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Friday, January 6, 2012

Story | Ashley's Dark Awakening: A Dark, Dirty Trick

After a long hiatus from writing and a long editing period after an initial submission, I have a new story for everyone to enjoy!

Ashley's Dark Awakening: A Dark, Dirty Trick is the story of Ashley who is convinced by her best friend to go to a party. Little does she know that a black stranger will awaken within her a desire for dark men, and push her onto a new path by the secret plans of someone behind the scenes...

Ashley's Dark Awakening contains interracial themes, drinking, strong dirty talk, and uninformed breeding. Be warned that this story contains strong racial vocabulary and vivid black-on-white breeding. Viewer discretion is advised.

A Dark, Dirty Trick

      Ashley knew she shouldn’t go, but deep down she was excited. A high school senior never having gone to a party before, let alone one so far out of town, Ashley tried to meekly refuse when her best friend Sandy first suggested it. Sneaking out of the house in the middle of the night? Naturally the girl shook her head, even though a thrill of adventure shot through her.

      “Oh come on Ashley,” Sandy said, hand perched on her hip, “It’s just a little party. Your good-girl reputation will survive one little party.”

      “Little party, huh?” Ashley said, pushing her blond bangs back, “Says the girl who still tells her parents she’s a virgin.”

      "Hey now! Maybe it isn’t such a little party, but really it’s no big deal. You’ll go there, drink a bit, dance a bit, and be back in time for breakfast.” Sandy smiled, flashing that grin that Ashley knew all too well. She knew Sandy was stretching the truth, with her devious grin and flashing eyes, but…

      “Well…” Ashley looked down to her feet, assessing herself. She was a bit shorter than Sandy, not a basketball star like she was but did well as a runner on the track team. Slim and fit, she preferred jerseys over dresses any day, but she never was one for the limelight - unlike Sandy who reveled in it. No, Ashley usually did her best to be a wallflower, her golden hair down to mid-cheek and bangs that sometimes hid one of her bright blue eyes. She even wrapped her chest to avoid the stares of guys at school, not that it could hide her rather gifted breasts from the envious glances of the other girls. Ashley stayed in line and didn’t step out of it, not usually. But it was just a party, and at the start of the weekend…

      Sandy cocked her head to the side, “Well? Maybe you can meet some hot guy there. Way better looking than Greg too.” Greg - one of the linebackers on the football team, and Ashley’s now ex-boyfriend. Her parents thought he was perfect for her, but he broke up with her when she wouldn’t go further than stroking him off in his car. Ashley was still fuming about him, and Sandy knew just how to push her buttons. It was a gift, really.

      “Fine!” Ashley sighed, “Fine, I’ll go.” Sandy bounced up and down, her longer brunette hair waving behind her and a huge grin crossing her face, so she added, “But! We only are going to stay for a little bit, ok?”

      “Ok ok!” Sandy said, still delighted, “Lemme get you all dressed up for the par-tay!”

      “What? I’m already-” Sandy pulled Ashley into her room, the bed already completely covered with possible outfits for Ashley to wear – all rather skimpy and revealing. Ashley sighed, and resigned to her fate.

The Drive

      “I’m not wearing this.”

      “You’re more than welcome to take it off in the middle of the party. Let all the boys see those big boobs of yours.”

      “I think they already can…” Ashley crossed her arms tighter across her chest as the car bumped along the country road. Sandy was at the wheel, driving the pair far from the city. Someone’s rich parents had a cabin in the woods, and were busy in town according to Sandy’s friend. Ashley told her parents she was going to be hanging out with Sandy – not quite a lie, despite the black and white low-cut top that exposed her midsection and the short matching skirt she was wearing. She smoothed out the little skirt, which hardly came to mid-thigh, trying to cover up the cute-girl white panties Sandy had insisted on.

      “Good! Those girls need some fresh air,” Sandy said. Her own attire was hardly more modest – she let her red skirt ride dangerously close to her rose-colored panties, and her tight v-cut top proclaimed fact that she wasn’t wearing a bra. “You’re going to have the boys drooling all over you!”

      “Why are we doing this again?” Ashley asked, watching the trees enclose around them.

      "To get you out of your shell, clam-girl,” Sandy said, “And maybe catch a few cute guys…”

      “What about your boyfriend? What is he going to think about you ‘catching a few cute guys’, huh?” Ashley remembered that she had invited Clay over to her house a little more than a month ago and lost her virginity to him right on her parent’s bed, so Sandy had bragged.

      “Pfft,” Sandy tossed her auburn hair back, “Ex-boyfriend, you mean. He’ll be too busy banging stupid sluts and knocking up other girls I’m sure...” There had been rumors going around that Clay never used condoms and actually liked knocking his girlfriends up – Sandy being his last before the others began to show. In any case, Ashley had been noticing Sandy’s sick-runs to the bathroom, even if she said they were just bouts of the stomach flu. There were lots of those bouts…

      Ashley didn’t say anything as they pulled up the long rocky driveway towards the cabin. Cars and trucks were lining the whole way, and lots of them. Rounding the corner the cabin rose into view, a crowd of people scattered around the lawn in the spring air and the large windows on the huge two-story building lit up with even more partiers inside.

      “Here we are!” Sandy said, killing the engine and snatching her purse up for some last-minute adjustments.

      “I thought you said this was a little party!” Ashley looked out the window at all the people milling about, drinks sloshing about in nearly every hand, and girls and guys bobbing and grinding to the music thumping from inside the cabin.

      “Oh, did I say little? I meant concentrated,” Sandy couldn’t even try to hide her cattish grin as she said it.
      “They’re not even from school, Sandy. Is this a college party?” Ashley looked out the window again, her nerves rising.

      Sandy brushed back her hair and looked in the mirror, “Oh yes. The best kinds of parties are college parties!” She stopped and leaned over to her friend, pointing out the window at some shirtless guys, “See how hot they are? Much better than Greg, don’t you think?”

      “Yeah…” Ashley admitted, scanning them over a few times, but quickly added, “But you never said this was a college party! I don’t think I can go out there like this…” She looked down at herself again. All that covered her legs was a thin skirt shorter than her track shorts, and the top and bra pushed her ample cleavage out for everyone to see.

      “Don’t worry Ashley! Look at those girls,” She pointed. The cabin was lakeside, and girls were dancing all about in bikinis like lingerie and were grinding up against the very pleased and shirtless guys. “And you’re worried about your clothes. You’re far sexier than any of those girls anyway.”

      “I don’t know…” Ashley’s heart was beating fast, one hand gripping the seat and the other the doorhandle. Sandy grabbed her shoulder and gave her a little shake.

      “Ashley! Relax, ok? We’re going to have a good time here, alright? Especially you – why do you think I brought you to this party in the first place?”

      “Cause you like to get drunk and party with college boys?”

      “That, but more importantly we’re going because of you!” Sandy said, “I’ve had you in mind for coming to this kind of party for awhile now,” Sandy was smiling, her eyes full of excitement and… something else Ashley couldn’t quite place it. “I think you’ll really like this party tonight, Ashley. A good change from that idiot Greg for sure. Maybe it’ll even change you for the better too, huh?”

      Ashley thought about it. What was the worst than could happen? Her friend was here, an experienced partygoer, and she wasn’t a stranger to drinking. Yeah, Ashley thought, she’d be ok. No, better than ok! She looked out the window again at all the people, especially the boys. She’d show Greg that she knew how to have a good time – and he’d never get any of it himself. Ashley took a deep breath, and pushed down her nagging fear.

      “I think you’re right Sandy. Let’s go.”

      “Right!” Sandy and Ashley jumped out of the car and stepped towards the cabin as the sun sank into twilight behind the dark and distant mountains.

Dark Dancing

      The inside of the cabin was packed with people, mostly college students, dancing and jumping to the beat of the loud music that thumped in Ashley’s chest. Sandy led her straight to the improvised bar on the large kitchen counter and ordered ‘the special’ for Ashley with a wink to the bartender. He nodded with a polite smile, and quickly mixed up a particularly hard-looking drink just out of view.

      Ashley was no lightweight, at least in her mind. Soon enough she had gone through a few rounds and was beginning to bob her head to the music that pounded through her whole body. Sandy smiled and laughed as she sipped her virgin cokes and lemonades, assuring Ashley that, “At least one of us has to be the responsible one here!” with that strange glint in her eyes.

      With her whole body tingling with the music, and her reservations about her attire fairly well dissolved by the pleasant buzzing in her head, she turned to her smiling friend and giggled, “Sandy, I think I’m drunk enough to actually want to dance.”

      “Really?” Sandy said, raising her eyebrows in mock surprise, “Well, I hope you don’t mean with me – I’ve got two hot guys checking me out over there, and I can’t deny gentlemen like that.” Ashley peeked at the ‘gentlemen’ whose eyes were roving all over her friend, especially up to her skirt that Sandy ‘accidently’ forgot to pull down over her bright red panties.

      Ashley giggled a bit too loud and tried to cover her mouth, “Oh, ok then. I’ll let you have those white knights then. I’ll go find my own.” She picked herself off the counter and kicked off her heels. The dance floor awaited, and with her hips swaying to the music she sauntered off into its midst. Sandy watched, glancing at all the ‘specials’ her friend had downed, and knew they would really be kicking in soon…

      All Ashley knew was that the music was getting better and better, and the thick crowd near the booming speakers drew her in like a moth to flame. There she danced, shaking her hips to and fro, raising her leaden arms into the air, and tossing her light blond hair about as she swayed to the beat. The people around her felt so warm and goood, and the hands that would grab her hips and the bodies that would grind up behind her felt even better. A faraway thought entered her hazy mind, that she wouldn’t be caught dead rubbing her ass against a guy before, but now she was doing it gladly with complete strangers! The girl laughed to herself, before she felt someone new come up behind her.

      “Damn girl, your dancin’ is fine!” Ashley turned her head, and when her vision caught up with her eyes she saw a dark figure, grinning down at her as his warm hands grabbed her hips.

      He was black. Very black. Ashley didn’t know many black people, and she had never seen this guy before. Sure, she obviously had seen some around town occasionally, but growing up in the Midwest there wasn’t very many, and hardly any in her school. Her dancing slowed, feeling a pang of nervousness growing in her chest.

      “I bet you’ve never danced with a black guy before, huh?” The older black boy said, and Ashley only nodded. “Thought so. Don’t you worry, we like keepin’ young white girls like yourself real comfortable…” His hand stroked the bare sides of her midriff. They were so very warm, and he pressed himself all along her back as he spoke in her ear.

      Ashley’s buzz hummed on in her head, imploring her to dance despite this strange black man holding her. Slowly she began to move against him, just nuzzling her hips against him at first – it all she could manage with the shock of his black hands on her. It surprised Ashley that she had that kind of reaction. She’d been taught to not be racist all her life, though it always was an unspoken taboo that white girls don’t do these things with black boys, let alone grind their asses against them.

      But as she danced, be it the combination of the drink, the pounding music, and his dark body pressing all along her, she felt better than before. Much better. Her hips moved just a bit more.

      “What’s your name, girl?” He asked, close to her ear.

      “Ashley,” she replied meekly, glancing over her shoulder through her blond hair.

      “Mmm, Ashley…” he hummed in her ear. His voice was definitely that of a black guy, a deeper resonance that fit perfectly with the throbbing music. “I like that name. What you doin’ at a party like this, Ashley?”

      “Umm, looking to have some fun, I guess...” The beat picked up, and she pressed her hips into his more, starting to slide up and down with the music as she kept a sky-blue eye towards him over her shoulder.

      “Fun you guess, huh?” He ground back into her and moved his hands forward, “I bet we can have more fun than this, girl.” For some reason, his words send a shock through Ashley’s belly – an invigorating one that made her crave more.

      “What’s your name then, fun guy?” Ashley said with a little smile.

      “Derren,” he said, “Or were you expectin’ it to be somethin’ more black, like Tyrone or Jamal?” he laughed, and Ashley felt the strong vibration against her back.

      She giggled, “N-no, why would I?”

      He really laughed then, “Ha! Don’t tell me you’re all innocent like that. Your hips are sayin’ otherwise girl.” He was right. Ashley didn’t notice how hard she was pushing against him till then, her short skirt riding up as she gyrated and slid up and down on his jeans. But she liked it, and didn’t stop.

      “I might just like your dancing, Derren,” she said, trying to hide the fact that it wasn’t just his dancing that was getting to her. “Are you from the college?”

      “Heh, sure am. Couldn’t be lead quarterback for ‘em otherwise, could I?” Ashley could feel he was fit. Not like Greg, who was built like a boulder. She ran her hands along his bare arms, but already she could feel the strength in them as he held her swaying hips.

      “My ex-boyfriend was on the football team. Maybe I have a thing for football players, huh…?” Ashley smiled and looked back at Derren, who grinned knowingly back.

      “Naw, I don’t think you’ve got the hots for dancin’ with players…” His hands fell lower, down her waist till his fingers rested on the hem of her little skirt, “I think what you really like is dancin’ with black guys, girl.”

      “Maybe…” Ashley said. She hadn’t drank anything since getting onto the dance floor, but she was feeling even more drunk than before. Was it now just kicking in, or was it this guy touching her bare skin and pressing himself against her, this warm, strong, black guy…? The more Ashley thought about Derren feeling her up, the more excited she became. And when she looked down and saw his dark hands on her pale skin, her heart jumped.

      “Mmm, damn baby, you’re really gettin’ into this, aren’t you?” Ashley slid down his legs far this time, running her petite hands down his thighs and letting her back rub him all the way down. Rising up, she shot her baby-blue eyes up at him as she felt her way back up. Her hands brushed his thighs, and she thought she could feel him through his jeans. He was hard.

      “I get into things I like,” Ashley said, swaying on her feet until Derren wrapped his fingers around her bare waist and pressed his growing black package against her ass again.

      “Heh heh, so do I…” Derren said. The song ended, and the DJ announced his shift was over for a few minutes. Ashley didn’t know how long she had been dancing, or how long Derren had been running his dark hands over her. It took her awhile to realize the song was over though, and straightening up she turned around and looked Derren fully in the face for the first time.

      “Getting’ a little freaky out there girl.” He kept his chocolate brown hands wrapped around her hips. Ashley saw he was attractive as she looked up at him – nice broad shoulders, a smooth and shaven face, short rough black hair, and clever brown eyes. She’d not looked at many black guys before, and never this close. But she knew instantly he beat Greg in the looks department. Even most of her other boyfriends…

      “You come here alone for your ‘fun’?” Derren continued as Ashley took in his handsome features.

      “No no, my friend is waiting right at the-” But as Ashley turned around, Sandy wasn’t there. Neither were the two guys that had been checking her out. Ashley swayed a little without Derren holding her as she shambled over to the bar.

      “Looks like your friend got busy with her own fun,” he said, a smirk on his lips.

      “She’s… I got to find her,” Ashley said. What if she had left? She said she was going to be the responsible one! Her panic, which had melted away in the arms of Derren on the dance floor, re-awakened. That her friend might have left her stranded in a strange party was not what she wanted right now!

      But she felt Derren’s arms around her again suddenly, and another shock of excitement coursed through her belly. “Girl, we’ll find her. She’s probably upstairs in one of the bedrooms…”

      “W-why’s that?” Ashley said, looking up at Derren with wide, hardly-focused eyes.

      “Heh heh, like I said, probably busy havin’ her own fun.”

      In a few moments, Ashley got what he meant. “Oh… Well, I still need to find her and make sure she’s ok…” She grabbed her purse and started to walk off, but then the drinks really hit her. She wobbled and tried to grab the counter for support, but it was as if her legs had suddenly turned to lead. She would have fallen if Derren hadn’t caught her, as if he had predicted she would fall the moment she wandered off.

      “Girl, slow down! A white girl passed out at a party like this ain’t gonna be good. Let’s find this freaky friend of yours, aight?” Ashley just nodded, wrapping her arm around his well-toned shoulders, and let him carry her onwards.

Sandy’s Encouragement

      The contrasting pair waded through the tipsy and drunken and mounted the stairs. Ashley’s legs wobbled, but with Derren holding her she was ok. Better than ok. As her head lulled she nestled against his body. She could smell him through his t-shirt, taking in his spicy exotic scent. Just from the smell she could tell he was black – Greg never smelled anything like Derren did, Ashley thought. She pressed her face against him and breathed in more deeply when it began to make her whole body tingle with excitement.

      People were passing along the stairs and along the upper floor’s hallways. Not all had all their clothes on. A pair fumbled by, tearing at one another’s clothing and kissing for dear life as they tripped into a spare room and quickly slammed the door behind them. The frantic knocking on the door after by bathroom-desperate denizens snapped Ashley out of her breathing euphoria.

      “Sandy’s up here…?” She asked, mostly to herself.

      “Your friend probably got her ass drunk and stumbled up here to get some lovin’,” Derren said, “Not sayin’ that’s a bad thing, though…”

      “But she wasn’t drinking tonight…” Ashley said, burying her head in Derren’s side again as they walked. Partly she didn’t want to keep seeing all those strange girls bumbling about with tops askew and getting unsteadily onto their knees in front of swaying men. But more so she wanted to feel Derren’s warmth against her, and breathe in the intoxicating exotic scent of a black man that she had never experienced before.

      A moaning caught her attention, not because it was loud but because it was familiar. “Sandy?” Ashley called. Girlish giggling and male moans followed from a room just ahead of them. Without thinking Ashley stumbled to the askew door and pushed it open, Derren following close behind.

      It was Sandy alright. She’d left her shoes and panties and top in a trail leading up to her kneeling form. On either side the boys from the bar were standing, their pants likewise left behind and their boxers nearly bursting as the topless girl stroked their cocks through the fabric. Ashley stared in a few moments, rooted to the spot as her friend brought their cocks to life and giggled as she did.

      “Damn,” Derren hummed, looking in over Ashley’s head, “That’s her when she ain’t been drinkin’?”

      Finally, Ashley found her voice enough to speak, “S-Sandy??” The half-naked girl tossed her long brunette hair over her bare shoulder and looked around, a big grin plastered on her face, as if she was expecting her friend to come join the festivities herself.

      “Hey Ashley!” she stood up and turned around, immodest of her naked apple-sized breasts standing proudly from her chest as she glided over to her friend, “I saw you dancing out there. Loosened up a bit, have you?”

      “A-A bit I guess-”

      “Looks like this hunk is gonna be loosening you up a bit more, am I right?” Her knowing smile widened when she glanced at Derren. Ashley’s face turned bright red – she thought she could even hear Derren’s grin growing behind her. Sandy put an arm around Ashley’s shoulders and excused her for a moment from the black man’s steadying hand, and snuck into the small bathroom nearby.

      “Going black tonight, huh?” She said.

      “W-what!?” Ashley blinked, then thought a moment, “Well, I dunno… he’s kinda cute…”

      “I saw you dancing with him out there,” Sandy said, “And your hips definitely thought he was more than ‘cute’…” Ashley looked down, a silent affirmation of how hard her heart was pounding in her chest just from remembering his hardness pressing against her on the dance floor…

      “Well, I know what’s on your mind,” Sandy continued, “Got a craving for dark meat tonight. And the only cure for it is a good hard jungle fucking.”

      “But I don’t know – I mean, I want to, but…”

      “But he’s black…?” Sandy grinned.

      “Well… yeah…” That was forefront on Ashley’s mind, despite her mind chiding her for thinking such racist thoughts. What would Sandy think if she had sex with him? What would her parents think about their sweet blond daughter losing her virginity to a strange black man?

      “Ashley,” Sandy stepped forward, and suddenly her hand was between Ashley’s legs. “Mmm, just what I thought. You like it that he’s black, don’t you?” Ashley froze, noticing now with Sandy’s fingers tracing her panties that they were wet – soaking wet. She’d never felt so wet before, even when she was making out with Greg and his fingers rubbed her there through her jeans. But now she was nearly dripping, all from just grinding her ass against Derren. Against a black man…

      “I… I think you’re right. I’ve never felt this way before.”

      “Mhmm,” Sandy hummed, like she had just made a successful diagnosis as she rummaged in her purse, “You’re first cock is going to be a black cock, Ashley.” Ashley’s heart flipped. Her friend said it so matter-of-factly, and she was beginning to realize herself that it was true…

      "And you’re gonna like it. A lot. So take this,” Sandy pulled out a little green foil wrapper. A condom. “I know you’re not on the pill or anything, and if you let him he’ll fill your pretty white tummy up with all his little black swimmers.” The thought both terrified and electrified Ashley like nothing else.

      “And Ashley, we wouldn’t want you to get pregnant accidently now, would we? Especially with a black baby…” Sandy smiled again, again with that strange glint in her eyes. Ashley simply nodded – the thought of getting pregnant was scary enough to her, let alone if someone like Derren got her that way… She took the condom with a little smile creeping around the corners of her mouth.

      “Thanks Sandy, for looking out for me and everything.”

      “No problem! That’s what friends are for,” she wrapped her arms around Ashley, pressing her small bare breasts against the soft globes of her friend’s. “You’re going to remember this night forever!” Sandy whispered in her ear, quivering with her own excitement. Ashley was quivering too.

      The two girls quietly squealed their delight, and cut off their embraces before heading back out. Ashley snuck the condom into the side of her panties and ran her hand to the front. She was amazed how much more moist she had become just from their conversation.

      Derren was leaning against the doorframe, arms crossed and trying not to look at the two guys who were swaying awkwardly in the middle of the room, pants still around their ankles and boxers sadly deflated - though they didn’t seem phased much at all.

      “Well!” Sandy said, pushing her hair back and showing off her pert tits to Derren, “I’ll leave you to accompany my friend here, and you better make sure she enjoys every last minute of it!”

      “Don’t you worry miss,” Derren smirked and wrapped his strong dark arm around Ashley’s shoulders, “I’ll be keepin’ this girl’s sweet ass entertained all night long.” Ashley shivered again and rubbed her thighs together.

      “You better,” Sandy smiled, and turned back toward her own fun of the night. “Oh good - right where I left you two… Shall we continue?” They both nodded with stupid grins on their faces as she sauntered back to them, dropping her skirt as the door closed behind.

      Derren let out a low whistle. “Damn girl, you as freaky as that chick?”

      “Mmm, I could be,” Ashley looked up at him and traced her hand up his chest as aptly as she could, “Wanna find out…?”

      “Hell yeah! I’ll be finding out all ‘bout you, girl.” He pulled her close, and she pressed herself against his side, rubbing her hand up and down his thigh. As he led her further down the hall, she felt more tingly than she had been all night. The condom rubbed against her hips with every step, reminding her of what was in store for her: Sex, with a black man. Never had she thought it would be this way the first time.

      Or how much she craved it now.

On A Hot, Black Night

      They found a room at the end of the hall, the door wide open as if inviting them in. They saw it was a bedroom, the wooden cabin walls lit with soft yellowy lights and the four-post bed covered in red silky sheets beside a large cracked-open window overlooking the dark mountains. Ashley took in the splendor of the room as she heard Derren close the door behind her.

      “Now,” Derren grabbed her shoulders and turned her round to face him, “Let’s have ourselves some real fun.” He pulled Ashley in and kissed her full on the lips. Ashley’s eyes began wide open, but as soon as his tongue ran across hers they rolled back and fluttered closed. His arms roved over her back, and she felt his hot body through his white t-shirt. She’d only kissed a few boys before, all white of course, so Derren’s firm black lips hypnotized her, and his forceful tongue weakened her knees even more than the drinks.

      “Mmm,” Derren licked his lips as he looked down at the happily stunned girl, “Tastes like a sweet white girl cravin’ to get some black dick.” Ashley couldn’t deny that, the way she shivered as he said it. She was pressing her breasts against his hard body, waiting for him to take her. He looked down at her as she tilted her big blue eyes up. “Ever seen black dick, girl?”

      “N-no…” She said.

      “Got one right here for ya,” Derren took her petite hand and guided it to the large bulge in his pants. Ashley breathed in shakily, feeling his hardening black cock straining through his jeans. “Take it out,” he commanded.

      Tentatively she unbuttoned and unzipped his loose jeans. She kept her eyes trained on his bulge as she pulled his jeans down, his boxers barely holding back the black snake within. For a moment she looked up at Derren. “Go on girl. Take a look at a real man’s dick.” She nodded, and very gently pulled his boxers down.

      The instant she did the dark tool sprung up like a bent sapling, and she stared at it with her heart pounding in her throat. She had seen Greg’s cock before, when she would jack him off in his car, and Derren’s wasn’t nearly as thick and blocky as Greg’s. Derren’s was better than that. Heavy veins ran the length of his longer member, with an onyx head atop a shaft that was just as black. So black, Ashley thought, mesmerized as she took it into her little hands and felt how hard he was already.

      “That’s it, girl,” Derren hummed, watching the little blond stroking his cock, “That’s a real man’s dick. Feels good, don’t it?”

      “Mhmm…” she nodded, loving how it was beginning to grow even more as she stroked her hands along it. It already began to drool pre cum onto her fingers in a thick, sticky trickle.

      “Now how ‘bout you give it a little taste?”

      Ashley sunk to her knees, running her hands down Derren’s sides and legs, and came face to face with his fully loaded member. His balls hung heavily beneath the turgid shaft, jumping slightly as she panted lightly on the head. First with her little tongue, then with her pink lips, she took the head of his dark cock into her virgin mouth.

      “Yeah girl, suck that black dick,” He moaned above her. The moment his cock touched her mouth she could taste him – like his exotic black scent, his skin tasted so foreign, so strange, and so very good. The potent bitterness of his pre cum spread across her tentative tongue. Ashley took in more and ran her tongue along as much of his length as she could, sampling more of that flavor, a taste that only a black cock had. After a few minutes of suckling and slurping on him, he patted her golden head and groaned.

      “Damn girl, you suck dick like a real ho!” Ashley looked up at him, grinning as she sunk his cock deeper into her mouth. She’d never been called a ho before, but the way he said it with his deep dark voice… It made her pussy quiver.

      “Oh, you like bein’ my white ho, huh?” Derren said, stripping off his shirt and throwing it aside, “Dirty slut, get your sweet white ass over there in front of the bed!” Ashley giggled as another wave of cold exhilaration shot down her belly and into her pussy. Derren sat down on the edge of the silk-covered bed as Ashley took her place before him on the animal skin rug, licking her lips clean.

      “I’m here,” Ashley said meekly, looking at Derren as he ran his eyes up and down her scantily-clad body. That alone was getting her even hotter – She’d heard black guys loved checking out white women but never believed it. Now she was on the receiving end, and loved it.

      “Now strip ho,” he said, “and do it like a good slut should.” Derren flashed an evil grin, and Ashley couldn’t help but comply with his forceful orders.

      Perhaps it was from the excitement she was feeling being called such dirty names, or perhaps because she was doing it for this hot dark-skinned man, but Ashley stopped quavering to stand from the drinks and any reservations she had disappeared as she began to dance for him.

      First she petted herself from chest to thighs, swaying her hips to the music’s beat that rumbled through the walls. She flipped up her skirt, flashing Derren a peak at her little panties – soaked of course, and getting even more so the more she danced. He grunted approvingly and stroked his dark member, dripping with her own saliva and with pre cum spilling from its tip. Giggling and biting her finger, she turned and bent down low, giving him a full view of her young ripe ass underneath her thin-white panties. Derren whistled low, leaned back on the bed as he enjoyed this white girl’s show.

      That emboldened Ashley, and turning around she swayed her whole body to the music. She grabbed either side of her tight shirt and pulled it off with a flourish. The white bra with cute flowers on it soon followed, Ashley giving Derren a sexy glance as she undid the strap and let it flutter to her feet. For the first time in her life she showed a boy her breasts so openly – and he approved by stroking his ebony tool even harder than before.

      “Like them?” She purred, running her little hands over her large globes. Despite the fact that she couldn’t wrap her hand completely around either of them, they were firm and shapely, jutting proudly from the girl’s otherwise petite chest with small, pink nipples – hardened by the cool air and Derren’s hungry stare. Her boyfriends had to work months to get her to flash them even a peak. Now, with Derren’s one command, she bared all.

      “Girl, I love ‘em. Best white tits I ever saw. Now show me that fine ass,” he said, stroking his cock in longer, slower motions. Ashley loved watching Derren stroking his cock. For some reason she liked it more than when she watched her white boyfriends do it – something about how he was looking at her, like he was seeing her not just as a girl, but a white girl: a predator hungry for his prey…

      The alcohol still buzzed behind her every motion and thought, and she felt more alive than she had even before. She rubbed her hands down her bare belly, trimmed and toned from years of track practice, and turning around she slipped off her skirt. Left with only her tight panties on she waved her ass for him before she stepped closer, glancing between Derren’s piercing brown eyes and his long African member.

      “Didn’t think you’d be fucked by a black guy tonight, did ya?” Derren chuckled, looking at Ashley’s innocent little panties – white like her bra, with a single red rose right above the large soaked patch from her near-constant arousal that night.

      “Uh-uh…” she moaned, wagging her pale hips this way and that dangerously close over his dark cock. “I’m a good little white girl,” she said in a small voice, “I’d never show a strange man my panties. Especially if he’s a big, dark negro…”

      Derren really laughed at that, then grabbed her teasing hips and fingered her panties. “Girl, I’m gonna fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before. You aren’t even gonna think about white boys when I’m done with you!” He rubbed his dark fingers along her slit with a force that made her yelp, then moan.

      “Oooh god Derren…” she said, nearly forgetting the most important item in the night until he grabbed her hips, “You almost made me forget…” she reached into her panties along the side and pulled out the green-wrapped condom. Derren’s lusty eyes simply glanced at it as his face fell.

      “I hate condoms,” he said simply, as if that settled the matter.

      “You gotta wear one though,” Ashley said, handing him the only barrier that would be between her tender white pussy and his raging black cock, “I’m not on the pill, and I can’t get pregnant by you…”

      “What? You a racist ho? You scared I’d give you a nigga baby?” Derren scowled at the condom. No doubt he thought he’d have bare lily-white pussy tonight.

      “N-no… I just don’t want to have any baby right now…” Again, the idea of having a black baby sprung to mind, and the same wave of terrified excitement ran through her and down to her hot and ready pussy – now all the stronger as she stared at the deep dark member that could give one to her. Her heart raced.

      “Just put it on quickly, Derren. I want this black dick in me sooo bad!” She grabbed his cock and stroked it. The hot shaft jumped in her hand, and she looked down to see her small pale hand wrapped around his thick black snake. The contrast sent shivers down her spine.

      Derren grunted and cracked open the wrapper, slipping the ultra-thin plastic over his eager member. Ashley looked at it, wondering for a moment if it could actually hold – Derren looked so powerful, and he strained a bit to fit his cock into the condom to begin with. How thick was it? Is it supposed to stretch like that? Could it break?? But all those thoughts were pushed aside when Derren looked back up at her and, with a single swipe, tore her innocent panties down to her knees. She gasped and jumped, but didn’t try to cover herself up.

      “Ho, you won’t be needin’ those anymore. Get your white ass on the bed!” He didn’t wait for her, instead he picked her up and tossed her into the middle of the king-sized bed. She squealed and squirmed as he got on top of her, a mock struggle of a pure white girl against a rough black man, but she quieted as she felt his ominous hardness stroking along her slit.

      Ashley turned her wide blue eyes up slowly from his member prodding and teasing her virgin entrance, taking in the dark body of her lover-to-be. He wasn’t like the huge rappers that seemed to stand in for the image of ‘black men’ on TV. Instead he was muscled and toned like a runner – not great big obnoxious knots of muscle but sinewy, compact, and strong across his frame, his chest and abs sculpted as if out of the hardest onyx. She couldn’t help but run her hands up along his velvety black skin, feeling his taut abs and smooth midnight skin, as if his very blackness felt different than white skin did. Without his shirt his heavy black musk permeated the room, and she relished every breath, taking in the exciting scent that made her instincts scream, “Black!” He caged her in, the white girl fitting snuggly between his propped-up arms as he stared down at her, his strong jaw set and his piercing eyes sizing up his fair-skinned prize.

      “Damn, what a fine young white girl I’ve caught,” he grinned, stroking his cock up along her light, neatly-trimmed mound, “A real blond goin’ black, and she ain’t comin’ back…” She moaned at his words, half fearfully and half expectantly.

      “You’re gonna be my first,” she admitted, looking into his intense brown eyes, “You are going to take a white girl’s cherry…” Speaking that made her tremble – a spark of her normal shy self piped up behind the veils of her cloudy mind, telling her to stop before she made a mistake in giving herself up to a random guy at a party – a black guy on top of that! But the overwhelming pleasure of his cockhead pushing into her entrance and his heavy, growling words stopped her thoughts, though not her trembling.

      “Damn, ho! I’m gonna make you a real black cock slut tonight!” And he pushed into Ashley’s tight pink pussy without mercy. She let out a shrill yelp and gripped his black arms as she felt her first cock enter her. It wasn’t as painful as she had imagined – a sharp twinge as his thick black rod cut through the blond’s hymen like butter. But she was being stretched more than she ever had been playing with herself, and he reached so much further into her than ever before. She groaned, his cock so thick inside her virgin body.

      “Oh, oh, p-please! Be gent- ahh!” Derren began to fuck her anyway. Ashley’s first fucking. He wasn’t being slow or cautious – he was plowing into her tight innocent pussy, forcing her tight pink walls to accept his ebony cock all at once. Ashley felt herself stretched so tightly, like he might tear her virgin pussy apart any moment. Soon his hips were hitting hers, pounding his black skin against her sensitive pink clit again and again.

      “God damn!” Derren grunted, giving Ashley a hard thrust that forced a small scream from her lips, “You’re tight bitch. Your white pussy’s likin’ my nigga dick!”

      “Oh god, oh my god!” Ashley managed, her heart skipping a beat when he said the n-word. Ashley looked down herself, between herself and the black man mounting her. She saw him sawing his midnight tool in and out of her bright-pink pussy. A black dick – no, a nigger’s dick that her white pussy clung to every time he pulled out… The dirtiness of the thought made the near-unbearable stretching more tolerable, pleasurable even.

      “Fuck,” Derren grunted, thrusting faster and pressing onto her soft breasts. His hard dark abs rubbed along Ashley’s fair soft belly, and his oppressive weight pressed her down into the yielding bed. She wiggled her hips but couldn’t move, reinforcing the fact that she wasn’t able to stop this even if she wanted to.

      But then, she didn’t want him to stop. After a few minutes of his steady motions, the ready beat of his hips, the slow accommodation her moist pussy made for his thickness, it was beginning to feel… good. As he propped himself on his elbows and grabbed her swaying tits, Ashley arched her back and wrapped her arm around his laboring back. She moaned as he pinched her pink nipples, the stirrings of something new radiating from her belly. She felt on the verge of something she had never felt before, like something was being wound up deep inside her and was waiting to be unleashed by Derren’s rough, powerful motions. The slick utter smoothness of the condom made his long thrusts easier, sliding in and out of her now at a quicker pace. Ashley knew no other kind of fucking, but her instincts craved something different. Something more. Something… raw.

      Derren’s contorted face suddenly lifted, as if a burst of pleasure just hit him from nowhere. He looked down at Ashley with an evil grin, who opened her sky-blue eyes slowly at first, then snapping open as her delivered a hard, long stroke from her small entrance to her very depths.

      “Mmm-AH!” Ashley screamed as he did it again, deeper, harder than before. And then she felt it, that unknown something that she wanted – no, needed. Growing deep inside her, becoming more and more apparent with every hard thrust he made. Her pussy screamed for more, to bring her far past any pleasure she had ever known.

      “Oh my god!” Ashley cried, “I-I’m gonna…!”

      “Shit ho, gonna cum!” Derren grunted.

      “Ah! N-not yet! It’s so good, I-”

      “Take it all, you fuckin’ slut! RAGH!!” Derren ignored her plea and arched his back, exploding deep inside her with a beastly howl.

      “W-wait, Nuu-ahhh..!” Ashley’s languishing cry accompanied her desperately bucking hips, trying to capture that feeling again that was so close to taking her all the way. Derren’s cock was buried to the hilt inside her, twitching and pulsing along its entire length. His ebony member was spurting out his hot cum into her – Ashley was amazed that she could feel its intense warmth spreading through her belly. The condom must be extra-thin, she thought, and she reveled in the feeling as best she could despite her disappointment of being close to so much more…

      “Gah, fuck ho,” Derren puffed, beginning to pull out slowly, “Fuckin’ back on my nigga dick like a real slut your first time. Your white cunt wouldn’t let go!” He laughed as Ashley panted below him. He lifted himself off her, leaving his sweat all along her heaving chest and belly. The fullness of his cock was leaving her too, and she weakly protested, though she was hazily happy that she could still feel his warmth inside her…

      “Mmm, look at you, layin’ there like a lazy slut after your first black fuck,” He stroked his cock over her white belly, and she felt a warm drip right below her belly button, “Bet you can’t wait to get this black dick inside you again…” Ashley moaned, feeling the steady dripping onto her tummy. Then she opened her eyes and looked down with a panicked thought:


      Derren was straddling her hips, stroking his slick black cock – with the now broken condom still around it! The tattered remains of the condom hung from his African weapon like a mutilated beast, broken into four nearly clean-cut strips from the once-solid tip. Thick pearly cum oozed from the tip of Derren’s black cock, the last of the dangerous load dripping onto her flat tummy. Ashley’s hand shot to her tender pussy, and immediately felt the rest of the black man’s spunk drooling from her just-fucked hole.

      “Oh my god!! It broke! You came in me!!” Cold shards of fear pierced through her entire body. He came in her – a black man came in her! How much did he cum? Could she get it all out? When was her last period??

      Derren laughed, and Ashley snapped out of her frantic thoughts. “Ho, you wanted me to keep going, shoulda felt the rubber pop when I was fuckin’ your cunt good. You just were beggin’ for more with these,” He slapped the sides of her hips, the same hips that bucked hardest right before Derren came – when the condom was breaking along his shaft.

      “I-I didn’t know!!” Ashley said, “It – it just felt so, so-”

      “Good? Ho likes her black cock bareback,” Derren said, matter of factly, rolling off to the side to watch the alarmed girl sit up and rub her creamy pussy, as if to coax the rest of his cum from her.

      “How much did you cum!?” She asked, getting up onto her knees.

      “Bitch, I prolly filled your white cunt full of my nigga jizz,” As soon as Ashley rose up onto her knees, she felt a huge glob of his thick cum gush out of her and ooze down her inner thigh even before her hand could catch it.

      “Oh god, oh god…” Ashley panted, “There’s so much…!” She felt it on her hands, Derren’s thick, creamy, and no doubt potent semen sticking to her fingers. Derren just watched the scared girl bring her hand to her face, looking at the stuff that could make her an unwed mother.

      “Looks like another white ho might be havin’ herself a black man’s baby.” Ashley was petrified. She came from a fertile family, and there was a good chance she was very fertile that night herself. With that fear rooting her in place, something unexpected suddenly welled-up inside her:


      She stared at some of the cum that could have just knocked her up – black sperm that could become the first black baby in her whole family’s history was swimming eagerly inside her pure-Caucasian womb, looking to get her pregnant. Black pregnant. The man who did it was lying next to her, a smug look of satisfaction on his face - like he wanted to knock her up all along!

      And it turned her on, more than anything ever had before… nevertheless…

      “I… I gotta get this out of me…” Ashley began to move towards the end of the bed, but Derren suddenly pulled her back by her quivering hips.

      “Mmmm, I saw that look you just got in your pretty blue eyes…” he said, pushing her onto her back. She didn’t resist him. “I’ve seen that look on white girls’ faces before. The cute blond ones pushin’ their coal-black babies in the park, givin’ that look…” Ashley stared up at him, her pussy getting hot as a furnace as it mixed with her ice-cold fear.

      “That’s the look of a slut who’s just realized she was made for black cock.” He threw off the tattered condom and pinned down her arms. “And she’s gonna love black dick…” He ground his cock against her pussy again, rock-hard even after inseminating her moments ago. “Gonna fuck black dick…” Ashley breathed hard as he leaned into her ear, and she felt his hot breath on her face as he slid his bare African cock into her unprotected pussy, “And gonna be bred by black dick.”

      He thrust into her, and she nearly orgasmed then and there. Her lily-white legs wrapped around his dark ebony truck and pulled him in all the way with a cry, “Oh god! Just fuck me, Derren!”

      The difference of his bare cock amazed Ashley. The first time all she felt was pressure and stretching, the smooth surface of the condom slid easily and without much effort into her. But now, with his dark-skinned weapon unsheathed, she felt the full texture of his cock – all the veins, the slickness, the delicious friction of skin rubbing on skin as he pushed in and out of her. Looking down, seeing this black man fucking her bare white pussy already churning with his fertile spunk, made her cry out for more.

      “So good! Fuck me harder, Derren!”

      “Ho!” He slapped her ass hard – the pain like a thunderbolt in her storm of pleasure, “You ain’t gonna tell me shit! You gonna beg for my nigga dick like a real black cock slut!”

      “Ahh! Fuck me with that big black cock. Fuck my little white pussy!”

      “Whose pussy, bitch?” Another stinging slap to her ass.

      “AHH! Y-Yours! Your white slut’s pussy! Ohhhh uh, uh, yessss!

      “Damn straight, ho! I own this creamy white pussy,” He grabbed her sore ass and gripped tight, pulling her hips against his. Ashley bucked back – The booze and fear and excitement all mixed into a cacophony of pleasure inside the blond girl. Derren leaned back onto his knees, pulling Ashley towards him and making her witness her own fucking.

      “This is a nigger’s cunt now, ain’t it?” Ashley nodded, but was cut off by another harsh spank, “Speak, bitch!”

      “Yes!” The simple affirmation streaked pleasure through her body, and made her scream it aloud. “Yes!! I’ll fuck black co-”

      Slap! “You’ll fuck nigger dick, ho!”

      Ashley squealed again, “I-I’ll fuck nigger dick!” Derren plowed deep into her then, cementing the naughtiness of that forbidden word with the sheer pleasure of his black cock. “Ooh! Fuck this white slut with your big nigger dick!” She wailed and dug her nails into his arms before turning her lusty blue eyes onto his, “Fuck me with that bare, black cock…!

      “Slut, I cum inside my white hoes. I ain’t never pulled out for no white bitch.” He rammed himself into her, clapping his chocolate-brown hips against her pale white flesh. His cum churned inside her – Ashley felt it roiling within her belly, gushing out along her pink pussy lips and leaking down her ass, and more seeping deeper into her virgin pussy as he held her hips above his.

      “I love your cum -I love your hot, thick, nigger cum all inside my blond cunt,” Ashley thrust her messy hips up to meet him, forcing more of his old sperm to squelch out of her tightness, making room for the new. “I’ll never put another condom on this beautiful black dick. Ahhh! I’ll only fuck your nigger dick bare!!”

      “Ragh! You’ll get knocked up, ho!” The fear no longer stabbed her – it motivated her.

      “Fucking knock me up!” She screamed, another orgasm raging throughout her entire being, “Plant your black bastard in my white belly!! AH! I’m cumming!!” Her white pussy clamped down around him again, a pale delicate  lily swallowing a dark venomous snake. He held her trembling hips and continued fucking as release cascaded over her, making her yelp and moan and beg incoherently for his hard black cock and his thick black sperm.

      "White bitch wants to be bred black,” he said, his whole ebony body already beaded with sweat, just as Ashley’s was, “You want a nigga baby in that prim and proper blond belly of yours?” He patted her flat tummy with his black hand, touching the pale skin as Ashley came down from her climax.

      “Yes,” Ashley, still delirious from her earth-shattering orgasm, was still shaking – her whole body was shaking as she began to rock her hips onto him again, “Breed me black…” She stared him in the eyes – it was as if she had found her purpose in life, her destiny, in the blinding ecstasy of her climax. Ashley knew she was meant to fuck black men and always had been, as she was carried away in the wild flurry of first-time pleasures and still-powerful drink.

      Derren pulled his lengthy dick from the mewling girl, which now had upon its brown-coal skin the pearly white globs of his first load and her pussy’s churned cream, and flashed the horny panting girl a devilish grin.

      “I’ll breed your white cunt – make you my little ghetto slut. Get your white ass up in the air, ho!” Ashley, hazy through her maelstrom of pleasure and booze, crawled to her hands and knees and presented herself to him, shaking her heart-shaped ass to the black man who snatched her virginity.

      “Like it?” she purred breathlessly, her voice low like her head looking back at him, “It’s only for your black dick now…”

      “And that’s the way I like it ho,” He ran his rough hands over the smoothness of her pristine ass. In the soft light of the room it seemed almost silvery in its paleness, and was soon eclipsed by the darkness of his ebony hips. “Damn girl, I knew I was gonna end up fuckin’ this white ass when you were rubbin’ it all on my dick.” Ashley remembered what she felt back there on the dance floor, the nervousness and excitement at being so close to a black man – a nigger. It was tenfold that now, combining now into pure exhilaration at the prospect of his naked black cock entering her again.

      “Hurry up stud,” she said, pushing her soft ass against his cock, rubbing it with her already cummy pussy, “and fuck me. Get this white girl pregnant with a black baby…” She moaned and then gasped, feeling his dick cleave her slick folds and fill her with a single lunge.

      She howled and arched her back, pushing back against Derren’s savage rhythm. The bed creaked in protest, the red sheets becoming stained from all the cum squelching from her well-fucked pussy, and Ashley gripped the bed in her little hands as her strong dark African lover rutted into her ripe white pussy from behind.

      “Yes! Fuck me! Give me your black baby!” She screamed. She didn’t care if anyone heard – she screamed it louder than the music beating behind the walls, begging for his black baby as he wound her blond hair around his fingers and rode her like a bitch in heat. She didn’t care who heard as the booze saturated her reeling mind. Her body filled with the hormones she had been born to feel, the singular purpose the young blond had been living all her life to express: To be bred black.

      The terror now only fueled her desire, her desperate inner protests to the bare African cock slamming deeper than ever before lit her pussy and belly afire with lust. She felt Derren bottoming out in her as he seized her baby-making hips, pulling her pure white ass back against his dark onyx cock. Her untouched womb begged for his release, and yearned for all the hot black swimmers that Sandy had warned her about. She was right after all, Ashley realized - he’d fill her with his hot black sperm if she let him, and she loved the thought.

      “Want my baby, ho!?” Derren snarled, grabbing her swaying tits and mashing them into his palms in the midst of his wild rutting.

      “Yes! Yes!” Ashley said.

      “Another prissy white bitch gonna be swellin’ with a nigga’s baby,” he plowed her pussy, tilling her fertile Caucasian field to accept every African seed he would be sowing inside her.

      “As it should be – OHHH!” Ashley moaned. His hard slap on her tender ass made her jump and groan with delight.

      “Damn right!” He pressed himself fully against her back, his cock sinking deep and staying there with shallow, hard strokes as he grunted into her ear. “Gonna make your belly swell, ho. Gonna make you walk ‘round with all your white friends carryin’ a black baby in your little white belly,” He stroked her hot belly, and Ashley felt her body respond immediately - A twinge deep inside her, right above her womb which his African dick was ramming against. It made the petite Caucasian girl moan louder than ever.

      “Mmm-ahh!” she turned to face him, her face a mere inch from his as his dark balls slapped her light ass, “Cum in me,” she breathed, “Fertilize my white garden - ahh! Plant your black seeds deep inside me. Oooh!” She pushed back harder, feeling herself pushed to the very edge – and over as his grunting swelled to a roar.

      “Give me your black cum!!” She howled through her gritted teeth, “Plant your nigger baby inside me! Breed me right!!

      She came as she kissed him full on the lips, muffling the howling moan that welled from her deepest animalistic instincts as she felt his potent African cum blast inside her for a second time that night. This time she felt every pelt, every gush, every lance of his dark seed inside her, painting the walls of her white womb with heavy, fertile spunk. He roared like a beast, claiming his mate that shook and trembled with her the acceptance of her true lot in life. Stars burst in front of her eyes as she succumbed to ecstasy.

      Ashley swore she could feel it blasting into her womb, defying all those white men who had ever tried to get their chance at her pristine white body before. She denied them all – not because they didn’t try or weren’t good enough, but because they weren’t… right. But now, feeling Derren’s pulsing black cock spewing its hot load deep inside her bare white womb, sending millions of his strong African warriors to capture to her pure Caucasian egg, it not only felt good – It felt right!

      She couldn’t help but scream in the most mind-blowing and complete orgasm she had ever felt in her young life. The world had to know. The white world she had grown up in had to know she had found what was right. Her classmates, her friends, even her family – she wanted them all to know that little innocent Ashley was being bred black tonight, by this dark African man. She was being bred black tonight, bred right, and would be ever after!

The Morning After

      The morning light crested over the mountaintops far in the distance, and streamed into the open window of the bedroom where Ashley lay, tangled in the red silk sheets now forever stained by the wild fucking of the night before. They had continued throughout the night, Derren seemingly inexhaustible in his spunk, and Ashley in her desire for more. Dried semen dotted the corners of her pink lips, and rivulets of semen had hardened on each of her gently rising and falling breasts, their pink nipples hard in the cool morning air.

      But of course the most drenched were her inner thighs. Ashley begged him throughout the night to breed her black, screaming for all to hear, and he obliged. She fell asleep finally with his cock still spurting one last hot load into her after countless others, and since then the former virgin’s pussy had been leaking potent black sperm onto a bed that wasn’t hers.

      Slowly, she opened her eyes. She sat up, her hands darting to her dizzy head as she came to, blinking in the revealing morning light. The pounding music had stopped hours before, and many of the party-goers had left – though many had stayed, like Ashley, after a night of drunken revelry and passion. But the pounding in her head hadn’t left, thanks to Sandy’s special drinks, and Ashley shrunk from the overly bright light, as if it was slowly illuminating what had happened to her the night before – and what she had become.

      “About time you woke up,” a familiar voice said at the end of the bed. “I was going to throw water on you if you hadn’t opened your eyes right then!” It was Sandy, sitting at the edge of the bed, her clothes back on from the night before but in a hasty disarray. Ashley could smell sex on her – and then Ashley realized she probably could smell it on her too!

      “S-Sandy! I-It isn’t what you…” Ashley clutched at the sheets, trying to cover herself up as she looked over to her side to where Derren was the night before. But he wasn’t there. Neither were any of his clothes. All he left behind were the memories of last night, and all the virile African cum still swimming inside her womb…

      “What, that you got fucked last night?” Sandy grinned, “Oh, but from what I heard you weren’t just getting fucked. You were getting fucked by a black guy!” Ashley’s heart leap painfully into her throat. She’d heard her?? Ashley wasn’t surprised, remembering with a groan how loud she was screaming last night as Derren took her so hard…

      “Well? How was it??” Sandy asked excitedly, scooting forward on the bed towards her still-naked friend, “That was your first time, right? And with a black guy…!” She added with a grinning scandalous gasp.

      “Yeah… Yeah, that was my first time…” Ashley said, looking down as embarrassment and shame crept over her. What about her being a good girl? She just lost her virginity to a total stranger, and he left immediately after!

      Sandy was totally unphased, clapping her hands together with joy, “Oh my god, Ashley! Losing it to a black guy!? That’s pretty hot!” Sandy’s smile was from ear to ear, and she looked pleasantly and expectantly to Ashley.

      “So?” she asked, “How was it?”

      Ashley knew what she meant. All of it. She wanted to hear the whole deal, the entire experience of being wooed and touched and kissed and fucked by a man not even of her same race. She opened her mouth, and hesitated as she remembered the rougher parts of the night in a quick, hot flash…

      “It was… oh my god Sandy, it was amazing…!” Sandy squealed in delight, and Ashley smiled bashfully. She might have been drunk and out of her mind, but she couldn’t deny that she’d been well and truly fucked by the dark-skinned stranger, and she liked it. A lot!

      “Oh my god! My guys were passed out by the time you two really started to get going!” Sandy said, “He must have been good if you were begging him so much.”

      “Hmmm?” Ashley asked, “I was begging, really?” She was still getting used to having her eyes open, and only flashes of the previous night were coming back to her – bits and pieces, like their grinding dance, his breath in her ear, his exotic smell…

      “Oh yeah – all night,” Sandy made up a falsetto, moaning and whining like Ashley had the night before, “Oh fuck me good, Derren! Give me all your black cum! Knock my white belly up with your black baby!!”

      “WHAT!?” The whole night came crashing back to Ashley in an instant – the drinks, the dirty dancing, Sandy dropping her clothes, her own hands wrapping around Derren’s black cock, the broken condom, the feeling of rightness – and the dangerous black cum still sloshing around inside of her unprotected belly. All of it fell onto Ashley like a ton of bricks, and she panicked.

      “Oh god! Sandy – he came in me!”

      “What? What about the condom?”

      “It broke!!” Ashley began shaking, “He put it on, and then it broke! But – But he came inside me before I saw, and then – and then -”

      “Whoa, slow down Ashl-”

      “And then he fucked me bareback!!”

      “Holy shit, really!?” Sandy’s eyebrows rose to the ceiling then, hearing that from her usually shy and level-headed friend.

      “I begged for him to!” Ashley was nearly in tears she was breathing so hard, “And - And he came in me so much…” She reached a hand under the sheets, and felt what he had left behind. Most of had seeped into the bed by then, but still a large glob of it coated her fingers – still warm from being so snug deep inside her bare pussy.

      Sandy stared at her friend. Slowly, her eyebrows relaxed, and a wide smile overtook her features. Her eyes softened, and that glimmer Ashley had seen earlier last night returned.

      “Mmm-mmm-mmm! You’ve been a bad girl, Ashley…” She tutted, reaching into her little purse as she chided, “I thought you might become a wild-child, going to your first party and all, but I didn’t imagine how wild!” Her hand disappeared into her purse as she casually rummaged around in it, as if she was looking for her lipstick as her friend sat shivering in terror.

      “I-I know, but I-”

      “Shh shh,” Sandy hushed, “That’s why I came along. To look out for you, remember? Ah, there it is,” She pulled out a little bottle, and opening it dumped into her hand a single round pill with a small ‘B’ etched into it. “I thought you might get a little carried away tonight, so I brought this little baby along.”

      The morning after pill. Ashley sighed the biggest sigh of relief in her entire life. “Oh god… Sandy, you are a life-saver!” Sandy just smiled and watched her friend gulp down the precious pill that promised to avert the very words Ashley had been screaming the night before from coming true. As the little pill slipped down her throat, Ashley felt a wave of relief wash over her, knowing she wouldn’t actually become pregnant with a black man’s baby.

      “Don’t mention it,” Sandy said slowly, watching her friend swallow the pill closely, “Like I said before – I wouldn’t want you becoming pregnant on accident...” Sandy flashed her a grin with her eyes shimmering like a cat’s, and Ashley sweetly smiled back.

      “Not while I’m around, anyway. Now,” She stood up, tossing Ashley’s discarded clothes to her, “How about you cover up those perfect boobs of yours, put on some panties, and let’s get out of here before this dude’s parents get back and realize you got cum all over their bed.”

      Ashley nodded, realizing in her relief she had dropped the sheet and was sitting buck-naked, her large perky breasts out for the whole wide view of nature to see through the window. She hastily dressed herself, but with a little smile on her face the whole time.

      They walked out of the party and found their car parked where they left it remarkably, despite all the kegs and cans and passed-out denizens that littered the lawn. Ashley looked back at the cabin, thinking back on how she first approached it as an innocent, shy girl, and now had walked away dirtied by a black man’s cum, but somehow feeling… great. Perhaps it was her having lost her virginity that night, and if Greg had taken it before she’d have felt this way sooner. But she felt like it was something different than just that, something special about this night. About Derren…

      “Oh hey,” Sandy nonchalantly passed a piece of paper to Ashley as they pulled out of the parking lot, “Your dark and handsome lover left you a note.”

      Ashley was shocked. She opened the small piece of paper and read,

You were real fine your first time, girl.
You a real black cock slut.
Be seeing you and your belly soon, Ashley.


      Below was scribbled Ashley’s home address - in Derren’s handwriting.

      “How does he know where I live…?” Ashley asked as they bumped along the road.

      “I dunno,” Sandy shrugged, “You probably just told him before you fell asleep.”

      Ashley nodded. Seemed likely – she was so enraptured by his fucking she had begged for him to put his black baby inside her. An address could have easily slipped out along the way. Many things had last night, Ashley thought, feeling the gooey warmth still inside her as she smiled secretly…

Ashley’s Thoughts

      The rode on the near hour-long trip back to civilization, chatting excitedly about the night, some about Sandy’s three-way, but far more about Ashley’s first experience with black cock. By the time Sandy pulled up to Ashley’s clean, white house, the recently deflowered girl was smiling ear to ear.

      “Thanks again, Sandy,” she said, “I really enjoyed the party, and you really saved me back there.”

      “No problem,” Sandy said, grinning back likewise, “We wouldn’t want you really black pregnant, would we?”

      Ashley laughed, “Oh no! My whole family would probably freak out!” She closed the door and bid her friend farewell, nearly skipping into her large, well-adorned house. Her parents weren’t home, and Ashley thanked god as she ran to her room and closed the door.

      The moment she flopped onto her bed, she reached under her skirt. Had she really gone as crazy as she remembered last night? She must have – dirty dancing with a black guy, showing him her tits… Ashley smiled like the cat that got the cream, just as she felt more of Derren’s lukewarm spunk dribbling out of her very tender pussy.

      Ashley moaned, feeling the gooey mess left in her panties. She’d been a very bad girl last night, she thought. “I can’t believe I begged for this.” Two fingers slipped gingerly into her pussy, feeling so much of the black cum that she had bucked her hips and cried out for. Why did she beg for his baby? She could hear herself screaming it again, like a voice through fog, and she felt a strange but somehow familiar feeling inside her belly.

      “If Sandy’s hadn’t been there…” Ashley toyed with the cum, so frightening that morning but now seemingly so harmless thanks to the pill. A black man came inside her on her first time, and without danger of his little African swimmers fertilizing her eggs. She sighed, beginning to enjoy herself. It made her horny, even though she could hardly believe drinking as much as she did made her drop her clothes for Derren like a slut, a ‘black cock slut’… It terrified her to think that girl was inside her, one who would fuck a black guy unprotected, but then she remembered him again…

      “Mmm, Derren…” Ashley imagined him above her, his strong black cock pounding into her, saying all those dirty things in her ear as his coal-black abs rubbed against her belly and his hands gripped all around her breasts. Her fingers slid deeper with a squish, pumping more of that still-warm load out onto her bedsheets.

      Greg never had such a dirty mind or a hot body, Ashley thought. None of her boyfriends had - her white boyfriends… Ashley wondered if black men were somehow different than them, other than just their dark skin and exotic scent. She wasn’t even angry at Greg anymore – in fact, she forgot all about him and his blocky white dick. Derren’s long black cock felt so much better in her hands, and mouth, and pussy…

      A moan escaped Ashley as she sank her fingers completely into her wet, purring kitty. The remnants of Derren’s cum squelched inside her, reminding Ashley of how loud he made her scream, how good he made her feel – a white girl fucked by his magnificent black cock. Was she really a black cock slut like he said? She tried picturing some of the white men she’d fantasized about before, but soon enough Derren and his hard, dark African features came back, and drove her fingers even faster. She moaned, grabbing her tits and squeezing her hard nipples. She wondered if she could be satisfied by a white man like Derren satisfied her last night – or if only black men could.

      Ashley came, arching her back and letting loose a muffled wail into her pillow. She felt some of Derren’s African cum gush over fingers as her pussy clamped down, but felt more being suckled deeper inside her. Into her white womb.

      Catching her breath she laid back, taking out Derren’s note with her dry hand. Was he really coming back? Ashley wondered, but didn’t know… What would her parents think if they saw her with a black boy. What about her friends, her neighbors? They would disapprove so much of Derren just visiting her, not to mention fucking her again. What if she couldn’t help herself and let him take her bareback again?  She could almost feel his rough, naked, black skin inside her even then, so very dangerous and so very exciting…

      Ashley looked at the note again, and knew what she wanted. She’d be sorry to disappoint Derren’s wish to see her belly swollen with a black baby next time he saw her she thought, but she definitely wanted to see him again. The thought of Derren in her room late at night with his magnificent black body, slipping into her very own bed…

      She smiled and rubbed her legs together, looking forward to that after party.

Sandy’s Secrets

      Sandy smiled and waved as her friend skipped out of her car. They’d been out later than anticipated, but both Ashley’s and her parents would easily forgive them, Sandy knew.

      She laughed under her breath as her friend twirled into her house, carefree at having just lost her virginity in such a spectacular way. That Derren sure was a stud, Sandy thought. A real ‘Black Stallion’. She’d thought her friend would pick out one of her two drunken frat boys, or maybe a boulder like Greg. But no, she went for the black guy!

      The street was deserted, so Sandy slipped a hand into her panties to sate her growing itch. Ashley was so trusting, even as Sandy ordered up those ‘specials’. There wasn’t much special to them, except for the little ‘kick’ added to them - just enough to get the little blond pliant and horny all night. Sandy knew she’d hit the sweet spot from the way her shy friend danced, especially when Derren showed up and ground his black junk against her pretty white ass.

      She chuckled again, but a pleasured moan cut her off. Ashley hardly knew what a condom looked like, let alone one that was tampered with. Sandy made ‘Ashley’s Condom’ just for her. Just resealed the wrapped after making two razor slits in the tip of the ultra-thin plastic – not enough to leave a hole, but all it took was a few good hard strokes to tear it apart like tissue paper. And it worked perfectly!

      Sandy shoved a finger into her needing pussy. Ashley fucked bareback after that – Sandy thought he’d be a one-shot wonder like her two ‘studs’, and that would be that. Oh no! Ashley coaxed much more out of him. Her friend was just full of surprises – and still was, she thought with an evil grin.

      Sandy really fingered herself then. That black fucker just kept filling her up, over and over, having her screaming like a ghetto slut for his baby, his black baby! The thought of little blond Ashley with a big round black-pregnant tummy got her squirming in her seat – it was even better than Clay’s white bastards growing inside her own! The depraved girl ran her hand over her belly, feeling the slight swell even then. She’d begin showing in a few weeks, that she knew for certain. And what was the best part, the part that Sandy had to bite her lip about and had tried so hard to hide throughout the night despite her glee?

      That cute little Ashley soon would be showing too.

      Another finger joined her frantically pumping hand. She saw Ashley’s blue, beaming eyes as she was fed the magic pill to cure her black baby problem. Magic pill? Yes, the one Sandy made alongside the condom - a perfect little morning-after fertility pill that an innocent virgin would think was going to save her from getting pregnant, not ensure it!

      “I bet she’s in there now,” Sandy groaned, “Daydreaming about his big black cock, not even realizing his swimmers got to her precious little egg. Oooo, fertilizing it right now!” Sandy imagined his hordes of black sperm assaulting her friend’s innocent egg, catching it completely off guard and overwhelming the poor white thing with all their wriggling black tails. One would break in and stain her pure-white lineage with his dark African genes, just as Ashley thanked Sandy again for saving her from becoming another white slut knocked up black. She’d go to bed, blissfully unaware that her best friend had ensured her flat tummy would soon be home to the end of her family’s pure-Caucasian heritage!

      Sandy arched her back and came, and hard. She panted for a few minutes afterwards just coming down from it. Lazily she lifted her cum-soaked fingers, a faraway smile on her face. Everything went as planned, in fact far better than she ever hoped! She couldn’t let it end there though. Stopping that black guy bolting from the room as soon as Ashley fell asleep was difficult, but she managed it by convincing him Ashley would want more, and he’d be an idiot to pass it up when her best friend gave him her home address. She told him to come back in a few months – after seeing how his little white ho ‘developed’ during the meantime, and Sandy couldn’t believe how much that black guy was grinning when she took his picture on her phone next to his number with a wink…

      He’d be back, Sandy was sure of it. And she’d get to watch from the lofty place of Ashley’s most trusted friend. Because, you see, Sandy learned to love lying. An innocent little angel hiding her true slutty nature, she awoke to the intoxicating pleasures of being subversive, conniving, and so very naughty. Now she had reached an even greater pinnacle, a betrayal so grand, a lie so well-wrought, a trick so sinful to its very core…

      That Sandy couldn’t help herself but cum again at the very thought.


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