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Monday, April 28, 2014

Impregnation Videos | Pregnant Videos #24

Knock Me Up Bro
Click Title for Movie
      With a title like that, how can you not want to check it out? Especially if you like posh British accents - like me. A sister just got back from her friend's house and saw her lovely little baby, and now she wants one, and wants one now! Barring no boyfriend of husband available, she turns to her handsome brother to do the deed and fertilize her womb. Her infectious enthusiasm soon wins him over despite his inhibitions, and soon brother and sister are busy babymaking. A great movie that deserve more like it!

Pregnant Bobi

      Who needs storyline when you have a gorgeous pregnant woman needing to get fucked? It starts with her man rubbing oils all over her rotund belly, then moving to the rest of her body, and soon enough he’s kissing and grabbing his knocked-up slut without reservation. Apparently it is also from the days of yore when all porn videos needed multiple bow-wow music tracts for the viewer to enjoy. In the end he paints her belly with his spunk, and where else would we want it on such a hot pregnant girl?

Amber Peach - Creampie

      So, a long time ago near one of the first video posts I made, I referenced one of my favorite little clips saved from the stash at Impregnorium before it went down. It involved a sweet-sounding girl getting fucked by her black boyfriend and receiving a load much against her anticipation. In a mewling voice she asks, “What if I get pregnant?” since her daddy would know exactly who she had been fucking. And now literally a few years later I found the full video of it for all to enjoy! Hazah for lucky finds.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Tami's Last Tease | Published Premium Story

      It has been a longer development than I anticipated by far, but finally after hours of writing and even more in editing, my latest premium story has finally been published!

      Tami's Last Tease follows the story of Tami Anderson, a college girl obsessed with cockteasing. Confident in her abilities to charm any man into drooling for her, Tami bites off more than she can chew on Spring Break. Through a single spiked drink, Tami finds herself at the mercy of an evil older man - and the lusts of every boy she tempted that night...

      At nearly 10,000 words, this story contains themes of cockteasing, drugging, hard non-consent, unprotected sex, bukkake, and fertile gangbanging. Whether you enjoy the making of a desperate cumslut or the cruel impregnation of a deserving bitch, Tami's Last Tease is not to be missed! A small morsel from the meat of the action follows below:

      “Nooo, I won’t cum  for you – Ohhh!” The knot in her belly wouldn’t loosen. Her lungs constricted and her body began to tremble, teetering on the edge of oblivion. Her mind demanded, but her body had no shame. Her pussy tightened, prepared to gush for her unwanted mate.

      “Not yet, slut.” Seth pulled out so fast Tami cried out. Her stretched pussy refused to let go. She felt gutted. He slapped her clit with his turgid meat, the impacts shuddering through her whole body and making her dissatisfied belly twinge. Desire drowned out any relief she had, and her knot refused to come undone.

      “Are... you done?” Tami asked.

      “Hardly,” He flipped her hard onto her belly, “You don’t get to cum until I knock you up.”

      “Knock up!? Oh god no!” The words echoed in Tami’s ears. He was on her before she could hope to crawl away. He caught the angle of her hips and pulled her back. When he found her still-gaping hole, he buried his naked member without hesitation.

      This position was even worse for Tami. Every downward stroke ran his veined shaft aground on her g-spot, the pressure overwhelming her belly’s overstrung knot. It wouldn’t snap. The pause in his fucking ruined her orgasm, but now it built beyond her limits, torturing her as her body refused to cum until he filled her up.

      And as a treat to reward my blog followers, I am offering a limited-time discount. Instead of paying $2.99, users who put in the coupon code VJ25G will get the story for one-third the price. This code will only be valid until April 25th, so be sure to redeem your copy fast!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Alpha Readers Wanted

      My adventures into self-publishing continue, and with new explorations come new necessities. Pleasing my readers through excellent storytelling is certainly my top priority. Quality doesn’t just appear in a vacuum though, so I have decided to begin looking for volunteer alpha readers for my premium stories.

      First though, an update on my current writing. Tami’s Last Tease, the new name for Beach Party Rape, has been edited once and now awaits a beta-reading before publishing sometime next week. Right now the non-consensual tale stands at a little over 9,000 words, with bareback drugged sex being just the beginning of the bitchy cocktease Tami’s woes. I have also have a preliminary cover page nearly complete to accompany the story’s release.

      So with Tami’s Last Tease to be released very soon, I have to begin work on my next saucy tale. Work on the prehistoric breeding story is well underway, and it should come swifter than the longer-than-anticipated Tami story. I also have plans to release Tara’s Breeding on Smashwords for free once I can create a proper cover picture for it. Since that has been by far my most read story thus far, it deserves a little wider publication.

      Back to point, why do I want alpha readers? Like my love for feedback on this blog, I very much enjoy receiving constructive criticism on my work. Outside eyes can spot mistakes, convey emotional impact, and tell me whether or not my characters and descriptions are working. Though I do not implement all of the proposed changes, my stories have always been improved from an outside reader’s thoughts.

      Sadly though, I do not have a large pool of alpha readers to call on. Great alpha readers would be literate individuals who enjoy the risky sex genre and are willing to provide honest and constructive feedback so the story might improve in its revision. Obviously my blog readers have an interest in what kinds of topics I enjoy, and if you are reading this you are indeed literate. All that leaves is a willing eagerness to provide feedback for draft-level stories in return for the free completed works.

The Proposal

      For those interested in becoming my premium story alpha readers, I will provide early-draft access and a free copy of completed works given these conditions:

1) You send a valid email address along with what genres really interest you (like NC, incest, non-human, etc…) and why I should pick you as an alpha reader to
2) Once you have read the story draft I send to your email, you return detailed feedback via email concerning:
Story/Plot/Character Impressions
Favorite Parts (and Least Favorite if applicable)
Technical Errors (Spelling, Grammar)
Other Suggestions For Improvement

3) You give an honest rating to the completed story when you receive it on the sales page.

      This is a mutualistic relationship: In return for free premium stories, my alpha readers provide constructive feedback and honest ratings for my stories. I benefit from a greater product and more sales, and you benefit from receiving the fruits of my most fruitful labor free of charge!

      Of course I expect good feedback and participation from my alpha readers. I will pick those who have an affinity towards the genre of my upcoming works and who are most helpful and prompt in their feedback, and those who do not provide good feedback won’t stay on the list for long. Those who are honest, detailed, and prompt will find themselves with free copies of my premium works quite frequently.

      All in all, I look forward to seeing your applications! A chance to receive porn for free always is an exciting prospect for me, and I hope many of you will think the same.

Other News
      I recently received an interesting request from JWTies, owner of Taboo Diaries and maker of many an incest-themed risky sex video. His most recent project is entitled ‘Please Papi’, starring the very nubile and lovely Jessi Grey. Jessi is rather special, not just for her petite and fuckable body and pretty smile, but also because she survived a four-year battle with brain cancer.

      To say that was rough is an understatement, and I am such a big softy when it comes to cute girls in such dire straits. And now this tough cutie is getting into erotic film, and I doubt she could have started with a nicer company than JWTies. He makes it a personal mission to make sure his actresses are comfortable and enjoy themselves, and damn does Jessi deserve to have some fun after enduring that hell.

      The film is lightly based on her unique story, with her character uncertain of her future prospects and finding comfort in her Papi’s arms. What starts as a want for simple reassurance turns carnal, and they have a bareback romp that very well could be her last. But it is not, for the procedure goes well and our Jessi survives, as well as her desire to continue playing kinky with her dear father. Protection is pretty much forgotten, and it’ll only be a matter of time before she recovers enough to put her daddy’s seed to good use…

      Anyway, you can read the story at the JWTies Productions Blog and view/purchase the film in the Taboo Diaries video library under the name 'Please Papi'. Enjoy! And I wish adorable Jessi the best in her no doubt fruitful enterprise!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sites to Check Out #9

      Ahh, the toils of making proper time-estimations. On the story front, the great news is that the first draft is complete and edited, and now awaits a few reviews and polishing before it will be published in my Premium Collection. The bad news is that despite my enthusiastic prediction of about one-week, it has been nearly two and a half weeks to get to this point, and will take another half a week before completion most likely. In the future my personal lesson is to take any estimate I make and triple the time to come up with a decent prediction to report!

      But I needn't predict another Sites to Check Out thread this time. I have found a few nice ones that will undoubtedly interest many of my pregnancy porn lovers, as well as found a few fellow breeders who are busily adding their own fertile fantasies to the breeding porn pool.

      The original Impregnorium was really formative for me. I discovered it many years ago, and there my interests in impregnation and erotic pregnancy took off. Run by Dan and Sally, an Australian married couple who had a particular love of raw inseminations and babymaking, the Impregnorium hosted novel story competitions, a lively forum, and of course a rich story collection. Truly a paradise for my young and horny mind…

      To summarize its history somewhat, Dan and Sally handed over the site to a new owner named Duality after some years, and subsequently that owner handed the reins over to a private pornstar named Holly. Thereupon I, your magnificent webmaster and fertility enthusiast, rediscovered the place and attempted to revive the golden age – right before a chaotic and strange series of events shut the place down for good a few years ago. In its stead the Impregnorium’s spiritual successor The ImpregNation took up the mantel and has held it ever since.

      Well, perhaps some viewers will remember the place with me, but familiar and un-familiar can still enjoy the most important fragment of Impregnorium today. Despite the rest of the site closing down, the stories can be found hosted by asstr in their original format. I mentioned some of its sultry breeding stories in the last Sites to Check Out thread, and it is only fair that I reveal the source for all to enjoy!

      FaithfulHussy contacted me recently on my blog (an event marked by much celebration and typing to be certain) with questions about blog-making and site revenue. While I certainly am no expert on the matter – else I would not be worried about rent or food – I did find her tumblr filled with cream-stuffed pussies and inseminated wombs to be extremely promising.

      FaithfulHussy’s interests fall basically in line with mine, including but certainly not limited to force impregnation, fertile gangbangs, lactation, pregnant fucking, birthing, and so on. No wonder she stumbled onto this blog! So you can expect to see lots of the same cunt-pumping and womb-seeding action you might see on Impregnation Erotica. Check it out sometime!

      For those of you looking for vast collections of sexy pregnant bellies of all shapes and sizes, this is the place for you. Much like the pregnant ReddPics  section before a strange coalition of people replaced the sexy images with ‘pregnancy acceptance’ garbage, this site has lots of pregnant photos to cruise through. Many are rather high-quality, and no doubt you will find familiar photos discovered from other parts of the internet on there too.

      As a side-note on the ReddPics matter, I don’t understand what happened there. It makes no sense to me that the beautiful erotic collections there would be thrown out and an over-sensitive community group take its place. The section is still under the ‘Not Safe For Work’ category even for god’s sake! The internet is hardly reasonable, so it should come only as a mild surprise…

      I do not use Reddit – other anonymous message boards strike my fancy far more. However, there was a thriving section there that ought to be rebuilt. I do not know how to start a new section on ReddPics, but if/when I discover it I’ll try to remake that section as it should be. I know that certain other message boards would never censor like that… mmmm….