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Friday, October 4, 2013

Sponsored Site Reviews | September 2013

      Hello hello, and welcome to another month of Sponsored Site Reviews! Both of our esteemed sites have been busily churning out great stuff, so lets take a look at what has been happening with Lelu Love and Illustrated Interracial.

Lelu Love

      A nice collection of videos for September for sure, and some great creampie/impregnation themes as well! As ever Lelu has been conducting webcam shows, making member-requested movies, and being the cool girl that she is, so it's no surprise that the site has been going at a furious pace. And those who share our impregnation desires also exist as members there -She told me that she's just finished a movie for the month of October all about impregnation, and that the member requesting it said it was the best she's made so far. Improving as always and in all ways I'd say! So keep tuned to Lelu Love, and rest assured great content is always being pumped out (or pumped in) to her site.

Cuckolding Girlfriend Revenge Tease
      Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned - but she can be sexy doing so. Lelu caught her boyfriend flirting with another woman, so she goes off and makes a bet with another man with her bare pussy at stake. She loses. So now she's off to meet with him and let him fuck her unprotected, and what's more encourage him to cum inside her tight pussy. If she gets knocked up - well, that's just her boyfriend's fault for nearly-cheating on her in the first place!

Multiple Orgasms Riding Through Creampie
      Lelu likes to cum, and here she cums a whole lot. With lots of kissing and her riding her stud, Lelu gets herself off again and again until he simply can't take it. But Lelu wants one more, riding him hard even as he's busy filling her tight snatch with his seed. She keeps fucking until she gets one last orgasm from him,then collapses into a sweaty, happy heap.

Webcam: Vibrator Hard Fucking Creampie

      One of Lelu's weekly webcam shows where she gets particularly frisky. Starting off with candid speaking with her members, a delight as always, she strips down and gets to business with her vibrator. But getting surprised by her husband, she decides she wants a little more than just a toy. He doesn't waste time, giving her a nice hard fucking before filling her up. It is particularly nice seeing all that cum gush out right after, and like Lelu says it sure is a lot!

Illustrated Interracial

      With the advent of those completed comics, Fobbs has been able to crank out a nice amount for the remaining stories for sure! Through September fifteen new panels have been created, advancing the stories of Manza, Flag Girls, and Emptiness faster than ever before. He has also undergone a new project called Back of the Bus, no doubt to be another interesting black breeding tale. I haven't had direct communication with either Fobbs or Christy in awhile, but nevertheless every 3-4 days an update is waiting to be enjoyed.

Back of the Bus
      This is the new comic at Illustrated Interracial, and as of this writing it is currently simply at a 'Coming Soon' stage. As it is inspired from a story by the member Jason, as Fobbs has been known to create quite a few of his stories from his member's suggestions, we do have a synopsis as to what it will be about. In a similar vein of Blacked Soccer Mommy, Laura Deane is a prim and proper wife of a well-known family, and very often she takes the bus driven by Marcus Bloom, a 40-year old black man who has just recently developed an attraction for white ladies. After Marcus hits on Laura when her husband sends her out in skimpy attire, the husband approaches Marcus with an offer: Blackmail his wife Laura and fuck her. But Marcus isn't a selfish man, so he decides to share Mrs. Deane with his mates on the very bus she rides so often, and they take her right to the back where she belongs...

      Seems like it should be an interesting affair, and if Jason's storyline is followed basically as it is written, it should be very hot indeed! For now we'll have to wait and see how it turns out, but rest assured I'll be covering it as it develops.

Images of Deep Hunger
      A fairly recent story about Margarette, a shy wife who meets with a photographer Stacy to take some naughty photos for her doting husband. Being a dutiful wife she conquers her own fears to even enter the place to begin with, and even will indulge her husband's major interest which is seeing his wife getting fucked by 'larger things'. Stacy the photographer assures her that she'll be professional and that her husband Ty is as well. Slowly she gets into it, getting more risque and adventurous, when Ty walks in - a big black man whom Stacy wryly praises to the increasingly horny woman. Soon enough it isn't just dildos and vibrators she's playing with for the camera...

      It's a solid story for the Illustrated Interracial collection, and aside from a few typos the art is great stuff. The storyline also is rather unique - the white wife Stacy doesn't directly participate in their activities, but rarely do the storyline of Illustrated Interracial involve a married black man. Definitely the sort of story that could use a sequel, and already my mind turns with ideas to that effect!

Klan Fuck
      This is an earlier work by Fobbs, and a rather playful story bashing on the KKK. The Black Cobras, the most notorious black biker gang in the tale, are peacefully making their annual cross-country roadtrip when they encounter a group of yokel KKK members holding a little get-together. Disguising themselves in their get-ups they participate in a literal dick-measuring contest that the drunken klansmen put on for their lovely blond bimbo member, and it isn't a surprise which side wins. A fight breaks out, easily resulting in a total victory for the gang, and the lone klansmember standing is our heroine blond, who can't help but crave those black cocks. Her fellows awaken to the sounds of her becoming a total slut for black cock, getting fucked in every hole and taking the whole gang all at once. In the end she realizes she'll never get any real pleasure out of being in the KKK, so she rides off into the sunset with the gang who happily take along their newest white slut to breed - and breed they do!

      I kind of enjoy these more playful cartoonish comics that Fobbs made. While the more recent comics are great in their own rights, they tend to be a little more erotically serious than some of his earlier works like this one. Strangely enough this very cute story and a very similar one was inspired by a rather morbidly-interested fellow, and I am grateful that Fobbs changed the endings accordingly to make them rather happy. I'm a sucker for happy endings, and in a way this story has one of the cutest endings to it.

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