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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Breeder GIFs | Female Dominant #5


  1. Not that I don't appreciate the content, Uh-Oh, but for many of these, I'm not sure where the "female dominant" comes in to it. The first, for example, she's not doing anything particularly dominant, and she's in a position that allows little control over her partner. Also, some of these aren't 'breeding' content - the lesbians making out is hot, certainly, but hardly runs a risk of impregnating either one. Again, I don't want to complain, I'm just wondering about the labeling.

  2. It is true that some of these GIFs don't show any obvious female-domination elements to them, and I recognize that too with say the first example. However, since male-domination is rather common and I have oodles of it, I wanted to make easy labeling for either female-dominance or little dominance displayed by the males - instead of making 'Male Dominant', 'Female Dominant', and 'Neutral Dominant' threads.

    So what I see as dominance or semi-so with the females is first that lack of heavy male dominance (hair pulling, roughness, submissiveness in the women from it). Aggressiveness can play a role in it (Like the one above with the girl on her back but has a very lusty snarl to her), as well as aloofness (bottom right), control (such as with the lesbians), confidence (the dancing), and so on. Save for the really aggressive girls who all but use the guy as their personal toy, this stuff is subtle and my personal outlook on it suggests mild ideas of who is controlling the pace of the sex - thus female dominance in my loose definition.

    As for the lesbians, I would argue first that I post it namely for the dominance aspect (one is controlling, one is submissive usually, subject to switches that make lesbian acts so interesting) which, despite not being breederly realistically, still falls under female dominance. And given certain fantasies (some which I have too, amongst the many others), lesbianism can result in breedings - strap-ons loaded with cum, hermaphrodite generation, modified ovaries, parthenogenesis, and so on...

    In the end though, I post it because it is hot, it makes me want to tame these wild sexy girls and breed them, and I thought perhaps others would have the same desires evoked in them too.

  3. Question, Who is the blonde girl on her back...

  4. Question: Is there a video matching the gif with the blonde girl on her back? It may be the hottest gif I've ever seen, and I want to see more of it.