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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Impregnation Videos | Pregnant Videos #20

This Beautiful Hottie[...]

      Certainly the title doesn't get too far from the truth! A short but sweet high-resolution session between a coy seductress and her horny boyfriend. She doesn't simple spread her legs and lie back, but coaxes her man to pet her, tease her, please her before getting to peal those tight panties off. Like a gentleman he rubs her as she sucks him off, and go through riding, mounting, and then doggystyle before he jerks his load off into her tight pussy. A nicely sensual breeding overall!

Is She Pregnant?

      The answer is an obvious yes. Not so much a sexy fuck session as a short cute candid clip of three girls in a bathtub splashing around before one retreats from the front lines because her baby is kicking. She can't be more than a few weeks into her second trimester, and her little belly is immediately felt up by her two friends while they chat about her pregnancy. I'd be curious as to where this clip came from, as I'm sure they'd get up to more than just talking, but I haven't found the source yet. Anyway, I thought it was cute.

Mimi Allen - Schoolgirl Internal

      So, though I am not a huge fan of Schoolgirl Internal due to their misunderstanding of the impregnation genre, I must give them kudos to at least attempting to explore our ill-ventured fetish. And Mimi Allen's performance is probably one of my favorites of their movies. Basically a naive schoolgirl invites a strange charmer into her house and gets fucked, inseminated, and knocked up - complete with an 'Eight Months Later' scene even. But what gets me going most about it is how into the fucking she gets, and that beautiful sheen of sweat she gets all over that creamy-brown skin... Absolutely lovely!

Czech Gangbang 15

Click Title for Movie
      My god, these Czech Gangbangs with their beautiful women wanting to get pregnant (strangely all wanting little girls it seems) makes me want to travel to Europe and fulfill their desires and their wombs! Twenty guys try mostly to knock up this one beauty, though not all of them can control themselves long enough to plant their seed inside her fertile womb. All subtitled, but that's much better than most foreign-language porn films you find on the internet, and they do mention fairly often how she wants her belly filled with a baby. Too bad they don't get a gang of breeding enthusiasts like we to do the deed - along with our fellow breedees to join in the fun. 

Interracial Pregnancy

      Now this is just a straight-up fuck session with a white guy trying his luck breeding an alluring and very-black girl. The twintails make this cute ebony very breedable, and after sucking him to hardness she fucks her African pussy missionary, riding, and doggystyle before unleashing his white cream into her fertile cunt. What a great firm ass she has, and the virile load he pumps into her looks even more pale running out of her midnight pussy! If you like contrasts, this movie is for you. It looks older, but damn I'd love to see more like it - as well as those black tummies swelling with white babies.

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