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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Sites to Check Out #6

      Welcome again to another Sites to Check Out thread! I don’t have a great deal of sites I cruise around on to be honest, but it is my duty to provide paths to what good stuff exists out there for everyone who is interested. So after a bit of scouring I’ve found another few to add to the list – check them out!

      An interesting forum site recommended to me by Luke346 that, surprise surprise, is all about hypnosis and the mind control genre. It’s a particular subject that I haven’t covered on Impregnation Erotica yet. As one can imagine all sorts of themes from mind slaves to bimbofication to simple hypnotic kinkiness fall under the mind control category, so why wouldn’t there be knocked up babes in there somewhere!?

      This site is free to join, and appears to have a rather active community of captioners, manip artists, tutorials, links, and pictures. The main theme is mind control, so one shouldn’t expect to see only creamy pussies or rounding bellies there, but as was shown in the Various Artists caption post there are quite a few that are if you look for them. And even if it wouldn’t be for getting off, the community involved and the resources they have could very well help an aspiring artist to hone their skills in their work. There’s a lot to check out here, so I would recommend signing up and looking around!

      One of my major resources for finding videos, xHamster is a porn tube with a fairly large following and is likely well-known to most of your already. Like AskJolene but with a prettier organization, xHamster has videos, pictures, stories, and even cams and ‘dating’ options available to cruise around in. Mainly it is a video search engine, and for that its filter options will please many breeding enthusiasts by being able to cut out tons of the junk we sift through to find the gold. The pictures-side of things has some great stuff in turn, but not necessarily the same depth of filter options available. Still, some great stuff is to be found there, and will be found there, when you decide to give it a visit.

      I include both of these together for a very important reason: To anyone wishing to check these out, have Popup and Antivirus Protection!! Everyone should be doing that already when surfing for porn, but Motherless has been known to have some viruses and other computer bugs associated with it, and Nude Vista has some sites that are traps for that crap. Remember to always ctrl alt delete and End Task if you ever get a popup from these sites (they are boobie-trapped to download no matter what button you press, even the X). Explore these two sites with extreme caution.

      Now, for you brave souls out there who dare to venture into dangerous waters, these have some treasures that cannot easily be found elsewhere. Motherless is notorious for having very questionable movies on there, though many of them are well worth viewing. Not everything is dripping with slain morals there, and can be a great place to find some interesting things. There is a fair amount of pregnancy and breeding material there, though not a goldmine by far. Of the two here, Motherless has less risk of giving you computer AIDS.

      Nude Vista is, however, a goldmine of videos AND pc plagues. This is a video search engine that crawls the internet for your kinky searches and finds all sorts of videos you’d hardly find otherwise. I discovered this as a link on Motherless, and just about anything I have typed into it has given at least fifty results, something I cannot say happens on just about any other video search engine I’ve found thus far. Because it searches between all sorts of sites, you’ll have the benefit of a wide net being cast, at the cost that some of those sites are virus-ridden whorehouses. The site each video is found on can be easily seen below the thumbnails, so when cruising this one be sure to visit movies from only sites that are familiar to you, or if you are especially bold and highly protected you can cautiously check out others that seem legitimate. Please please please remember to End Task the moment any of those sites give you a pop-up – clicking anywhere on that page when that happens will trigger whatever nasties it has, so always be safe rather than sorry. Never visit - it gives nasty viruses!! If you are willing to endure the risks, Nude Vista has a huge and ever-growing library of videos you’d be hard pressed to find otherwise.

      That being said, it goes without saying that while I recommend these two sites to those with proper computer protections and savvy, I am not responsible for any troubles you may encounter exploring either one of them. You’ve been warned…

      This is a cool blog also recommended by Luke345. Run by a webmaster who loves impregnation just as much as I, he finds hot pictures to give storylines. Not quite image captioning, but in a comment-form they are nevertheless great! For full enjoyment I recommend paging through his work rather than using the archive (It cuts off all the comment-captions he writes). The pictures themselves usually don’t denote any insemination per se, but they are hot breedings nonetheless!

      These are all tumblr sites that are best viewed in their archives. Each one has a ton of pictures and are fairly well updated up to the current time, but do not have the individual comment-captions that blogs like Impregnation Freak has. To that effect you get the most out of these by looking in Archive mode, where you can see the hundreds of sexy pictures each one has posted.

      Bellies R Lovely tends to focus on heavily pregnant women with very big bellies, so if you like late-term sexy ladies that is a good place to start. L'orignie Du Mondee tends to focus on glamor and artistic photos, those really sensual, pretty, and downright sexy high resolution photos so many of us love. And Pregnant Bumpz is more of a combination of the two, having a fair number of ‘normal’ and glamor photos to compliment its collection. Each one will serve to bolster my photo resources, and I’m sure my viewers will be able to greatly appreciate the photos there as well!


  1. what is the unique speciality of when you compare to others porn video sites???

    1. Well, it tends to have its own pool of videos (many others share a common pool), and the site itself has a forum, images, and so on with the same idea. Search-wise not so robust with filters, but you can find a fair deal on there of lesser-covered fetishes than you can other search engines.

  2. I think "Impregnation Freak" is great, but as someone who reads a lot I find it infuriating that he uses ellipses after every damn statement he makes... I'm sure you can tell how annoying it is when I use it like this... Just being used in an erotic setting doesn't make it any better...

    Just type normally, don't try to make it "sexy" with ellipses all the damn time.

    And I'd tell him this directly too, but he keeps anonymous asks turned off for whatever reason.