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Friday, December 21, 2012

Impregnation Videos | Pregnant Videos #16

I bet my users have been salivating for another post of these. Well, I've actually been rather fruitful lately in collecting some good ones, so here are some of them to show!

Hot MILF Wife Getting Bred By Young Fit Bull

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To start off, we finally have a non-interracial scene of a bull taking a hotwife. Not that there is anything wrong with the other, but it is somewhat rare to find two Caucasians getting it on with the breeding tag! And this surely doesn't disappoint - our MILFy wife get very into it the more she gets turned on, and her bull has at least one close call of prematurely filling her with his hot load. But fear not, she gets what's coming to her, and by god does she get it! I wouldn't be surprised that after such a huge load she wasn't a renewed MILF after that. In fact I hope she was... In any case there is some hot riding, pussy-licking, doggy, and one of the largest creampies I've ever seen in this film, so check it out!

Sometimes, when a guy and a girl like each other very very much, the guy will go get a camera and hold it upside down as he fucks her and dumps his hot sperm into her waiting body... I think the guy was just so damn excited for banging his girlfriend bareback that he didn't realize he was holding the camera upside-down the whole time, but since most of it focuses on their grinding pelvises it is forgivable. Of course the content is bareback amateurs with a pretty drooly load, so we can give the eager fuck-bunnies a little slack for having camera-orientation difficulties.

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This is an interesting little storyline: A cute blond wife is filming a porn movie, but she soon reveals that her husband doesn't know. Furthermore she's going to be fucking a black guy, and her husband probably wouldn't approve of that... But she doesn't care - she wants some black cock! Oh and of course our little wifey admits she isn't on any birth control, so... Well, she couldn't possibly use a condom either. The husband shows us while she's just starting to get it on, and after a little convincing she gets right back to it until she gets her pale pussy filled up with some dark sperm. I particularly liked the little commentaries about babymaking throughout this one, and watching the wife breed whilst being wantonly unfaithful is pretty fun for those of you who enjoy cuckolding themes.

Here's another creampie compilation, and look at the size of the video!! That's almost two hours of some top-notch creampie action. I haven't seen all of it or even a fraction of it yet, but from what I have seen it has some great stuff in it. As you can tell it's full of creampie scenes: One-on-one, threesomes, gangbangs, anal, vaginal, cum-everywhere, Interracial, same-racial, multi-racial, close-up, far-off, super creamy, not-so-creamy... you get the idea. If you like breederly inseminations, this will be a harrowing experience for you! Good luck trying to watch it all the way through.

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