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Monday, December 22, 2014

Impregnation Videos | Pregnant Videos #30

      It’s not an insemination or a pregnancy video, but god damn it I am so turned on by this sexy dancer. I have a personal weakness for dancers, and this girl hits just the right spot for me. Extremely sensual, very sexy, and god what a lovely motion. It is hard not to think about inseminating such a lovely nymph, so here she is for everyone to enjoy. There are a few other movies featuring her, though I do not know who she is to find more.

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      This is a movie from the days of yore, a wonderful blend of sexual education and story-driven pornography. I think I saved this to get a few tips on the basics of paying attention to your partner, keeping things interesting, mastering female orgasm control, and of course remind myself of how to pop a boner. I took those lessons to heart, so perhaps my viewers will enjoy educating themselves too!

      Finally onto some fun breeding action. Holly is a sexy white woman, I believe married, who has met with her Atlanta boyfriend who has decided that it is time to give her the black baby she deserves. Apparently she had much the same idea, because she immediately goes straight for his African dick. There is some nice pseudo-amateur action here with bits of impressive babymaking dirty talk, and of course a nice load deep inside her pink folds by the end.

      Gah, I love girls from the UK. So many sexy accents, and my first experience with phone sex was with a very sexy Gaelic girl. Mmmm, I want to bang her gushing twat again soon… Anyway, it is a UK Fake Agent episode with a sexy UK girl who gets fucked nice and deep and creampied in her totally unprotected pussy. You know the drill – sexy trickery and fertile consequences.

      Noname Jane, also known as Violet Blue, was/is a sexy porn actress who worked on some interesting titles, and I know her best from the first and 13th volumes of ‘Inseminated by Two Black Men’ series where she performed perhaps the best example of how the porn industry can depict fertile inseminations and ‘resulting’ pregnancy. In this she is masturbating with her very swollen belly leaving little to the imagination on what she’s been up to!

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