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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sponsored Site Reviews | May 2013

Hello one and all again for another Sponsored Site Update! How exciting, as this slightly more-productive summer gets into a fuller swing, hopefully my favored sites will be getting into the groove themselves as well! May was business as usual for them, so lets see a little of what has been happening thus far.

Lelu Love

Lelu has been on the ball, or balls, as she always is. Pumping out new videos and shows while getting pumped full, there were a few creampie movies this past month of mention. Still not any in the way of direct impregnation themes, but Lelu did say that her backlog of requested videos is sky-high. Poor girl is fucking like a maniac but can’t keep up with the demand for more! Hopefully there will be some nice babymaking scenarios in there – the small and growing impregnation porn field certainly could use more potent additions, don’t you all agree? So here are some of May’s films that had our lovely Lelu getting filled to the brim:

Devilish Fucking Spanking Creampie
Turns out Lelu’s innate devilishness can have consequences. Lelu is a demon who will claim the cum and soul of our hapless horny virgin, and she relishes the thought of corrupting such an innocent mind and body. Seducing him and demanding he worship her body, she turns her attentions to riding him before having the poor virgin fuck her demonic pussy doggystyle. Of course he cums in her nice and deep, sadly too deep to see, but I suppose the thought of her fertile furnace being filled with more than just brimstone is a nice thought indeed. If only she’s return to show off the demonic spawn he’d planted in her belly…

Succubus POV Blowjob Creampie
Looks like Lelu had a bit of a demon-lover on her hands lately. This time she is a succubus, likewise bent on devouring the cum and soul of her victim. Though in this case the victim is the viewer, and I doubt many would object to her invitation to sink into her inviting pussy. Some little dirty talk, the usual for a demoness, threatening to take his soul and make him cum. When he does give in, a little creepy negative-image and voice change lets Lelu announce most evilly that his soul is hers. A nice little creampie at the end, and strangely or predictably enough the evil voice was quite hot. The site needs more evil Lelu voice in the future I say!

Oral Sex Doggystyle Dripping Creampie
The title says the gist of the jism. A very hungry and horny Lelu petitions her man to fuck her and give her a sweet creampie. Despite her saying she was on birth control (bah!), it is still a hot little session nonetheless of mutual oral, some missionary, and ending with her being filled up from behind. This time the viewers are lucky – the load is so massive great globs drip and slop out of her well-fucked pussy, and she can’t even push it all out. Oh Lelu, good thing you’re on birth control – that one would have turned you into a pregnant pornstar otherwise!

Illustrated Interracial

A few nice developments in the land of interracial breeding comics. First, updates are holding fairly steady at a rate of about two panels every 4-5 days. I am sure many would love to find out ways to assist Fobbs in producing more of his works faster, as he makes them all himself from the initial drawings to the final colorings, a process that takes hours and hours to complete. I can believe it – I’ve been practicing some of my own drawing using his “Donna” comic as one to practice with, and it has taken well more than four hours on one panel and I am still not done with the first drawings!

The second main development has been the fixing of the forums. Earlier last month I was made a moderator, as internet moderator work is pretty simple stuff and it is rather pleasing to nuke stupid posts right out of the forums… Ahh, power. But I was tasked with eliminating the spam plague, which quickly snowballed out of control. The last day I tried clearing it out manually I spent twenty minutes simple deleting posts, and hardly cleared one page out of the five that had been infested with the stuff. So, having collaborated with Fobbs and Christy with updating a simple captcha into the membership process, I am pleased to report that the spam hordes have been purged from Illustrated Interracial’s free forum! A few hardly-active accounts still crop up from time to time, but with only a single post every week or so and a swift banning from my mighty moderatorship, I shall call this spam matter closed. Now everyone may enjoy the forums, to suggest new comics and support the artist’s efforts, member or not. I’d encourage everyone who has an interest in the interracial to give it a visit for sure.

Prison Control

Not to be confused with the current Prison Story storyline, this comic follows the plight of a warden trying to solve the plight of his prison’s violence and drug problems. After approaching the largest prison gang’s leader, he learns that all his problems can be solved if he lets him fuck his wife. So he manipulates his wife into giving herself to the man, but little does know that the leader is just the first to fill his fertile wife, and that she’ll quickly learn to crave it. A pretty short comic, and while it could have sequels it wraps itself up fairly well in the end. Still, it would be fun to see how our converted prison mascot turned out after pacifying the all-black gang…

The Adventures of Big Mack

Actually a rather long episodic series following the adventures of our heroic trucker, Billy Mackrie, as he travels through the states meeting up with all sorts of white women in need of black cock. By saving damsels in distress, being seduced by randy wives, or simply stumbling onto horny women, Big Mack ends up plowing a trail of white pussy from Florida to Maryland. Just about every time he unleashes a huge load into their wanting pussies, and as they bid him return one day he considers just how many black babies he has been leaving behind in his travels. Who knows? In any case Big Mack continues his odyssey, astonished but undeterred, to do his job and then some. The last entry was quite awhile ago however, and it ends just in the middle of another story. But hopefully Fobbs will continue this series one day – its episodic nature gives endless possibilities for our hero, and each tale is quick and dirty and great for it.

Pub Night Pickup
Of course, we can’t have too many comics from Fobbs without seeing some hot wife black bred and pregnant, can we? Pub Night Pickup is a straightforward comic about a man and his wife making a bet – if they found any black men that went into their favorite Irish-themed pub, he would let his wife take them home. Well, turns out a man shouldn’t make such bets lightly, as his wife does indeed find what she is craving, and two gentlemen for that matter. Though he does seem to be a rather willing cuckold, and obviously enjoys himself while watching his wife go down for and get double penetrated by these two African men. In fact, he yells out for them to inseminate his fertile wife, and they don’t hesitate a moment, filling her up in one of those delightful internal-view shots, and fill her white womb they do! The final panel shows man and wife eight months later, her belly huge with what I could imagine to be well more than one baby, and she admonishes her husband and says he’ll be the one to explain to their parents why the baby is black. A staple addition to Fobb’s collection, and one I would recommend to any breeding enthusiast out there.

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