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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sites to Check Out! #4

Hey my fellow breeding connoisseurs! Sorry for the slowdown in updates lately. My job has been sapping my will to do much of anything, so projects in all regards slowed down in the meantime. But here’s a long anticipated Sites to Check Out thread – at least on my end of things. Enjoy the finds!

#16 - WarmKiss

Many of you may have noticed the little banner at the top (you know, top right, hot girl on it with WarmKiss emblazed across), and if you haven’t clicked on it yet I would highly encourage you to. WarmKiss truly is one of the best erotica sites I’ve ever found on the topic of bareback risky sex.

What stands out most from most other porn sites is the authenticity of it. While you could go to a site like Creampie Surprise and get fake groans and scripted lines, you’ll find genuine moans of pleasure and real enjoyed sex at WarmKiss. The small interviews are not the, “I’m an 18 year old slut, lol!!” ones you have to endure in other videos, but frank and endearing talks and laughter that are honest and real. It may not seem like much, but many of you will find that authenticity to be very refreshing and delightful.

But what about the goods? They’ve got them in spades! WarmKiss is all about natural sex –no condoms, bareback only, and generally a nice deep creampie. None of that ‘pull out to the edge and cum’ crap you get in other ‘impregnation’ themed sites. These are real inseminations, and all into bare fertile pussies, and sometimes they are so deep most of that sperm is never seen again…

Another distinctive feature of WarmKiss is that the bareback sex is real, and in one case it caught. One lovely actress named Kaydence had a shoot with her boyfriend there, and soon thereafter had another one – this time with her swelling belly riding over the daddy-to-be. I’ve been told by the WarmKiss administrator that the newly-made teen Milf will certainly be appearing in new movies this summer and beyond. They have also taken a great interest in the impregnation community, and are switching gears to emphasizing the risky and potentially impregnating sex occurring in nearly every shoot they film. Great for my blog followers, I am sure!

Updates were put on hold for a few months, but I’ve been told plans have been scheduled for brand new movies to begin coming out around the end of summer. Updates like these will continue beyond then however, so subscribing after that point shouldn’t risk having stale content like other lesser sites. Free samples of the library they already have are available on their site for anyone to enjoy, and I would encourage all of my viewers to check it out through the link here or at the upper-right (since I custom-made it for my blog, after all!) to see those.

And just for clarification for my motivations here, I chose to advertise for WarmKiss because for years I have admired their work and wanted to encourage their continued production in any way I could. Even simply showing off their stuff for people to compliment them would make me feel great, especially since they have been so generous as to sponsor story competitions on my other favorite site The ImpregNation (link in my links to the right) and communicate with me on a regular basis through email.

If you are looking for some great erotica that is refreshingly frank, honest, and hot, do be sure to check WarmKiss out!

#17 - PregChan

This is another image-board site which has recently been referring a fair number of viewers for Impregnation Erotica. With a Chan-style layout, they have three boards: Drawn for hentai, Real for non-drawn images, and an interesting user-drawing section known as Oekaki.

Besides posts on many impregnation/pregnancy topics they’ve got enlightened users who find interesting games, hentai, videos, and resources for those users most interested in the stuff. Sounds familiar right? But these guys and girls are very savvy when it comes to finding new things, and for that alone the site is very worthy to check out.

I must mention a particular case of interest on the board. A game featuring Lagomorph (bunny) demons impregnating human women is being developed by at least two of the users on that board. The picture is part of the concept art. Just one of the many interesting things that can be found on that site if you look around for it. The thread itself cannot be linked to due to the nature of the site (odd, I know…) but the google document is readily available here:

If you are really into hentai I’d recommend heading to PregChan. Their strong point is the Drawn hentai-image section, and it seems to be a rather nice small community. All devoted to everything pregnancy related, of course.

#18 - E-Hentai

This delightful site was recommended to me by SilverTiger in the comments (yes I do read them). While I haven’t mentioned it yet in these threads, I definitely have used this resource many times over. This is a large repository of hentai mangas and erotic comics in multiple languages. The best ways of searching with it are straight forward, alongside the setting of filters in genres and ratings and so on. Great place to find elusive comics, and the best way to browse is to hover the mouse over the small ‘landscape’ box to the left of each title – it brings up a thumbnail of the title page to determine whether you’d want to see more.

I’ve always used it as a free site, for which it works well enough, though I am not familiar enough with it to know what benefits there are to paying members. I’d imagine more filters and perhaps more content, but that one can find out for themselves. For everyone however I would recommend giving the search a few tries with some keywords like Pregnant and Impregnation. There should be enough to occupy your time for awhile just with those!

Here’s one I just found with a bit of searching that interspecies-breeding fans might enjoy.

Notable Authors:

Thanks to my blog and my writing, I’ve been receiving a few authors looking for input from such a vocal breeding enthusiast. Having read what they gave me, I thought it would be good to give a little heads up to others looking for more authors into our fertile genre.

The first is Arthur Mitchell, whose blog is appropriately Arthur Mitchell Erotica. Largely into the BDSM genre, Arthur has recently been writing in the impregnation genre. To him, impregnation is “Domination at its Finest”, a statement most breeders and breedees out there can really attest to. His small essay here on the subject is worth the read, and checking out his works is something I would encourage for everyone into the idea of a woman bound and bred like she should be.

My second author of mention is Aya Fukunishi who sent me the short story “Breeding in Class”. I gave it a read through and I was quite impressed with its execution and potential. Aya writes in a fair variety of genres actively, though breeding is a relatively new area being explored currently. Already there is a good grasp on the tone and allure of babymaking in that story, and for a ‘first-time breeding’ tale, it was rather good. More works from Aya can be found here, and elsewhere if you are interested in searching for more I am sure.

On an unrelated-to-breeding note, Oglaf is a hilarious adult web comic that pokes fun at the whole high and low fantasy genre. An ongoing series with short storylines that is absolutely bursting with dirty jokes alongside not-so-dirty ones, Oglaf caters to a certain silly and clever sort of humor. Check out each comic by clicking 'Next Page' on his site, and I’d hope for your sake you’d be able to enjoy it. At the very least it has lots of tits in it, so it can't be all bad, right?


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      As for Chyoo, I have a very old profile of Uh-Oh on it with a few incomplete stories I was working on years ago. Someone needs to take over that site and keep it alive - their promised update is now over 6 years old I believe.

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