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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Impregnation Videos | Pregnancy Videos #13

Brother Fucks Sister And Makes Her Pregnant

Here's a roleplay scene that is among my personal favorites. It won't win many awards for superb acting, but they deserve big kudos for giving it a shot! The story is a brother and sister are fooling around, and though they use a condom it breaks halfway through and he ends up filling his sister's fertile snatch with a huge load of cum. Delightful dialog between the two, either for laughs or for arousal, and in the end some good brother-sister breeding is always nice to see!

Mom Teaching Teen How To Not Get Pregnant

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Obviously she's a bit too late on prevention, but that doesn't stop her from stealing her daughter's boyfriend and showing her how a mature woman doesn't get knocked up! This is only a clip, and I will be searching for the full video in the days to come - It's too awesome to pass up! The mother find her teen daughter round with her early-on pregnancy talking with her boyfriend about it, and so mommy decides to teach her daughter a lesson. I love the references to the daughter's pregnancy, and her belly is absolutely sexy! Once I get ahold of the full thing, I'll be sure to post it here.

Mommy Gets Pregnant By Her Son

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This is a hot little clip of a son walking in on his hot mother masturbating, and getting seduced by the horny MILF. Jealous about her husband's "Business Trips", she decides her son would be a perfect substitute to fill her bare pussy with hot cum. Some nice fucking and a good creampie at the end. They flirt a little with the idea of her fucking bareback and possibly getting pregnant from the load shot into her maternal pussy, as he was supposed to pull out but who would from such a foxy lady! An enjoyable video with some cute and hot dialog.

Holly Gets Bred

A fairly standard 'Black Breeding' video, though fairly short, sweet, and to the point. Right from the start the black guy tells his white girlfriend it's time to impregnate her, and she eagerly sucks down his cock - I suppose that would be a yes then! Hilarious to see the very sloppy crew showing up in just about every shot (standing on couches, kneeling around, cameras clicking...), but it is a fair video with some great 'begging for black babies' dialog from her at the end.

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