.

"Haha, good little cunt..." He praised, softening his barbs slightly before beginning to thrust in and out of her tight throat. He didn't withdraw entirely, leaving the growing want of air to build in her. "Do you enjoy my new trick, girl?" The icy spike rammed against her cervix, pressuring the entrance to her occupied womb. Mounted upon its cold smooth surface she had no chance to escape him.  The unborn baby squirmed, feeling its home bumped by the ethereal invader. Could it press further? It had stopped, for now, but began to rotate slowly, as if to remedy the near-numbness of cold it caused between her clutching pink walls. "Look at me as you serve, wench, for I may end your life as easily as I gave you life..."

She looked up at him as she sucked his cock, her mind fearing for the child inside her but knowing she couldn't stop. She needed to please him - That was her first duty. Her eyes were wide, she could feel the spike pressing up against her cervix, threatening to force her into yet another torturous birth.

"I might change the child within you," He taunted, "What is now a lovely little babe waiting to be born can easily become a common imp, ready to ravage your corrupted womb." He laughed, reaching a long arm down to her swollen belly and ominously stroking the lively bulge. His child thrashes. "Ooo, she's a strong one. Perfect for a worthless imp, is she not?" He draws back his cock, giving leave for her to breath for the first time in what seems like ages, just to hear what she thinks of him utterly corrupting the lovely child within her belly that he granted to her weeks before.

"A worthless imp cannot help corrupt this village...why sacrifice such a crucial piece to your plan?" While she wanted her child to be born normal, she knew she couldn't think about her own desires. Imps wouldn't help him win over the village, corrupt them completely and claim them as his property. But beautiful little daughters, and perhaps one say a son, would easily win over the naive village.

You are a fertile bitch, and can bear me more as I desire..." He says, stroking her belly still as his cock drools its hot ichors onto her tits. "Perhaps I simply wish to play with my pet, hmmm? Make her bear another hellish spawn without the pleasure of having a true child." The shadowy spike seems poised to inject its corrupting influence at any moment, directly into her vulnerable womb.  "But tell me, my little slut, how shall you corrupt these villagers if I grant you this child this night? You have been locked away in this place for weeks, idle, not going forth to spread my will. Is my whore so complacent with her gifts?"

"They come to see Eva...the girl." She didn't know if she could address her daughter by name around him, and didn't risk it. "They think she is of divine blood, they revere her, and her mother. She is treasured amongst the village. If I tell her...followers that a sacrifice should be made or that they should come to me instead of that church...they willingly obey."

"I have seen such followers around you," He says, stroking out more of his dark semen onto her milk-weeping tits, "How shall your second miraculous conception this night further the... 'education' of your pathetic fellow humans?"

"Children are a divine gift,” she said, “with each child I have, the more favored by their pathetic God I appear to be. I will teach this one to lure, to deceive, while the eldest shows them the plans you have designed for them. Give this child the ability to invade the mind, to capture the very will of the people, and your corruption will truly take hold."

He hums low and deep, stroking his chin with a long claw. The spike rotated quickly inside of her, held from poisoning her womb only by the contemplations of the demon. The human pleased him with her deviousness, and such a child as she wished now was ripening within her belly. "What," he said, placing his claws upon her belly and leering down close to her face, "Shall be her name?"

"Her name... is Sarah." She smiled deviously, knowing the origins of the name to mean princess, or royalty, and that her child would become just that. Her eyes locked with his, not looking away for a moment and ensuring him of her intentions.

He looked deeply into her eyes, as if into her very soul with his own wreathed in red-flame. "Then Sarah shall be borne this night," the spike withdrew suddenly, the cold lingering inside of her once-filled channel. In an instant it split into four shadowy tendrils, wrapping about her shoulders and thighs, lifting her from the bed to the hard cock of the demon, poised at her still-gaping entrance. 

He lunged with a roar, sinking his barbed member deep into her tender cunt. His spikes were hardened, and within her sensitive pussy made moist despite the spike’s devilish intensions she felt their sharpness dragging along her inner walls, the sharp pain mixing with his lust-heavy strokes. Hot belches of cum spill into her, invading her womb, and feeding his unborn child his unholy energies.

She cries out in pain as she he tears through her, her body falling limp on his cock and her breasts heaving as she tries to endure what is only the beginning of the pain she's to endure.

Her belly swells as he fucks her, unborn Sarah imbued with her demonic father's power. Her taut belly stretches further, the generous bump growing into a mountain, her belly button giving away with a satisfying popping out as her womb strains to accommodate her sinfully wrought child. And the tendrils lifted her from the bed, giving her no purchase against his assault, every stroke running through her entire suspended body.

"I relish your pain, slut. And there shall be more." He places his hand upon her belly, and with a blast of heat from his palm she feels her water break - a sick splash of the blackest ichors pours from her thoroughly fucked pussy around his member, forever staining her bed sheets with the evidence of her demonic birth. The demon continues the loud squelching fucking, filling the defiled room with its din.

She groans and cries out, the contractions starting immediately and wracking her small body. Despite having survived the horrid births just weeks before, this pain was fresh and sharp as a blade, and something she would never become accustomed to. The further growth of her belly only added to her pain, her back feeling as though it was on fire and at the same time frostbitten. Her eyes widen and her breath catches, her body trying desperately to cope with the intense agony of labor.

"Your lovely daughter wants out..." He was right. Her belly writhed visibly, her unborn child struggling with her newfound strength. Though without claws or horns like the imps, her kicks and writhing trigger harder contractions, even harder when her head began to press against her hardly-opened cervix. The demon grabs her hips and rams forth, battering her cervix as his daughter does the same in her own fashion. "Scream for me, slut! Scream as you give birth to the doom of this world!"

Intense contractions wrack her entire body, and the laboring girl screamed with each wave of pain. She had no respite - they continued one after the other, and she cried out as she fought to survive yet another birth. With each kick from the unborn child inside her, she felt her belly tighten more and more around it, punishing her with wave after wave of increasing agony.

All the while the demon fucks her, filling her pussy to overflowing with his black corrupted seed, letting the boiling heat intensify her sensations, warm up her pussy to feel the sharper pains of his barbs within her, and making her womb spasm harder. Her cervix opens a fraction more - his daughter struggles within, and his claws sink into the firmness of the once-maiden's ass.  He senses it is time, and sinks his member completely in.

A huge blast of cum erupts within, hotter than any before, and her cervix is wrenched open by his force. Pulling out, barbs dragging along her over-stimulated flesh, he drenches her writhing belly with his black slime, growling "This forsaken womb shall be baptized in my name, and birth into this world a dread queen amongst Men this night."

She cries and screams in sheer agony, her back arching and her body convulsing as it involuntarily starts to push the child from her. She tries to fight it, the pain of the child entering into transition enough to make her want to give up completely. She couldn't do this, it hurt so much...her insides felt as though they were being stabbed by a hot, jagged knife, his midnight seed like salt upon her open wounds. Another intense contraction took over and she forced herself to bear down, grunting and shrieking as she forced the child out from her womb.

"An anguish that is music to my ears!" He laughs, stroking his barbed cock along her sensitive and straining pussy lips. "No doubt your villagers hear you now, your divine birth of a demon-born into their village." He grins, placing his hands upon her belly amidst her wails, "Then I shall sanctify this womb as my own!" His icy claws suddenly leap into unholy flame, the tendrils knitting themselves into the girl's tortured flesh, the branding adding atop of all else. Across the surface of her entire belly his mark grows, glowing red in the darkness, and no doubt casting a light from the window into the village for all to witness from afar.

The flames scorched her, and she cried loudly, at the same time feeling the urge to push again. She bore down, her entire body literally and figuratively aflame with wave after wave of agony. She knew the village could hear, but knew that as soon as Sarah was born, they would all see it as another act of their God...come to lead them to their own demise.

The 'God-borne' child pressed against her cervix harder than ever, and finally began to pass through it. The little hole stretched to its limits by the baby's head, the girl's womb hardly able to force it through. The demon watches her pussy convulse with every push, sensing his daughter's body beginning to be borne. "Yesss," he hisses, his mark completed upon her belly, still smoking as he christened it with gushes of his inexhaustible cum, "Bring her into this world. My dark daughter - your second child."

She writhed and thrashed with each contraction, feeling the baby move through her and start its journey from her. She pushed with all her might, contraction after contraction, willing this child to be born. She could feel the head starting to emerge, stretching her lips as she began to crown, and sending a new intense pain through her entire body.  It was all she could do not to give up and just die, but she knew she didn't have that option.

Then, she heard the cry - the sweet sound of her newborn as her head emerged from the tightness of her mother's cunt. Another cry greets her ears, that of her firstborn, now awoken in the midst of the dark ritual birthing of her little sister.

The demon's eyes glow brightly, and the light from his mark grows in intensity, lighting up the village square from the little window with bright reddish light. The demon relished this final part, seeing his daughter with the subtle aura of a demon about her all-too-human form emerging from the used pussy of his human breeding slave. He let her struggle till the last, delighted by her every grunt and scream in this final act.  She fell back, her body completely drained, as with one final push the baby girl was born. The mother’s body was drenched in sweat and the demon's cum, but at that moment she was more concerned for her newborn than for herself.

"Is she..." She looked up, hearing Evangeline crying from her crib and the sound of Sarah crying as well, her lungs wailing beautifully.  The demon caught his daughter with another shadowy tendril, taking her up into his hands - the delicate newborn girl, crying out for her mother, held in the cruel, clawed hands of her demonic father. "She truly is my daughter," he said having looked at her, bringing her into sight of the panting, sweaty mother.

Like her sister her pale skin was covered in a slight film that glimmered in the moonlight, her healthy human cries filling the room. But her eyes, unlike her sister's, bore the demon's mark - they had a faint glow to them, as red as rubies in her irises. It was faint, perhaps unnoticeable in the light, but in the darkness of the room her new daughter's pretty eyes glowed like two faint embers in a fire about to leap into an inferno. The demon handed Sarah to the awed mother, and watched bemused.

She took her newborn daughter, helping the girl to her breast so she could feed. "She's perfect...” she breathed, “and will bring about the corruption you so greatly seek." She looked from the baby to its father. A demon, yes, but still the one who gave her her children. Her gratitude for her two daughters couldn't be measured, except by her obedience to the demon to which she had been sacrificed.

He looked upon her as well, relishing how drenched with sweat and cum she was. Bringing his other daughter to join her sister on her mother’s breasts, he observed his contented human servant. Her bed permanently defiled, once white sheets blackened by his efforts, and a once innocent maiden now suckling his demon-wrought daughters on her swollen tits.

"The village has awakened, no doubt spreading rumors of your divine visitation this night..." he said, the shadowy tendrils laying her down to the bed gently and then melting away into the darkness. The sheets were hot and warm, a bed of his fertile cum.

"Perhaps they should see just what their so called god looks like. With proper manipulation, they'll worship you just as you deserve." She held both of her daughters to her breasts, but her eyes remained on him. The village needed to see just what they praised, what they clung to so all of its glory.

"That they shall see, in time. And worship me as their true God they will." He stepped to the window, the shadows following him. Her stomach still glowed with his mark, now fading away - the runic sigils like those that were upon the altar in the forest.

"They want to see a miracle, and so they shall." He said, turning back to her and his daughters. "Their power adds to my own," he stretched out his hand upturned, and the shadows from the bed seemed to be drawn to him. "The villagers approach and they shall see the mark of divinity upon you, the mother of the God-Borne." He laughed as the room lightened - no, the room did not, but the girl and her children did, radiating a soft white light as he drew back the shadows into his hand.

Voices echoed in the staircase beyond her room, and the demon began to melt away. "They will have their miracle, and you shall corrupt their souls in turn,” his limbs and torso faded away, only his eyes remaining as his last words hung in the air:

“And I shall be watching..."

With that, the demon faded away entirely; the once cold room turns warm again just as frantic knocking and worried voices broke the silence beyond the door.

She slowly gets to her feet, holding her daughters in each of her arms as she walks to the door. Opening it, she puts a demure, honored expression on her face. "I have been visited again...and blessed with another child." She bowed her head, looking to her newborn and knowing that their task would soon be fulfilled.

The villagers were astonished. Indeed in the night they saw the lights coming from her room - supernatural no doubt the way they burst forth into the night. And opening the door they beheld her radiant, glowing as she held up another child for them to witness. Another daughter carried in the arms of her blessed mother. Her belly was healed of scars entirely from the devilish clawings from before - some say they saw a faint glow upon it, but many said the only glow about her was the aura of light she was graced with from God himself.

Many turned their eyes up to the heavens in thanks, some left with a fearful expression in their eyes. But all eyes were upon the mother and child, both now suckling like angels upon her breasts. Would she be blessed again, they wondered? They offered to take her to the church immediately and baptize her in the holy waters.

"I have already been blessed by the taint myself and my children in such human practices...would be a disgrace to the very God we praise." She got a slightly fearful and protective look to her face, as though she didn't want to offend God by falling to human rituals.

A clamor of praise erupted for her wise and pious words. Never before had God blessed them so, first saving her from certain death and then granting them His own children in her sanctified womb. Women tentatively touched her belly, as if by touching her womb they too might be blessed with holy children. The men surely noticed her smoother skin, her rounder breasts - perhaps feeling a pang of lust for the even more beautiful girl. Surely the touch of God made her all the more lovely and alluring. So the village made way for her, bringing to her gifts for her and her divine children in the coming days in thanks to their God for such a blessing upon them all.

And from the shadows, the true 'God' of her womb watched.


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