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Friday, March 30, 2012

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Impregnation Videos | Pregnancy Videos #12

I've been putting off uploading some videos mainly due to laziness, but also ironically because I had been collecting so many that I didn't know which ones to post. So here's to getting not-lazy and posting some!

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I have a hard time finding lovely black pregnant ladies, let alone ones as cute as this one. This movie plays out more like a cute couple rather than a hardcore porn, which is refreshing in itself. It begins with what could amount to just the very pregnant girl masturbating by herself, but soon thereafter her boyfriend walks in. He has been afraid to have sex with her, fearing he would hurt the baby (Which, for you interracial fans, is his white baby in her delicious black belly...), but they've both become so horny and lusty they make up for those sex-absent months here! Lots of hot pregnant sex, lactation, and quite a few cute (and by cute I mean super hot) things they say to one another ("Oh Daddy!"). Ends with him glazing her dark belly with his white seed, which sums up just about what I'd do in his position!

So real it's almost like you are really getting trapped by a manipulative bitch! Shot in first-person, Katie is baby-crazy and wants one, but also wants all that child support in exchange for some hot baby-making sex. Lots of impregnation dirty talk with the overall theme of entrapment, which may not be to everyone's tastes, but an intriguing thought is the kind of dangers a modern-day breeder would have to deal with anyway. Obviously our hero doesn't resist the temptation, much to her (and our) delight. No doubt she gets knocked up and will be rolling in the cash thanks to her breeder... A fun little scenario with some hot manipulation from her!

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This is a solo softcore video of an extremely adorable pregnant girl touching, fondling, caressing, posing, and playing before and during a shower. Very sensuous and slow and mouth-wateringly sexy, I have personally not actually seen all of the video yet - I love the first few minutes of her stripping down I haven't even properly made it to the rest of it! It is that hot for preggo fans. No words, just a smiling cute girl stroking her round belly and playing for us in the shower. An absolutely delicious clip!

[Warning: Does appear on 'Motherless', which has been known to have less savory videos, along with some having viruses. This one doesn't as far as I know, but do practice proper computer protection when viewing.]

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Damn, that is one hell of a friend zone! This doesn't involve pregnancy or creampies, unlike most of the clips I have on Impregnation Erotica, however this high-quality video (very high-quality considering it is porn) showcases some awesome breederly sex - just without the actual breeding. Very hot stuff, so I'll include it here.