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Monday, January 28, 2013

Sponsored Site Reviews | January 2013

It has been a little over a month, so it’s time for another Sponsored Site Update! I’ve oriented them closer to the end of the month so it will not be a ‘2/3’s of the Month” sort of update in the future. Just the same, there have been some interesting developments going on in these favored sites of mine, so lets get right to them.

While there hasn’t been too much in the way of specific impregnation-fantasy this past month, there have been a few nice creampie movies, and those can easily inspire the imagination as to what those loads are doing inside our Lelu. Given that there is a movie made every day with all sorts of themes, those breeders and breedees amongst you who like short movies on cheating, cuckoldry, POV, raincoats (actual raincoats), showering, masturbation, feet, and tons else will find plenty to oogle at! And I’m sure there will be more impregnation fantasies there soon enough, so long as impregnation fans keep joining up and request those particular fantasies for Lelu to act out!

Sliding Cameltoe Creampie

Watching this video probably gave me a new minor fetish! Lelu slides her very wet and very hot pussy lips all over her man’s cock, teasing him with just a few strokes inside before grinding wetly on him again. When he does cum, she has a bit of mercy and lets him unload the last few drops right into her bare snatch, where it belongs.

POV BJ Cowgirl Missionary Creampie

This POV has a nice variety – first Lelu sucks his cock to life, next she rides it with a nice close-up on her grindig pussy, and finally she gets on her back and begs to be filled with some heavy fertile cream. Also has an adorable and hilarious blooper I just had to share where Lelu asks for a different kind of filling!

Close-Up Penetration Huge Creampie

The title doesn’t lie, and doesn’t even tell the whole story here. A different sort of perspective, this time close up on Lelu’s very inviting and no doubt fertile pussy as she gets fucked and inseminated. I particularly liked the insertion – you can hear just how wet she is!

Fobbs over at Illustrated Interracial has been hard at work pumping out quite the load of content over the past month. Since he has been juggling multiple stories currently being written, each of which proving to be long and awesome storylines, he hasn’t completed any one as of this update. However, thanks to this rapid schedule of his and years of previous work, there are a few more favorite stories of mine that I’ll share in this update.

BBN Series:

The BBN (Black Breeding Network) is a comic about a fox-news styled program covering the latest stories about black breeding across the nation. Currently it is a series of three comics, the third having been recently completed just a few months ago. While the first took the angle of multiple stories within the overall program, the next two focused on celebrity stories involving a black-cock crazy Sandra Bullock and a reluctant but soon converted Patricia Heeton. Lots of focus on impregnated white wombs and birthing scenes, so it is a pretty unique comic line that I hope will be continued in the future.


Recession Blues:

Another fairly recently completed work, Recession Blues is the story of a woman down on her luck when her husband can’t make enough money to support the two of them. So, having entered and won a strip competition, she moves on to taking it up as her supposed temporary career. Little does she know how the black bouncer will captivate her, or how the greedy owner has other plans for the lovely blond… A great storyline that likewise deserves a sequel in my humble opinion.

The Letter:

Ah, The Letter is one comic I find myself going back to again and again in particular. A man comes home to find a letter addressed to him from his wife. You see, see felt inadequate when she found her husband’s stashes of interracial porn, all about married white women getting fucked unprotected by black men. So she, being the loving wife, decided she could be that wife for him. Going behind his back she went off birth control and found just the suitable man to breed her, and breed her he does. It’s a short and juicy story very much worth your time to go through, especially if you have hotwife fantasies. As for the rest of us, internal views of wombs being whitewashed with floods of semen, hot views of the wife’s sexy body, and an overall great setup makes for one of the best breeding comics I’ve come across.

As a guest appearance on here, we have Arthur Mitchell, who has many works on the more extreme side of breeding. You can find his blog here, Arthur MitchellErotica. Forced, BDSM, and Master and Slave themes crop up in most of his stories, and he was kind enough to allow me to glimpse at a few of his most recent and popular works. If you like how they sound, be sure to check them out in the links.

A strange society where fertile women are sent off into the forests to be captured by the Hunters, a group of powerful virile men bent on breeding the helpless girls over and over again. This story is part of a larger work including four other breeding stories, and involves bondage, impregnation, and pregnancy.

“Nicole had no idea that there were people around her until nightfall. Her heart nearly leaped into her throat as she heard leaves crunching toward her, far too quickly to turn around.

‘Wait! Please!’ She screamed, cursing herself for giving her position away so readily.

A frazzled looking woman several years older than her came tumbling out of the nearest grove of trees. They stared at one another with moonlight in their wide eyes, relieved that they hadn't stumbled upon a hunter or something worse. But was there disappointment in the woman's features?

She didn't say a word, but produced a tablet from the small leather bag she had slung on her shoulder. Nicole knew that tech of this sort was forbidden during the chase, and she gasped with surprise.

Then the woman began pulling up her thin shirt, revealing the well rounded curvature of a pregnant belly. Nicole stared, drawn to the sight with a strange magnetism, until the woman glanced at the map on her tablet and resumed her walk, moving as quickly as she came.

Nicole walked on, feeling as though she had seen a preview of the future.”

Norman McCoy sets his sights on Rene Latch, the sole inheritor to her family’s vast and long-standing property. Blackmailed into the arrangement, Rene succumbs to her new role as his breeding cow, and even sooner finds herself craving his bare cock and the hot seed it promises. Contains some more advanced BDSM (breeding bench and all), unprotected sex, and first trimester sex.

‘I'm going to put our land and our family back together again. It won't be enjoyable at first, Rene, but I think that in time you'll learn to love it. Don't fight this.’

His long shadow enveloped her as he moved against her trembling frame. Her eyelids fluttered and then sprang open as he craned his neck down, aiming his lips at hers.

The kiss came rough, as insistent as it was long. He plowed his face into hers, scraping her soft cheeks with his stubble and arcing his long tongue past her teeth. Norman had invaded her, occupied her, and given her a faint prelude of the heat that would soon snake into other parts of her body.

His humid breath drew her in, her tongue turned into a helpless moth driven to his candlelight. Tears of confusion trickled from corners of her eyes as a terrible realization set in.

Oh my God...I'm not actually kissing this blackmailing brute, am I?
She barely had time to let it sink into her bones before Norman pulled away. He wiped his mouth, running his tongue over his lips, slick with her moisture.

‘If you know what's good, you'll get in the bedroom and wait for me right now. If you don't, I'll have your license stripped away tomorrow. I can build everything else we need later, but it's going to start with this foundation. And it's going to start now...’ ”

Rebecca Redfield made a mistake. Getting caught up in the prospect of easy riches beyond her imagination, she sells herself for a full year to Aaron Westfield, a domineering and eccentric billionaire whose lavish tastes include sex dungeons and slave training. But mere sex is not on his mind – he needs an heir, and Rebecca’s fertile womb will provide him one. A bit of romance and danger thrown in, and part of a continuing series, Bred for Riches is certain continue to explore the enigmatic mind of Aaron Westfield.

I'm not on birth control. When you use me...please use a condom or make some other arrangements,’ she said, forcing a large knot down her throat.

Ah, yes. I'm aware of your little shortcomings. Unfortunately, when I told you on the recording that I'd taken full possession of your body for the next twelve months, I meant all of your body.’ He clasped his fingers together tightly and pressed his folded hands against his chest, stopping along his lower abdomen.

But...Master, I'm sorry, I didn't think you would want those kinds of consequences. I can't get knocked up like this,’ she said, a pathetic tension distorting her last words.

His title sounded strange on her lips. She secretly hoped that he would be satisfied hearing it. Perhaps by showering him with enough respect, he would grant her some small reprieve.

A low chuckle rumbled through his throat, spilling outward and bouncing off the walls. ‘I keep forgetting how much money means to you. Anyone would guess that I would've figured it out by now. You're my – what? – fourth girl that I've had in a yearly contract?’

He stopped and held up his fingers, plucking off four as he counted. Then he lowered his head and turned his eyes into dark pools. They threatened to draw her in and hold her there forever.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Years Feedback Thread | Impregnation Erotica

      Hello boys and girls of all breeding ages! Happy New Year, and may 2013 be even more productive and fruitful than the years past. With the recent change of years and my own change of resolutions (at least a little bit), it is high time for another Feedback Thread to get to know what my viewers have liked, disliked, and like to see more of. Don't worry, I don't plan on removing sights like this properly inseminated pussy from the blog. If anything I want to add more! But while I like my plans right now, they could always be improved by my enlightened audience. So read on and be ready to voice your fecund thoughts on these and other aspects of Impregnation Erotica!

      To recap some of the relatively new changes - and by relative I mean in the last year or so - I'll start with the newer posting types. I've added in Hentai Posts, which thanks to the absolute abundance of kinky Japanese and Japanese-inspired artists out there bolsters the amount of kinky breeding/pregnancy content on this blog a considerable amount. When those hot and sweaty nights with an unprotected bar pick-up just don't tickle your fancy, how about indulging your inter-species fantasies and watch girls getting knocked up by tentacles? Thanks to the poll that hundreds of you have participated in, I see that Hentai isn't universally delighted in compared to the real-life photos and works, but that a majority of the voters do enjoy it. I wonder if that is still the case, as I have huge stockpiles of the stuff waiting to disseminate on the blog whenever that post rolls around again.

      Another posting type just instated just a couple of weeks ago is my Sponsor Reviews, where much like my Sites To Check Out reviews I look into and comment on the works being produced at some of my favorite sites - the difference here is that these premium-content sites aren't so easily checked-out by much of my audience. So to inspire my viewers to support these makers and shakers of the Impregnation Community, to reveal some exclusive original-content unseen anywhere else, and to further improve the diversity and quality of Impregnation Erotica's content, I made the flagship Sponsor Review thread and hand-crafted pretty little ads for each of those sites to fill up the void in the sidebar. For me it is my most exciting post, and future postings of it will give reviews on the most recent and best-of-the-past content each of them have to offer. While it looks like there is no outright hatred of the ads or that post, I am curious if there are any other aspects my viewers would like to know about these sites and their owners, or any comments besides about it.

      Not 'new', but a style of which I might like to pursue more is the Blog Post - so basically what you are reading right now, you literate and enthusiastic breeder/breedee you! Most of the blog is devoted to pictures, movies, and sometimes a story or two, but not much fertile content consists of posts like Feedbacks, Future Plans, Story Development Logs, and the like. While my Sponsored Sites threads will help me add more literature to my potent and ever-creaming site, I wonder how enthusiastic my audience would be over more like this?

       Finally, I'll open up the floor to whatever concerns, comments, criticism, creativity, and creamy cacophony my insightful viewers may have to offer. Constructive criticism is the best and most preferred, but all are welcome from my awesome userbase. You can stay anonymous when posting, but I do like you named-users out there when you comment on my work in particular - you guys and girls get extra kudos in my considerations. I'll try to keep the comments swept clean of spam - the truly irritating marks of a mildly successful site! - and I assure you I do read and consider every comment made on my site.

       Thanks for visiting my blog, and I hope you continue to enjoy everything Impregnation Erotica has to offer!

Your BlogMaster,