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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sites to Check Out #5

Sites to Check Out is one of my favorite posts on the blog, but I haven't been giving it enough post time lately. I actually have a difficult time finding new and interesting sites on any subject really, but that's why I find this part of the blog so important - because others might be suffer just as I do! And appropriately enough this time around I have quite a few fellow blogs to recommend in a more abbreviated fashion, so I hope you all enjoy!

#6 - Chyoa [Revisited]

But lets start with a not-blog and a revisit. Remember back when you were a kid picking up one of those 'Choose Your Own Adventure' books, and spending hours flipping back and forth through the pages to find the good ending? Chyoo, or Chyoo2 as its 'current' version states, is just such a site for adults! Users can easily write and lay down stories with multiple pathways for readers to enjoy, and there are some great works out there such as Knocking up Sister and others.

While it's "Coming Soon" version 3.0 is about 7 years late and my own profile on there slowly collecting dust, it is still an active site overall. I haven't found a different Choose Your Own Adventure styled adult site out there that allow multiple authors to collaborate on a single piece, so it is really a unique site! Though the major trouble is finding the good interesting stories from the poorly-written bad ones, that is a task I and my exploring viewers on here can alleviate by sharing their favorites. For instance, JustAHack wrote in a style I think is the best, with Bad Endings galor and, after a few smarter decisions and some finesse, getting to the Best Ending. Better yet, his stories basically all involve trying to knock up ladies!

Maybe I'll get back to writing for it in the future, once my other writing projects clear up and I get an idea of what I'd like to write about. I definitely want to get back to writing on my Mythological storyline, though whether I want to write a 'normal' story regarding most of it or not I am not sure. Still, I can write a prototype to a longer story I want to tell about it that can be just as delightful. Anyway, it is definitely worth checking out, and if you are feeling especially adventurous, making your own materials for others to enjoy!

#19 - Taboo Diaries

JWTIES runs an interesting video production company called Taboo Diaries. While having other foci on BDSM and incest themes in particular, his movies happen to be some of the few that actually portray impregnation more interestingly than most. Imagine 'Schoolgirl Creampies' with the overlarge and ridiculous 'bellies', and then tweak it so that the same hot girls have more realistic 'X Months Later' rounded tummies. The storylines vary quite a bit too, and recently JWTIES got ahold of a very pretty and very pregnant actress who has starred in quite a few movies already.

More than that however, when I was a moderator on The ImpregNation and actively setting up and executing story competitions there, JWTIES was one of the most enthusiastic sponsors I had encountered. Though it was simply a fleeting idea in my mind, he actually brought up the idea of making a film adaptation of the winning story for a particular competition for the winner and all the fans to enjoy. A very interesting idea, and my story was so damn close to winning it (Baby Crazy, which can be see on this blog). In any case he has some interesting materials to view, and I wish him the best in his filmmaking endeavors.

#20 - SoonerSilver's Musings
Now for the other blogs, which need no more words than a few to distract my readers from enjoying them. A straightforward and extremely active blog, SoonerSilver's Musings that follows a tried-and-true method: Post hot pictures, and make hot caption-comments on them. With 177 pages and counting of hot images and commentary, it is definitely a blog worth browsing through. The guy has a high interest in impregnation, so you won't miss out.
#21 - Pregnant Art

Absolutely gorgeous pregnant women compiled here on this particular blog. The Webmistress completely adores pregnant women, and defintely has an eye for the lovelies out there. From her own pictures of her girlfriend and herself, she's not only quite the photographer but also the hottie too! If you like mostly softcore but beautiful pictures of pregnant women, be sure to head over there as quick as you can.


#22 - Madre*terra

I have another great blog with an expansive collection of very lovely pictures. This isn't necessarily erotic in many cases, but there are definitely a range of pictures on there from the sensual to the endearing for particular photography-loving viewers to greatly enjoy. If you get tired of the crude and rough pregnant porn out there, try out this blog for some beautiful refreshment on the pregnant form.

#23 - The Blog of Rastakax

To finish off this edition of Sites to Check Out, we have a very interesting 3D artist very much into having his heroines inseminated and knocked up by all sorts of monsters. Everything from insects to goblins to minotaurs try their beastly seed on our heroine, and she succumbs more than a few times. Great shows of growing bellies and birthing that you can't find elsewhere. 

Rastakax is slow in updating, as 3D modeling and work is extremely time-consuming and difficult stuff and English isn't his native language, but he has a whole blog to check out of interesting pictures and even a movie or two. I'd love to see more from this particular artist, and I know quite a few others who would too!

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