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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sites To Check Out! #3

Hello again wandering wankers! It has been awhile since my last posting, and quite a bit more of awhile since my last Sites To Check Out thread. So, in order to give some worthy sites their just due and you all the chance to check them out, here is another installment of Sites To Check Out!
#11 - Rule34:

Another Booru-like picture posting site, Rule34 appears to have a different pool of pictures than the others. That means you can expect a greater variety than you get between those other two!

Alluding to the internet's Rule 34, there are quite a few pictures that reference characters from video games, shows, and so forth that normally don't fuck on screen. There are also a fair number of Furry genre pictures to be found there alongside all the other demi-human examples.

It does have a very rich wealth on pregnancy/impregnation pictures, the likes of which will no doubt delight my readers here! The key is finding the right tags, and furthermore you can choose which combinations of tags you would like to include or exclude for your picture searching. You can imagine what tags I immediately went for upon finding the site...


#12 - FetLife:

FetLife is a community site for kinky fetishes. Namely they cater to the BDSM community, with tons of dominants and submissives all over, but they have a wide variety of other kinks explored, including breeding and impregnation. It is free to create a profile and communicate with people, as well as join clubs which you can search for based on your particular kinks. They have additional features of user-submitted movies and the like which you would have to pay for, but they are not necessary to enjoy the site.

It does have a delightful sitemaker that has a tongue-in-cheek sense of humor, which you will see over the webpages, and for the most part the community there is fairly nice. It isn't as close-knit as smaller community sites like The ImpregNation, but you can meet up with people fairly rapidly if you put some effort into it - or just find some kinky photos and stories.

#13 - Jay Naylor:

For all the furry fans amongst us, this guy probably needs no introduction. One of the foremost artists in the Furry genre, Jay Naylor has been operating this site for a few years now. Besides having an extensive collection of free-to-view comics - which are fun to read, well drawn, but non-erotic - he has his Adult Catalogs which ARE erotic and have probably the best quality impregnation-themed furry comics I have ever found.

While he is definitely not exclusive to impregnation/breeding fantasies, he does have a fair number of his comics with well-done internal cumshots and more than a couple of stories that combine the raw animalistic side of sex with primal breeding motifs (they are animals in the end, after all). Particularly good examples of these are 'The Fall of Little Red Riding Hood' series and 'Breeding Bobbie' among others. You have to pay for them however, though not everyone chooses to support the artist on the internet...

If you are at all into the Furry genre or curious about it, Jay Naylor would be a first-stop to check out what it is all about - especially those comics of his that center on the breeding theme!

#14 - Lelu Love:

Lelu Love is an up-and-coming self-made erotic actress who happens to be very, very nice! I've had the privilege of speaking with her through emails, and for her part she has responded to every one, listened to my discussions on impregnation/breeding erotica, and even decided to personally sponsor the site-wide competitions on The ImpregNation by offering free one-month VIP passes to her site for the winners!

Aside from her stupendous generosity and overall nice-ness, Lelu Love runs a very interesting site. What began as a foray in exhibitionism has evolved into a personalized erotic video site. VIP members (Very Important Penis/Pussy from Lelu's definition) can readily chat with Lelu and request whatever plausible fetishes or fantasies that they would like her to perform in her daily/weekly shows - and she does! She has invested a great deal into her craft, and with her fertile imagination and eagerness to please her viewers she makes some pretty good stuff.

She is also one of the very few erotic actresses who acts out impregnation fantasies. Better than that, she has reported that the requests for her impregnation-themed videos has been on the rise as of late, and so she has been making more and more of those rare gems of babymaking films. If enough of we breederly-types joined her VIP section, we'd begin to see a lot more hot 'knock me up' talks and fertile creampies in the lovely lass for sure!

I can sing her praises all day, but everyone should check out her site and consider joining up with it or otherwise supporting her endeavors. Lelu really is one of a kind.

#15 - Rogue Translations:

I wanted to give my personal thanks to this guy. He has been hard at work translating into English the AWESOME game 'Monster Girl Quest', and just recently completed the 2nd chapter of it. He projects he will move onto translating another game called 'Violated Heroine', which features impregnation and pregnancy as a large part of the game (Monster Girl Quest does have some breeding scenes as well). So his efforts definitely deserve great praise and support, and I will be the first on here to say thanks to him and good luck on his future work! Make sure to check this guy's blog out and support his efforts.


  1. love this!

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  2. Love Rule #34 and all but it sounds like what you're really looking for is danbooru. Content is sorted much more thoroughly and there's alot more of it.

    for example.