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Friday, May 25, 2012

Project Announcement | Stories In Progress

Hello fellow impregnation enthusiasts! As I mentioned in my Summer Vacation post, I am busy at work on a few story projects. Hopefully over this summer I will complete more to come, but right now there are two forefront tales that will be taking up my time for now.

The first work-in-progress is from The Colony Series entitled "Training Day". It is the story of Connor, a breder-in-training in the futuristic Colony institution built to preserve humanity against a pandemic infertility of the human race through becoming the most fertile and sexually adept individuals possible. Connor is, however, simply a Trainee under the auspices of his alluring Instructor Miss Keelin. Training Day follows Connor as he is introduced to the Mount, a contraption designed specifically to test the breeding capabilities of full-fledged Breeders, and soon finds himself to be more than just Miss Keelin's star student...

This story is near complete, having already been published in an ImpregNation story contest. I wish to modify the version that appeared in that contest before posting it to my blog and elsewhere, and I expect the editing process to take less than a week once I get to it, which should be very soon...

My second major project of the early summer is the next chapter of my more recent story series Ashley's Dark Awakening. In the first chapter we met Ashley, a shy virginal senior in highschool who was brought to her first party by her outgoing friend Sandy. Getting drunk and seduced by a charming black man named Derren, she is tricked by her best friend into accepting a sabotaged condom and birth control to 'protect' her from the possibility of getting knocked up.

The second installment continues to follow Ashley's descent into dark desires. Set only a couple of months after the events of the party, Ashley is a changed girl. No longer the shy wallflower she once was, she is opening up sexually and otherwise as he confidence grows. Unbeknownst to her, however, her ego is not all that is growing inside of her. Sandy continues her subversive plot in this sequel to see how far her friend will go, and orchestrates a 'chance' meeting between Derren and Ashley that will inevitably lead to Ashley's own bed...

The first draft of this story is currently being written, and at the current pace that can be expected to be completed in a week or so. The editing for the second and third drafts will take longer however, so I am expecting to have this work completed in about two weeks from this post if I remain diligent in telling this tale of dark delights. In writing the first one I'd planned on making further chapters, which differs from other popular stories of mine like Tara's Breeding - though that doesn't exclude those other stories from sometime getting further chapters potentially.

Other stories such as the Demon RP may be worked on too, though in the RP's case it is a collaboration project and depends too on the availability of my partner. I also am shorting going to be able to produce an audio narration of one of my older stories, Primal Eloquence, which may appear on the blog if I can figure out how to post audio files. Aside from these minor possible side-projects, new projects with be contemplated and charted out once these two major projects are completed.


  1. Awesome! Can't wait, the last story was great!

  2. I cant wait for training day! Love your work.