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Monday, October 14, 2013

Story RP | Cowgirl Breeding

      A little while ago I met up with one of my long-time fuckbuddies online, and that day I was feeling particularly horny. So I played the favorite game I like to play with my sexy sluts - making them cum for me. This time I was most interested in taking my friend beyond just becoming a bimbo slut, and since she's been lactating for quite some time (thanks to my advice and encouragement as well as her efforts) I decided to tell her about how I'd make her into my lovely little cowgirl to milk and breed as I pleased. I hope you enjoy!

      Uh-Oh: Hmmm, to begin? I like my presents wrapped pretty. Right now I'm feeling like a tank top and panties on you. Shows off so much yet keeps me tantalizing about your hidden sexiness… God, I just want to bite your panties while they're still on your damp pussy, you know?

      Girl: Wow, sexy.  Just so happens I had a tank top close by.

      Mmmmm, now I'd just love to squeeze your soft tits right through that loose bit of cloth. Smooth it out over your hardening nipples and give them a pinch, a tug. Make that top wet with your warm milk. You know how much I love to play with my girls. I could spend hours licking, kissing, tasting your sexy body till you're begging me to fuck you.

      Girl: Oh, you know how horny I am, and how quickly I get wet- especially when I'm getting milked.  It wouldn't take me hours.

      Uh-Oh: So you'd stain the sheets with your naughty pussy, wouldn't you? Ooze your sexy cream all over your bed, all over my tongue as I flick your clit. Or better yet, drizzle your juices all over my hard cock, eh? I'm going to enjoy making you lick all the strings of your sticky girl-cum off my drooling cock.

      A slut needs her nourishment, doesn't she?

      I can just bend you over a nice bench, nice and soft along your belly and lower chest, and keep those sexy udders hanging low over the edge. Get up behind you, make you feel my hard cock slapping your tailbone, and lean in to milk your swollen tits into a bucket below.

      A metal one, you know? One that you can close your eyes and hear your milk sheening against the steel, spraying so nicely from your big hot tits. Maybe slap those tits around every now and again. Sure, it'll spill your precious milk onto the ground, but I love wasting my hot little cow’s milk sometimes too...

      You know what gets a heifer producing more? Fucking while you milk them. Your tightening cunt will flood your bloodstream with all sorts of hormones, compelling - demanding - your full tits to squirt out even more. You won't be able to help it - your very brain will betray you and intoxicate your body. All from fucking your tight cunt and milking your huge tits like the fuckcow you are.

      Girl: Oh God, that's hot!

      Uh-Oh: Hmmm, how full do you think you'd get that bucket for me, huh? When your poor swaying tits give their last, how small do you think they'll be then? Maybe if I fuck you harder you can watch them swell up again. In fact, you will. You'll see them grow the harder I fuck your wet cunt. You can see them swelling even now, my little fuckcow. Getting turned on just helps them grow faster.

      I bet you're milking that fuckhole of yours even now, aren't you? Churning up your slutty juices like a milkmaid churning butter. Heh, we could do that too - turn all that delicious milk into your food, feed you back the bounty I steal from your naughty tits. A cow fed on her own milk - How quaint!

      Girl: I am milking it, and my tits too.  I'm sopping wet.

      Uh-Oh: Maybe I'd just weight down your sensitive nipples and torture your udders, just so they're constantly drizzling your warm milk into the bucket. Every thrust I make forcing more milk to pour out. Can't you hear the metal creening with the sounds? Steadily spraying, and ringing out whenever I slap your full udders, spilling your milk out like a fountain.

      Get that fuckhole creaming, my slutty cow. I'm going to milk you dry just as you deserve. Your Master is hungry, and you'll have to do better than that to satisfy my thirst! I'll just have to spur you on some more - whip your firm ass with my hard palm, leave your tight ass red and tingling so deliciously. You'd spurt hard every time I struck you, wouldn't you?

      Maybe I should brand your rump with my sperm and claim you as mine, huh? Slap my hard cock against your flank, where any good cow is going to be marked anyway. Feel my seering hot precum already prepping your skin to take my mark, each impact just sensitizing it for another.

      Oh, but you think my seed can't stain your pale skin, fuckcow? I can etch my sperm into your very flesh. You'll bear my brand for the rest of your life, and every time we fuck I'll just spill my seed onto it again and again to make it so much clearer who you belong to. In case you ever stray, they'll know to return my naughty fuckcow right back where she belongs!

      Girl: Oh god yes, brand me!

      Uh-Oh: Then, after you’re mine for all to see, I'll put a bell on you - a nice shiny bell around a collar, just for my fuckcow. I'm going to enjoy hearing it ring out as you jerk around from your branding. It’ll hurt so good, fuckcow. I'll have to bind you down as I put down the design on your tender ass, and jerk off a special load just for you. It'll burn like fire, my raging sperm burning into your skin!
      You'll feel all the millions of wrigglers squirming into you, like a billion pinpricks as they needle into pale ink into your skin. Bleaching you. Marking you. Rendering to you your proper place in this world – as my fuckcow. Say it. Tell me you're my fuckcow.

      Girl: I am your fuckcow.

      Uh-Oh: Good, now just pump that pussy and milk those tits, not like any slut but like a good fuckcow. Cum like a good beast, won't you? I need that bucket full to the brim. Oooo, and the fucking I'll give your tight cunt! How I'll slap against your just-branded ass - you won't be able to hold back a single drop of milk from me will you? Not when I abuse your body like this, using my precious cowgirl as a fucktoy.

      Poor girl, having your instincts fucked around with like this. You think you're being bred right now. Yes, you think I'm going to pump your little cow cunt full of my bull sperm, pump your womb full of my calf-makers, huh? But really I am just using you for your milk, and your tight snatch. A fuckcow doesn't get to be bred unless her Master wants it, and I'd rather make you moo like a good fuckcow for now!

      Girl: MOOOOOOO!

      Uh-Oh: Yesss! You moo soooo well. You want to, in the back of your throat that welling desire to just let it out, let out your sexy moan. A moan that comes from your very core, your very being, because you know you're my sexy cowgirl. You're my hot and fertile fuckcow now. Moo like a good little cow when you cum. Make yourself into the perfect cowgirl for your Master!

      When I cum I'll flood your whole cunt with spunk. You'll be able to feel it, all that hot jizz pouring into your belly, pelting your inner walls, inseminating your receptive womb. But I’ll have even more for your back when I pull out, and can’t you feel it raining down your spine, virile sperm spotting your pale skin trying desperately to knock you up. It'll drip down your sides, your flanks, your thighs, even the crack of your ass, such a load I'll be painting your hide with.

      Don't you want that, my little fuckcow? Don’t you want your Master’s cum spurting onto the small of your back, and gushing into your fertile cunt? I know you do - so cum for me, fuckcow. Milk those udders and cum for me. Fill the bucket to the brim. Give Master something to drink for days. Fuck! I’m going to fill your belly up. I’m going to paint your hide with my seed!

      Girl: MOOOO!  MOOOOOOOOO!!

      Uh-Oh: Gahhhh… Mmmm, that’s it… You're loving all my spunk gushed out over your back, eh? The way you’re clenching your thighs shows me you like it inside even more. Just lay down and let my fertile spunk do its work. It’ll be swelling your tits even more soon enough, my little fuckcow, and more besides…

      Mmmmm, I love to tire out my little sluts... But you're not a slut anymore, are you? You're my adorable, sexy fuckcow now. Ready to be milked whenever I want, mooing so cutely when I push my hard cock into your pussy, and when you cum so obediently it will be on your Master's cock. I'll train you to love your milkings so much you'll cum when I caress those full udders and start making that bell ring from behind.

      You may speak again, my lovely little cow. No need to moo all the time - you've filled that bucket like a good girl, and you deserve a break. For now. But you do know that one day you'll forget how to talk at all, and all that will ever come out of your mouth will be your moos of ecstasy, of wanting, of pure satisfaction. One day, when my brand brightly stains your rump to perfection, all you'll be is my beautiful little fuckcow to breed.

      And how do you like that thought?

      Girl: Moo!

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