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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Winter Vacation Begins

Hello internet denizens! The past few weeks have been filled with tons of stress - Preparing college projects, trudging through Finals week, and enduring a well-meaning but ill-planned vacation. But after a very long nap today getting back from the flight, I can talk a bit about upcoming projects that you all care about - of the breeding variety!

To begin, Baby Crazy did not win the ImpregNation competition as part of me had hoped, despite the interest and support it received. But honestly, it might be for the best that it wasn't made into a movie like many stories, since now the characters and scenes as they appeared can stay as we read them and not through someone's glancing interpretation. Though it would have been pretty cool to have contributed to making a movie, I'm still very pleased to have written it and to share it with all those who would appreciate it. And besides, another story won and will be made into what may be a fairly interesting video, so be sure to keep a look out for it when it appears.

Strangely enough, aside from failing to place in the competition, I also lost my moderatorship on ImpregNation. The events of the matter were odd and overreacting in my opinion, and the only pertinent outcome of it is that my ability to support the competitions that I built on there has been severed. Though I cared far more for the benefit of the audience and the writers instead of benefiting the site owners directly, I have been perhaps rightly advised by my friends to not continue supporting it as I have been by collecting sponsors and promoting it. So for now that is that for my involvement in them - I may still write some stories for it and I heard the next competition will be another video-creation one as well, so we'll see how it turns out.

I will be adding this new custom ad to the site sidebar soon! I've been in contact with Lelu Love for quite awhile and she has always proven to be extremely enthusiastic and accommodating towards helping the ImpregNation story competitions and making the fantasies of her members a reality. I've spoken about her site before in this blog post, but as an update she has been amassing quite a collection of impregnation-themed films lately thanks to the requests of her members. And I must say they've been getting better and better - perhaps our lovely Lelu might be just as into breeding as the rest of us soon! But for that reason and for all her help and friendliness and overall awesomeness since I've known her, I wanted to support her wonderful and unique site as best I can. So please be sure to check her out by clicking on the custom ad picture I created once I get it into the sidebar!

As for future story projects, I really want to begin work on the third installment of Ashley's Dark Awakening. The series has predictably been met with two polar opinions that black breeding-themed stories often do, but the encouragements I've been receiving for them far outweigh the negative. Besides, I've already had plans for continuing this story for awhile now, but not enough time and diligence to do it before. The good news is this story will move Ashley and Sandy forward into new and interesting situations that I believe those who enjoy the story will greatly like. The bad news is that I have only started working on it today, but perhaps that is good news as well. I don't know when it will be completed, but I have high hopes for this one as well!

As for this blog, since I'll have the vacation to attend to it and no more duties on other porn sites, I think I'll be updating at least a little bit more frequently. My goal is to keep busy and remain productive here and elsewhere, so wish me luck in that. I know that at least you will appreciate my efforts here, my highly-esteemed breederly-minded audience. Look forward to more posts in the coming days, and I hope you enjoy your winter season too!


  1. Can't wait for the next part to Ashely's dark awaking!

  2. Better to keep your own content to release here on your own platform exclusively then to help bring more eyes to their community if they're going to do wrong by you. On the one hand it's exposure, but on the other hand they don't deserve the additional content if that's how they're going to manage their affairs.

    1. I'd be one to agree with this. And to be honest, the viewership on this blog alone was always many times greater than the total viewership on ImpregNation, so posting stories there was mostly a good gesture to the community more than wanting exposure. And the Literotica account with my stories on it has views in the tens of thousands for my stories - Tara's Breeding alone just past a quarter of a million just recently...

      But that goodwill is largely gone for right now. I may just direct users there to check out my stories here if they are interested.

      However, I wish the best for their site, and hope their decisions don't stifle and fragment the community.