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Monday, June 30, 2014

Impregnation Videos | Pregnant Videos #25

      This is only a clip of the whole movie, but I suppose it gets towards the heart of our interest. A mother fucks a black guy in front of her daughter as a kind of ‘educational experience’, so that her daughter learns about the virtues of black cock. When the learning girl asks if her mom is on birth control, mother denies it and says anything can happen. Needless to say, mommy gets a creamy filling, and daughter might be getting a little black baby brother.

      I can’t believe I haven’t posted this one before! Or maybe I have and it got deleted. In any case, this lovely girl Kyla acted on Vagninal Cumshots probably about a decade ago, and this was one of the first movies that I ever found that always was one of my favorites. Kyla is the kind of girl I’d want to have as a girlfriend, not just because she’s hot as hell but her attitude is adorable. Gah… Well she gets an unexpected creampie from the era of when that genre wasn’t terribly acted out, so enjoy this gem of a film!

      Technically there is more to this than simply hot natural sex. The plot from what I can gather of this movie fragment is that a babysitter has kind of the hots for the father, or at least is very flattered that he has an obvious interest in her. So she invites her boyfriend over and tells him, and that spurs him on to assuring her that she is his to fuck only. The sex itself is fantastic! And though in the end he pulls out to cum all over her stomach, he forces his still-cummy cock back into her and orders her to cum for him – which she does, explosively. Great stuff, really!

      A compilation with a bit of text thrown into the mix. If you did not know already, it is a fact that most of a human male’s sperm is known as ‘killer sperm’, that is their job apparently is to encumber, block, or slaughter the sperm of other men. This suggests that evolutionarily human men are fairly likely to have multiple sexual partners and/or have to fend off opposing men impregnating their women – or impregnate someone else’s mate. So perhaps one of the most natural sexual situation for humanity would be a gangbang with pussies slopping and overflowing with countless mens’ sperm! It’s a fun concept to think about…

Friday, June 27, 2014

Sites to Check Out #9

      Summer is in full swing, and while I develop the finishing touches on my latest premium story, I have a nice list of sites my fertile fellows and viewers should be checking out in the meantime.

      Erotic movies are something of my bread and butter for getting off. Good ones are hard to find, search terms that might work are difficult to come up with, and the ease browsing through potential winners depends on what kind of search site you are using. I can say that my current favorite site for looking up impregnation movies is PornMD.

      With a cute mascot of a sexy doctor, PornMD is a free video compilation site that does a great job in its search department. Unlike the straightforward tube sites like PornHub and Tube8 that have their own video databases, PornMD refers to a whole host of sites wherein your fecund movie might be found. I haven’t yet stumbled across a bad site from them like NudeVista or similar porncrawlers have managed, as I think they only refer to reputable sites.

      Now, the search functions. You can do the simplest search by just typing in some keywords and whether you want straight, gay, or shemale results. Right away it will give dropdowns of potential variations of your keywords, which is not too uncommon. But when you punch in the term, that’s when you get some great search criteria!

      Say we put in ‘Pregnant’. What comes out aside from hundreds of movies with that term associated with it are a list of related terms, like ‘Lactating’, ‘Preggo’, and ‘Pregnant Gangbang’ in case you were interested in some similar searches. Furthermore you can refine your search by limiting what length of film you desire to see, what date it has been posted on, the visual quality of the movies, and even the sites from which it would pull kinky films. These dials make it very easy to narrow down finding interesting porn, and I’ve been finding a ton thanks to it.

      In the end it is another porn tube search site, but as many who surf these things will know not all are made the same. PornMD has great search criteria that refers to huge pools of erotic films, and it really helps to sift through most of the junk results you get on other porn search sites. I definitely recommend checking it out and cruising around it for a bit – I’m sure the doctor will cure what ails you.

      This site is something of a little internet secret, and for good reason. Like Lucious or e-hentai it is a collection of erotic comics, mainly manga-style but includes many others as well. It has a vast library, thousands and thousands of kinky titles from naughty image sets to full-fledged storylines, but there is a catch. If you try to go to it and haven’t been there before, you will see what lends this goldmine site its most common name:

      You will see a picture of a sad panda.

      Yes, to the average bumbler stumbling across this site, there is only a redirect to a picture of a sad, sad panda. The very mention of ‘Sad Panda’ means this interesting defense unique to ExHentai, so if you ever saw the term online before with lusty anonymous persons talking about how hot this or that was, now you know whence it comes.

      You may wonder why it has that in the first place, since it is a totally free site in the end. The defense is there to keep most people out, unless they are the sort who love resources like this and crave seeing one of the best online. It has materials both wonderful and questionable to the general public, thus it keeps itself safer from idiots this way.

      There are a few ways to get to it if you are truly a bad enough dude, or have reasonable search skills. Mostly you just learn it from a friend or stumble across the method after doing some normal searches. All I will say about Sad Panda is that there are browser add-ins one can download to bypass Sad Panda automatically, and a search in that direction on google will perhaps yield some interesting results…

      As for the quality of the site, I love it. It is my #1 go-to site for hentai comics, and the collection of impregnation, pregnancy, monstergirl, and every other delightful comic convention I enjoy can be found there a hundred times over. If you can appreciate that, godspeed in finding your way past the Sad Panda, and enjoy!

      Some of my viewers may remember a few movies I posted in previous Movie threads that were simple but extremely hot video compilations depicting the insemination and impregnation of lovely women from higher-end erotic films. The author of these films goes by the name SkyLiberty, and I had the pleasure of receiving a comment from just recently!

      Apparently his movie-making endeavors have been hampered by various media hounds that always seem to attack works people actually put some effort into. As a result he is being more careful about how he goes about posting his works, but also provided some great links to his current collections. I’ve had a look at some of the pictures and films, and they are fantastic. His photoshop work includes x-ray internal shots, nice insemination/pregnancy pictures, and his favorite videos collection has literally hours of fertile fucking and womb impregnating goodness.

      It is a treasure trove of great stuff with his signature work mixed in for good measure. I will undoubtedly be referencing some of his collection in my future updates, and I invite everyone to go straight to the source and let him know your appreciation of his work!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Story RP | Slave Breeding

      This is a fantasy I was just inspired to write this morning after seeing this picture. It is a small one-sided roleplay directed towards the sexy woman in the picture. Enjoy!

      You have a picture in your lovely collection, the hazy-eyed slave leaning forward, her glittering collar bordering between her exhausted yet lusty face and her tight and fertile body. It is rather inspiring of a certain fantasy.

      That woman her Master would chain up much the same way, her wrists bound and her body stripped down to the bare flesh. Perhaps she would resist, not wanting her tight tummy to feel the gush of virile spunk her Master would undoubtedly give her. Motherhood might be something she wants to wait for. But it wouldn't matter. That slut would be bound and blindfolded in a similar way to that picture, and her pussy enslaved by toys. What toys her Master would use would depend on what her weaknesses were - does she drip quim from little egg vibrators, does she gush for thick and veined cocks, or perhaps a stretched and filled cunt satisfies her? One by one he would inflict them on her, experimenting, find what makes his little slut scream.

      Oh, it might be fun for her at first. Being pleasured has its obvious joys, does it not? But every time she would cum, every time she would lose herself to her womanly weakness, he would press harder on that front. Make her shiver and squirm, and begin to cry out, "Too much!" from all the humming and sliding of the toys. But it isn't enough for him. Those pleading eyes her Master would blindfold, her whining mouth he would gag so all she could do was moan and exude muffled cries as unknown hands and toys played across her body.

      She would cum. Not for herself, not for a porno, or even for her own fantasies. She would cum for him. Her Master would learn her body like an instrument and run his fingertips along her strings, able to make her sing and screech at his discretion. Now and again she might taste some refreshing water on her dry tongue, dry from how it wagged and panted like a bitch in heat as another uncontrollable orgasm crashed into her after the others. He would not stop, even when her sweaty thighs quivered and gave slack, nor when her slutty juices pooled in slopping drops beneath her used cunt...

      All this time, my dear slave, he would be whispering in her ear. Every time the tension in her flat belly would strain and her pussy gulp around a fake cock, he would threaten to fill her with the real thing. Bare. Unprotected. A slave doesn't have the luxury of choosing when and where she is bred. His palm might stroke down the line of her belly as another orgasm shunts through her veins, feeling how strongly her womb flutters beneath, how fertile his little slut must be for him. And when that man had enough of merely toying with her, he might pull her limp and quaking ass back and push himself deep into her messy pussy.

      A wet and slopping sound would reach her ears, a sick schlicking as his long member penetrates his slave's overpleasured pussy. Stretching her just right, pressing so deep that the head kisses her cervix every few strokes. God, how she would squirm then! "You're getting bred, slave..." he might assure her, her pleasure-pained wail beneath the muffle not enough to convince him otherwise.

      "Your Master is going to knock you up now. Plant a baby in this tight enslaved belly," he might say, stroking around the smooth curve of her midsection and the dangling jewelry that in a few months will have to come out. "Are you going to love Master's baby, slut? Are you going to become Master's slutty mommy now?"

      Yes. She knows she cannot resist. Her body is weak, unable to withstand the agonizing flurry of countless orgasms he subjected her to already. A pleasure-stricken whore, her punch-drunk eyes rolling in her skull as her Master grasps her firm tits, promising to fill them just like he will fill her fertile belly. "Here it comes, slut," her Master will groan, "I'm marking you as mine forever!"

      Wracked with pleasure, he'd make her cum one last time the moment his cock began to spew. Heavy pulses, balls jerking, plunging deep into her spasming cunt so that every hot jet would find its mark. The pink of her inner walls washed white with millions of squirming sperm, thick and virile, invading her greedy womb as it gulps it all down in thirsty drags. Five, ten, fifteen shots and more - how much will her growling Master fill her tight pussy? How many shots will it be until her poor little egg gives in and lets her Master's spunk knock her up? Or will they even give it that chance before making her pregnant?

      And at his end, when after countless moments of his hardly-softening cock pulsing inside her saturated cunt, he would pull out satisfied that he'd inseminated her well enough. Thick globs slopping out of her used cunt and drooling down her thighs as she hangs there, gasping through her gag. He would remove it then, for now her words of protest won't save her little egg from its destiny. And kissing her cheek, fingering her blindfold, and petting her taut fertilized belly, he could whisper in her tired ear the words she most wanted to hear:

      "Ready for your next breeding, slave?"

Friday, June 13, 2014

Comment-Inspired Blog Updates

      I have to give a big thank-you to everyone who commented with wonderful suggestions on the last post. Overwhelmingly people want to have more regular scheduled updates, and fortunately so do I.

      So I am going to say every Friday and Monday, Impregnation Erotica will receive a new post. There might be a few posts here and there that pop up between those days, but having regular posting always has pleased me, and hopefully will please most of you.

      I have also learned the virtues of soundless media, more interests that my viewers would like me to explore, and a few new posting types I can try out in the near future. So I am glad I can keep up my end of the bargain and show you some of my recent and much improved captioned pictures I have been working on. May you all enjoy them as much as I enjoy your comments!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Summer Blog Feedback and Improvement

      Summer is here, and with it I thought it was high time to make another Blog Feedback post, as well as describe a bit about what projects I am undertaking and plan to undertake in the coming sunny weeks.

      First and foremost, I want to mention a very exciting story contest that I just launched with the help of the moderators and admins on The ImpregNation. Those of you who are familiar with my previous contests will know how passionate I am about them. Being able to encourage my fellow authors and aspiring writers in a friendly competition and having the opportunity to reward their hard efforts with wonderful prizes just seems great to me!

      This contest is going to be an extremely ambitious one too. This time I am teaming up with the producer JWTies from Taboo Diaries with a Make-A-Movie Drive: The story most picked by popular vote will be made into a full-length erotic movie! That alone is terribly exciting, since when do many people like you or I get the chance to actually see a video of our kinky fantasies like that?

      But that’s not all. Due to popular demand for seeing the charming ImpregNation owner and administrator Daddy on screen, we are attempting to raise the funds necessary to send him to star in the film. Towards that end we are setting up a raffle for the first time, and every week prizes from our sponsors will be awarded to those who donate towards that travel fund.

      Membership on The ImpregNation is completely free, and everyone can participate in the competition, whether or not you decide to try your hand at writing or exercise your luck by buying into the raffle. You can read the whole detailed competition plan through the link below if you are interested.

      So that competition is going to span most of the summer, but I have other plans besides presiding over just one promising venture. My professional writing has encountered something of a rut lately, but I am slogging through the mud of indecision and hesitation towards finishing the story Primal Ritual. Fear not, my fans and alpha-readers! I have not forgotten you, and I will be finishing the first draft as soon as I can.

      On the note about stories, I have so far been trying my hand at making my own covers. I am an extreme novice when it comes to using Photoshop and drawing/coloring, but I wonder if any of my readers are more experienced than I am? If you are and know of good resources for me to learn from, such as Creative Cow and the like, let me know. Any other offers for assistance would also be highly appreciated.

      And as for other writings, I have been somewhat busy with a few online friends, and thus I am planning on posting a few RP stories that I have had the pleasure of engaging in. They just need a little editing and touching up to remove all the ‘username says:’ garbage, but I assure you they are fairly saucy tales all their own. And yes, I do have plans to continue writing on my public stories also.

      Finally, I have been curious about how good of a job I have been doing on this blog as far as my readers are concerned. It looks like my polls got all buggered up somehow – at least on my end – so I lost a great deal of nice information sadly. But my questions are a bit more focused this time around on some other matters.

      Of course, to entice the shyer visitors to Impregnation Erotica who still have ideas and constructive comments to share, I will post one brand-new captioned picture from a ‘Breeding Propaganda’ series I have been working on for every well-reasoned and useful comment I receive. Valid comments can reference my questions or otherwise provide good insights into how I might improve Impregnation Erotica well into the future.

      As for some questions, here are a few. These might turn into polling questions as well, but only comments get pictures!

1) Do you like having a set schedule for posting, as in every Wednesday and Sunday a new post goes up, or do you prefer the current posting style?

2) What kinds of posts do you enjoy the most and why? As in, do you like the wordless picture-posts, the half words and half content posts like Impregnation Videos posts, or do you enjoy mostly word posts like stories, RP’s, and short erotic essays?

3) What kind of stuff would you like to see on Impregnation Erotica in the future? Is there a particular facet of impregnation or pregnancy which you would like to see me explore? What kinds of content do you want to see more of in the future?

4) For my last book release I included a coupon for those who bought it right away, and I very much liked the results. Are there other things I could do to convince more viewers to pick up my books?

      If you have any other concern, praise, or comment to raise feel free to. Just remember that while I as a general rule do not remove even silly comments, pictures only will get rewarded in an upcoming posting based on constructive, reasonable comments for improvement.

      That’s it for now. Thanks for reading, and happy wanking!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sponsored Sites Update | May 2014

      Hello everyone, and welcome to another Sponsored Sites Update! It has been a somewhat slow month in updates as far as I am concerned, but the same doesn’t really hold true for these wonderful sites. Lets begin then, shall we?

      May has been absolutely gushing with internal cumshots on Lelu Love’s site! There has been so many that I could make two months worth of previews for them, and she’s been exploring some nice topics too. Cheating creampies, condom removal, sperm donation are just a few.

Seduces Him Removes Condom Creampie
      Lelu has had her eye on her friend for a long time. The fact that he has a boyfriend doesn’t dissuade her from getting at his cock, however. He’s easy enough to seduce once she gets her luscious lips around his dick, and it isn’t long before she’s riding him for all he’s worth. Right before he cums she pulls off the condom and sends him over the edge inside her fertile cunt. Whoops. Looks like his girlfriend might find out after all!

POV Sperm Donor BJ Creampie
      With artificial insemination costing thousands of dollars, it’s no small wonder Lelu decides to get a baby the old fashioned way. Her boyfriend is infertile, but you are not. She doesn’t waste any time in stripping down and grabbing your cock, making sure to tease in all sorts of positions until they cum together and knock up her hot little pussy.

Female Gardener Cheating Husband Creampie
      Sometimes the hired help can be naughtier than you imagine. Lelu has been gardening for her employer Mike in skimpy outfits and showing off for weeks. Despite both being married, the hot little slut wants his seeds sown inside her sooo bad. Neither can resist the opportunity, and the adulterous pair plow her fertile field and plant his seeds deep inside her fertile garden.

      Fairly steady progress as usual going on in the workshop of Fobbs at Illustrated Interracial. All stories are still ongoing, and at 6 updates for the month of May we can expect to see the story Coach wrapping up within the next month or two I predict. In the meantime Manza and Emptiness have been heating up, as most of the activity in the forums have been speculations and requests towards those two stories. Flag Girls is chugging along, and completing it will take a long time yet – the full story is available on Literotica under its author ‘Stormbringer’ in case you were all curious. It is free to check out!

Holiday Pictures

      Every so often, Fobbs likes to pen a few holiday celebration pictures for members to enjoy. While none so far have formed the kind of narrative you might find in the comic works, they have a certain appeal to me in that they are a single panel, and often times tell a whole little story in the limits of that single picture. Compact sexiness, just how I like it!

      A few of them seem to have the potential for even more written about them, one such being a Thanksgiving picture entitled “The Secret Tradition”. The stand-alone picture tells volumes. As the Pilgrims and Indians sit down for their famous thanksgiving meal, a certain blond-haired slut is getting teamed up in the foreground by a train of four natives, each waiting to get their turn inside her hot European snatch.

       Now that’s all there is to it, and of the holiday pictures it is one of my favorites. But I think it holds the potential for becoming a full comic in its own right one day. Historical comics like Manza that Fobbs has penned have proven to be extremely popular from his outspoken members, and the interracial potential between meek and trusting pilgrims and proud Indian warriors is a powder keg waiting to be lit. Whether or not Fobbs would be up to it I am not sure yet, but I think the potential is there for some great action.