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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Impregnation Videos | Pregnant Videos #14

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Well, she has high hopes doesn't she? This is just a short clip from one of the Backroom Casting Couch series where yet another unsuspecting girl trying to get into porn gets fucked in more ways than one. This one she immediately asks if he has a condom, but 'We don't use those in porn' is all she gets. Her hesitation tells all despite her saying alright, and obviously in the end she ends up filled with a healthy dose of sperm. She is 'sure' she won't get pregnant, but something tells me she isn't entirely certain she isn't walking out of there with a baby in her belly...

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This is another hot little clip. Amateurs this time, a husband filming his bareback fucking with someone's wife. She's a sexy little thing with a great ass and body, and he doesn't waste too much time before plowing her properly. As the title suggests he inseminates her nice and deep, which at least some of it comes out afterwards for a messy creampie. I sure wouldn't mind if this foxy lady got knocked up - she'd look even better with a creamy pussy if her belly was nice and swollen.

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And she certainly lives up to the title. A nice interracial video of the rarer variety of white-on-black, it even has some belly-oiling in it - which looks particularly stunning considering her ebony belly is VERY round and delicious-looking. There is lots of heavy petting, nipple sucking, and foreplay in the beginning, but the fucking she deserve comes later, don't worry. She ends up with a ton of cum on her belly, and though we breeding-enthusiasts might think that's a waste, I don't see how this sexy Nubian woman would be able to get any more pregnant than she already is.

In the world of porn, what other sorts of creampies are there? Well, I just thought of a few, but these are all what we love most - hot cream in bare pussies. This is a good long compilation that skips right to the goods. From professional to amateur this video has a whole range of  filled pussies, leaking vaginas, and fertilized furrows. A great watch for those who want to cut to the chase, or should I say creamy cunts.

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