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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Impregnation Videos | Pregnant Videos #18

Jazzmine Shower Fuck
Now you know that a girl is really hot when, upon the sight of her naked body, you can't even be bothered to take all your clothes off before fucking her. Such is the case in this film where a friend introduces his buddy to his lovely showering compatriot he found on the beach. The guy gets so excited he jumps in the shower without even taking his pants or boots off and just gets right to business. You can tell it is passionate from all the hilarious monkey-fuck music in the background (if you don't get it now, watch and you will know...), and moreso from the fact that they bang in the shower, against the wall, on the sink, on the bed, and ending up with her belly-down and pounded into the bed. Though he does pull out and blasts her pussy lips with his load, I would be willing to bet that at least a few volleys got inside that tight snatch before the end. Breederly fucking if there ever was some to be seen.

6 Load Creampie
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Well, I've seen a lot of creampie clips and movies, but very few of them have taken the sloppy seconds route to this level. An amateur gangbang that is focused on really just one aspect - all those loads ending up inside that lovely lass. Though, unlike most porns where the girl cleans up after every creampie or so, they take a more interesting route of just filling her with one after another. Things get very messy very quickly, and through a combination of all those loads and her natural wetness she leaves a whole pool of semen under her by the end. It is pretty quiet, but most of the sounds are those of each man fucking the cum out of her sloppy pussy and planting his own deep inside her. Great stuff I say! God knows who the father will be after this...

Compilation of Dripping Creamy Pussy Orgasm
While not necessary impregnation or being pregnant, I can't help but love watching women cum. And if not really cumming itself, at least leaking creamy goodness like foam fountains. Oh what I would give to get one of these girls creaming for me - and really creaming, as the word implies. If they had a guy with them I'd think they were leaking his cum, but that's just them. Makes the imagination run wild at times... Anyway, it's a compilation of girls literally creaming, mostly by masturbating but I imagine they'd pull off the same trick otherwise too.

Double Creampied Girls
When the girls are at play, the guys are... going to go play with them. This is a double-female threesome with the best possible outcome - cum in both of their tight little pussies. Very great camerawork here, and starts off and continues with some great lesbian play. Those girls really like each other, and you can tell. There isn't a storyline to it, but the revolving ganging-up on each other is really engaging. Plenty of foreplay and definitely some hot fucking, he makes sure to inseminate both of them nicely. Gives me ideas for stories in itself, and to everyone else it is hot enough just at that.

My Girlfriend is Pregnant with a Black Baby
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We can't have a video post and not see at least one rounded belly, and this is one of my favorite scenes that I wish could be part of more videos on pregnancy in the future. The premise is that our hero goes to the door of his girlfriend, wondering why she won't answer his calls. She reluctantly lets him in, and pressing her further she reveals a little secret: She's pregnant with his child. She has to lift up her dress to show him what he's done, and after that he proceeds to fuck her like the day he knocked her up. A roleplay for sure, but a scene absolutely awesome for that premise - I've never seen the shirt-lifting and coy reveal in porn before, and definitely not with such a nicely pregnant belly like hers. It's a long movie too, so there is lots to enjoy in it. Skip ahead past 25 minutes to get past the lock-jaw inducing eating out he performs on her. There are some great shots of her riding, doggy style, and on her knees, amongst others.

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