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Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Years Feedback Thread | Impregnation Erotica

      Hello boys and girls of all breeding ages! Happy New Year, and may 2013 be even more productive and fruitful than the years past. With the recent change of years and my own change of resolutions (at least a little bit), it is high time for another Feedback Thread to get to know what my viewers have liked, disliked, and like to see more of. Don't worry, I don't plan on removing sights like this properly inseminated pussy from the blog. If anything I want to add more! But while I like my plans right now, they could always be improved by my enlightened audience. So read on and be ready to voice your fecund thoughts on these and other aspects of Impregnation Erotica!

      To recap some of the relatively new changes - and by relative I mean in the last year or so - I'll start with the newer posting types. I've added in Hentai Posts, which thanks to the absolute abundance of kinky Japanese and Japanese-inspired artists out there bolsters the amount of kinky breeding/pregnancy content on this blog a considerable amount. When those hot and sweaty nights with an unprotected bar pick-up just don't tickle your fancy, how about indulging your inter-species fantasies and watch girls getting knocked up by tentacles? Thanks to the poll that hundreds of you have participated in, I see that Hentai isn't universally delighted in compared to the real-life photos and works, but that a majority of the voters do enjoy it. I wonder if that is still the case, as I have huge stockpiles of the stuff waiting to disseminate on the blog whenever that post rolls around again.

      Another posting type just instated just a couple of weeks ago is my Sponsor Reviews, where much like my Sites To Check Out reviews I look into and comment on the works being produced at some of my favorite sites - the difference here is that these premium-content sites aren't so easily checked-out by much of my audience. So to inspire my viewers to support these makers and shakers of the Impregnation Community, to reveal some exclusive original-content unseen anywhere else, and to further improve the diversity and quality of Impregnation Erotica's content, I made the flagship Sponsor Review thread and hand-crafted pretty little ads for each of those sites to fill up the void in the sidebar. For me it is my most exciting post, and future postings of it will give reviews on the most recent and best-of-the-past content each of them have to offer. While it looks like there is no outright hatred of the ads or that post, I am curious if there are any other aspects my viewers would like to know about these sites and their owners, or any comments besides about it.

      Not 'new', but a style of which I might like to pursue more is the Blog Post - so basically what you are reading right now, you literate and enthusiastic breeder/breedee you! Most of the blog is devoted to pictures, movies, and sometimes a story or two, but not much fertile content consists of posts like Feedbacks, Future Plans, Story Development Logs, and the like. While my Sponsored Sites threads will help me add more literature to my potent and ever-creaming site, I wonder how enthusiastic my audience would be over more like this?

       Finally, I'll open up the floor to whatever concerns, comments, criticism, creativity, and creamy cacophony my insightful viewers may have to offer. Constructive criticism is the best and most preferred, but all are welcome from my awesome userbase. You can stay anonymous when posting, but I do like you named-users out there when you comment on my work in particular - you guys and girls get extra kudos in my considerations. I'll try to keep the comments swept clean of spam - the truly irritating marks of a mildly successful site! - and I assure you I do read and consider every comment made on my site.

       Thanks for visiting my blog, and I hope you continue to enjoy everything Impregnation Erotica has to offer!

Your BlogMaster,



  1. I can't say what the general demographics of your readership looks like, but would you consider trying to target a bit younger audience (like myself, aged 22)? Maybe I'm one of the few, but nothing gets me hotter than fantasizing about young couples (high school, if its fictional content, college otherwise) having unexpected pregnancies, or just being plain foolish :)

    It just seems like most of the content around the web is aimed at people in their late 20's to early 30's having sex and fully intending to get pregnant...

  2. needs moar captions and maybe some before/after pregnancy shots, although those may be hard to find.

  3. So far so good. I personally would like to see more stories. Your Christmas story was more than immersive. The gifs have been first rate too. I know personally those are not always easy to find. Keep up the good work.

  4. when are you going to cover Ashley

  5. I'll respond to each so far in turn then!

    1. Interesting perspective. I'm actually 22 myself, and many of my stories I've been writing have been with younger characters for the most part - since that's what I'm into as well. Ashley's Dark Awakening has direct foolishness (and some trickery) involved, and an incest story I wrote titled "A Sibling Secret" is about quasi-foolish impregnation... at least kind of... Anyway, I'll look into more our-age sorts of media, or make some more in the future!

    2. It has been years since I made the bulk of my captioned pictures, and while I've been posting a fair number, I don't think I've even gotten through a third of them yet. And my current captioning is much, much higher quality than most of those stored-up ones, so maybe Captioned Threads really should be more frequent. Thanks for the input! Before and afters are tougher to find, but they can be found - and sometimes some can be creatively faked...

    3. and 4. Thanks for the compliments on the .gifs and Baby Crazy. And I agree - I should have more stories. Many brimming in my head, some of the more involved ones (i.e. long and especially awesome) I might try to publish. But for now they'll be short stories like these. And in that vein of thought, the rough draft of Ashley's Dark Awakening Chapter 3 has just been completed as of this writing, and after its proper editing, revisions, and polishing it will be published exclusively on this blog first and foremost, then onto my Literotica account for an even wider audience to enjoy.

    Thanks for the comments, and more are always welcome!

  6. Has anyone managed to take photos/videos of a woman's pussy whilst she is ovulating (fertile mucus visible) and then record her getting impregnated or at least having an orgasm even by herself? I know a while ago Barbie Cummings did some videos simulating being fertile and then getting bred, Lelu Love of course role-plays and does it very well. The website shows actual pictures during ovulation (and I think before/after shots). I always wondered if women on the pill or tubes tied still show outward signs of ovulation like fertile mucus. Let's not forget brilliant stories like Mother Nature Calls the Shots ( Imagine that being available in video format with internal views of the action as well as the participants faces. Just some random thoughts. What do you think?

    1. Thanks for the link that story is super hot!!!

  7. I find that this is one of the best sites for people like me who happen to love breeding, preggos, and erotic stories :) I especially love the harsher/forced breeding videos and hentai pictures. I happen to be a 23 year old female and am glad I'm not the only one this age who loves this stuff!! If I were to suggest anything it would be hentai impregnation videos. But I recently discovered videos where speculums are used to open a girl and the cervix is directly hit with cum. There was even a hardcore video entailing that plus the cum being inserted into the cervix with the end of a paint brush by the female. Well I love your stuff and I always come back here to look at what's new. I don't usually comment but I thought I'd finally come out of the shadows a little :3