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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Short Story | Labyrinth Breed

      Merry Christmas to everyone, and happy chilly breeding season to all! No better time to get comfy with a nice guy or girl and get to making your own heat this winter, right? You can credit me if you end up with any September babies thanks to that gem of advice, by the way...

      Well, I hadn't planned to post anything for Christmas before this morning, but I decided that thanks to a delightful dream I woke up with and a burning desire to make a certain annual gift-giving exercise more special, I would write a story in time for the holiday. I worked on it for a fair bit of my day, and I would say it was a time well spent - especially for those beastmen fans out there.

      Labyrinth Breed is the story inspired from the Greek mythology concerning the Labyrinth, a twisting maze impossible to escape from into which many an unlucky sacrifice was offered up to feed its terrifying inhabitant: the Minotaur. A giant half-man and half-bull with an insatiable appetite for human flesh, it prowled the corridors of the Labyrinth to hunt out the unfortunate souls who were forced to enter it.

      In this story however, the Minotaurs desire to feast on human flesh in a different way. Selene bears witness to the depravity and intent of these monsterous beasts when she and her sisters in torment are sacrificed to the Labyrinth's twisting halls. With no hope of escape Selene must endure a most terrifying orgy from which women never return. Will she somehow find a way out from her bullish captors, or will she succumb to their true intent?

      It's a short one, which for me is a high accomplishment! And one that will certainly please a few who enjoy my blog quite a bit. It includes Non-Human, Non-Consent, Orgy, Impregnation, and Pain elements in this Minotaurian fuckfest, so read on if any of those interest you!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Sites to Check Out #7

     Just back from a trip abroad, and challenging as it is for me to collect new and interesting sites, I've still managed to amass enough material for another Sites To Check Out thread! That's always exciting for me at least since I so enjoy these, and I bet some others do too. The more impregnation porn the better I say! So lets get to it.

     Fapdu ought to be in everyone's go-to list for porn video searches. Following a simple formula like many others, it is a solid place to find a plethora of good little clips, films, and movies. Of course they also have a fairly good search system built-in with their picture collections, and as a fairly separate tube site they have some unique videos on there. A solid addition to anyone's web-crawling when looking for some good babymaking material.
     I've always had rather good luck with Fantasti. A tube site that uses a combination of on-site movies and crawler searches, it has quite the massive library of stuff to enjoy. So far as impregnation/pregnancy goes it has one of the larger collections that I have found thus far, and with some creative search terms one can find plenty to entertain themselves with. Pictures are organized in both singles and collections, a basic but very nice touch that other sites strangely sometimes lack. There are also forums and a chat room that I have never personally explored, but no doubt would have even more interesting subjects and people to explore. In fact, I should go explore them right now...

     A very small site I stumbled across only by luck, BreedingPorn is just what its name implies. Comprised of what looks like a collection of impregnation/risky/creampie porn videos, it has quite a few pages left unexplored by the likes of me. Just a cursory exploration into it showed me some little gems I had never seen before on the larger video sites, so it may be worthwhile to check out if you are bored. Unlike the previous sites the collection is small enough that really only paging through the whole collection will yield good results, as any simple search will probably remove more good than it preserves. Happy hunting!

     For those who are looking for a good collection of black breeding pictures and movies, this tumblr is a prime place to start looking. While looking through the archive view is the easiest for finding particular pictures, most of the posts are comment-captioned which you can only see if you cruise through via the main page. Either way, NewlyBred had a high focus on pregnant white women with/fucking black guys, or the idea that they were or soon will be knocked up black. If you're not into that particular interracial breeding genre, there really isn't anything else on that site. If you are, have at it!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Sponsored Site Reviews | November 2013

     Been a distracting couple of weeks, what with a job beginning to wrap up and Thanksgiving travels and what-not. Suffice it to say I haven't been tending to this fertile garden to the extent that I wish to, so we'll break the chain with a monthly Sponsored Site Review, with a new Sites To Check Out thread coming soon behind.


     Again, not a great deal to report here sadly. While there was a brief glimmer of update hope with a message stating that a couple was scheduled to show up and perform and thus give us some great natural insemination sex, alas that plan apparently fell through. But with my hopes already laying comfortably on the floor for new updates incoming anytime soon, it at least wasn't a big shock WarmKiss would remain static for the month of November. Maybe there will be a December surprise somewhere...

Lelu Love

     On the other hand, Lelu Love has been more than usually busy with her movie-making, making a ton of creampie flicks and particularly so with the surprisingly successful Impregnation Movie Drive I mentioned a few posts ago.

     For those of you who were not keeping up, a total of $265 was raised for the little production, which enabled not only a movie to be made, but also the purchase of a rather realistic pregnant belly prop which Lelu utilizes in her film. Overall I was quite impressed with it, and would like to see that belly prop reappear in future shoots. In fact, the movie hasn't been posted on Lelu's site yet, but you my lucky viewers get to see the delightful preview before nearly everyone else!

Lelu Love Movie Drive Preview
     I think it speaks for itself really. Of course she has made a lot of creampie movies this November too, a few of which I'll mention.

Huge Creampie Revenge Fuck
     Lelu found her boyfriend cheating on her with some floozy, and now she wants some revenge. Going to her friend's house, she tells him all about what a bastard her boyfriend is, and immediately starts to strip. Only a hot, fertile load would do to get back at her boyfriend, and her friend is more than happy to oblige after a little... convincing.

Closeup Penetration Creampie Dripping
     Here we have a straightforward movie of two new lovers getting together for a second time. The guy remembers the last time he visited Lelu, and so decides to drop by. Lelu is ready to drop her panties the moment she sees him, and quickly leads him back to her room so she could show him her very wet and ready pussy. Of course, just like last time, she demands he cum inside her, and that he does.

Illustrated Interracial

     Content has been chugging along as per usual on my favorite interracial breeding comic site. With four projects being updated rather evenly, three of which are proving to be somewhat epic works, there are no new completed sets for the month of November - however they are getting updated with two panels about once a week per comic. In particular I am enjoying the way Manza is shaping up. 
     My personal editing for the ongoing works has been for the moment suspended due to time issues - simply that the process of editing did indeed take some time, and this would push back the posting dates on the site. For that reason I won't be editing new comic panels for the forseeable future, but perhaps I will embark on a different route one day... But for now, how about some descriptions of other works in the library of Illustrated Interracial!

My Wedding Gangbang
     If there is one lesson to learn from this comic, it is to not tease a group of sex-starved men. Sandra and her future husband are practicing for their wedding when Sandra finds herself being catcalled by a group of African refugees in a nearby camp. Becoming irritated by their hooting, she flashes them a peek at her round white ass, and that was her big mistake. The next day on her wedding she is abducted, and it is revealed that her little payback bakc-flashing was in fact an invitation for every man in the camp to fuck her - hard. I needed say much more than to say by the end she is dumped off in an alley after two days, her pristine body covered in hundreds of thick loads, with her pussy and ass gushing with fertile spunk. While no direct mentions are made to her inevitable impregnation at the hands of these desperate men, I'd say based on the ending it will be inevitable!

Spring Break

     Donna is an uppity college student out on spring break with her friends. Unbeknownst to her however, she is being watched. After discovering she lacked the money to get home (thanks to the deft hands of the deceiving recruiter), she goes to a party that promises to get her the money she needs. Of course it is an all-black party, and since the college girl isn't racist or immune to hard drink, she ends up 'entertaining' the lot of them. In the end back home she discovers exactly what she had gotten into - They made a movie of her exploits that night! Certainly one storyline that could have a sequel to it just as easily as so many other short stories of Fobbs, and I would like to see how Donna tries to extract herself from her naughty predicament.

Other News

     Bittersweet news on the front of RogueTranslator: While he has decided that Monster Girl Quest would be his last translation project for the foreseeable future, he has nevertheless completed it! I posted about Monster Girl Quest before, and suffice it to say it is an erotic game that surprised me with how involving it became. The final chapter of the series can be found through his site, along with the translation he crafted all on his own, so please give him great kudos for his hard work and wish him luck in all his future endeavors!

     One of the few 3D animators with a penchant for monsters impregnating sexy adventurers has recently released his newest animated film - for free! For a one-man project that has no doubt taken hundreds of manhours to complete, it certainly deserves a viewing. I'd love to get my hands on his models and the program he uses for the filming, but I'd settle with simply helping out finding him resources for his future works. Check it out on his blog, or check it out here - if you like it, be sure to let him know on his blog!