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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Impregnation Videos | Pregnant Videos #15

Faye's Cunt is a Cum Suppository

Well, I don't think the uploader of this movie quite knows the difference between a repository and a suppository, but I digress. This is a hot little gangbang scene between two girls and five guys. For the most part the focus is on Faye, the blond sub-girl who is being led about by her mistress on a leash in order to get inseminated by all those guys. Near the end the guys take turns filling up her tight pussy with load after load of jizz, though her mistress took a liking to lapping it all up and feeding it back to her... Despite that Faye does beg for cum like a good little slut, and it is a hot little scene nonetheless.

Pregnant Teen Fuck and Creampie

This one is a nice amateur clip. For the most part it is pretty tame sex, with the guy somewhat obscuring his cute and sexy girlfriend. You wouldn't know what the teen was hiding until about the three minute mark when he pulled her upright from behind and you see her nicely swollen belly. No doubt he was responsible for turning the sexy teen into a hot MILF-to-be, and he gives her a good post-breeding fuck before inseminating her fertile body again.

Pregnant Milf

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Another amateur movie, this one shorter and more on the cute-side of things. You can hear the couple baby/dirty talking each other, and when she rides him you can easily see the title fits quite aptly from her rounding belly. Not too much else to say really - just a pregnant couple doing some cute sex.

Gabrielle Wedding Day Conception

This find was something of a personal victory. Years ago I found this movie and downloaded it, but I only got the first half. It passed out of my memory until I rediscovered the full movie just recently, and so I bring it back to you, dear readers! A black-breeding theme again, one of a series of videos with that disembodied voice that holds the camera urging his white sluts to get knocked up with black babies. In any case the story here is Gabrielle is in a nice wedding dress and is easily seduced into fucking a gang of black guys. Pretty standard, and this one goes on for an hour - so there is no shortage of black breeding going on here. As always I'd have liked more focus on that element, but one takes what they can get after all. From what I remember it is fairly good, lots of creampies, and quite kinky.

Amazing Amateur Sex Tape

It could be amateur, or maybe not, but in either case this is some great breederly sex. My favorite part is in the first half where he mounts her from behind and fucks her belly-down into the bed. That position always struck me as particularly dominating, but they get into more positions than just that. Despite the tags on it saying facial, he does make sure to fill her sweet cunt with his hot load, though you only get to see it for half a second before the clip ends. But a great clip regardless, especially if you think of her a few weeks after rubbing her belly because of it...