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Friday, August 15, 2014

Impregnation Videos | Pregnant Videos #26

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      Whichever series is the one that makes these, I have to tip my hat to. Impregnation videos are already kind of difficult to find, and pregnancy videos that involve storylines of interracial pregnancy are more difficult yet. With the white-on-black theme added in, I hardly ever find the likes of these. The girl is hot, her ebony belly taut and round with her white lover’s child, and the doctor said they can fuck again – which our African beauty is more than eager for!

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      I rather like this scenario – short, sweet, and sexy. A rebellious teen has been skipping school and cutting class, and the letter has come home to dear daddy’s hands. But if she wants to keep that letter of her naughtiness from her mother, she’s going to have to convince her step-dad that a little naughtiness is maybe a good thing. So they fuck, bareback, unprotected, and he gives his step-daughter a nice creamy filling. If only we had more emphasis on how her school career goes after she starts to show…

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      Sloppy seconds are kind of growing on me. Evolutionarily there can be no doubt that our primitive ancestors were gangbang fuckers. At the very least we as a species were very biologically concerned about removing rival sperm from our females, given the scooping head of the penis and the tons of ‘killer sperm’ we produce – especially after seeing our mate fucking other guys. Well this is a movie about that, though I wished for less pussy-licking and more sloppy fucking, but it is good nonetheless to see so many pussies getting so very, very inseminated…

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      My god, why haven’t I posted this movie before? It is one of my favorites due to the nostalgia of the early days of Vaginal Cumshots (Mmm, what nice and simple times…) and the adorable hotness of Kayla. It is straight out just a great fucking scene. Kayla has a little interview beforehand, showing off how happy and horny she is, and mentions that she can’t get any cum in her because she’s not safe. Well she fucks and gets fucked and of course she gets inseminated. Just go watch it. I adore this woman, and wish I could know what her name was and where else she might have appeared. In any case, I like to imagine she got a taste for risky sex and has since become even more of my kind of dream girl… ahhh…

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  1. The thing that always turns me on about that scene with Kelly Klass and her 'step-dad', is that she really did get pregnant from that scene. It was an accident and no one really knows how, but it did happen.