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Monday, July 28, 2014

Impregnation Videos | Pregnant Videos #27

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      Oh I know, not a very descriptive title, especially on this site. But just watch the movie and you will realize it doesn't need too much description. We have a sexy lady back for more erotic work, only it has been a few months and she is very much pregnant – and horny as hell. The girl can hardly even wait for the interview to be done before she is stripping and sucking down fertile cocks like a madwoman. Which she is, being over seven months pregnant after all!

Mom wants to get knocked up
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      This one… I’ll be honest, I thought it was weird in a silly way. I am an advocate for dirty talk (some of my close friends can vouch for that personally), especially when it comes to breeding. But this amateur tape of a breeding session is weirdly… weird. I mean it is breeding dirty talk, but from this sweet lady saying it in such a bashful and shy manner it comes off as… silly. Well, at least for me – nevertheless it is on our favorite topic that is rarely spoken aloud in these videos. Check it out and see for yourself –she’s getting her MILF pussy full of virile cum at least!

Demanding Wife
      And here is a professional clip from the days of yore when hardcore porn at least tried to have some plot. The scene it focuses on has a disgruntled housewife looking to have a baby. Her husband and her have been trying for awhile, but haven’t had too much success yet. Until now, that is. There is your general gambit of pornish fucking, though oddly there is a cumshot on her belly instead of inside it where it could actually do its business… But hey, it’s big budget porn. Semen in the belly button can lead to pregnancy too, right?

Danielle has sex on hidden camera
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      Now this is a gem of amateur clips if I have seen any. From what I can tell from the way the girl acts, she doesn’t realize she is on camera. In a lot of amateur productions you see a lot of participants acting off when being filmed. This time you get to see a very sexy, very cockhungry, and very eager girl going wild for her boyfriend’s cock in all sorts of shameless positions. Her orgasms are real, from her mindless chattering to the full-body flailing leading up to them, and the best part is her boyfriend is a true gentleman. After getting off in her mouth, he spares a few drops of his sperm for her hungry cunt as he gets her off one last time on his spent cock. This is one of my favorite amateur movies, so enjoy!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Primal Ritual | Premium Story News      A tad overdue in my original schedule, but I am proud to announce the official release of my latest premium short story, Primal Ritual.

      In an isolated village far in the past, an ancient ritual begins. As the carnal rite unfolds, Theia and Lykos are chosen as sacrifices to celebrate the all-powerful gods. Their demand: life for life. The price of prosperity is high for the unrestrained midnight revel that will adorn the heavens with the pleasured cries of those two souls. Can Theia and Lykos complete the ritual through a storm of blinding ecstasy and animalistic lust, or will they and their village be doomed?

      Primal Ritual is over 7,000 words long and contains elements of erotic mysticism, ancient fertility rituals, primal sex, impregnation, and body art. Seeped in ancient cultic imagery and wild passionate coupling, this story takes on a lyrical tone that enthralls the senses and tempts one to lose themselves in their own primal nature. If you enjoy mythological overtones and pagan fertility rituals, this tantalizing story is for you.

      To celebrate the release of this story, I have a special coupon code to make it $0.99 until July 22nd. Be sure to put in WW65H when buying to get this limited-time price! To top it off, an Impregnation Erotica exclusive excerpt is below, just for the viewers of my blog:

      A look Lykos had never seen before crossed her whole form as he backed off: a primal longing that poured from her whole form the same way sap would from a wounded tree. Slowly she found her breath and footing, and on all fours crawled towards her hunter. Lykos stared as his transformed Theia mounted his legs and hips and offered her bare flesh to him, the flesh he had won from her in the hunt. Unashamed of her nakedness she began to dance once more, a fluid and serpentine motion that stirred her hips and stretched her supple limbs about him. A part of Lykos sought to call her name, for a goddess must have possessed his shy Theia then. But he could not, for the beast he had become could no longer speak.

      Theia's amber eyes glinted red in the firelight, looking down upon her lover as she spread her fingertips across his naked chest. She explored every inch, caressing his coarse pelt and smooth cheek, along the sharp claws that adorned his tightening hands, and still further beyond his sinewy abs and beneath his furred loincloth. He growled when her fingers brushed by his manhood and lingered. The hare goddess brushed her bare belly and breasts with her pale ears, softer and lighter than the finest snow, and only the light of her eyes pierced through the shadowed aspect of the horned divinity sitting atop him.

      As she moved, so too did the scenes etched upon her. Every leaf and stem drawn upon her flesh swayed as if touched by a breeze no mortal could detect, all dancing between darkness and light. The countless drops of sweat, like so many shimmering jewels, hung suspended within the scene - a rainstorm captured by some divine will. The countless twigs and leaves wove around the toned plain of her belly, its nakedness of symbols demanding to be filled. Lykos lost himself in her waves and turns, and the feral spirit fed from the hunt starved for divine sustenance.

      He grabbed her hips and dug the long claws of his gauntlets along her fertile midsection. A low growl quaked in his throat, rumbling like an upheaval of earth. Her own quailing moan escaped her lips towards the heavens at his touch. Her hips trembled. Her womanhood slickened. The wolfish shadow of Lykos rose above his mate's as he climbed up her body, his palms never leaving her roving hips as he pushed her back down into the sand.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Story Announcement

      Hello viewers, this is just a quick and dirty post to announce the soon-to-be release of my next premium story Primal Ritual. Check out the blog this Sunday, July 20th for the release information, an exclusive preview of some of the juicy bits only to be found on Impregnation Erotica, and of course a limited-time opportunity to get your copy at a sizable discount...

      See you Sunday! And here's a custom-made caption just because I like you all.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Story RP | Spider Breeding

      This little story was another exercise I attempted for a request at a spider-breeding scenario. I must admit while I haven’t ever written one before to completion (A Mythological Trip isn’t completed still, cough cough…), similar thoughts of monstrous breedings have definitely crossed my mind. If you are into inhuman monsters seizing and breeding a human woman with a brood of spiders, read on!

      You better be careful while exploring the deep jungle caves of the Amazon. You never know what beasts you might encounter, ones far too terrible to imagine. But you can't help yourself - you are an explorer that cannot deny her instincts. That instinct has saved you more times that you can count, and the same instinct is exactly what caught you in this mess.

      Webs cling to your half-naked skin, thick as ropes and pale as moonlight. You hardly remember stumbling into the cave or falling into the crevice within, not that it matters anymore. You see something coming from the ceiling. The dark shape descends towards you, a great almond-shaped beast the size of a small car, and sporting eight hideous legs.

      A spider, unimaginably huge, lands all around you. Its inhuman face stares at your body with eight red eyes. You scream and flail, but the webbing just catches you up like a net around a fish. The beast paws at you, its sharp forelimbs scratching and tearing the thin clothes from your chest and legs. The tattered remains still cling to your sweaty skin, but your bra and panties are shredded, leaving you exposed to the humid air of the dank cave.

      You scream for help, voice echoing in the darkness, but no one hears you save the monster. In a flash its fangs find your naked waist, and you feel a pinch on either side of your hips. Venom. It is poisoning you. But as your vision falls into a haze you notice you are not passing out. No, worse than that, you are getting horny. So horny that your pussy begins to moisten and twitch. And want.

      Toxins course through your veins, and all your foolish mind can think about it getting filled and fucked. Now the beast’s soft-padded palps feel like eager hands along you, groping your full tits, your empty belly, and between your self-spreading legs. Thought flees your intoxicated mind, and when you see the spider rear up and a long ovipositor extend from its swollen abdomen, your hips buck towards it.

      The ovipositor is as long as your torso, thin and bumped and ridged unlike any human cock ever could be. Its soft-leather texture rubs up between your tits and down your belly, testing your belly button to see if it could inseminate you there. "Fuck me," a part of you moans, bound and about to be bred by this monstrous spider.

      When the tip of the beast's organ touches your dripping pussy lips, it drills in. Not like a man who would prod and push its way, its slimy member forces your lips apart and sinks deep into your wonton hole without effort. The stretching is unlike anything you've ever felt, and as you scream another toxic pinch on your neck sends you into an instant orgasm.

      Your human pussy grips and milks on the arachnoid tube pressing into your depths, and you feel its thin tip touching, almost lick your cervix. It wants in. As the new poison infects your brain, you want nothing more than for this beast to fuck you, mate with you, even breed you. A thousand images of its terrible brood bursting from your pushing cunt, a belly full of wriggling spiders inside their human host, flash before your eyes. Are they your thoughts, the poison’s? Do you even have any thoughts of your own anymore?

      And then you feel that thin-tipped member penetrate your cervix, and push its thickness in. What would have agonized before now provides the greatest pleasure as the spider’s shaft lurches into your fertile womb. A little egg of your own is there, waiting for a man to impregnate you, to make you into a mother. But it will never get the chance. The moment you feel that huge shaft enter your womb you feel the shaft begin to pulse and writhe rhythmically, pushing lumps the size of baseballs down its shaft and towards your impaled cunt.

      You can't stop them, nor want to. The first presses a moment against the ring of your too-tight pussy, and then with a jerk and slip it slides into your gaping hole. You scream and arch, stuck in the webs and creaming around the leathery ovipositor as you feel that thick lump, in fact a collection of tiny spheres, traveling deeper and deeper into you. And you feel the strain and relief as it pops through your tight cervix and sprays dozens of tiny beads into your confused and enraptured womb.

      A slime also begins to pour out of you after ten such lumps disappear into your pussy. You instinctively know what it is: Semen. Billions and trillions of spider spermatozoa that broodmother stored from her hundred mates, now pumping hotly into your swollen belly. Yes, swollen. Even now your once flat tummy bulges beneath your belly button and pulses every time another pop and burst of eggs and sperm escape into your belly. Like a tire inflating pump by pump, you are being inseminated and impregnated over and over again with babies not your own.

      Shivering, cumming, wailing, the poison warps your mind so much that you know not how much time has passed anymore. The spider rubs and tickles your belly with her palps, appraising how well your tan belly takes its eggs, how well its human eggsack is taking its implantation. And when you feel you can't take any more, when your belly is as ponderous and smooth as a huge beachball, it slowly pulls out its ovipositor from your thoroughly impregnated cunt. Your stretched hole pours slime and wasted eggs out in a gush, as if a hundred men had cum inside you all at once.

      Then, wrapping you up in soft silk so that only your quivering lower body was exposed, the spider injects you with more toxins that paralyze you with endless pleasure. Quaking and shivering the next few days as you feel the spider eggs inside you growing, you cum lewdly into its silken webs. By the end there is a puddle of your grool and the spider’s ever-flowing semen pooling beneath your weakly kicking legs, your gravid belly poking out in places amongst the binding webs.

      And then you go into labor. God knows how many days or weeks had passed since it inseminated you, fertilized its own eggs inside your willing womb, but now you felt the thousands of eggs inside you squirming, jiggling, pleasuring you like an endless chain of beaded vibrators. Your cervix dilates just an inch, and then you feel a rush as the first of your inhuman babies pop free.

      Each the size of a quarter, your climaxing pussy holds dozens of them tight before relenting to the onslaught and releasing them in wet, slopping bunches. Amdist your shameless moans your cunt gushes out clutches of matured eggs into the silken cradle their true mother wove below.

      Still cumming like a mindless pleasure-slave you bear down, forcing more of your adopted arachnid babies to come free, spurting forth like salmon spawn, a thousand times more pleasurable than any human birth could ever be. Your belly slowly deflates as you pet it, feeling all those monstrous babies tittering and wriggling inside your womb as your birth them. The poison has all but devoured your mind, and tears of abject joy stream down your face as you watch your eggs pile up beneath you.

      After hours of cumming and giving birth, you feel the last of your eggs slip down your barely-quivering pussy and slop down onto the mountain you spawned. Panting, gasping, your mind fried from pleasure, you see the massive spider rush over and wrap its eggs tightly in a silken bag and scuttle away. Finally, your ordeal is over...

      But just as you begin to feel your stretched and ruined pussy, realizing no man could ever satisfy you again, the dark shape moves back slowly - eggsack gone, and its huge ovipositor emerging again from its abdomen.

      And this time, you spread your legs and moan as its fangs sink into your neck.