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Friday, December 5, 2014

Sites to Check Out #10

      As those of us who ever peruse sex games know, there exist very few that ever cover the concept of impregnation or pregnancy. While some glorious games in that regard do exist or will some day (Monster Girl Quest and Lagomorph Demons come to mind), we have to make do with what we have.

      Mattis Chastan has a particular art style that might whet the appetites of someone looking for sexy animations and simple gameplay. I’ve played most of his games and enjoyed the efforts he put into them.

      Sex Racer is an upgrade-your-car, dodge-the-obstacles, and fuck-the-sexy-racers game that sadly doesn’t involve pregnancy. YTPP are basically interactive impregnation animations wherein a devious pornstar blackmails teens and knocks them up. The Sex Pit is my favorite, an interesting building upgrade game where you make the best sex pit possible by upgrading and caring for your ‘employees’ and matching them to the tastes of their customers. Impregnation occurs pretty frequently and can be used for profit, but I tended to just make a pregnant sex den… hehe… King of Porn City is like an adventure mode of the YTPP series, with a great number of scenarios.

      A cool thing about the work of Mattis is that he updates his games pretty frequently considering that most sex game makers throw them out and forget about them right after. Check them out when you are bored and want to knock up a few Flash-animated babes.

      I just happened to stumble across this site very recently, which is kind of odd since I browse through porn just about every day to some extent. That I would miss PORN.COM is kind of weird…

      Anyway, as far as I can tell it is another video compiling service like xhamster and tube8, only they seem to specialize in the mainstream pornography companies more than amateur stuff. Lists are organized most often by company, so if you have a favorite it might show up there to some extent.

      There is an option to go premium, which gives the user HD movies, download privileges, and apparently lets them accumulate ‘points’ faster, which I can only imagine gives you kudos with their partnered sites.

      Impregnation content is in itself somewhat scant, but you can find a lot of full or close-to-full movies from Schoolgirl Internal. Though I desperately wish to contact that company and tell them how to really get our gears going when it comes to impregnation scenarios, I doubt they would ever change from their moo-moos and pillow-belly model… ugh… Still has some hot action if you enjoy unwanted creampies.

      This was recommended to me by a kind anonymous viewer of my site, and I must thank them for the tip! Still Blazin Bella is a sexy-voiced user on SoundCloud who made quite a few little tapes, many of which have her begging to get knocked up. Lots of masturbation, and she has a very delightful way of cumming (High-pitched, then silence as she orgasms, followed by much panting of breath and moaning).

      Unfortunately her profile appears to be inactive as of this writing, but perhaps she will start producing clips again someday. And if anyone knows if she made an account elsewhere, let me know in the comments – I’d love to chat with her sometime and introduce her to our naughty community if she isn’t already acquainted yet.

Tumblr’s – BreederSeeder and MeantToBreed

      Viewers of my original blog might not know that I have been uploading copies of these posts onto Tumblr over the past few months thanks to a fun service called IFTTT (If This Than That) which is a simple program device that allows people to automatically copy posts, announce things, and otherwise do the busy-work automatically. Thanks to it I have been building a modest Tumblr following that is around 1,700 strong right now and growing. For those of you on Tumblr who would like to see ALL my posts (yes, there are more), come check out the actual Impregnation Erotica Blog. I think it looks a lot nicer.

       Anyway, these sites were recommended to me by wonderful viewers again, and I highly enjoy them. BreederSeeder collects some great high-quality photos and .gifs of hot bareback action. Lots of creampies, unprotected pussies, and a few reblogged pseudo-captions that everyone seems to enjoy. MeantToBreed is the ‘love child’ of a horny couple who discovered their passion about breeding. Focusing mainly on the risk involved and the moment of conception, they post sexy images and make elaborate pseudo-captions that will no doubt titillate anyone here.

      I highly recommend checking them both out, as they both update frequently and would serve to bolster anyone’s sexy folders with the content they deliver up. 


  1. Bella has an account on Soundgasm as well. In fact, if you Google "Soundgasm impreg" you'll get a few different ladies with similar interests. And you're more than welcome for the tip. Keep up the good work!

  2. Oh and there is some good stuff on as well.

    1. Hazah! Thank you kindly for the tips. This will certainly oil the gears of Impregnation Erotica, so to speak... Yeah... oiling something alright...

    2. I forgot to mention (and I'm sure you've found out by now anyway) that if you go back to the first few pages of the ilovebadideas tumblr, it is almost entirely made up of captioned images from the LovingSis imagefap account you recommended under your "Sites to Check Out" segment back in 2011.