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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Story | Ashley's Dark Awakening: Dark Horizons

Finally, after a few weeks of delay and procrastinating on my part, Ashley's Dark Awakening: Dark Horizons is here! It has been done for awhile now, but I was waiting awhile to think about a few aspects of it. Might change it a bit in the future, but for right now it is as good as ever to post. 

This installment follows Ashley and Sandy right after the previous chapter. Trying to avoid discovery of her condition, Ashley agrees to travel with Sandy to college earlier than expected. Finding herself in a new location far from home, her journey down her dark road continues as Sandy continues to plot her friend's taboo encounters. Will Ashley resist, or will she succumb to yet another dark advance...?

As with the previous installments, this series contains lots of racial play, breeding talk, and overall debauchery. Read at your own discretion. But if you do, you'll be in for a treat of interracial breederly fuckings, already-impregnated pussy pounding, and some wild sex in some lakeside woods...

The Morning After

     “Hi Sandy…” Ashley breathed hoarsely into her phone.

     “Ashley! What took you so long? You sound like you’ve been running for hours. What happened?”

     “Well…” Ashley had passed out sometime between the third and fourth time Derren took her that night. Only when she awoke did she remember to call Sandy about the pregnancy test. The still-gasping girl gathered up her scattered pillows and propped herself up. Cradling the phone with her shoulder, she half-covered herself with her strung-out sheets before responding, “Derren came over.”

     “Ooooo,” Sandy cooed, “So he really did know where you lived, huh? Good thing your parents and sister weren’t home. He fucked you, didn’t he?”

     “Yes,” Ashley fell back into her pillows. His cum marked her cold-hardened nipples as more dried on her belly where his thick dick had slapped against her taut belly. But far more cum oozed out between her legs - potent African spunk that stained her innocent bedsheets. Ashley rubbed her thighs together to slide it around her pussy lips. “God yes…”

     Sandy laughed in the moaning girl’s ear, “God Ashley! Did he use a condom this time at least?”

     “Nooo,” her eyes didn’t open. She could still see his dark cock spurting all over her belly, and quivered when she remembered how hotly it shot inside her.

     “That’s going to get you in trouble, Ashley. Keep that up and you’ll be pushing a stroller soon…” That paralyzing jolt flashed through Ashley again – less strongly than the first time, but enough to snap the girl out of daydreaming.

     “Sandy, I’m… I’m already in trouble.”

     “What? What do you mean?”

     “It… I’m… I’m pregnant, Sandy.” A cold grip seized her insides, but another feeling simmered faintly deep down in her belly. Remnants of Derren’s visit last night. The phone went quiet, just some shuffling sounds in the background, before Sandy replied.

     “Hey, Ashley… It’s going to be okay…”

     “How? How can it be okay!?” The room lurched as Ashley began to truly think about her predicament since getting the results, “I never wanted to have sex before I got married, and now I’m pregnant from a guy I hardly even know! My parents think I’m a virgin. My sister looks up to me. What am I supposed to tell them when they start to see? That I got pregnant by a stranger at a party? Oh god, and what will they think when they find out it’s Derren’s baby!” Her family’s horrified faces flashed before her eyes. A baby out of marriage was bad enough, but she was a good girl. And good girls didn’t have black babies.

     “Ashley – Ashley calm down,” Sandy cut through Ashley’s terrified imagination, stopping her from passing out again, “Your Mom and Dad won’t have to know about it, and neither does Dawn.”

     “H-how?” Ashley croaked. Her shaking fingers touched at her belly. Hardly round, but definitely getting there. A tight knot, planted there by Derren hardly two months ago. It wouldn’t be long it would bulge her tight shirts. Ashley wasn’t able to lie to her family like Sandy could.

     “That black guy must have really fucked you hard to make you forget about college already.”

     “College? I can’t go to college like this. Not with… this…” Ashley stared at her obvious tummy. How she could have not noticed her pregnancy by this point...

     “Oh yes you can…” Ashley heard Sandy’s smile, “In fact, it’ll be the way you’ll spare dear Mommy and Daddy, and still be the good Big Sis to Dawn.”

     Sandy told her plan, and after a few minutes Ashley understood. They’d planned on heading to college together after the summer, but Sandy could bump the date up to just after graduation – right before they wouldn’t be able to hide themselves anymore. If all went well, her family would never even know she had a baby, let alone one a black one. Ashley’s room stopped spinning and she could breathe a little easier – still gasping, but it was a start. After an hour of planning, Ashley sank down into her pillows again.

     “Sandy, you’ve saved me,” Ashley said over Sandy’s phone speaker, “I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

     “Ohhhh, don’t mention it…” Sandy replied. Her fingers dripped with cum. She had been fingering herself ever since Ashley confessed what Sandy had hoped she’d say. Pregnant. Just like her – the naughty girl. And Sandy made her like that. “We’ll get through this…” Sandy tried to sound concerned, sincere even, as she bit her lip and rubbed her humming clit harder. She had work to do. Dark work. And the thought of her best friend as a slut for black men…

     “After all,” Sandy moaned, “That’s what friends are for, right?”

The Secret Plan

     When her parents came home a few days later, Ashley told them she wanted to move out to college with Sandy just after graduation. Her parents had always let Ashley have that freedom to choose her own way, and despite her mother’s shimmering eyes and her dad’s furrowed brow, they agreed to let their eldest daughter go. Somehow Ashley kept her composure, even feigned excitement by eagerly hugging them and prancing away. But the long shower afterwards could only wash away her tears, not her guilt.

     “It wasn’t a lie…” Ashley sniffed as the hot spray rained down her back, “I want to go… Don’t I? No… not like this…” She bowed her head, letting her long dirty-blond hair drape down to hide her face from the steam. Tentatively she touched her belly, wishing to discover it was all a bad dream, that she still was her parent’s innocent daughter.

     But her firming belly bump revealed otherwise. Its slight curve was hardly noticeable thanks to her track training regimen that kept her fit and toned, but it had only been a handful of weeks. She already felt relief when she slipped off her too-tight shirt and noticed the pulsing water trickling slower over her growing midsection. The nausea gripped her and forced her to the bathroom when she awoke that morning. Morning sickness, something her mother struggled with when she got pregnant with her. Now Ashley had it too, not because of marriage or love, but because she went bareback at a party with a stranger. A black stranger.

     The warm water beat down between her shoulder blades as she slumped against the shower wall. It felt like a betrayal – not just her keeping it from her family, but also that the baby was… Derren’s. Ashley shivered. That same twinge of excitement and ember of lust that roared last night still cut through the anxiety and guilt like a hot knife. Like when he strolled into her house and straight into her bedroom; when his powerful black hands held her down while her whole body bucked against him; The dull impact as he bottomed out inside her and how tightly her pussy clung to his black shaft; And when he took her from behind and held her little bump, grunting in her ear…

     F-fuck!” She cried and bent double as she came. Ashley realized she had been touching herself as last night played out in her mind. She slid her fingers out– sticky, covered in slime. “Still in me,” Ashley moaned and peered at Derren’s thick, clinging cum.

     “His cum… his baby… still inside me…” Despite having falling so far from grace in her eyes, she brought each and every cum-slick finger to her lips and sucked them clean…

     Graduation came just two weeks after that. For once in her life, Ashley gladly wore a gown. The loose fabric hid all as she stepped on stage, and did more than enough to hide her developing womb. What was hardly the size of a tennis ball now rivaled a large orange, and her black fruit had hardly begun growing. Though her t-shirts no longer reached the hem of her tightening pants, the draping gown hid that from her beaming parents and the flashing cameras. Ashley smiled as she glided across the stage, hunching just so and accepting her diploma in a trembling hand.

     Sandy didn’t try to hide herself at all. She knew her sterling reputation made that little bulge in the silky fabric just the trick of a misfitted gown. No way this scholastic star would actually be slutty enough to get knocked up, even when that wide-grinning girl took her diploma with one hand stroking her tummy.

     Ashley watched her friend. The way Sandy seemed not to care and even flaunt her pregnancy stuck fast in Ashley’s mind. Like envy almost. Back at home, the blond stared blankly at her half-filled suitcase.

     “Hey, almost done packing sweetie?” Ashley’s mother peaked around the doorframe. Ashley jumped and looked over her shoulder, instinctively keeping her back facing her mom.

     “Yeah, almost done Mom,” Ashley replied.

     “Honey, have you been alright lately?” Ashley’s spine froze as her mother gingerly stepped into her room, “You’re father and I have been noticing that you’ve been a little… quiet lately.”

     “Huh? Oh, sorry Mom. I, uh… I’ve just been busy with college plans, that’s all.”

     “Are you sure? It doesn’t seem like school has been on your mind. You’ve never worried this much about school before.” Ashley stiffly folded her thin shirts. Her mother was terribly perceptive, and Ashley wasn’t a good liar.

     “Mom, I’m okay. It’s just…” Ashley stopped. She dropped the shirt into the suitcase and touched her sweatshirt. “I’d just have to do this,” she thought, seeing herself turning and lifting her shirt just over her tummy. “That’s all it would take, and Mom would know…”

     Half her body started to twist, the other held fast. She’d never hidden something so important like this before, and she’d always been able to talk to her Mom about her boyfriends, even what they did in their cars. In her late thirties, Lynn Anders was old enough to know all the tricks, and young enough to enjoy them all. “Should I tell her…?”

     “What is it honey?” Lynn walked to her daughter’s side. Her normally bright eyes searched for her daughter’s. Slowly Ashley turned to her mother, her fingers firmly clenching her shirt.

     “Mom, I’m…”

     Ashley’s phone rang twice. She grabbed it in a flash – a text from Sandy.


     “Um, sorry, hold on a second Mom…” Ashley read the text away from her mother’s eyes:

All packed up naughty girl. Just one more day
and you’ll be home free.

     “What was it?” Ashley’s mother asked.

     “N-nothing…” Ashley’s grip on her shirt melted away.

     “Anyway, what were you about to tell me?”

     “What? Oh, um, I was going to say I was … nervous about moving away.”

     “Oh honey, you don’t have to move away so quickly then! Remember you could stay for the summer like we originally planned. Then your dad and I could help you move in.” Lynn gently wrapped her arm around her daughter’s shoulders. Ashley stared at her pillows.

     “But I have to go Mom,” she said, “Sandy and I wanted to go early so we… so we could get used to being away from home before school started.” Ashley’s conscience twinged.

     “I guess that makes sense… So that’s been stressing you out this much?”

     “Yeah, partly,” The first honest thing she’d told her mom yet.

     “I see… Is the other ‘part’ something you can’t tell your father?”

     “Ah… um…” Ashley twisted her bedsheets, “It… yes. Dad can’t know.”

     “Alright, I understand,” Lynn stepped back and Ashley turned. The girl wished she really did understand. Lynn continued, “How about I come visit you sometime when your father is out on business. Then we can talk about it, okay?” That loving look in her eyes… Ashley couldn’t let her mom down, even if it meant ruining Sandy’s plan.

     “O-Okay Mom… That sounds good.”

     “Great!” Lynn clapped her hands and beamed like she usually did, “Cheer up in the meantime, alright? I’m sure everything will go just fine once you get there, honey. By the time I get there you’ll probably be partying already!”

     “Yeah… thanks Mom,” Ashley managed to smile, knowing her problem would only have grown by then. Ashley’s mother gave her a hug and left with a little skip, leaving Ashley in her room to finish packing. Despite the days ahead, her mother’s cheeriness encouraged Ashley a bit. If anyone could understand and support her, it would be her mother. Ashley smiled and lifted another shirt into her suitcase when her mom peeked in one last time.

     “Oh, be sure to give me a pleasant surprise when I get there too, Ashley!”

     “Don’t worry Mom,” Ashley admitted, “I’ll remember to show you one.”

College Temptations

     “Ahhh, road trip!” Sandy squealed as Ashley threw her things into the back of Sandy’s new red convertible. The brunette skipped over to her door and vaulted in before Ashley, landing on the soft leather seats.

     “You better be more careful about that Sandy,” Ashley said, closing her door.

     “I’ll still be able to jump around for awhile. This isn’t stopping me yet,” she patted her belly with a cattish grin.

     “I was thinking more about the shirt you’re wearing…” Sandy’s spaghetti-strap tank top and pair of jean short-shorts showed off her bump as a small peak beneath the turquoise cloth. “Good thing your parents didn’t see…”

     “Oh, they weren’t even around past Graduation,” Sandy stretched back and groaned, “Ahhh! Last time they saw their virginal daughter was at breakfast before their business trip. My hoodie wasn’t showing them anything, but now I don’t have to hide it anymore!”

     “Still doesn’t mean you should be showing off,” Ashley glanced at her friend’s midsection. It looked like she’d swallowed a small melon.

     “You worry too much Ashley,” Sandy said, tossing her hair into the wind, “You do know where we are going, right?”

     “I thought we were living in the dorms, like you said to your parents.”

     “Pfft, the dorms. Like they expect us to pay thousands of dollars to live like sardines. We’re not staying in the dorms.”

     “But I told my parents we were-”

     “Hey! Don’t worry Ashley! Jeez, your parents don’t have to know everything we’ve been up to, right…?” Sandy shot her friend a sly look. Ashley kept her eyes on the road, but she could easily see Sandy smirking in the corner of her eyes. “Yep, that’s what I thought. Besides, we’re going somewhere nice, and if they ever did find out they’d get a kick out of it too.”

     “But isn’t it a rule for freshmen to stay in the dorms?”

     “Rules are made to be broken. Boundaries to be crossed… sometimes mixed…”

     “Yeah yeah, I get it Sandy…” Ashley smoothed her shirt, “But seriously, they don’t allow freshmen to be off-campus. What’s your plan?”

     “Ehh, that’s a surprise, Ashley,” Sandy laughed but quickly added, “But I’m telling you Ashley, this place will drive you wild!” Ashley was skeptical, until they arrived a few hours later at the lakeside where she got to see their new college home.

     “Oh my god Sandy!” Ashley said, stepping out of the car and gawking at the place, “This place is gorgeous!”

     “See? Knew you’d like it,” Sandy hopped out and stood next to her awestruck friend. “Turns out my cousin’s parents had this as a summer house and no one was going to be here for half a year, so…”

     “They are letting you live here?” Ashley asked. The ‘house’ was more like a small mansion built on the lakeside, bigger than Ashley’s own home.

     “Let’s say my cousin is very convincing,” Sandy said, “Oh yeah, and we have to have the place ‘immaculate and pristine upon her return’,” Sandy struck a straight-backed pose, “Which means we’ll have some serious spring cleaning to do from all the parties we’re going to have.”

     Ashley nodded, half-listening while the rest of her attention roved over the summer house. A huge stone and wood cabin, it stood over the lakeside flanked by large pines from the nearby woods. A wide wooden staircase led up to the front porch half a story up. It reminded Ashley of the party-house months ago as she ascended.

     “It’s a little out of the way of the campus, but we’ll be fine.” Sandy said behind Ashley, who craned her head back to see the wooden beams tenting over her.

     “We’re almost in the woods, Sandy…” Ashley scanned her eyes over fur carpets, rustic furniture, a stone fireplace, and the modern amenities that only added to the rich-lodge decor. Through the large bay windows the huge back patio overlooked a small lakeside dock. “God, this place is amazing, Sandy.”

     “Oh yeah, my cousin’s family is loaded,” Sandy said. She dropped her purse on the granite countertop and headed for the stairs as routinely as checking into a hotel. “Our bedrooms are upstairs. I’m taking the end room, so you’ve got your pick from the four others – they’re all about the same size.”

     “Five bedrooms?” Ashley shrugged. Of course the place would have five bedrooms – why wouldn’t it? The place must have cost a fortune and still even had that fresh-wood scent. The porch’s log railing shone in the late afternoon light, and outdoor lamps in iron castings blended in with the log timber walls. The stairs led to a small pathway ending at the empty dock, with small paths branching off into the woods along the pebbly lakeshore. The building was large enough for a whole sorority, but Sandy walked in like she owned the place. Or soon would.

     “Ashley!” Sandy’s voice called down above her. Looking up, Ashley saw her friend leaning out the end-room window overlooking the whole porch and lakeside.

     “Yes? May I help you up there?”

     “Yeah you can,” Sandy leaned out further. Her shirt was gone. “Get your stuff inside and get dressed. We’re having company over.”

     “W-what? Company? We are allowed to be here, right Sandy?” Ashley could hear police sirens and angry millionaires calling for their heads and wallets.

     “Not that kind of company!” Sandy disappeared before leaning out again. Now her bra disappeared, but the perky girl continued, “We’re having a Welcoming Party, and you’re the guest of honor.”

     “Party? When did you plan a party? Who’s coming – we don’t know anyone here, Sandy!”

     “Come on Ashley, I plan everything. And having parties lets you get to know people,” Sandy bent down and added her pants and panties to the floor, “And I’m sure you’re really going to like some of them…” Sandy’s eyes twinkled as she leaned on her crossed arms.

     “You… you invited…” Ashley’s heart leapt just like it had at the first party, like when he showed up at her door. Did Sandy really…?

     “That black guy who got you in trouble? Of course not. He doesn’t even know you’ve left for college, remember?” Ashley jerked out of her reverie, the kind she often slipped into thinking about Derren. After that night at her house she hadn’t heard from him at all. Not like she expected him there when she woke up, but a part of her felt… something about him. Sandy’s reminder sank heavily into Ashley chest.

     “Yeah… I remember… But then who’d you invite?”

     “You’ll see. Or maybe you won’t if you don’t get up here and get dressed!” Sandy threw what she chose for Ashley, and the thin fabric fluttered down and landed at Ashley’s feet. “Come on!” she grinned, “Give the boys something to stare at!”

     Ashley picked up the tiny bikini, thinking of what Derren would say if he saw her in it. The blond smiled and made her way upstairs.


     “Nope, I’m not wearing this.”

     “Not this again, Ashley!” Sandy huffed, stealing away the sweaters Ashley kept grabbing, “Don’t you remember how good it felt at the party when you cut loose and showed some skin?”

     “Yeah, but back then I didn’t have this,” Ashley smoothed her hand over her exposed belly, “Everyone would know I was knocked up with just this on.” She looked down at herself. Inwardly she thought it really was sexy - Even more so, she dared to think, with her little bump showing…

     “But anyway,” Ashley resumed, “I have to wear something over it.” She stole away a long pink sweater before Sandy could grab it and slipped it on, hiding her belly and all.

     “Come on, I’m going to be wearing the same, and look at this!” Sandy turned and ran her hands over her generous lump. Ashley knew she wasn’t much further along than her, but her belly so much rounder than hers. “The boys will fall over themselves for our cute bellies.”

     “I don’t want boys falling over me.”

     “Oh, that’s right, my mistake – you’re only into black boys now. I see…” Sandy hummed innocently, letting Ashley scowl at the jab.

     “That’s not true. I like cute boys, and hot guys, and…”

     “If they’re black you mean. Give me an example otherwise.” Ashley stood, trying to find one. Her list was long before, but in the last few months they all had disappeared. All that was left was…

     “Well… Derren is really hot…”

     “He’s also very black, Ashley.”

     “Doesn’t mean he can’t be a hot guy though!” Ashley retorted. “Why am I trying so hard?” she began to think.

     “Yeah, but he’s hot to you because he’s black. African. Negro… Face it Ashley, you’ve got the hots for dark-skinned guys. Just say it.” Sandy turned her hawkish eyes on Ashley, “Say it.”

     “I… Okay, I… I like Derren because-”

     “No no no! It’s not just Derren!” Sandy sweeped her arms out, “All black guys the past few months have caught your eye. I’ve noticed alright! I saw your face when that one slapped your ass in the mall. Remember?”

     Ashley did. That grinning bastard landed his palm so hard on her rump that it stung the rest of the day. “That fucker,” Ashley thought. But even then that cocky strut amongst his friends made her stomach twinge and her sex warm. Especially when she felt his dark hand on her white ass, like he owned it…

     “Well?” Sandy said.

     “Fine! I’m into black guys, alright? But I can like white guys still. I just…”

     “You just don’t right now…” Sandy offered, with a knowing glint in her eyes.

     “Y-yeah… But Derren isn’t here, so there isn’t a problem. I’m not a slut spreading my legs for any black guy who comes along. You know me too well for that, Sandy… Sandy?” Ashley found her friend rummaging through the strewn-about clothes, bare ass high in the air as she delved deep. “Sandy!”

     “What? Yeah yeah, you’re not a slut Ashley. I mean, obviously.” Sandy glanced over her shoulder, hair hiding half her face, “Why ask, Ashley?” she said slowly, “Don’t you believe it yourself…?”

     Ashley opened her mouth, then closed it. The comment struck deep, and immediately Ashley heard herself screaming again:

“I’m your white breeding bitch!”
“Your pregnant black cock slut!!”

     She could have told herself it was the heat of the moment, that it just meant she was horny and delirious from Derren’s pounding, how stretched and full he made her, the fear and terrible arousal over carrying his black baby in her pale womb… But Ashley saw it as more than just dirty talk. Those sensations that coursed through her veins, her skin, her very being - how it felt so… right… to be Derren’s slut.

     Ashley tried to shake the thought from her head, “No no, it was just the moment. That’s it. Just the moment. I’m not a slut – I’m not a black man’s slut either. I was just in the moment. That’s right… right…?” Despite her rationalizations, a part of her knew the truth was growing every day inside her.

     Sandy smirked, unseen by Ashley. Her blond friend stared into a pile of clothes instead of noticing Sandy’s shuffling beneath the clothes, sending the messages she’d been typing all this time. There would be a party, but she had to plan out a very special meeting for her friend. Ashley’s blank stare after Sandy’s ‘innocent’ question was enough for the devilish girl – she sent off her message in a heartbeat:

The slut is ready for her reunion.

     “Perfect…” Sandy whispered to herself, “How perfect…” Sandy’s free hand crept down, tracing the contour of her naughty belly and slipped over her silky bikini to feel how wet she’d become. The phone jiggled, and the message was clear:

Ben lookin for that ho. 9 we there.

     “Nine o’clock,” Sandy thought, gushing a little more into her soaked bikini, “More than enough time for little Ashley to realize what a slut she really is…” The grinning girl shot a glance back at Ashley, who delicately pulled off the pink sweater. Sandy bit her knuckles to keep from moaning as she watched her friend give into temptation, the first of the night…

A Familiar Dark

     Within the hour the living room filled with dozens of college students and their accompanying kegs and bottles. It wasn’t long before the humming chatter popped with the opening of beer cans and trickling kegs.

     Sandy walked around introducing herself as hostess and Ashley as her best friend roommate – a title Ashley thought would have been test-driven first before proclaiming to half the college. The crowd thickened and sliding through earned them more than a few double-takes as they brushed by a guy or a quick scan by the girls.

     “Hehe, and they haven’t seen anything yet,” Sandy giggled to Ashley, holding her arm and dragging her through the sea of people.

     “I don’t think it’s a good idea still, Sandy. I think I’ll just keep this on for the night,” Ashley said, crossing her arms across her chest. The long t-shirt wouldn’t show off her scanty attire, but it couldn’t quite manage to cover her yellow bikini bottoms either. Better than going half-naked like Sandy planned, but she still got twincing thrills whenever someone would glance her way.

     “Pfft, that’s not happening. Not tonight,” Sandy said, pulling her out onto the back patio. The whole deck had turned into a dance floor, the speakers thumping just outside the large windows in the cooling night air. Ashley felt the late-spring breeze sneak up her shirt, and her nipples tensed underneath her satin bikini top. They’d easily show through if she took off the shirt, she knew.

     “It’s cold, Sandy. I don’t want to go swimming anyway…”

     “The water’s fine. Probably warmer than it is out here,” Ashley saw that Sandy was chilled too. The evidence poked out from her bright-green top revealed by her loose robe. Her friend’s breasts had been getting bigger already, and Ashley knew why. Sandy rubbed her hands across her hardening nipples and sighed, “God, these are so sensitive lately… Going to be showing off a bit more than I thought…” With that the sultry hostess climbed up onto a box, signaled the music to stop, and reined in the quieting audience.

     “Hey! How’s everyone’s Summer Break going?” The crowd cheered as Sandy turned showgirl, outfit and all. “My friend Ashley and I are going to be Freshmen, and we wanted to show you what we’re really bringing to campus this fall.” Sandy untied the string shutting her robe and shrugged it off her shoulders. Her small green string bikini left hardly anything for the whistling audience to wonder about. Maybe they thought she naturally had a pouting belly like that, despite the light and toned frame it rounded from, but Ashley knew better. The audience whooped and cheered at the sexy brunette tease as she grinned and continued.

     “Mmmm, like what you see, huh? Well, I’m getting all hot up here, so whoever wants to join me in the lake to cool down is welcome to. Oh yeah,” she said over her shoulder, giving a sly grin as she undid the sting on the back of her top, “Clothing’s optional!” The crowd whooped and stampeded off the porch and onto the lakeside beach, following the laughing brunette. Some already stripped down their shirts and pants, and then some. Sandy led the charge, losing her top along the way which Ashley, ambling behind, recovered for her excitable friend.

     “Wooooo!” Sandy hopped around as buzzed college students splashed into the water and milled about the beach. Ashley handed the dainty green top back to her friend.

     “You dropped this,” Ashley said. The mischievous girl gave it one look and tossed it skyward.

     “Ashley, its college! Time to get a little wild – do things you wouldn’t dream of doing.” Sandy caught more than a few grins and stares pointed at her proudly displayed rack.

     “You have gotten a little wild and have done things, and look what it got you,” Ashley lightly prodded her friend’s belly. It was so firm, taut with the secret seeds her friend had carefully grown under her parent’s noses. Now a hundred college students had seen it. The smooth tension of her friend’s tummy shocked her. Would her stomach be like that too…?

     Sandy laughed and pressed forward, “Oooh yes Ashley, I got in trouble. Biiiig trouble. And from the looks of those guys over there, it’s gonna get me into more pretty soon,” Ashley saw the three boys staring at her friend’s perky breasts and bared body. Sandy winked their way and turned back to her friend, “I get the feeling you’re about to have fun yourself, naughty girl.”

     “Why’s that? Going to make Derren pop out of your panties now?”

     “If I did, you’d have to fuck him on the spot,” Sandy flashed her teeth, “All I’m saying is you never know who you’ll run into. College towns have lots of people, you know? Lots of strangers…” she spotted something and turned her devilish eyes back onto Ashley, “And some you’ll get to know much better.”

     “Wha… what’s that supposed to mean, Sandy?” But the girl shook her head, the dark look passing like a fluffy cloud as her waving hand dismissed the thought.

     “Oh nothing, best friend. Just get ready to strip off that shirt of yours,” With that, Sandy dashed off towards the group of gawking guys. Ashley reached out, but Sandy quickly lost herself along the moonlit shoreline.

     Sighing, Ashley stared over the water and tugged her baggy t-shirt. “A swim would be nice,” she thought, but the cotton brushing her pouting stomach convinced her otherwise. Her new classmates laughed and talked and shrieked, jumping into the water and flirted on the rocky sand. Ashley had imagined she’d be with them just months ago, but now… now she had to hide. No one could find her like this, pregnant with her dark secret. Maybe once it was all over she could go back to who she was before…

     Lost in thought she didn’t notice the shadowy figures approaching, stalking in on the lone girl. One stood out from the rest, and when he spoke Ashley saw his bright teeth flashing in the night.

     “I told you I’d be seein’ that fine ass again, girl.” Ashley recognized that wolfish grin. It wasn’t Derren – it was the college frat guy from the mall!

     “What are you doing here?” Ashley straightened up and glared.

     “Is dat any way to treat a respectable brotha?” His mock pain passed in the flickering of a moment, “Might not have caught on dat first time, the way you be starin’ all wide-eyed at my crew, but my associates and I be college brotha’s.”

     “I already knew that, frat boy,” Ashley stared daggers, not having to look up like with Derren, “And I remember how ‘respectable’ our first meeting was.” Though standing shorter than his snickering companions, they all stood behind him. Their grinning leader cocked his head and swooned.

     “Oooh, you be cuttin’ me deep, girl! Frat boy, huh? I’d say we be Manly Brotha’s more like it. Manlier than any white boy you know fo’ sure!” His compatriots muttered “Yeah!” and “Damn straight” in low spoken voices. “And with that tight ass you be sportin’ girl,” He licked his lips and rubbed his hands, “Mmm, we’d be willin’ to show you all ‘bout dat…”

     Ashley stood her ground, despite the ice growing in her belly. Sandy was off somewhere doting on college hunks while this wall of four black men trapped her in, all staring hungrily at this lone white girl in the large loose t-shirt. Despite that, Ashley clenched her fists and fixed her eyes on the boy who’d slapped her ass in the mall, whose sharp grin she never thought she’d see again.

     “You and your ‘Brothas’ won’t be showing me anything,” Ashley said, turning and starting towards the dark woods, “I’m leaving now. Enjoy watching my fine ass, frat boy.”

     “Oh we’ll be enjoyin’ it, aight. Damn soon too!” The group’s growling curses rose up behind her, but none came from their leader. Ashley didn’t know where she’d go in the woods, but she reasoned she’d figure that out later.

     But soon footsteps crunched behind her, and before getting even twenty feet past the tree line his voice caught up to her.

     “Shit! Now here I was thinkin’, ‘Dis some sweet white thing dat’s gonna take some nigga dick like a good cracka slut’,” Ashley spun around to face his dark leering face as he continued approaching, “But yo’ playin’ hard-to-get. Ain’t you, ho?”

     “Harder to get than you’re up for,” Ashley shot back, “I’m already taken.” Beneath his muscle shirt and long shorts, he didn’t look like he’d lose chasing down the track star. His frat brothers had disappeared, but the college boy laughed in her face.

     “What, by some bitch white boy? Girl, I’ll teach you how a real man-”

     “His name is Derren, and he’s blacker than you,” Ashley glowered, pleased that he shut his mouth for once. It didn’t last long though. He chuckled deep in his chest, shaking his head and taking one step after another.

     “Woooo, damn! I knew you’s be gettin’ some nigga dick, ho! I bet my crew yo’ be a real ho first time I seen ya. Lookin’ like payday already don’t it, white sugar…?” He stroked himself through his loose pants. Despite herself Ashley’s heart skipped when she saw the bulge of his black snake.

     “I’m not your ho!” Ashley said. It twinged in her mind instantly, throwing her back to Derren. “Am I his though?” she thought, feeling her tummy without thinking. Nonetheless she shot back, “I’m not going to fuck you, so leave me alone.”

     “Oh, I ain’t thinkin’ you was gonna be the one doin’ the fuckin’,” He stopped right in front of her, and Ashley didn’t move an inch. She didn’t need to crane up like with Derren, but she felt him towering over her. “Admit it, ho,” he said, “Yo’ be cravin’ dis black dick, ain’t ya?”

     “N-no! I’m…” Ashley fidgeted, trying to make her case despite shifting her eyes between his and his lengthening bulge.

     “Dat’s right, look at it. Yo’ lookin’ hungry fo’ some black meat,” he hummed, toying with his hidden member. “What’s yo’ name, white sugar?”

     “It’s Ashley,” she stammered, “I’m not hungry or…”

     “Name’s Jayson. My crew call me Big Jay, but yo’ ain’t my crew, Ashley.”

     Ashley tried to resist. That attitude, treating her like she’s already agreed to spread her legs for him – she wanted to slap that smirking face. But her legs quivered as he inched closer.

     “I don’t want this, Jayson,” Ashley said, trying to sound convincing, “Just go away… Nothing’s going to happen.”

     “Dat ain’t happenin’, white sugar,” he said, deliberately looking down and up her body, “An’ I  thinkin’ you been wantin’ me too. Bet yo’ been thinkin’ all ‘bout dis wit yo’ nigga!” Ashley didn’t see him raise his arm until it came down, spanking her hardly-covered ass again.

     Ga-ahh!” Ashley jumped, right into him. He kept his palm on her cheek, grasping a handful of her firm flesh. “Fuck you!” the furious girl hissed. She couldn’t help but breathe in his distinct scent.

     “Naw bitch, I be fuckin’ you,” His grin widened as he squeezed, making Ashley squirm and push against his chest, “Mmmm, dat’s it,” he hummed, “Dis sweet white ass been in my dreams since dat mall, white sugar.”

     “Let go!” Ashley growled. She wouldn’t give him the pleasure of her screaming, and hoped he wouldn’t discover her moistening bikini.

     “Oh, what dis be?” Ashley froze. His ebony fingers slid under her shirt and traced the outline of her bump.

     “Nothing! I-It’s nothing! Let me go!” Ashley pushed harder, but his grip forced her back against him. His evil grin spread across his lips again.

     Damn, ho! Yo’ really are a brotha’s slut, ain’t you?” Ashley groaned low, the grim cower of defeat washing over her. It made her struggle all the harder, and with a jerk she freed herself. Back trotting, she came to a stop next to a flat boulder in the small moonlit clearing. She glared at him and rubbed her behind tenderly – his mark would stay awhile, she knew.

     “Show me,” Jayson said.

Black Lust Grown

     “No! Fuck you,” Ashley spat back.

     “Bitch, show me!” Ashley quivered – his command struck a deep chord, the same chord that Derren would hit inside her. Ashley tried to hide herself, shielding herself with her arms, but his hot gaze penetrated her defenses, unblinking.

     “… O-okay…” The dirty-blond whispered. Jayson’s smug smile spread over his face as the timid girl gently lifted her protective t-shirt.

     “Take it off,” Jayson said, and after a pause Ashley complied. It fell away, leaving Ashley wearing Sandy’s chosen outfit: Her yellow string bikini hugged her breasts tight, fighting to contain the firm globes. Below her bump only two thin strings held the small satin triangle over her modesty – and just barely so. Without the big t-shirt to hide, Ashley felt naked already.

     “God damn, baby. Turn ‘round fo’ me.” Slowly, Ashley turned. All she wanted to do was scream at him, but every time she gave in her sex gushed. His deep hums of approval made her feel sexy. Alive. Like she was with Derren. Three-quarters of the way around, he held up his hands.

     “Whoa, jus’ like that baby,” She stopped, and he stepped back up. She knew where he was looking. Her warming tummy fluttered as he confirmed his suspicions with his dark hands. “Shit ho, gone an’ got yourself knocked up! Know who your black baby’s daddy is, white sugar?”

     “Of course I do – I’m not a slut!” Jayson threw his head back and roared with laughter.

     “Says the ho with a nigga’s baby in her lily white belly,” Nevertheless he pressed her back against the flat rock. “How many?”

     “How many what?”

     “How many black babies been in dis white belly?” He ran his hand over her bump. Her tummy was hot – he made it hotter.

     “T-this is my first…” Ashley said, but quickly added, “It was an accident – I took a pill and used a condom, but...” Gushing – she remembered how Derren’s hot African cum gushed inside her that first time.

     “Yo’ got a brotha to wear a rubber? Damn ho, I ain’t lettin’ any ho put a raincoat on me. But don’t look like a rubber did yo’ cracka belly any good, did it?” He flashed his teeth at the blond, and petted his hand lower. She didn’t stop him.

     “Jus’ like a white ho should be,” He grinned, “Breedin’ black…” His cock jabbed her upper thigh, threatening to tear his loose shorts. Ashley gasped as an icy-hot jolt ran through her. “Wantin’ dis black dick real bad, ain’t ya white sugar?”

     “N-no…” But she was nodding. It was all the answer he needed. One black arm tugged his shorts down, and the other pulled the panting girl close.

     “Say it, ho. Say yo’ want dis big black dick,” There wasn’t anything between her thighs and his ebony member. The last of her will kept her from looking, but that was all. With thighs quivering and pussy seeping, she looked down and away.

     “Ye… yes… I want it.”

     “Naw, ain’t getting’ away wit jus’ that,” His black fingers caught her chin and drew her gaze back to him, “Let’s see them pretty eyes when ya say it right, ho.”

     Defiant and so horny, Ashley growled, “Give my pussy that big nigger dick.” Her eyes flickered and her pussy spasmed as she said it and her knees buckled a little despite her anger.

     Jayson laughed and pushed her onto the rock. The stone chilled her back, but her resolution melted when she saw him stroking his ebony weapon between her legs. She shivered. The second black cock she’d ever seen, and again it easily beat those of her white boyfriends’. Not as thick or as veiny as Derren’s, he was still long. So long. Jayson’s black mamba dripped its venom copiously onto her, even juicier than Derren was. And now his dick spread that scalding slime all over her bare white belly.

     Not bothering to test her pussy first, he slapped his turgid member right down onto her bikini-clad sex, rubbing his shaft along her satin-covered slit. Ashley’s back arched uncontrollably, and she let out a long pent-up moan.

     Oooooooh, mmmmm…” Her deepest feminine instincts began to take over.

     “Damn bitch, dis cunt be juicin’ fo’ my black snake,” he gloated, showing Ashley the strings of her cum already clinging between his shaft and her yellow bikini. He sawed her until she couldn’t take it anymore.
     “Please…” Ashley groaned.

     “What’s dat, ho? Beggin’ already? Yo’ really are a black man’s slut!”

     “Shut up and fuck me, you black fucker!” Ashley spat, an alley cat in heat. Jayson, challenged outright by this sexy white girl, almost tore the frail satin from her mound. Bunching it up to the side and too impatient to untie the strings, he plunged in without waiting for Ashley to guide him in.

     AHH!” Ashley wailed, grabbing his waist with both hands, eyes fixed on his disappearing black member, “Not so – so faahhhh!

     “Take my black dick, ya white bitch,” Jayson grunted, ignoring Ashley’s quavering pleas. Her arms felt like toothpicks holding against his onyx muscles as they worked to drive his bare dick to the hilt inside her. The shock and pain gave way to her craving, and within a minute Ashley was gripping and bucking back against her new lover.

     “You like dis nigga dick, ho?”

     “Fuck you – ohhhh!

     “What’s that, ho!?”

     God, I love your nigger dick!” His ebony spear pounded her into the stone, making her take it all. Ashley’s pale pussy spasmed, her tight pink lips refusing to give his shaft up, clinging to his dark-chocolate pole every time he pulled out. Slamming her fertile hips into the rock built onto her impending orgasm, and he was fucking her faster still.

     “Scream fo’ me, cracka bitch. Tell my crew I bagged your fine white ass!” Ashley moaned, mouth hanging open as her eyes rolled back. “Bitch!” Jayson slapped her already sore ass, drawing her back from the edge for just a moment.

     “I’m soo close, Jayson. Fuck me! Make this white bitch cummmm!” Ashley started arching again, shivering as her pussy hummed with energy, tension, just moments from unleashing. And right then Jayson sunk in deep and grabbed her throat – tight.

     “Ho! Yo’ scream fo’ my brotha’s, yo’ hear? Scream, bitch!” Ashley took haggard breaths, fear lancing through her whole body as she struggled to breathe.

     “I – I can’t! Others,” she strained to breathe, “will hear!”

     “Damn right dey will,” Jayson rammed deep inside her and drove her soft ass into the rock, “Make. Them. Hear. Bitch!”

     Ashley couldn’t stop – it was too much. Without answering him her hips bucked, impaling herself to the root of his ebony cock, and came while muffling her wail with her arm.

     “MMMM!!” Ashley bit her arm so hard she broke the skin, fighting every fiber of her being to scream out. Even as her body gave into the flood, sinking beneath the torrid waves churned by her undulating belly and gushing pussy, she couldn’t let others know she was being fucked by a strange frat boy, and a black one at that. Derren was different, Ashley thought, but could she scream for Jayson like that?

     Jayson wasn’t gentle to her quaking pussy, pounding her sensitive folds that milked around his long shaft. Ashley clenched her thighs to push him out, but couldn’t. Moaning and pushing her dainty hands against his dark chest she begged him to stop. He slammed into her over fucked pussy, making Ashley scream out and dig her nails into his arms.

     “Yeah, now dat’s a scream, bitch.” He growled, “When I say scream, yo’ scream for me, ho!” Ashley tried to catch her breath from her second frantic, powerful orgasm. The cold rock hardly helped to cool her down under his hot black skin.

     “My roommate…” Ashley started, but it didn’t make sense. Sandy heard her begging Derren to fill her at the first party. And at her house she’d screamed for Derren’s black baby-making cum without reservation. What stopped her now?

     “I-I can’t… Derren…” She managed, finally.

     “Yo’ still goin’ on ‘bout dat nigger,” Jayson leaned dangerously over his white prey, “Well, I don’t see dat brotha here, fuckin’ you,” A hard stroke, right to the doors to her womb.

     Mmmaaahhh, I-I’m sorry-”

     “I don’t see him pounding dis cunt,” Two more brutal strokes.

     Ahh! Jay- MMM!” Ashley felt it rising inside her again. Another orgasm, so soon.

     “I see a slut, takin’ my dick, and fuckin’ like a dirty nigga-lovin’ ho!”

     Ahhh! Fuck me! Fuck your slut!” Ashley wailed. Derren wasn’t here. Jayson was.

     “Yo’ my bitch?”

     “I’m yours! Your black cock slut!!” So close, on this strange black cock.

     Make. Them. Hear.” Jayson started full-on, pinning Ashley’s whole body against the rock. Derren wasn’t here, fucking her with this magnificent cock. Jayson was, and Jayson’s African cock rammed into her with abandon, with animal lust. She was his, this strange man, a black man who wasn’t the father of her baby. And as she gave in, her body opened like a new-blooming flower to him.

     “Fuck your slut!” Ashley howled, wrapping her legs around him, “Fill me up. Breed your white bitch, Jayson! Breed me right!

     “Gonna cum, ho!”

     “Cum in me!” Ashley wailed, this black beast grunting and rutting into her just like Derren did. “Seed my garden,” the delirious girl said as her orgasm fast approached, “Make me your pregnant ho! Give me your black babyyy – CUMMMING!!”

     Ashley came for a third time, screaming at the top of her lungs. No doubt it carried out onto the lakeshore, letting everyone know shy little Ashley was a real black cock slut. His long black mamba shot its dark venom deep inside her clamping white pussy. Ashley tightened her pale legs over his still-pumping waist and flailed beneath his powerful body. Jayson injected his exotic sperm deep inside her already pregnant pussy, but wailing Ashley believed in those blissful moments this black bastard was impregnating her fertile white cunt.

     “Damn ho, no wonder yo’ knocked up,” Jayson drew out his softening member from its still-creaming white sheath. Ashley panted, a sheen of sweat blanketing her whole body.

     “Knocked up black…” she moaned. Jayson’s cum was so hot and drooled down her thighs faster than Derren’s. It made her miss the thick sloshing deep inside her fluttering pussy. She had to have more. She rubbed her messy pussy, slipping her lithe fingers in and tempting Jayson’s shrinking member with her other hand.

     “Yo’ some crazy cracka bitch,” Jayson said, grinning down at the pale nymph, “I knew yo’ fine ass was a sweet fuck, white sugar.”

     “It still is, frat boy,” Ashley said, staring him in the eyes as she licked the cum from her fingers. Jayson’s cum – another black man’s cum. So much like Derren’s, but wonderfully different. “I’m such a slut,” Ashley thought darkly as she sucked his sperm from her fingers.

     “Bitch, yo’ still want dis nigga dick, don’t ya?”

     “God yes,” Ashley breathed, stroking his slimy cock back to life, “I need it so badly…” Even those few weeks without Derren haunted her, and though Jayson didn’t fuck and own her like he did, he still could fuck. He still was black.

     “Ho, back dat sweet ass up!” Ashley rolled and offered her heart-shaped ass to him, without hesitation this time. “Mmmm, I ‘member feelin’ dis way back at dat mall,” This time he tugged her bikini’s strings, unveiling Ashley’s firm rear to his ravenous gaze.

     “Me too,” Ashley said, breathlessly.

     “Bitch got wet jus’ from gettin’ spanked by a brotha.”

     “How did you know?”

     “Dey always do,” Jayson replied, grinning as his slapped his long ebony tool onto her tailbone and sawed between her firm cheeks. Ashley had never felt warm cum slickening her ass before. She would have loved it if her pussy wasn’t aching to be bred again. Ashley nuzzled her dripping white sex against his turgid shaft.

     “Mmmm, take me Jayson. Make me your white breeding bitch…”

     “Yo’ already got’s one, ho,” He said, rubbing her now-apparent baby bump. She could feel Derren’s black baby growing inside her white womb. She tossed her golden hair over her back and looked over her shoulder.

     “Give me another,” Ashley purred, “Make another black baby inside me.”

     “Crazy ho,” Jayson wasn’t laughing – he was breathing hard. And his cock hardened more, steely from Ashley’s perfect ass and sultry words. After lining up with her fertilized hole, he filled the woods with her passionate shrieks again as he drove his African spear into her wanting Caucasian pussy.


     The partiers milled and frolicked about back on the beach as Sandy managed to walk out onto the patio. She breathed in and stretched, licking her lips and shuffling her thighs around the creamy mess left between them.

     “Good boys,” Sandy hummed to herself, “Too bad they fell asleep right after. Now where are my special guests…” Sauntering to the railing she scanned the dim beach and found them.

     “Frat boy’s boyfriends,” Sandy said, looking at the three holding beers, “My my, what action they’re getting tonight… Thought that would have been more dramatic...” The three loads swimming in her pregnant pussy was cooling fast, but she squinted at the trio again.

     “Where’s leader boy?”

     And as if in answer, a howl rose from the woods. A high, desperate, lusty howl – and definitely not a wolf’s.

     “But a bitch in heat is close enough!” Sandy’s heart raced. Could her Ashley be that much of a slut already? The horny girl dashed down onto the beach and towards the woods as tipsy onlookers tried to find where that strange wailing sound was coming from.

     Sandy found the source easily enough. She peeked around a tree to see Ashley perched on a flat boulder, the leader boy behind her naked body and slamming against her taut ass. They were speaking too – no, not so much speaking as yelling and screaming at one another.

     “Like dat, ho?”

     “Oh fuck!

     “I said ‘Like dat, ho’!?” The smack he gave her ass echoed through the woods along with that familiar howl from Ashley’s throat.

     AHHHH!! Yes! Yesss!

     “Like it rough, don’t ya bitch?”

     “Nooo, I like it from nigger cock.”

     “Yo’ my cracka breedin’ ho?”

     I’m your black cock SLUT!! I’m cummm – AHHHHH!!” Ashley threw her head back and wailed skyward as he pulled her golden locks, cumming so hard on his pistoning black cock that Sandy could see her friend’s whole body tremor and shake.

     “Oh my god…” Sandy couldn’t believe it. She’d never seen Ashley acting like such a wonton slut before – to think this was how she got with black men… And now not just with one.

     “Any black guy must do, huh Ashley?” Sandy moaned to herself, watching the dark man lift Ashley back and tore her yellow top down to her belly.

     “I did this to her, didn’t I?” Sandy felt her own pussy, now drenched with cum and juices. “I made my best friend a slut…” It was good Ashley and her black buck fucked so loud – it stifled the sounds of her fingers furiously pumping away inside her gushing pussy.

     The moonlight reflected off Ashley like snow, and like an eclipse the black man’s hands ran down her slender frame, falling over her friend’s tell-tale bump. “Bet she told him it’s black too…” Sandy moaned quietly, “A little black baby in that little white tummy…”

     Her free hand stroked her own belly, feeling her own telling lie’s firmness, wondering how long until she told her best friend that her’s might not be black, but she was having twins. The thought of Ashley pregnant with some black guy’s baby gave Sandy a few small orgasms as she watched her friend taking another load of hot spunk from her newest ebony lover.

     “She went this far tonight,” Sandy watched the long midnight tool sliding out of Ashley’s oozing pussy. His previous load dripped thickly onto the forest floor as Ashley turned around to take his bare length into her mouth, suckling its head and licking its shaft like a starved woman.

     “How far will she go…?” Sandy felt her own orgasm fast approaching as her mind reeled with new possibilities for her slutty friend. “Oh Ashley,” Sandy moaned, leaning against the tree as the black-and-white pair rolled onto the dirt and began to grunt and moan anew, “You’re making this too much fun for me…”

     Oooooh! Fuck me harder. Give me your black cock!” Ashley screamed again for the world to hear.

     Much, much too fun, Ashley…” And Sandy came with a shudder.


  1. Wow, that's a huge story. Very impressive.

  2. I always expect great things from you and you rarely disappoint. A lot of series trail off after a few entries, and I'm filled with a certain amount of trepidation at this point, but you are able to make it work and work well, at that. If you don't mind a little constructive criticism, I wouldn't mind providing some. (I'm an avid reader/writer myself and the urge to dispense my own personal take on the strengths and weaknesses in a story is profound. If you would rather not hear it, then that is perfectly fine, I understand.) I'd like to note in conclusion that I enjoy your site very much and look forward to each new entry.

  3. Provide away if you have some - you seem like you'll do better than most internet criticisms of "this sucks" or whatever, and I enjoy criticism anyway. I think that outside views can help better my writing style and storylines, if not directly at least for providing a different viewpoint to consider. Comment either in these comments or send your thoughts to my email at

    Thanks for enjoying the story and the blog!

    1. I'm glad you are open to an outside perspective. Let me read through the story a few more times and organize my thoughts so they aren't an incoherent mess and I'll let you know.

      And you're welcome.

  4. The story is erotic, but the portrayal of black people is a little disconcerting. They all speak in ghetto slang, and are indifferent to what the other girl feels. The emotional manipulation is also uncomfortable (ashley obeying after he orders her and calls her a bitch is downright sexist and provides unfortunate implications galore.) You seem to be implying that blacks are stupid subhuman sexist lust hounds who lust after white women, have no restraint and will do all to get in their pants. I don't think you are trying to be racist and sexist, but your later two stories give that impression quite strongly. Maybe you could refine the dialogue so that they sound like normal people rather than a stereotype, and maybe given them more personality beyond sex hound.

    1. I can't tell you how many time I have been propositioned with "Yo girl, let me get in them guts" or my personal favorite "Hey baby, you Gunna let me tear that shit up or what?" I suggest you get out, see the world, and see how the majority of black males really are.

  5. I really REALLY enjoyed the photos accompanying the story, especially the third and fourth of swollen pregnant tummies. Mmm it is much more engaging than photos alone and adds an interesting layer to the experience!

  6. Very disappointing . . . You have managed to make your story both sexist and racist as the stereotypes and language that you imagine are foul. Why is it that you can only imagine that that black men want to have sex with or impregnate white women. . .? Is it beyond you to imagine that white men may want to have sex with black women. . . Writing is a process that can most definitely be improved maybe try some different ideas rather than just rehashing offensive vile thinking.

  7. Actually all these comments make me pretty happy, despite most forming rough criticisms. So I suppose I should address some of those.

    So, stereotypical dialog. It doesn't seem true that I am making all the black characters speak this stereotypically. Derren's speech style is not as heavily slangish as Jayson's, and so far those are the only two black characters that have spoken. The reason I wanted to make a pretty slangish speech style was to better differentiate Derren from Jayson, and because novel speech styles are fun to write. I'm pretty sure if Derren and Jayson were talking to each other, without many indications the readers could easily tell them apart, dialog and personality-wise.

    Now about the racism and sexism. I have to say that this story, this whole series, in fact all my erotic writings, are porn - not political statements. That is, these stories are intended to entertain and get people off, not to platform my beliefs (which are in fact very different from what these characters say and think). Many erotic topics are highly offensive and taboo subjects if taken as literal political positions, but as porn they might press just the right buttons for people. Take mother/son incest stories, or forced sex stories - I doubt most of the writers of these actually endorse these situations. So the point here is that I'm not preaching racism/sexism. I'm writing porn. My only platform is, "Get off, or get going."

    The stereotypes in the story itself are largely the result of the Black Breeding genre, which is heavy based on raceplay and racial domination - i.e. as a genre it is intentionally racist and sexist. A major part of that genre is the high focus on the contrasts between the white girl and black guy, and elements that make the black man a sexual predator incarnate and the white girl prey that can't control herself. Erotic fantasies are usually not realistic or fair to the characters involved - in fact most of them reduce the players into fairly flat actors. There was a book about women's sexual fantasies called "My Secret Garden" that talked about 'Black Guy' fantasies women had, and guess how realistic the 'Black Guy' characters were in the sexual fantasies? That isn't to say that many erotic stories can't have complex characters, but stories in the Black Breeding genre generally have a far higher emphasis on the situation than on the characters.

    However, I can take these comments as a challenge to improve my character development even further however (as I am already planning). But so far as this story is concerned, the racial/sexual elements exist particular to a genre that is naturally either very erotic to some or very offensive to others. I try to avoid offending people by expressly stating before the story that it is charged like that, but still many people venture in anyway. It's unavoidable, sadly.

    As for imagining other interracial situations, I actually want to pioneer a 'White Breeding' genre, which would partially be an experiment to seeing if 'Black Breeding' genre elements can be used in the 'opposite' situation, with a white man breeding many sexy ladies of all sorts of racial persuasions. And I definitely, absolutely would love to see more of these 'reverse interracial' topics (isn't that an oddly common term?) explored in breeding stories. But those trails currently seem unblazed, so it might be up to authors like me to give it a shot sometime.

    Thanks for the comments, extra kudos to DarthYam for being brave and posting his username, and keep them coming. Positive or negative criticisms are all welcome, just be nice to fellow commentators as you have been.

  8. I don't really understand the whole 'Black Breeding' genre, but that's because I don't really understand 'Interracial' as a genre, or more specifically, why 'interracial' is a genre at all. OK, so people with different ethnicities are having sex. Are they both gorgeous? Awesome. I can totally appreciate that. Is it well written? Great! Does the girl end up pregnant? Even better. But it completely loses me when they start obsessing endlessly about "black babies" and "black cocks," as if that mattered at all. People date across ethnic lines all the time. Africans date Irish date Latinos date Chinese date Greeks, and every other combination under the sun. So what?

  9. Another good entry to the Ashley series. I hope it will continue. I find the sexist parts between Ashley and her mom. The horror she feels inside and how she deals with it really builds up the rest of the story.

  10. Excellent series, well written and paced really well. I don't find it offensive at all, has anyone who criticizes the portrayal of Derren and Jayson might care to consider what can appeal to white girls can be quite different to what appeals to black girls. Of course in literature the author will exaggerate or condense situations but there has to be at least a germ of reality for the piece to succeed, and I think that this series does at least reflect white girls willingness to date/procreate outside their own race.

    I would love to be in Derren or Jayson's shoes but I'm not and so I read and enjoy this and dream! However for anyone to think that impregnating a white girl wouldn't be the ultimate ego-trip, well, it is, and many guys would agree.

    I look forward to a heavily pregnant or even nursing Ashley and Sandy being used in the way I would if I had the chance!

  11. What I want to see is Derren come back and try to take back Ashley and in the end Jayson and Derren both fuck her, making her decide which one she likes the best and she describes what its like to have sex with the other guy. Also the baby starts kicking turning everyone on!

    1. You've partially read my mind, and partially filled it with delightful ideas! Thanks.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. I have a quick question, has Ashely been to an ultrasound yet? It might pretty exciting to actually see that black baby of hers inside her belly, also the pictures might turn other people on.I really love your stories and I'm currently working on some impregnation/pregnancy stories on literotica, as vivaheartqueen, and I would love for you to read them if you can.

    4. Man, my blog readers have some awesome ideas - what a great idea! I would love to have a scene with a trip to the doctor's and an ultrasound in the story, perhaps in the next chapter even. Very hot idea.

      And as always I am on the hunt for new impregnation/pregnancy works out there, so I would be delighted to read your stories once they appear in your Literotica profile.

  12. I want to see Ashley become a total sex slave as the baby continued to grow inside her. Best series ever!!!!

  13. I just realized something the Sandy from "Sandy's Showing Lie" is actually this Sandy! I feel so blonde (which I am) for just realizing that. Sorry if it was more obvious than I thought it was!

    1. I've been wondering if anyone got that connection. It isn't a big deal and was actually written before the Ashley storyline was even thought of, but I thought it might be fun to use her character again.

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