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Monday, December 15, 2014

Captioned Pictures #30

      Observant viewers of my blog will have noticed that captioned picture posts have featured only various authors for the past few months. The reason my pictures haven’t been posted for awhile is simple: I ran out.

      Not a big surprise to most I know, but it surprised the hell out of me. Most of those captions were made in my teen years, stockpiled up over the course of many boring days alone at home on the computer. It reached well over 300 photos, and served as what felt like a limitless well of material to just slap onto my blog whenever I felt like it.

      But I literally scrapped the bottom of the barrel a few months ago, and was too lazy to replenish the source. Until now. It is a small contemporary collection that is growing a bit every few days, all created with a little more care on Photoshop as my style continues to evolve. At the very least I have a better system in place for managing photo resources, and god knows how many naughty photos on this computer to work with.

      So enjoy my new captioned pictures! I’m sure more will be forthcoming in future postings.


  1. Love it! These captions are hot I love your style!

    1. Why thank you very much! They are a pleasure to make.