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Friday, June 8, 2012

Story | Ashley's Dark Awakening: Black Seed Sown

Finally, after a few months of contemplation and weeks of writing, I may present the second chapter of Ashley's Dark Awakening!

Ashley's Dark Awakening: Black Seed Sown continues to follow the story of Ashley, a girl transformed from a reserved good girl into a woman lusting for dark men. Thanks to continuing manipulations, Ashley finds herself traveling further down the road towards her blackened destiny - carrying the dark seed that has been planted within her.

As before, Ashley's Dark Awakening contains interracial themes, strong dirty talk, non-consent breeding, and wicked deceptions. Be warned that this story contains strong racial vocabulary and vivid black-on-white breeding. Viewer discretion is advised.

Black Seed Sown
Showing Changes

      After that fateful party, everything changed. No longer a meek wallflower, Ashley paraded through the halls of her school, a girl bloomed into womanhood. Not only did she act the part, but looked it too: The tight wraps she once confined her breasts in lay discarded on her bedroom floor and silky bras replaced them, relieving her ample mounds from their long-imposed prison. She traded her jersey-tops for more fitting t-shirts, the kind that showed off her jutting chest and lithe body beneath the light fabric for everyone to admire – though not as much as her best friend Sandy was admired for her revealing attire. In the school and without, Ashley’s quiet trotting evolved into a confident stride, holding her golden head high and showing herself off willingly.

      More than that, everything around her had changed. The world took on a different light, and in fact the liberated blond began to notice and delight in the envious stares of the girls and the glances snuck by the boys. And she began to notice them. Before she hadn’t really paid any attention to them, since most of her school was typical of a Midwest town with everyone as light-skinned as herself.

      But after she met Derren, she noticed the black boys for the first time.

      Even though she hated Derren for not contacting her again after the party over two months ago, her attention wandered whenever she saw a black guy striding through the halls or prowling outside. Once she began to notice the dark men around her, Ashley began to see them everywhere: Handsome black boys that reminded her of Derren and that night when they fucked like animals and a black man took her virginity. It seemed as though they materialized all around her, but soon she realized it wasn’t just her taking notice of them.

      They were staring at her too. Not like the other boys who snuck a quick glance and shuffled away, or who pretended they weren’t staring at her firm chest as she walked by. No, she saw them sizing her up and down, taking their time to look her white body over from head to toe. They knew what they liked, and these black boys were grinning by the time their eyes had poured over her creamy legs and round breasts. Those stares, the kind which Ashley once hid from instinctively, she now reveled in. They wanted her. They hungered to have her white body, just like Derren hungered and took her that night to satisfy his lusty appetite.

      After the party Ashley soon found excuses to go walking downtown after school and on the weekends, wearing the clothes which Sandy eagerly helped pick out for her. Showy ones, like she had worn at the party – short skirts that rode high on her milky thighs and thin blouses that showed off more than a hint of her pale cleavage. Clicking along the sidewalks in her heels, she got quite a few looks from the passers-by, but none so exciting as the looks she got from the black men checking her out.

      About two and a half months after the party, Sandy and Ashley were hanging out in Sandy’s room, clothes once again strewn about as they scavenged for outfits for a weekend afternoon at the mall.

      “My my,” Sandy said, laying on her stomach and propped up on her elbows on her bed, “You’ve been acting pretty weird lately, Ashley.”

      “Weird? What do you mean?” Ashley looked herself over in the mirror, brushing her golden hair out of her face so she could see how well her yellow top complimented her light skirt. It didn’t, so she shucked the offending shirt off and tossed it aside with the rest.

      “Well, for starters, you used to hide the fact that you had boobs to begin with, let alone those big ones you’ve got more than enough of,” Sandy kicked her feet back and forth, watching her friend’s clothes come on and off like a content cat watching a mouse run to and fro.

      “Oh I know,” Ashley said, smiling as she turned around to face her relaxed friend, clad in just a velvety bra. She cupped her ample chest, generously overfilling her dainty hands, “I suppose I found out just what these girls can do for me. Besides, those wraps were getting really tight lately…”

      “Yeah, they sure were,” Sandy made it apparent she was ogling Ashley’s breasts, “They’ve been screaming to me all these years to escape and see the world. Good thing I showed them off at the party, eh?”

      “Pfft, you just wanted to show off what big boobs I have so you could catch some boys with them,” Ashley looked down at her bra. It really was getting pretty tight lately, she thought. So she unclasped it and let it flutter to the ground along with the rest of the growing pile of bras that proved too tight anymore.

      “I wasn’t wrong, was I? Caught them rather nicely I thought…” Sandy grinned. The twin mounds perched on Ashley’s chest perked up ripe and firm in the cool room. Ashley could have covered up her nipples with quarters and still have been modest.

      “No… I guess you weren’t.” All those hungry stares she’d been getting lately confirmed Sandy’s words. She turned halfway back to the dresser, thinking about how sexy she felt – so much sexier ever since that party with Derren.

      “Hehe,” Sandy giggled and gave Ashley a sly look, “I’ve seen how you like the boys looking at you. I always knew you were a naughty girl on the inside. It’s just showing now…”
Ashley didn’t see Sandy’s graze down her profile, her eyes moving from her proud breasts to her friend’s taut belly. Her heart skipped a beat with what she saw – the cat caught its mouse.

      “You think so, Sandy?” Ashley asked as she looked in a mirror, the beginnings of a blush crossed her proud face.

      “Mmm, oh yeah…” Sandy hummed, sliding her cell phone from her purse. “You’ve definitely been a naughty girl, dear friend of mine,” She aimed the silent camera at Ashley and pressed the button.

      “And soon enough,” she continued, grin widening as she slipped the phone back into hiding, “Everyone is going to see just how naughty you’ve become…”

      Ashley smiled to herself and laughed, thinking how right Sandy was. All those clothes her friend had been throwing at her to try on were so revealing and sexy, and only getting more so every weekend that passed by. She certainly liked showing off her best friend like she her favorite toy.

      “Oh, but I’ll never be as naughty as you, Sandy!” Ashley chimed in, looking over to her friend who hadn’t moved from her propped-up elbows since the beginning. Sandy smiled sweetly, nodding.

      “I know that,” she said, “I’m the Queen of Naughty, remember? But,” she rolled off the side of the bed with her purse, landing gracefully and making a little bow, “This Queen has to attend the throne room right now.”

      “May her Majesty’s make-up never smear,” Ashley replied with a mock bow herself, inadvertently showing off how easily her voluptuous breasts defied gravity. She turned back to the dresser humming and pawed through the colorful bras she was craving to wear while she swayed her bright panty-clad hips.

      Meanwhile Sandy slipped into the bathroom and locked the door. She pulled out the phone and glanced at the photo she’d gotten. It was a perfect shot, catching Ashley’s tits and skirt all in one. But more importantly, it caught what was in-between. Her hand slipped down her panties and gave her hot sex a little rub as she tapped out the single-lined message attached to it:

hey stud. she’s showing

       The phone bleeped and ‘Message Sent’ covered the screen. Unable to hold back any more, Sandy hiked her leg up onto the side of the bathtub and tore aside her soaked panties.

       “Mmm mm mmmm, Ashley…” she hummed to herself, “Looks like that fucker actually got you. Got you good…” Her pussy gushed around her fingers, and Sandy hardly tried to cover up the sloping squelches of her inspired pace. She imagined just how it had happened, all those wriggling sperm invading her sweet little body, finding a trusting egg just waiting patiently for some husband in the future, some bright-eyed blond boy to offer itself up to.

       “Hehehe, but you didn’t get him, did you Ashley?” Sandy wondered if her friend’s egg was surprised to feel all those eager sperm on it so soon, or if it even knew how different they were from it. But of course her body knew. It had to, feeling that black cock stretching out her little pink pussy. Did her little egg resist, she wondered? Did it fight against those dark sperm, trying to save itself from those potent African warriors breaching its walls? Sandy rubbed her clit feverously, seeing such a struggle play out before her eyes. Or did it lust for them?

       “Ohhh, you dirty girl,” Sandy moaned. She saw how Ashley had been looking at boys lately, ignoring all the ones she used to find so hot. Now the only ones she blushed for, the only ones she ended up checking out herself, were the dark ones. The black boys. Her friend’s egg didn’t struggle at all Sandy realized – it welcomed that black fucker’s sperm, wanted it, wanted his dusky sperm to take over her white belly! And now…

       “Now that little oven of yours has a little bun in it,” Sandy gripped her modest breast and arched her back. “Just like me! Mmhh!” Sandy moaned through gritted teeth as her own pregnant pussy quivered and pulsed around her fingers, on the very edge of release.

       “You’re just baking one that’s black! Oh fuck!” Sandy came hard and gushed down her thighs. She bit her lip hard to stop herself from screaming. Her arms shook, her pussy quaked, and overwhelming pleasure washed over her at the final thought of how she’d tricked her best friend into getting knocked up with a black man’s baby.

       Coming down from her high, Ashley called from the other room that she’d found something cute enough to get them all the boys they’d want tonight. Sandy rubbed her quieting pussy a few last times before cleaning up from her glistening cum and catching her breath. The phone buzzed softly on the counter, and she looked at the message:

where she at?

       Sandy’s lips curled into a devious smile. She wasn’t done with her trusting friend just yet. Far from it. Licking her lips at the thought, she arranged for a little surprise meeting in the mall for sweet Ashley…

Meetings in the Mall

       Once Sandy emerged from the bathroom and Ashley found an outfit that fit comfortably, the pair set off for the mall. Walking in high-heels and a short skirt along the mid-afternoon sidewalks certainly drew the stares of everyone passing by.

       Just like that night at the party, their short skirts swished more than halfway up their thighs, and more than once Ashley was sure the peeping guys could see her lacy black panties underneath. She’d smooth her skirt out of instinct of course, but Sandy flaunted herself with a grin. Ashley wore a more modest t-shirt, a snug bright-green to match her skirt that hugged around her waist and breasts tighter than she remembered. But she felt good, and the looks and head-turns she got in the street soon stilled her hands. They could have their show, she thought with a smirk.

       Finally arriving, the mall teemed with liveliness. high-schoolers milled about from store to store, salivating at the promise of summer vacation just a few scant weeks away, and college students walked the corridors calmly, saved from the hells of finals. But all Ashley noticed was that there were more black boys around in the mall than out on the streets, and all checking her out as she passed back. She couldn’t help but glance at them too, their eyes roving down her tight shirt and loose skirt, and over her pale skin.

       It reminded her of the way Derren looked at her with that hungry look, and though she bristled thinking about him, it nevertheless turned her on having that look from all these brazen men. Only the black guys stared at her like that, and Ashley liked giving them a little thrill by meeting their eyes sometimes. It made her heart jump.

       “You’re definitely not the Ashley I knew a few months ago,” Sandy said, “Too busy looking at boys to even talk about what cute things we can get.”

       “No no, I’m thinking about it… Just…” Ashley caught the eye of another black guy. He wore a college fraternity sweatshirt alongside his cohort of dark-skinned brothers that followed him. They all were checking her out, especially the guy with the wolfish grin that led them…

      “Right… It isn’t like you’re thinking about all those black boys doing naughty things to you like Derren did. That wouldn’t be like you at all!”

      Ashley opened her mouth to retort, but she was cut off by a loud and hard slap right to her ass. “Wahh!?” She yelped and looked around, and found the culprit flashing his teeth behind his black lips.

      “Mmm, now dat ass needs a brotha like me, don’t it girl?”

      “W-what??” Ashley stammered. The impact had turned a few heads, but Ashley and Sandy were the only ones to stand on the spot.

      “Hah! Ho be in denial ‘bout our brotherly love, boys! But I’m sure we’ll be seeing you and dat fine white ass ‘round soon…” the college boy said, and he and his troop didn’t even stopping as they sniggered past. Ashley rubbed her sore behind, staring shocked at their backs as they left.

      “Did you see that!?” Ashley whipped around to her friend.

      “Oh yeah!” Sandy smirked, “That was bound to happen, with you giving all those black boys googly-eyes.” She crossed her arms and watched her friend try to rub away the pain. From the sound she had no doubt her friend now wore a nice outline of his palm on her taut rump.

      Ashley frowned, but only a little. She nodded, learning the lesson the hard way. But as they began to talk about shops to visit, that bold spanking stuck in her mind - how hard his black hand came down on her, how bold he was to do that to a girl he’d just seen, and how it felt just like when Derren slapped her ass before sinking his dark meat into her… She resumed smoothing out her skirt again, trying to hide her quickly moistening panties.

      Soon enough the girls were filling their shopping bags with new clothes. Ashley filled her bag full of things she’d never even consider wearing in public just a few months ago – or even in private. She nodded quickly to the smiling clerk and stole away her matching pair of green-trimmed black thong and lacy bra, giddy with the prospect of trying them on later. She fingered the silky fabric thinking about how nice they’d look on her, especially with dark hands fondling her at the same time…

      “You sure like black panties all of a sudden,” Sandy said, putting away her own see-through purple lingerie with a sidelong glance, “Thinking the black boys will appreciate the contrast, hmmm?” She skipped along as Ashley tried in vain to defend herself. Ashley wondered how that girl knew what she was thinking all the time.

      The knowing brunette danced on, swinging her full shopping bag and peeking over her shoulder at Ashley with a growing smirk on her face. Ashley had to get her back, and she found her chance as they passed the perfect storefront: Mommy’s Maternity.

      “Hey Sandy, you’re forgetting to stop by here.”

      “Hmmm?” She hummed and turned on her heel. “We’ve already gone to the Silk Palace. Did you forget that garter belt you wanted oh-so badly?”

      Ashley pointed to the storefront, “No, I just thought you’d need to get some stuff here. After all, you’ll be needing it in a couple of months.”

      Sandy looked down at herself. It was getting pretty obvious, especially in her bare-midriff top. Her usual flat tummy curved slightly along her belly button, standing out between the lines of her pelvis. It was obviously a baby-bump. Most wouldn’t have seen it, but Ashley had been watching Sandy slowly growing these past few months, and now the brunette’s protruding belly confirmed her suspicions. Ashley couldn’t help but smile as her snarky friend gave pause for that brief moment as she stared down at her obvious condition.

      But that moment passed, and Sandy glared up through the bangs of her hair. “Well, if I’m going in to shop for baby clothes, you should be right behind me.” A thrill shot down Ashley’s spine like a bucket of cold water. In the flash she remembered that night with Derren, his bare black cock pulsing so hard inside her, blasting his thick fertile cum deep inside her unprotected body.

      “W-what?” Ashley tried to keep her cool, “No, I wouldn’t have to go in for a long time! I’m way more careful than you are, Sandy.”

      “Oh really? That coming from the girl who let a guy cum inside her on the first time. And a black guy at that!” Sandy leaned forward at the last part, as if hiding that fact from the sensitive ears of the mall-goers.

      “That - that was an accident!” Ashley fidgeted with her skirt again, being cornered by her own offensive. “I thought the condom was still working when he… did it in me.” The hot sensation of his sperm spilling down her bare thighs both terrified and aroused her beyond anything else. It still did.

      “So you’re saying you thought he had a condom on when he dumped his other loads on your chest, belly, and god knows how many else inside you? He didn’t strike me as the kind of guy who’d carry extras, you know?” Sandy leaned against a pillar with that wide grin on her painted lips, arms crossed under her modest breasts. Ashley remembered how Derren didn’t even once try for another condom… And she didn’t stop him. Didn’t even try to.

      “It was only two more times…” Ashley mumbled, but Sandy continued her carefree analysis without a hitch.

      “The way you fucked that night, I’d think even the pill I gave you had a tough time keeping up with all those little black swimmers,” Sandy tossed her head back and laughed, “But that’s why I am here for you, Ashley! To keep you from getting into too much trouble, you know?”

      “… I know,” Ashley said meekly.

      “That’s right.” Sandy leaned off the pillar and stretched, showing off her growing belly even more to the defeated girl, “Now, I think you’d look absolutely gorgeous in that black-and-white moo-moo right there. It’s even themed after your first time!”

      “Yeah yeah… Happy now?” Ashley collected her bags and continued on past Mommy’s Maternity, walking with head held high despite her failed jab at Sandy’s pregnancy. Only Sandy could turn her own pregnancy against another, Ashley thought. Sandy just smiled and followed behind, sneaking a glance at Ashley’s belly again.

      “Oh yes,” she said, “Yes I am quite happy…”

      Eventually the pair made it to the food court, laden with things they’d bought and Sandy’s incessant ‘suggestions’ of cute outfits for Ashley to wear for her ‘inevitable baby’. Ashley brushed it off as her stomach growled at her. She was famished. The girls visited the different shops, Ashley distracted by whirling thoughts of Sandy’s condition and her potent remarks, and after some time they sat down at a table amid the murmuring and milling mass of people.

      “Going for that ‘balanced diet’ approach, huh…?” Sandy eyed Ashley’s pile of food over her own.

      Ashley glanced at what she’d picked up absent-mindedly. Fried fish sizzled next to a meager pile of lettuce and ketchup on her plate, with a bowl of green mint ice cream to one side and a tiny pyramid of peeled oranges to the other. Ashley wouldn’t have thought of having such a weird combination of food before, or so much at one time, but even looking at it now the ketchup and ice cream together made her mouth water.

      “I just felt like it,” Ashley said, feeding her craving by taking a bite of the fish along with a scoop of the mint cream, “Mmmahhh! And it’s delicious!” she said before sipping at her tall vanilla smoothie.

      “Got to be careful about that though,” Sandy said, cattishly grinning over her own assortment of foods taken as if by random from the venders, “Eat like that too much and you’ll be growing around the middle soon enough.”

      “Rike rur not,” Ashley swallowed and continued, “I’ll be fine – It’s you who’ll have to be worrying about that belly showing pretty soon. You haven’t told your mom or dad about it either, have you?”

      “Nope,” Sandy said, taking a bite of out of her onion and pickle hamburger, “And I’m not gonna have to.” The confident girl gulped down her vanilla smoothie and gave a satisfied sigh as Ashley stared at her carefree friend.

      “What do you mean you won’t tell them? I mean, it’s not like you’re going to be able to hide that for much longer!” She pointed down at where her friend’s shirt rode up even further over the smooth curve of her tummy. The hidden half of her pregnant belly stretched out the thin cotton, but Sandy didn’t even blink.

      “Won’t have to. Summer is starting in just a few more weeks, and after graduation I’m heading to get our apartment for college. A little earlier than expected but…” she smoothed her shirt down to accentuate her baby bump, “Unexpected things happen, you know…?” The slumping girl then perked up and looked over Ashley’s shoulder. The corners of her lips curled and her eyes flashed with her devilish grin.

      “Hehe, well, speaking of the unexpected…” Sandy pointed, and Ashley following her nearly choked. It was Derren. Amongst the pale crowd he stood out easily, swaggering through the tables in long baggy shorts and sleeveless jersey. His black arms hung loose at his sides, the same ebony arms Ashley remembered pressing her lips against at the party. Despite her anger and shock from his escape after that night, her heart leapt when his eyes met hers across the room. Without hesitation the college boy began making his way over, parting the crowd as if he was walking to the table he’d always owned.

      “Oh shit, what’s he doing here!?” Ashley panicked, looking around for some way to escape. But there wasn’t any place to go now that he’d spotted her, and even if he hadn’t her legs refused to budge. Sandy giggled and stood up. “W-wait! Where are you going?”

      “I just remembered I have to pick something up at the one store…” Sandy said with a wink, pushing in her chair politely. Her face was a little flushed for some reason, though nowhere near as red as Ashley’s was getting.

      “Hey stop! What am I supposed to do!?” She eyed him as discretely as she could. The crowd wasn’t even slowing him down, just like it hadn’t at the party. When Derren wanted something, he got it. Ashley remembered that all too well…

      “Just act like you did at the party. Do what’s natural,” Sandy said, picking up her purse and bag, “Besides, I wouldn’t want to come between you two lovebirds, would I?”

      “We’re not lovebirds!”

      “Fine – the blackbird and his little white dove then. See ya!” Sandy whisked around and disappeared into the crowd before Ashley could even stand up. And now she was alone at the table, standing helplessly as Derren walked up as casually as he did on the dance floor.

      “Lookin’ fine, Ashley. Long time no see,” he said. Ashley shivered from hearing that dark voice again, but forced her eyes to meet his.

      “Hi. What do you want?” she said, crossing her arms.

      “What’s with that attitude? Ain’t you glad to see me?” Derren didn’t stop smiling even while acting hurt.

      “No, I’m not,” Ashley said. She didn’t even convince herself with that, but continued despite herself, “Why didn’t you show up after the party? You left my number and address, then never even said hello? What do you think I am?”

      “I think you’re a damn sexy white girl who got her first taste of dark meat. And liked it,” Derren flashed his pearly teeth when Ashley smoothed down her short skirt, trying to hide her creamy thighs from his wandering eyes. Her thighs were rubbing together on their own.

      “N-no I didn’t. I was drunk and… and I didn’t even want to be there.”

      “Really? You drunk now, Ashley? Cause you’ve got on the same clothes you did when I was grinding against that sweet ass on the dance floor… I bet you’ve got on some naughty panties under that skirt too, don’t ya?”

      Ashley didn’t say anything. It took all she could to keep staring daggers at him, her body betraying her already. Her heart raced and skipped a beat whenever he’d take another step forward, tearing off her clothes with his hungry eyes piece by piece.

      “How did you find me? What do you want now?” She asked.

      “What, you think I’ve been following you? Ha! Girl, I got your address – I could drop by whenever I like. I felt like going to the mall cause I just knew something interesting was going to cross my path. And here you are, girl…” He took a seat and leaned back with his arms behind his head. Even sitting down Ashley felt small next to him. He helped himself to some of Sandy’s leftovers, chuckling as Ashley stayed standing on the opposite side.

      “Look Derren, what we did was just a one-time thing-”

      “Wasn’t one time even then, girl. Admit it, you were begging for my black dick so many times you lost count. Just like a good black cock slut would.”

      “I’m not a slut!” Ashley said a bit too loudly, so she took her seat and moved in closer with a hushed voice, “I told you I was drunk, and when you’re drunk you don’t act like you normally do.”

      “Yeah, that’s right. You’re normally tryin’ to hide the fact that you’re made to fuck black men,” he informed her like he was telling her what the weather was. A part of Ashley fumed at his arrogance, but another part quivered with delight. She wrapped her arms around herself and closed her legs tighter, trying to suppress that other side along with her pattering heart and fluttering stomach.

      “Anyway,” Derren continued, “I know you’ve been thinking of me. Your freaky friend told me you were one of those quiet girls before I got to you…” He took another bite, making sure to lick his dark lips clean with a smirk. “And look at you now, shakin’ that sweet ass for all the brothers to see.”

      “It’s… it’s not like that…” Ashley meekly protested. She turned away, her ass still tingling to remind her where that boy spanked her.

      “Come on now girl, don’t be lyin’ to yourself. You know you’re wearing those black panties just for some brothers like me…” Ashley’s hands jumped to her skirt again, obviously too late to hide that fact from Derren’s keen eyes. “Girl, you’ve been thinking about how I took your little white flower since that night, haven’t you?”

      “… Mhmm,” Ashley nodded her head, starting to give into his dark voice.

      “Been thinking about my black dick pounding that sweet white pussy of yours too, huh?”


      “Yeah girl, I bet you’ve been getting off thinking about getting fucked by my big nigger dick, haven’t you?”

      “Yes…” Ashley felt light-headed, the murmur of the milling crowds around fading away as Derren’s commanding tone hypnotized her more and more. Her heart beat harder in her chest, and her knees weakened as she leaned forward in the chair.

      “That’s right, ho,” Derren cooed, reaching his arm under the table and lifting up her clover-green skirt, “Damn, white pussy creaming for me already, huh?” He said, running his fingers over the thin material of her dark lacy panties. She closed her thighs instinctively around his invading hand, but that just made her feel more of his ebony skin against hers. She felt her pussy quiver.

      “Ugh… yeah…” she tried to whisper, but it was hard the way her heart beat in her ears and her stomach flipped inside her. His fingers pulled her panties aside slowly, getting closer to her bare pussy as the unaware mall-goers milled about, oblivious to the black fingers laying on her ivory lips.

      But then, the mesmerized girl felt something wasn’t right. Not with his touch, but with her stomach.

      Ashley stood and stumbled back. She gripped her stomach, which lurched around her mis-matched meal. Ashley held back a gagging reflex and spun around in the already spinning room, looking for a bathroom. Luckily one was right nearby, and she rushed to it as best she could through the crowd as she clutched her middle. Derren sat coolly at the table, not saying anything and hardly even reacting as the sick girl ran off.

      Ashley could only think about how strange the look was on his face before she turned away – a faint grin on his lips as if he was expecting this all along...

The Dark Discovery

      Ashley flushed the toilet, panting for breath and groaning on the ground next to it. That combination of food tasted delicious going down, but not coming back up. Her stomach rumbled, emptied totally, but Ashley didn’t feel hunger. She felt ice cold and petrified as she held her belly.

      “Could I be…?” She didn’t want to finish that sentence, even to herself. But now so many warning signs appeared – the tighter clothes, the weird cravings, and now the nausea. It all pointed to one and only one thing…

      Mercifully the bathroom had been empty when Ashley ran in, but now the door swished open and the tell-tale clacking of heels echoed in the small gray-tiled room. Ashley knew who it was immediately.

      “Ashley?” Sandy called, “Are you still in here?”

      “Yeah… I’m right here…” Ashley’s voice quavered.

      “There you are!” She opened the stall and kneeled down beside her pale friend. “God, I was coming back and saw the table was empty, and I thought you ran off with that black guy again. But then he showed up and told me you ran off to the bathroom. What happened?”

      “Got sick.” Ashley groaned.

      “Sick? You didn’t look sick before…” Sandy tapped her chin thoughtfully, “It wouldn’t surprise me if you got food poisoning, or your body just realized all that crap you were eating wasn’t meant to go together…”

      Ashley shook her head slowly, “No. It was all of a sudden when I was talking to Derren. You ate the food here too, so it can’t be that…” Ashley shivered and looked down at herself again. At her quieting stomach.

      Sandy was quiet for a moment, then drew in closer, “Do you think it might be… you know… something else?”

      “I don’t know,” Ashley whispered back, as if her parents somehow could listen in on their conversation. “I… I’ve been noticing some things lately… But it can’t be. I was safe. You got me that pill.”

      “They say they’re not always 100% effective…” Sandy said gravely, “Just like condoms, you know?” Condoms. Just like the one that Ashley saw shredded and tattered at the base of Derren’s cum-slick black cock the first time he came inside her. And after that…

      “Oh god,” Ashley moaned, clutching her belly and rocking, “Oh god…”

      “Hey, hey, calm down!” Sandy gripped her friend and hugged her close, “You don’t know that yet. It could be just… coincidence.” Ashley stared at the floor. Sandy’s pregnant belly was pressing against her side. It wasn’t helping the shivering blond to stay calm.

      “Yeah… Yeah, it could be just… that…” Ashley breathed hard. Trying to catch her breath after a mile run was easier than this. Sandy stroked her hand through Ashley’s askew hair.

      “That’s right,” she said, “So let’s stay calm until we know for sure, okay?” Sandy reached back and pulled a little box out of her bag. She put it in front of Ashley’s downturned eyes.

      “Here. You’ll probably need this…” Ashley stared at the tiny box, its pink and blue letters so innocent despite what it was meant to foretell.

      “You have extras of those just lying around?” the stricken girl asked, not looking away from it.

      “I picked up some while you were talking to Derren. I had to make sure for myself if I actually am pregnant you know.” There it was, the word Ashley was dreading. Pregnant. Ashley’s mind ran circles around it. Pregnant. She could be pregnant right now. Derren could have gotten her pregnant. She took the box and looked. ‘Early-Sign Pregnancy Test’ was spelt out in flowing pink letters across the box. It shivered in her hand.

      “Thank you…” Ashley whispered, her voice hardly being heard even by herself. Her stomach flipped over and over inside her, but now it was in panic and not sickness. Sandy smiled and patted her friend.

      “Don’t worry Ashley,” she said, “I’m sure it’ll come back negative. Me on the other hand…” she patted her belly softly with a cattish grin, “I don’t think I’ll be so lucky, you think?”

      “No, probably not,” Ashley replied with the briefest faint smile before staring hard back at her pregnancy test.

      Sandy laughed and stood up, helping Ashley to her feet as well. “It’ll be ok, Ashley,” she hugged her friend, drawing in close and holding her tight. “What are the chances of getting knocked up your first time anyway? I’m expecting good news honestly,” Sandy pressed her swelling belly against Ashley as she spoke. She knew her friend was trying to calm her down, but she glanced at the box again over her friend’s shoulder.

      “God I hope you’re right Sandy,” Ashley whispered.

      “I’m certain I am…” Sandy replied, chin hooked over her friend’s shoulder and grinning ear-to-ear.


      Ashley waited on the toilet beside her test that sat on her bathroom countertop. Sandy had taken Ashley home and then left, telling her friend to call when she found out what the test said. The whole trip was like a dream, and now sitting and waiting for the results felt like forever. She turned the box over again to read how long it took. Five minutes. It felt like hours since she’d stepped into the bathroom and managed to take the test. The white and pink stick wasn’t doing anything yet, but soon it would tell Ashley either she was worried for nothing, or…

      She jumped up and paced the room. Her parents were gone for the weekend, and she thanked God for that. The house was all to herself, but that barely comforted her now. She crossed her arms and watched the test like a prisoner watches the executioner. Still no change. Ashley breathed in deep and tried to get her mind off it. She stretched her arms above her head and half-yawned, but her eyes caught her midsection in the mirror as her shirt rode up. A dreadful curiosity gripped her, and Ashley slowly pulled her tight shirt up over her firm breasts to see it all.

      Her belly was smooth and slightly tanned as it always was. Track kept herself in trim shape, and she always loved how her belly was neither too muscled nor too soft. She followed the subtle line from her sternum down to her belly button where it faded away, and stared closely. She did seem bigger – not much, and she hadn’t noticed it at all before, except that her shirts felt a little tighter and her bras weren’t fitting. She’d thought it was end-of-the-year stress like normal, but she turned to the side and saw it either hit her much worse this year or something very different was happening inside her right then.

      Gently she ran her hands down that tiny slope. It could be nothing, she told herself again and again even as her fingers felt that it was definitely something. She remembered how Derren’s hands wrapped around her waist, those black fingers rubbing on either side of the pale belly she was looking at now. She reveled in the memory - the contrast his hands had against her alabaster skin, the way he gripped her with a command none of her other boyfriends ever dared to. He held her like no man ever had. No, she thought, like no white man ever had…

      Despite her growing worry as the clock slowly ticked by, Ashley found herself stroking her belly and thinking back on Derren again: How angry and glad she felt to see him in the mall, how irritating and arousing his confidence was, and how odd that look on his face was in the end – that half-smirk as she held herself and ran to the bathroom. He wanted her just like before, and if she hadn’t of gotten sick she just might have given in like Sandy thought she would. Ashley didn’t keep condoms with her, and Derren already told her he hated them. Would she have let him fuck her bareback again…?

      Maybe Sandy was right, Ashley thought. Maybe she would end up going to the maternity store if that was the way she got around Derren. But Sandy said black guys, didn’t she? Would she allow herself to get so worked up with other dark-skinned men? Like the guy who slapped her ass and made her moisten in just an instant… Maybe Derren was right too, the blond girl thought – maybe she was a black cock slut after all…

      She bowed her head, and then time stopped. She happened to glance at the test, and it showed her its answer in bright pink letters. She reached out, picked it up, and brought the little stick close to her face. She could read it from the counter, but she stared at the answer without breathing:

Congratulations! You Are Pregnant!

      Ashley’s nearly fainted. Somehow she caught herself on the counter, unable to tear her eyes away from the result.

      “Pregnant,” she said aloud, “Pregnant – It says pregnant.” She must have read it a hundred times, shaking it to make sure it hadn’t failed on her. She read the box again, seeing how likely it was a mistake:

Guaranteed to be accurate in 99.99% of pregnancies.
      It wasn’t a mistake. It couldn’t be. She felt herself with her hand again. The blond girl in the mirror stared back at her, gripping her all-too pregnant belly. It was so obvious now – as if in the few minutes after taking the test the bump had grown to a hill rising from the plain of her midsection. She felt underneath her skin and muscles a little knot. It was her stretching womb. Growing with a new life.

      Swelling with Derren’s baby.

      Ashley sunk to the floor. Her bare knees hit the rug in front of the sink. She didn’t feel it. She went numb, save for her ghostly fingers touching the swell of her belly. “I’m pregnant,” she choked out to herself, “I’m actually pregnant…” She thought saying it would make it less real, make it into something she could handle. But it didn’t. In fact, reality came crashing down on her all the harder because of it. And then she heard the doorbell ring downstairs.

      Despite her staying still as she could, quaking as she held her midsection, the ringing wouldn’t stop. The chime played more than ten times before Ashley rose to her feet. She pulled her shirt down and opened the bathroom door. She walked down the hall and descended the stairs. She reached the door, and in her waking daze she opened it as calmly as she could with her quivering hand.

      “Looks like you’ve seen a ghost, girl.”

      “What are you doing here?” Ashley demanded. The sight of him snapped her out of her haze and kindled a rage inside her like she’d never felt before.

      “Just checking up on your sweet white ass,” Derren leaned against the doorframe with a growing smirk painting across his face, “You ran off on me in the mall and looked pretty sick. Had to see if you got home all safe and sound, right?”

      “Cut the bullshit!” Ashley yelled, “What the fuck do you want!?” She didn’t care if the neighbors heard. But neither did Derren from the way his grin grew wider.

      “Cuttin’ to the chase – that’s my girl,” He grabbed the doorframe like he owned the place and started to walk in.

      “What are you doing?” Ashley pushed against his chest. It was like pushing back a brick wall, “Get out! I didn’t say you could come into my house!”

      “Ooo, what’s this now?” He gripped her small wrist and held it high. Ashley gasped. Clutched in her fingers was the test, her knuckles having turned white around the little stick. She tried to yank herself away, but it was useless. In one swift motion Derren snatched the test from her tightest grip. Ashley shrunk back, gripping the door as her knees threatened to go slack again.

      It was quiet for a long moment as he looked at the pink words. Derren’s grin faded away, and his face hardened. The cold night air slipped under Ashley’s short skirt. Derren turned the test over, contemplated it one last time, and then tossed it into the nearby bushes.

      “Show me,” he commanded. Stunned, Ashley didn’t even think as she curled her fingers under the hem of her shirt and meekly pulled. The cool night air wisped over her bared belly, and her porcelain skin glowed under the porch light. The small but apparent shadow of her baby bump cast itself onto her bright green skirt.

      “I’m pregnant,” Ashley said, trembling as she stared him in the eyes, “And it’s yours.”

      Derren stares at her exposed midsection. Ashley felt a pang between her thighs as his gaze traced along the contours of her changing body. The heat of his eyes grazed over the tiny bump, his baby. A terrible anticipation gripped her as Derren’s eyes fixed themselves on the evidence of their night together. Finally, his lips curled and his teeth flashed in the night. He  threw his head back and laughed.

      “Damn girl! I didn’t believe it when I saw it, but a brother can’t deny what’s right in front of him!” Ashley stepped back in shock, not knowing whether to relax or to scream. “Shit, ain’t you ever heard of birth control, ho?”

      “It wasn’t my fault!” Ashley protested, still reeling from his jovial take on it all, “I had you use a condom, and I took the morning-after pill right after you left me.”

      “One broken condom and a faulty pill. Girl, it’s lucky you ain’t got more black babies running around by now. But you’ve got one now, don’t you?”

      “B-Black!?” It hit Ashley like a thunderbolt. She was too wrapped up in discovering her pregnancy to realize it was Derren who did it – Derren, who bent double laughing and propped himself up on either side of the doorframe with his coal-black arms. She didn’t just get pregnant – she got pregnant by him!

      “No shit girl, I sure as hell ain’t making any white babies,” he chuckled, “You’ll have a black baby like a real black cock slut!” He straightened up again, filling the doorway as his laughter subsided with a final sigh. Ashley stood back from the door petrified, fixed to the spot with her dark revelation. Derren could however, and he took the opportunity to step into her house like an honored guest.

      “H-hey! I said…” Ashley’s voice sounded far-away even to her own ears. If Derren heard her, he didn’t care. He strolled about her living room and kitchen, inspecting her house like he already owned it.

      “Got a nice place here girl,” he said, “Bet your parents are rich off their white asses, huh?”

      “I didn’t say you could come in,” The door closed behind her with the breeze.

      “What? You gonna leave your baby’s daddy out on the porch? That’s cold, girl.” Ashley shivered again. Derren still wandered, looking and commenting on the pictures and the furniture as if he’d never seen such nice things before. Ashley was too lost in her thoughts that all revolved around having a black man’s baby growing inside her white belly.

      But soon enough Derren stepped in front of her again. “Where’s your room?” he said, or rather demanded.

      “It’s upstairs.”

      “Show me.”


      “Cause I don’t fuck on the couch.” Ashley bristled and narrowed her eyes.

      “You still think we are having sex? Didn’t you hear what I told you!?” Derren shrugged with his cocksure attitude and stared into her glaring eyes.

      “Damn right, ho. Now show me your room.” Ashley couldn’t disobey – it was like he’d already made the decision he would see it. But as Ashley walked up the stairs, feeling his hungry eyes roving along her ass and legs, she growled over her shoulder.

      “You’ll see my room, and then you’ll either talk about this or get out. Understand?”

      “Mmm, girl, you better believe we’re gonna talk about it…” Even then his voice dripped with lust, and a small part of Ashley felt like she was walking through the mall again with all those black men checking out under her skirt. Derren certainly was right then.

      Ashley mounted the last step and walked down the hall to her room. Derren followed silently, though his heat played on her back the whole way. She opened her door and walked in, not bothering to invite him since he’d already taken that liberty at the front door. He took a look around her room at all the track trophies and the tidy closet and the girlie trinkets on her shelves, but his eyes fell onto her queen-sized bed and stayed there.

      “Eager for company, girl?” he asked, pointing at her large bed.

      “Never,” Ashley knew that was a lie. Before today she’d had guilty fantasies about Derren coming into her room, taking her like he did at the party on her own bed. How naughty it was then to think of just bringing a black boy into her home to fuck her white pussy. Now as she touched the tiny bump through her shirt, she realized just how much naughtier reality became.

      Derren grunted, and turned his attention back to Ashley, “So, what’s with your clothes still being on, ho?” He shut the door behind him, and the lock clicked shut.

      “Derren, we’re not having sex. We need to talk.”

      “We can talk as you show me those firm white tits, bitch.”

      “Derren, I’m pregnant! I’m gonna have a baby – your baby!”

      “Mmm, that’s right ho… Gets you all hot and bothered, don’t it?”

      “What? No! I-”

      “Hey!” Derren cut off Ashley’s train of thought in an instant and continued, “Don’t you lie again, ho! When I got in that white pussy of yours you begged me to knock you up. Give you a little black baby, you said. Well,” he grabbed her shirt and yanked it up over her bra, “I gave you one, didn’t I?”

      Ashley didn’t try to cover up. When he touched her it felt like lightning flashed through her veins. It felt good, Derren’s touch, the same touch she’d been fantasizing about late at night. The touch of a black man. But her realized terror and fear kept her mind reeling, despite her body’s burning desire.

      “I was drunk – I didn’t know what I was saying!”

      “Look at you, lying to yourself now too. Face it Ashley, you were a black man’s slut then, and you still are. You’ve been craving my black dick every night since then, and if I hadn’t of come over tonight it would have been another black man somewhere else, wouldn’t it? I know black cock whores when I see them, and you girl are a natural-born slut,” Derren stripped off his jersey and threw it aside – Ashley held back her breath so she wouldn’t gasp like she did the first time seeing his strong ebony chest.

      “And now look at you,” he continued and prowled around the stunned girl, “Now the white girl trying to lie about herself is gonna be a black baby mommy. There ain’t gonna be hiding it after that girl, not after you’re pushing around a stroller with a black baby in it, when everyone will see what a slut you are for black dick. And that turns you on deep down, don’t it?”

      His voice oozed over Ashley’s mind heavy and thick like intoxicating molasses. For the briefest moment as he spoke Ashley’s terror shrank back. She succumbed to the mesmerizing effect he had on her, his deep black voice drawing her in like a moth to flame. For a split second she saw herself pushing that baby-blue stroller, showing everyone what kind of men she was spreading her legs for and having all those dark-skinned guys leering at her fertile white body.

      For that split second, Ashley’s belly fluttered and her pussy quivered. It craved dark meat, and would have it tonight.

Black Seed Sown

      Derren sensed as much, and his wolfish grin widened, “Yeah, there’s that look again. You’re thinking about black dick, aren’t you? I bet you’ve been craving a real fucking too, just like you were in the mall. Wasn’t even a minute before your white pussy was drooling for my black dick…” He reached under her skirt again, though she didn’t interrupt him this time. Ashley stiffened and held back her breath as his hot fingers played along her slit. She closed her thighs and trapped his hand against her moist panties. She couldn’t tell if she was trying to stop him or encourage him.

      “Damn, you’re one wet slut. Thinking about me fucking you will do that to a white bitch,” His coal-dark chest rubbed against her snowy flesh and his tented shorts prodded her hip. The great bulge made her tingle all over, and her eyes couldn’t stop looking at it. That black cock that caused all this – that ebony tool which made her stomach flip and heart stammer, that hard dick that fucked her all night her first time, that dark snake which was the source of all her nervous shaking and hot panting now.

      “Don’t hold back girl,” Derren said in her ear, “Unwrap your black Daddy’s present…” Slowly, Ashley’s hands found his shorts. They slid down his waist easily – so loose they threatened to fall off if it wasn’t for his growing bulge beneath. She took down everything the first time, her eagerness showing in her wide eyes as she watched his onyx member slither into view. It was just as she remembered. That long veiny cock had burned its image into her mind when she saw it the first time. She didn’t hesitate at to touch his imposing member now though, lifting it gently like a snake that would bite if she was too eager. It certainly drooled its dusky poison onto her slender fingers.

      “That’s it girl. I’d say you don’t have to worry about it, but then again…” his hand came down on her belly and she stiffened again, “Looks like this black snake bites after all.”

      “That’s not funny,” Ashley said, but Derren chuckled. Despite anger rising to the fore Ashley’s hand diligently stroked along his cock, her body ignoring her thoughts in favor of his dark flesh.

      “Never said it was funny, girl. I say it fits you just right, being a knocked up black cock slut.” A few months ago Ashley would never have endured someone calling her a slut, and no one would have called her back then one either. But now Derren proclaimed it loudly, and though her fist clenched it curled around the man’s stiff prick, sliding along its hardening length in long, slow pumps.

      “Fuck you,” Ashley growled, “I’m not a slut…”

      “Damn right you’re not a slut – You’re a black man’s ho, bitch. Now get your sweet white ass on that bed.”

      “I said we weren’t going to have-”

      “Ho, you can’t even say that without looking at my nigger dick. I told you not to be lying, didn’t I? You white sluts just can’t listen, huh? So I’ll say it again,” He stared her in the eyes and slapped his hand down onto her ass and squeezed – hard, “Get. On. That. Bed.”

      “Ahh! Y-Yes…” Ashley began to crawl onto the bed, but as she got one leg up Derren stopped her. He stole a hand under her little skirt at the first opportunity.

      “Not so fast bitch. Damn, you’re eager for some black dick ain’t you?” He chuckled and grabbed a fistful of her delicate panties, “You won’t be needin’ these anymore, ho!” He peeled the wet fabric from her soaking pussy and down her thighs. She yelped but lifted her legs one at a time so he could take them off entirely. Her exposed lips felt the cool air breezing under her tiny skirt.

      “Mmm, so this is what’s been hiding under that skirt of yours,” Derren twirled her thin black panties between his fingers. His skin nearly matched the midnight lingerie, and already his hand glimmered from her panty’s wetness, “I heard white girl tastes like candy – you heard that before Ashley?”

      “No,” She said, sitting on her bed and covering up with her skirt as best she could. Her shirt was still bunched up and exposing her black-lace bra to him however.

      “Well I don’t believe it,” he said, tossing the panties aside. The light material fell like a damp towel. “I’ve tasted pussy before and it ain’t never been sweet. But then again,” he mounted the bed, like a dark wolf hunched over his prey, and pulled the petite girl by her ankles down towards his hungry mouth, “I ain’t had a white girl’s cunt before…” He spread her legs and flipped her skirt up before leaning down between her thighs.

      “What are you~,” Ashley’s question dissolved into a shuddering moan as Derren’s broad tongue fell on her delicate folds. In long strokes he lapped along her little slit as its inexperienced petals quivered against his lips. Ashley had always heard about guys going down on girls, but none of her boyfriends ever tried – they didn’t even mention it besides begging her to go down on them. But they were different than Derren. So much different. The girl squirmed and moaned and clamped her pale thighs against his face and curled her fingers into his black coarse hair.

      “Mmm mmm mmm,” Derren hummed as he plunged his tongue into her slick hole. The vibrations jolted across her clit and into her electrified lungs. She tried holding back her moans, not having wanting Derren between her legs in the first place, but she couldn’t help herself with him humming against his meal like that.

      “Oooooh - mmmm!” Ashley clamped her mouth shut, only to have it gape open again as he lapped deeper and kissed her pussy harder. He made sure to slurp and suck on her, to fill the room with the sounds of her white pussy being eaten out by a black man. After only a few minutes she felt her legs shivering and that tell-tale tightening warmth deep inside her belly. Half trying to push him away and half holding tight with her thighs, she fell over the edge and came.

      “D-Don’t stop! Don’t sto – ohhhh cumming!” Ashley came with a girlish wail, bucking up against Derren’s grinning lips. He wrapped his strong ebony arms around her thighs and tamed her wild hips, gripping her taut ass firmly in either hand. At the upturned angle he quickened his motions, feasting on the spasming girl’s defenseless lily as it quavered and oozed its silky nectar down his chin.

      Ashley’s mind went blank, lost in the motions of her flailing body and the way he held her down, dominating her white flower entirely. That feeling rode on the back of her orgasm, and her begging cries dissolved into panting moans as she finally fell back onto the bed spent.

      “Damn ho, your pussy tastes fine,” Derren smacked his lips as he pried her thighs from the sides of his head and opened them up again.

      “Like… candy?” Ashley managed.

      “Naw, your white cunt tastes better than fuckin’ sweets,” Derren crawled further up, the heat of his belly warming her already dripping pussy. “Looks like you enjoyed yourself, ho,” Derren laughed as Ashley who, despite her best attempts, couldn’t mask the stupid smile spread across her face.

      “I – well, no one ever did that to me before,” Ashley said, trying to close her legs. She wouldn’t have been able to the way her whole body shook, but definitely not with Derren’s hands pinning her knees to the bed.

      “Well then, you lost your cherry to a black man’s cock and tongue now, ho!” Derren laughed again, rubbing his stomach against her hips and making Ashley jump as another jolt ran through her. She didn’t stop him as his hands mashed her breasts, first through her lacy bra and then, with a swift reach and snap, directly on her tender flesh. Her tiny nipples hardened when he shucked her tight shirt off entirely, and she moaned when his rough palms and fingers rasped against every inch of her firm hills.

      She tried to catch her breath while Derren licked his glistening lips. “Hmmm, your white pussy tastes so fine… I wonder if it’s cause it knows there’s a black baby right in here,” he then ran his palm along the panting girl’s belly, right over her womb where her bump was rising and falling with her labored breaths.

      That snapped Ashley out of her reverie like a bubble bursting. “What is wrong with you!?” Ashley tensed and pushed his hands off, glaring at him, “You’re acting like it’s some joke! We’re in big trouble, and you won’t even talk about it seriously!”

      Derren’s smirk fell as he eyed her, propped over her body like a dark tent. “I am talkin’ about it, ho! You think I ain’t been thinking about you getting knocked up since you were begging me at the party? Heh, I’ve been waiting to find a real black cock slut like you to plant my nigga seed in for a long time.”

      “What!?” Ashley’s blood froze in her veins, “You wanted to knock me up??”

      “Damn straight, ho! I told you I ain’t never pulling out of some hot white bitch, and you know why?” He lunged up her body and pressed his hand back onto the tiny swell of her belly, “Cause I want to knock up some pale white bitch. I want to watch a prim and proper white slut strut around, knowin’ she’s got a coal black baby kickin’ inside her belly. I’ll make her a black man’s slut for life, a real ho for nigger dick, especially when her little belly grows nice and round…” He stroked and petted her belly, as if urging his black baby to grow even then.

      While he spoke, staring down into Ashley’s petrified eyes, the blond’s body betrayed her rage and confusion. Already hot from being eaten out, Ashley’s fair pussy was juicing again. She tore her eyes from his and watched his hand – his black fingers played across her smooth white skin, a contrast that now penetrated into her very womb, to the center of her being. His African snake thickened up her inner thigh, stretching closer to her bare pussy. She’d been taught to use a condom, but as his dark length drooled so close to her sex, she realized it was too late for that…

      “I… I’m not a slut…” Ashley whispered, her voice small. Why did it feel like a lie?

      “Heh, you just keep sayin’ that Ashley,” Derren said, sawing his cockhead up between her moist folds, “Just keep sayin’ that when all your shirts start showin’ off your belly. Tell your freaky friend you’re not a slut when she finds out I knocked you up. Show everyone what a good little white girl you are when you’ve got a little nigger baby on these creamy tits of yours.” He mashed her breasts again, enclosing her porcelain flesh in an obsidian prison. She arched compulsively into him despite his words cutting to her core.

      “Ugh… I’m not… a slut… nooo,” Ashley moaned.

      “Heh, alright girl. You ain’t just a slut,” Derren bore the head of his African member into her tight body, and Ashley bucked her lily-white hips to meet him without command. He had only stopped for effect, grinning as Ashley unwittingly proved his point – and she knew it.

      “Yeah girl, you ain’t just a slut. You’re a real black man’s slut!” The only argument that escaped her lips was a howl as he plunged into her long awaiting pussy.

      “Ah – fuck!” the meek girl cried, “Not so hard! Not soo – oohhh!

      “That’s right ho! Take that black dick,” Derren growled, ravaging the stunned girl. But she didn’t just lay back. She couldn’t. No, her arms wrapped around his strong back, holding on as her innocent bed rocked and creaked. Her mattress was firmer than the last bed, forcing every thrust to be borne by her shaking hips and pussy. It was better than she remembered, better than she fantasized. Derren pounded her white pussy, and her cries muffled against his dark shoulder.

      “Ahhh – mmm! Oh-oh God!”

      “Like this black dick, ho?”

      “Oh yes! Yes!”

      “You’re a nigger’s bitch, ain’t ya?”

      “Mmmm, I’m a nigger’s bitch! Fuck me hard – Ahhh!

      “You love bein’ a nigger’s knocked-up ho, don’t you?”

      Derren stopped as Ashley fell silent again, though still mewling softly and circling her hips against him. “D-don’t stop… but don’t talk about-”

      “Ho!” Derren rammed into her, driving his cock in like a stake as she yelped with pain and pleasure, “I talk about what I want, and I want to hear your call me your black baby Daddy, slut!”

      “You’re my… my…” She couldn’t do it. The fear and shock of reality was just too much. When Derren fucked her it was like the first night when all there was to worry about was when she’d cum again and where he’d spray his hot spunk again. But now he reminded her what happened that night, what his long ebony weapon had planted inside her. Deep inside, where she was supposed to only ever let her future husband touch - A white husband who’d give her babies with her blue eyes and light hair when she was ready. But Derren’s sperm beat him to it – they took her family’s entire European lineage and darkened it in a single night. And the result was growing in her womb just beyond her cervix where his dangerous onyx tool was grinding.

      “Get your ass up,” he said.

      “What? But I thought-”

      “I said get your ass up, bitch!” Derren roared, pulling out despite how tightly her little pussy clamped onto him. Ashley moaned – even his withdrawing cock twinged her with shivers. But daring not to anger him or worse yet be denied his magnificent cock, she obeyed. As she rolled over and rose to her knees in front of him, he struck under the fringe of her skirt.


      “WAHHH!” Ashley wailed and nearly jumped off the bed. His black palm branded the cheek that hadn’t felt an African’s hand that day. The sharp pain dulled to an even throb, her ass warming in the shape of Derren’s strong hand as he watched his crimson print rise on her alabaster skin.

      “Ho needs to know her place,” Derren said behind her, already rubbing his thick member along her wet snatch.

      “I-I do. I’m your slut. Your fuck bunny,” She said, fighting back a tear trying to escape her eye.

      “Damn right ho,” Derren continued, “But you’re more than that now. You’re my white breeding bitch. My black baby momma. My knocked-up black cock slut…” He drilled into her slowly with the last, as if to drive his point home. Ashley tossed her head back and groaned aloud, a ray of pleasure piercing through the clouds of shame and worry about her pregnancy.

      “Ooohhh,” she cooed, pushing back gingerly against him. Her sensitized ass tingled so much more when his black skin connected with hers. “Fuck me, Derren… I’m yours.”

      “That’s right bitch,” Derren grasped her skirt-clad hips while he set the hard rhythm of his thrusts, “Nothing like a white bitch learning her place, ain’t that right?”

      “Oh yesss,” Ashley’s eyes rolled back, her whole body building with every sinking thrust and tap of his dark balls against her tender clit. Her fingers dug under her unsoiled covers and gripped the sheets that her white boyfriends never touched.

      “What’s your place, ho?”

      “Being your white bitch,” Ashley groaned.

      “That was your place, ho! What’s it now?”

      “Your…” Her stomach protested against her hesitation, as if her dark-filled womb was screaming at her to give into reality, to give into the man that impregnated her. “I’m your…”

      “How about I remind you then,” Derren leaned over and pressed his ebony chest along her sweat-beaded back. He slid his fingers down her sides, under the curve of her hips, and planted his hands firmly on either side of her stomach, feeling the little ivory bump he’d made with his black seed. Ashley tensed again, but he thrust in at just the same time, stretching out her tightened pussy and forcing her to take him.

      “Agh! Mmm…” Ashley gave in, letting her baby’s Daddy feel his handiwork without resistance anymore. His black lips kissed her neck, and like a lover trailed his way to her ears even as he plowed her Caucasian pussy like an African savage.

      “That’s my baby, isn’t it?” The bed rocked harder.

      “Yes… It’s – ah! – your baby Derren…” The pleased girl moaned.

      “My black baby,” he growled, sinking in deeper than ever.

      “Ooooh, your black baby,” Ashley’s pussy started to quiver and juices dripped down his shaft.

      “You’re my white fuck bunny, aren’t you?” He stroked her belly and electrified Ashley’s pussy.

      “God yes Derren! I’m your little fuck bunny! I’m your white bitch!”

      “My pregnant black cock slut. Say it!”

      “Oh fuck!” Ashley gave in completely as her apprehension was consumed in instinct’s desire, “Breed me, Derren! I’m your pregnant slut - Ahhh!” Derren pumped her faster, bringing her right to the brink. Her pussy gripped his black snake, her white petals clamping onto the African spear that conquered her pale womb.

      “You’ve got a nigger’s baby in your belly, Ashley,” Derren growled, “You’re gonna have a black baby, ho!”

      “YES!” Ashley cried, “I’m gonna have your baby! I’m gonna be a Mommy! I’m gonna, gonna cummmm!!” Her whole body convulsed as her orgasm ripped over her like a storm. Derren howled and rode her hard, pushing the screaming white girl down onto the bed, fucking her shaking white body as a conqueror claims the defeated.

      “Give me your black baby!” The pleasure-blind girl wailed, “Make me a black baby’s Mommy!” Derren grunted and gripped her waist. With a savage roar he shot his potent black load deep inside her already pregnant cunt. Black seed lashed against the mouth of her filled womb in thick ropes, and forced the already orgasmic girl to cum even harder. The whirlwind of terror and ecstasy drove her mad, her mind flashing to images of his midnight seed filling her fertile womb, her once snowy egg turned black as pitch, the feeling of her Caucasian belly stretching with an African baby, and seeing the end of her pure bloodline kicking inside her taut belly.

      Ashley accepted it fully now – her fear and anxiety now yielded to the most bitter and potent pleasure. Derren never stopped thrusting, even while firing his fresh jets of sperm against her pink walls. He pumped and churned his seed to froth and gush out of Ashley’s pink cunt, to spill onto her broken-in bed. And Ashley didn’t stop thrusting back, one orgasm rolling into the next till she screamed with the sounds of black skin slapping hers and white flesh being filled with squelching spunk.

      Just like that night those few months ago, Ashley realized how right this was. To take Derren’s bare cock inside her pale pussy, to give herself over to this wild African man, and now to bear the fruits of his black seed sown in her white belly – Ashley opened her pleasure-hazed eyes in that moment and knew that this was right. Before she’d been blind to whom she was. She deluded herself with boys of her own race, her own color, thinking they would satisfy her completely. But now she knew what kind of man she was made for. And he was black.

      Derren grunted and pulled out, lying on top of the spent girl and groaning like a satisfied lion against her matted blond hair. His thick seed dribbled out of her well-fucked pussy and stained her bed forever with its exotic musk. He petted his prize, and the quivering girl tried to catch her breath while the aftershocks of her orgasm racked her body.

      “Damn…” Derren sighed, “Girl, you are one sexy bitch.” Ashley laughed softly, reaching back and running her shaking hands along his glistening flanks.

      “Mmmm, all thanks to my black baby’s Daddy…” She purred.

      “Oh yeah?” Derren’s cock stirred against her still-stinging ass. The slick black snake soothed the soreness from her well-spanked rump and made her tingle all over. “Say it now then.”

      Ashley turned over under his black body, wrapping her slender arms around his sleek black shoulders and rubbed her smooth thighs along his slack member. Her blue eyes narrowed with a sexy grin, and she whispered huskily up to him.

      “I’m your white breeding bitch… Your pregnant black cock slut,” She said, stroking his member back to life. Derren chuckled deep in his chest – she felt it against her full breasts, and his ebony tool hardened in an instant between her legs.

      “Oooo, damn girl. Keep sayin’ things like that and I’ll plant another one in that white belly.”

      “God, I hope you do with this big black cock,” Ashley groaned, stroking her little hands along his dark length and rubbing it along the swell of her belly, “Breed your fuck bunny again. Knock this white girl up just like you did at the party!”

      “Ha! Get that dirty white mouth all on my nigga dick, bitch!” Ashley gladly accepted, eagerly crawling down and enveloping his obsidian member with her soft pink lips. The taste of his cum mingled with hers made her moan and finger herself, and his dark groans urged her tongue to clean his dangerous African spear from tip to base.

      Ashley wondered how long he’d stay this time, if his black baby in her white belly would be enough to keep him nearby. Something told her he’d disappear in the morning just like before, but in that moment she simply relished the taste of his baby-making seed. Nothing else mattered except him fucking her again, calling her his little white breeding bitch and trying to knock up her already impregnated Caucasian womb.

      “That’s right, suck that nigga dick you pregnant ho… Show your baby Daddy what a black cock slut you are.” Ashley grinned as she fingered the still-warm spunk drooling out of her stretched pussy. Her little belly grew hot in response - Her pale pregnant belly, carrying his sprouting African seed…

      Ashley stared dreamily up from tasting and licking every inch of his ebony rod with her baby-blue eyes. His dick jutted out her cheek, already hard enough to take her pretty pussy again. Derren grunted and pushed Ashley back, wasting no time mounting her and sinking deep into her milk-white pussy and thrusting away. Ashley moaned lavishly and wrapped her dainty legs around his obsidian waist. His pounding threatened to destroy her once innocent bed beneath her bucking hips. And she loved it.

      She didn’t know what she would do after she told Sandy the news, or how she would deal with her pregnancy in the coming months. But now she only cared about how deep he would thrust and when his black cum would erupt inside her again. Not knowing if Derren would even stick around or what to do with a black baby on the way, Ashley couldn’t know how the future was going to turn out. There was only one last thought before she succumbed to another screaming climax however:

      Her future promised to be very dark indeed.


  1. Why does "black breeding" have such a following but other interracial impregnation combinations seem so unpopular? Every once in awhile, there's a story or video with a white man and a black woman, but those are just drops in a bucket of black man/white woman, and there's hardly ever any other races involved it seems. Speaking as a white man with a love for all the world's women, that disappoints me.

  2. From what I have observed, a major contribution to this skewed matter is that most authors of 'black breeding' in the black male on white female are males themselves (white or black), while the opposite are more often than not black female authors. Given then that most authors of erotica are males, and black female authors seem a fair minority on the already minority female side, it would lead to far fewer stories being written on the opposing interracial mix.

    It may also be in audience, in that many (though not all) roll cuckoldry into 'black breeding', and many of these are white males who enjoy white women being 'stolen' from them as opposed to black ladies.

    As for why white and black more than anything else, I think it owes greatly to the contrast - it will be readily apparent to everyone that any results of that interracial breeding, and the 'strangeness' quality add to the excitement I believe.

    Anyway, I've been hunting for that rarer brand of interracial breeding, and I've found a few interesting examples - some I've posted here already, and more I will post later.

    1. I recall you linking to an authoress at Literotica, ChocolatePornstar, who did the white man/black woman story. I can't remember any others, though.

      Didn't think about the cuckoldry audience, but you're right, I've seen those go together. Personally, I like my breeding uncontaminated by cuckoldry.

    2. When's the next chapter coming out?

  3. Best series ever!!! Keep it going!

  4. You must continue this story!

  5. She should wait for him to get to the top of the stairs and push him down them for treating her like that, no man has the right and/or privilege to treat a women like that.

  6. I agree, abortions came about for a reason. She should go to the hospital.

  7. I love this story! I wanna see how her parents take the news, how he keeps treating her like trash and some baby bump sex!